Friday, December 10, 2010

First Hard Bareback Fuck

Here is another recent Guest Poster back with another story. This guy is the no named author of the First (Bareback) Fuck guest post back in November. Chatting with him via email he noted the difference between the first time he was fucked bareback...and the first time he was fucked HARD bareback with a big dick. Well, you guys know what I said…”write it up and get it to me.” His first story was hot…this one…hotter. Enjoy and please make a comment and let him know what you think of it…good, bad, indifferent.


Here is my story. hope u like

George hit me up out of the blue one night online that he wanted to bring me to his buddy’s house to “share me”. He said he wanted to see me suck both of them off and that he wanted to see his friend fuck me. George said that he and his acquaintance had been discussing me online and they had already decided.

“Decided what?” I asked.

George said that since he really wasn’t experienced in anal, (other than the time I ground my ass down on him) his friend Mark would be the one to give me my first real fucking and finish converting me into a “bitch bottom”.

“I don’t know” I told him, “I don’t think I could handle a situation with two men like that.” But my stiffening cock was telling me otherwise.

“Oh you will”, George said, “I got you hooked on sucking cock and now that you had just a taste of it in your pussy you are aching for more. I am just going to see that you are broken in properly. I know you want it, and you know it too.”

I didn’t argue with him. I knew he was right.

“Once you see his cock you will be begging to suck it.” George said.” Then he posted me two pictures he had of Mark’s cock.

It was absolutely huge. “Tempting, but I don’t think so…” I typed, glad that he would not be able to tell how hard I was getting.

“You can’t resist that cock. I know you are already hard looking at the photos.” I could never understand how he always knew what I was thinking-what I was fantasizing even. “You are going to become our bitch, you may not know it yet, but I do.” He filled me in a little more on Mark’s background. “He is safe, hardly ever fucks anyone and when he does he always plays safe.” George said. “Just agree to meet him and you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

I agreed to think about it and kept the cock photos. I checked them out several times over the next few days. Every time I did, I got a hard on thinking about it. The guy’s cock was probably an honest 9 inches, and extremely thick. I kept fantasizing about sucking it and then thought about bending over a taking it inside me. I emailed George and I told him I would meet them if he could arrange it.

We set up a day the following week that three of us were available. We were to go over to Marks house. I chatted with Mark briefly online the day before we met. My cock was rock hard the whole time because I was staring at his cock pictures getting more and more anxious for it. He asked what my fantasies were. I told him I was turned on by the idea of sucking one cock while the other fucks me. He confessed that he loves to tongue ass. I said I had never felt that but would like to try. He asked me if I liked to kiss and I said that I never did that with a guy but would try it. Then he pressed me to tell him more of my darkest fantasies even if I would never do them in real life. I told him about the bareback porn videos I watch and that I masturbate to the thought of getting fucked on my back and taking a load bare. He told me he wanted me to be verbal with him and say these things from my fantasies when we met, even if we didn’t act on them. I didn’t understand it at the time but this was going to really blur the line between fantasy and reality.

The next day George arranged to meet me on the way to show me where Mark lived. In the parking lot he told me to leave my car behind and ride with him in his truck. I didn’t realize the psychological impact that would have. Since I didn’t drive my car now there was no possibility now of me backing out and he was literally driving me to another man’s house to “give me up to him to use.” I knew I was committed to pleasing them both and I wouldn’t be leaving until they were satisfied. He asked what was in the knapsack I had taken along in the truck and I told him I had the girlie panties that he always had me wear and I also had some anal plugs, some silicon based lube and some magnum sized condoms I had just bought. He smiled.

We turned into Marks driveway which led to a huge house in an expensive neighborhood. Mark was a tall, dark haired good looking guy a bit younger looking than us, in his mid 30;s. It turns out he lived in his retired parents’ house and was watching it for the winter months while they were in Florida. After exchanging pleasantries I reached out first and felt Marks bulge in his pants. I was dying to play with this cock I had fantasized with from the pictures. George told me to get on my knees and pull out Marks cock. I was absolutely astonished at the size of it. It wasn’t just the length and the girth; it was the sheer weight of it in my hand that amazed me. I took it into my mouth just mesmerized by it.

Soon we moved upstairs to Marks bedroom. We stripped each other of clothes and all got in the shower together. I took turns sucking them both in the shower and stood between them and they soaped up my body. They pressed their hard cocks against mine. I felt Mark’s soaped up cock against my ass crack. He spun me around and planted a kiss on my mouth. Then he held his cock and mine together in his hand. We were both hard but the size contrast was amazing.

After we had rinsed and dried off they led me to the bedroom. I asked if they wanted me to put on those panties but Mark said he had something better and took out a jock strap for me to put on. Wearing that jockstrap made me feel like his little bitch. He grabbed me and kissed me deeply while grabbing my cock. The thing that surprised me most was the kissing and how it was turning me on. I had somehow expected this cock unattached to a human being was going to fuck me; and instead I was being turned on by intimate kissing and touching. He picked me up and placed me on the bed.

Then Mark pulled the jockstrap aside and started licking my asshole. I spread my legs and gave him a better angle. It started to blow my mind how good it felt. I remembered he had told me to verbalize my feelings. “Ohh ya that feels good-rim my ass” I said. Mark’s tongue was now inside me, “It feels like your tongue is actually fucking my ass. Deep deep inside me” I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I leaned my head over the side of the bed and began sucking George’s cock at the same time. After Mark rimmed me for about 15 minutes I was begging for his cock. “Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

I flipped over and started sucking on Marks cock. I tried taking it in as deep as I could but was gagging, tears in my eyes salivating and begging for more. “I think I want this cock in my ass.” George watched with his hard cock and big grin on his face. “Put that cock inside me now, just fuck me!” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.

He stood me up on the floor and removed his jockstrap from me. Then he bent me over the edge of the bed. I felt the tip of his cock against my opening. He just worked the outside of it a bit, teasing me as I begged for more. I hadn’t quite accepted the idea of getting bareback from him and I reached for the condoms and lube that I had put on his nightstand. I rolled the magnum condom onto his huge cock and then dumped a ton of the lubed on his cock and on my ass.

He bent me over the bed again and started to press into me. My ass was open from the lengthy rimming but it still hurt as he entered me. He stopped and let me get used to it and then like a pro he slowly pressed in a quarter inch at a time. George got in close watching it and then announced that I had taken Mark’s huge cock completely in. Mark slowly withdrew and told me to get up on the bed doggy style. He began to fuck me ever so gradually increasing the motion. Soon he was pounding into me, balls slapping on my ass and I am screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me”

It felt so good but I was getting sore. I said I needed a break. They stopped and I flipped over and looked at the huge cock that had been fucking me. “Take this condom off I want to suck you again” I said. I began slurping on his bare cock. Before I knew it I had both of their cocks in my mouth, filled with lust. “I am such a slut” I kept saying between slurps.

When I was ready for more fucking I laid on my back this time. “I want to see your cock enter me” I said. He knelt between my knees. George found a large mirror on the wall and brought it close so that I could see. “Just let me just see it enter me bare” I said. I remember George putting the lube on Marks bare cock and then holding the mirror so that I could see it going in. “Oh my god - look at that big cock going into me!” It slowly stretched me as I watched it slide completely into me bare. Then Mark lifted my legs up so that my knees were up near my head and started pounding me. “That feels so much better without a condom” I said. “Fuck me! Deeper!…Give me that cock!”

I remembered that Mark had asked me to ‘say anything you feel even if you don’t mean it. …’
“Are you gonna give me your cum? You want to, don’t you?” I asked, “Are you close to cumming?” He shook his head no. “That’s good” I said “Because I might have let you right now.”

Then Mark suddenly stopped and said “Roll over on your belly.” He knelt between my legs. I stuck my ass up to receive it doggy style again but this time he pushed me by the hips back down flat to the bed. Then he lay on top of me and entered me from behind. I could feel his full weight on top of me as he fucked me. The feeling of helplessness being unable to move away was turning me on. I felt the ridge of his cock head rubbing against my prostate. It felt awesome. I was moaning with every thrust he gave me. “You like this; you want my cock this way? Mark said.

“Take me. Give me your cum” I was moaning. “I can feel cum leaking out of me” I said. “Let me touch myself” I begged. “I am ready to cum”

“Don’t let him cum yet!” George said as he grabbed my wrists. He knew I would lose my ardor to fuck and suck if they let me cum before them. Mark let me up onto my knees. “Look at all that precum just pouring out of his cock” George said looking under me. I could see a long strand of cum still connected between my cock and a puddle on the bed. I had never leaked this much precum. The rubbing of his cock on my prostate had milked it out of me. I hadn’t orgasmed but had produced a ton of clear precum.

Mark scooped up a handful and stuffed a finger full into my mouth. I turned around to face him and saw him lubing his cock with the rest of my precum. I pressed my cock onto his and he squeezed out more of the clear slimy goo. There is something about precum that makes it so slippery, with such lasting cling.

I looked at his 9 inch cock glistening wet with my precum and said, “I have to ride that thing.” Mark lay on his back and I sat down on his rock hard cock, facing him. I started riding, bucking on his hard cock, tweaking his nipples, the precum still leaking from me. I was like a bitch in heat as I rode his cock hard for 10 minutes.

“Such a slut, Look at you ride that cock” George said. I motioned to him to come closer so that I could suck his cock while I rode Mark’s. He stuffed his cock into my mouth but couldn’t get the right angle to face fuck me.

“Time to spit-roast you again” Mark said. They maneuvered me doggy style with a cock at either hole. I instinctively started deep throating George’s cock while Mark’s cock started pounding in and out of my ass. Both cocks were raw and bare. “Look at him taking our cocks like a pro.”

A few minutes went by as I heard nothing but slurping from my mouth, a juicy suction sound from my ass with the cock sliding in and out, and the sound of balls slapping my ass. I loved being completely used like this. I broke the silence with muffled moans as George’s cock deep-throated me. He said something to Mark which I didn’t hear and I think he replied” Close”. Then George stopped his hip movement and held my head still, skull deep on his cock. I tasted the cum hitting the back of my throat. He let out an orgasmic moan as his cock pumped shot after shot of cum into my mouth. When he had finished cumming, my mouth was completely full.

There was too much to swallow so I let some dribble out and caught it in my hand. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it with my hand full of his cum. I had pulled my ass off of Marks cock too and now collapsed on my back stoking my own cock. An orgasm erupted out of me and I started shooting cum up out of my cock, hitting the headboard behind me and the rest onto my neck. Mark was now stroking his own cock hard over me and after close to a minute he finally orgamed, shooting his load onto my chest to mix with the other two loads.

We cleaned up and got dressed again and said some quick goodbyes’. As the adrenaline wore off I realized my ass was pretty much in pain. As I rode back in the truck with George, my head was spinning. I was glad I had a few minutes to gather myself up enough to drive. ”I don’t know what the fuck that was or where it came from.” I said.

“We brought out your true inner slut.” he said. “You loved it.”

I had wanted to experience a good hard fuck but I had been completely fucked senseless by two men. By the time I got home I was in pain, using the bathroom every 10 minutes. Maybe it was the condoms, the wrong kind of lube, maybe just too much cock. My wife asked what the matter was and I told her I had the stomach bug from something I ate at lunch. The next day at work I felt sore all day, could hardly walk or sit, I couldn’t concentrate with the constant pain reminder of how I had been used as a fuck-toy. There is just something incredibly erotic about going away after your first hard fuck with pain and discomfort that lasts the next 2 or 3 days straight. Because of the constant discomfort in your ass, the thought never ever leaves your brain for two days straight that you have become a bottom, a bitch, a fuck pig. I can’t even think of the words for it but the physical discomfort following your first hard fuck just tattoos in your brain that you have had a life changing experience. You are constantly reminded for days of what you have become and you just know you will be back for more. It is now in your nature-to be a bottom.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Country Boy (Guest Post)

Hey folks… here is another guest post. This is from that super cute white boy who wrote about his First Bareback Fuck from his Latino Boy Friend in his parents house and parents asleep in the next bedroom. This cutie told me about a recent business trip that he and his partner took. I thought it was a hot story and asked him to write it up and send it to me for another guest post. I am sure that you all will enjoy it as much as I did.


Country Boy

Another business trip…another breeding.

My partner and I make it a point to travel whenever we can and fuck around with as many guys as possible. Let’s just say we are tasting everything America and the world have to offer.

Recently our travels took us out West for a long weekend. The local bars were different than what we are used to in the East- not so diverse, a bit country. Not too many of the locals seemed interested in us. In fact, no one really looked our way the first night we were there.

The second night we went back to some of the same watering holes with lower expectations. We ordered several rounds of beers and played some pool. It was getting late and we were prepared to head back to the hotel. But, as luck would have it, a big, corn-fed country boy walked up to us and clearly liked what he saw. He smiled and stared and almost dared us to leave without chatting with him.

Being the social guys we are, we struck up a conversation. Boy, was he country! Not something these city boys were used to. But he had a thick build, cute face, and a big, meaty ass! Who could ask for anything else? Soon, the conversation turned to what he was interested in. “I’ve never had a threesome before. But I sure would love to try.”

Easier than expected, we thought. We began to massage his ass over his jeans right there in the bar. This drove him crazy. “You two both gonna fuck me?” he asked. He asked a question he already knew the answer to. “And we’re both gonna breed you and give you twins.” He nearly lost it right there in the bar. He grabbed both our crotches and directed us towards the door and to his truck.

He let me drive his truck back to the hotel so he can play with my boyfriend in the back. He was sucking on his big black dick and it sounded wet and sloppy. My dick was rock hard looking in the rear view window. Soon we were back at the hotel and took him upstairs.

Upon entering the room, he immediately stripped. What an ass on this guy! Big and beefy with a patch of blond hair around the crack. He laid on his stomach and let me eat his asshole. Damn it tasted so good- a bit sweaty and moist like I like it. I cleaned his hole out good, all along cupping his mammoth asscheeks in my hands. His ass smothered me and I knew fucking him would be magical. As I ate away, he deepthroated the big black monster meat of my boyfriend.

After about ten minutes of this hot scene, I decided he was ready for my dick. I usually bottom, and love taking big dick in my mancunt, but cannot resist a slutty bottom with a big booty. Not being the most experienced top, I tend to cum quickly and that night was no exception. I fucked him for a few minutes and then asked him what he wanted.

“I want your fucking babies in my asshole!”

“Get ready, pig. Here comes your first baby!” With that, I entered him all the way to my balls and pumped my sperm inside his soft hole. There truly is no feeling quite like unloading in someone’s asshole. He moaned appreciatively and grabbed the back of my head, leaned me close to him, and kissed me deeply. He was bred, filled, and loved it.

But he was not done. I pulled out and my boyfriend went right in. Using my sperm as extra lube, he fucked his big black dick hard inside of this country boy. I stuck my softening dick inside his country mouth and he licked up the love juices, all the while moaning and panting.

Soon enough, he was ready for his twin baby. The big black dick was thrust deep inside of him and exploded all over his walls. Sweat was over all of us, especially the happy bottom. He made out with us together, with dick still inside of him. My boyfriend pulled out shortly thereafter and I aimed my mouth for the prize- his wrecked hole, dripping with sperm. I cleaned him up and asked him for more.

“Fart your babies out- push them in my mouth!” I could see him pushing his ass muscles out and soon a loud wet fart unleashed a sloppy mixture of our sperm and his asshole juices. I slurped it all into my mouth. Knowing we were in the presence of a pig, I grabbed him by the chin and positioned him under my face. He opened his mouth, knowing what to expect. Like a mother bird feeding her babies, I snowballed all the creamy goodness into his waiting mouth and watched as he swallowed it all down.

Country boy ended up leaving a few minutes later for a long drive back home. We all kissed one last time and gave him a little spank on his big cheeks as he left. Thank you, Country Boy, for making an otherwise uneventful trip memorable.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First (Bareback) Fuck

Damn! I swear you guys just keep sending me hotter and hotter stories. I have only had to reject a couple for failing the smell test (Real vs. Fantasy). Please keep sending me your TRUE First Fuck or First Bareback Fuck stories guys ( For me, it makes keeping this blog up interesting, fun and less burdensome. Even if you think there is nothing special about your story, trust will be to whole bunch of people who read this blog.

I know I just posted another of my encounters day before yesterday as things are getting very busy right before the holidays, I want to keep passing these hot stories through. Again, I appreciate all of you that take the time to read this blog.

This reader did not give me his name (real or fake) but he did give me one hell of a story to guest post for your enjoyment.

Let me know what u think

My first BB load

I had my first m2m oral experience at the age of 42, after I posted an add seeking another married guy to suck off. After reading the responses I settled on a well hung, neg, 48 y/o mwm, in the next town and set up an appointment to meet him at the Dunkin Donuts one morning. His name was George and after some small talk I nervously agreed to follow him back to his house to suck my first cock. Before I knew it I was stripped naked and on my knees with his hard cock in my mouth. I was instantly addicted from my first taste of cock, just like he told me I would be. By the second meeting with him I was taking his ejaculate in my mouth. On the forth meeting with him I swallowed his load. Soon sucking him off became a regular thing. I would meet up with him a dozen more times over the next several months and through his teaching got pretty good at sucking cock. It was a classic dom-sub relationship where I would always strip down naked, get on my knees and suck him off as he stood or sat in front of me. Only after he had cum would I be allowed to stroke myself to orgasm as he watched.

G taught me exactly how he liked his BJ’s, lots of wet tongue action about his cock and balls followed by some deep throat. I enjoyed taking him in deep and gagging. The more he manhandled me, the harder and hornier I would get. It would usually take me 20 to 30 minutes of hard work to get rewarded with his jism. He would always make me stop and hold perfectly still as he approached orgasm. I would hold his cock motionless in my mouth as I felt his first contractions and then feel the familiar thick cum pooling up in my mouth. He would always have at least 8 or 9 big contractions and I would feel each one injecting more and more of his hot semen into my mouth. His cum was always thick, plentiful and sweet tasting. I usually showed him my mouthful before swallowing it. I sucked him off on probably 15 different occasions at my house or his. Each session would end the same way with him grabbing and holding me still, telling me “Don’t even fucking move”, I held his cock motionless in my mouth as he went over the edge. He could really enjoy intense orgasms and I could feel every rhythmic contraction of his thick cock.

As much as I loved sucking his cock and licking its big mushroom head, I developed a craving to do more. I wanted to get fucked. Believe it or not he was just an oral top. Although he would sometimes rub his cock in my crack from behind, he wouldn’t even try to anally penetrate me. I got him to agree to put on a condom to attempt my first anal sex. However he went limp inside the condom and couldn’t get it into my tight hole. On several occasions I attempted to get a condom on him with the same bad result, He said he just hates the feeling and can’t stay hard in a condom. After the failing anal attempts I would just end up sucking him off as usual.

Finally one day I decided I would somehow get George to fuck me. I really sucked his cock up hard and poured some lube on it as I stroked him. Then I turned my back and leaned backward into him to let his bare cock just tease my rosebud. My plan was to throw the condom on him at the last minute and let him fuck me. It didn’t quite go that way as George had another plan. He pushed me back on the sofa on my back and placed my legs over his shoulders . Then he knelt with his rock-hard, bare cock aimed right at my man-cunt. There was something about my completely submissive position to him that just turned me on. As he restrained my arms with his hands, and pinned my legs over his shoulders, he lifted my ass up to meet his steel hard cock. My heart was pounding, I am panting, my cock was pointing straight up, and I knew I was getting his cock. Raw. I was ready to let it happen. I held my breath as his cock head slipped past my sphincter. As he pushed his cock head into me, the pain just shot up through my anus. “No please stop, wait, it hurts it hurts” , I pleaded. He just pushed further into me and sunk his cock right up to his balls. That sent me into spasms as I struggled powerless in that position under him. All I could do was beg him to stop and finally he did pull out. That was the end of that. I finished him with a BJ.

If he had simply gone slower when he entered me or held off for a moment so that I could adjust to his cock inside me , I would never have stopped him-bare or not.. All my earlier talk of safe sex and condoms and I had just totally submitted to him bareback. It was only his inexperience in opening me up properly that prevented a full out skin to skin fucking. Although that first time was oh so short, for a brief moment before the pain shot through me I had been penetrated by a bare cock head and my cherry had been popped. I wanted it and had accepted it bare and if it weren’t for the sharp pain I would have continued fucking him bareback. I had been bitten – I experienced that uncontrollable lust that submissive bottoms experience. It would now only be a matter of time before I had to try it again.

I think he knew it too. I think he didn’t push it because he knew that it would be more enjoyable to see me surrender voluntarily to getting fucked, just as he had turned me into his submissive cocksucker . I had let him enter me bare and sooner or later he knew I would again. About a month went by and all I could think about was getting fucked. By the next time we met I decided I was going to feel that hard cock inside me. He was safe enough to let fuck me it raw, I would just ask him not to cum in me. Besides I rationalized, I’ve been swallowing his cum anyway. I inserted an anal plug inside me at home before I drove over to his house, and brought the silicon safe lube. My intention was to just feel it in me a while and maybe make myself cum before finishing him off orally. After sucking him hard and getting him extra sloppy wet with saliva and lube, I stood up and backed in toward his lap as he sat on the recliner chair. I slowly sat down on his lap backwards, grinding down onto his bare cock. I was in control this time, and I ever so slowly worked his well lubricated cock into me.

I was sitting with my back to him and took him in me slow and easy until his balls bottomed out on my ass cheeks. OMG He was completely inside me and it felt wonderful. I was fully erect the whole time I sat impaled on his cock, rocking ever so slowly. I planned to feel that a few minutes longer and then let him bend me over and thrust into me doggy style for a good hard fucking. I planned to pull off before he came so I could finish him with a BJ. Right now I was just warming up rocking on his lap; I could feel every inch of his 7"cock deep inside me.

Then he reached his strong arms around me, held me in a tight bear hug and said "Just hold still". I immediately stopped moving and relaxed, leaning back into his arms which now held me motionless. His hands clamped my hips down on his lap so tightly I could not have possibly pulled loose. "Just relax" he said. I let go of all tension and just slumped back into his arms and at that moment surrendered completely to him. I could feel every inch of his cock swelling inside me, completely filling my cavity- an incredible feeling. Then I heard him hold his breath as he whispered in my ear, "Don’t...even…fucking.move… an… inch!". I didn’t even try to move although he made sure I knew I was being held forcibly. Then I felt his hips come up and I felt his cock drive into me deep untill his balls where pressed to my ass. I will admit that is when I realized what may be coming next although it seemed to be too soon. I had sucked G off dozens of times and knew when he asks me to hold perfectly still that he is about to orgasm. Time seemed to stand still in that one last instant of doubt-my mind races for just a few seconds as time stands still-should I really let him cum in me? Should I try to wrestle away? OMG what should I do? He is holding me so tight I couldn't move anyway ...and it feels soo good right now... i dont want it to stop... seconds tick by... too late now…the decision is out of my hands...just enjoy it now. I completely yield to the feeling of being his slut. I am his slut. Then I felt his cock pulse, then I feel it again...and again! OMG I can feel his contractions! Then he grunts in my ear and he let out a loud "arrrrggghh"…leaving no doubt that I was being bred. I turned my body and my head backwards, not in any attempt to stop it but only to be able to see his face as he orgasms inside me. I watched the rest of his long lasting orgasm, as I felt pump after pump from is cock coinciding with his facial contortions of another half dozen orgasmic contractions. While I could not actually feel cum shooting inside me, I did feel his cock contractions and knew I was being filled with his semen. He was planting it as deep as he could in my bowells. With each and every orgasm contraction, I knew the load inside me was getting bigger (Like the huge loads he dumps in my mouth.) I was so fuckin hot that I grabbed my cock and shot my own load up onto my chest before collapsing back into his arms. He continued to hold me still with his cock inside me, well after had seeded his load deep into my ass. I knew my pussy was flooded full of his cum yet it stayed planted deep and didnt drip out right away. I had been uterly and totally bred. Thinking back, the whole thing seemed to happen so fast. I wasnt on his cock but 2 minutes before he seeded me, and he never really even fucked me vigorpusly. And those seconds when I realized I was about to be seeded with his cum seemed to take an enternity and was the most erotic feeling I have ever experienced. I still don’t know if I asked for it or if he just took it as a dom top. He knew he was safe and he knew I wanted it even if only subconsciously. He pointed out-I was 'the one who sat down on his cock to start it' and he 'just made sure I wouldn't change my mind'. I will say this-once you have taken a man's bare cock inside you, you can't really expect not to get his load.

I will be forever masterbating to the erotic memory of my first bareback breeding. I don’t think it will be the last - I am bitten with the lust now.

Monday, November 15, 2010


It was a couple weeks ago…a Friday…no…make that Saturday morning at 2:00 AM. I am awakened by the chirp of my cell phone on my night stand. I answered the phone, thinking that there must be an emergency or something for anyone to be calling me at 2 AM.

Me: Hello

ManBoy: Hey **** this is ****, we hooked up a couple of times

Me: Yeah, I remember, what’s up?

ManBoy: I am in town at the ***** hotel was wondering if you wanted to come over mess around.

Yeah, he said “mess around”, and I could tell that he obviously had just gotten in from the bars.

A bit of background…I met the guy about two years ago. I was in one of the more popular Dupont Circle gay bars for happy hour…not my usual thing but I made myself go out that Friday night after work…at times I have a tendency to keep to myself a little too much…boarding on the nonsocial…so my critics masquerading as friends tell me.

This guy, whom I call ManBoy here, is actually a few years older than me. But, with his slight and tight build (ex marine) and his forever high & tight haircut…he looks like he is pushing 30 instead of 50 when he put on a ball cap. I call it a blessing…he calls it a curse because his thing is mature muscular black men who often dismiss him as a twink at first. As a result, he is very aggressive about getting noticed by his target group.

The night we met, I saw him enter the bar with a couple of his friends. He noticed me right away, and spent the better part of an hour all but ignoring his friends while he concentrated on making eye contact with me. In the mean time, a bear/cub couple visiting from out west happened to be sitting next to me at the bar and they wasted no time engaging me in conversation and letting it be known that they would love for me to go back to their hotel room for a little fun. There was no way that was going to happen, but I certainly did enjoy their company, and as it was apparent that we were hitting it off, ManBoy actually left his friends and came to stand next to the couple and me. When the couple and I started to trade cell phone numbers, ManBoy jumped in and made it obvious that he too was taking down my number. When he got my number, ManBoy looked at me and I said, “I see you”. With that, ManBoy returned to his friends with a huge grin on his face. He called me within the hour with his hotel and room number. Long story short, we did fuck that night, but he insisted that I wear a rubber and I did because he and it was a hot scene. He had amazing ass muscle control. Once I got it in, he did the rest…massaging my covered cock until he came which pushed me over the edge and I came.

He comes to Washington often for business. We hooked up a second time a few months after the first, but this time we had communicated on-line several times before hand and the focus of those conversations was over the condom issue. In fact, I was really not that into hooking up again because I like and prefer to fuck bare. We were unable to come to terms on the issue but met up anyway to “mess around”, not necessarily fuck. That was a long session with a ton of oral. The highlight of that visit was my eating his ass…LOVED IT… he has an ass that tastes great, and he can really relax his sphincter so my tongue was able to go very deep in his hole…which drove him wild. By the end of that rimming he gave up the ghost and begged me to fuck him…even bare. I would not. Not that I was being pissy or anything like that…but I Run The Fuck…and he had to learn that lesson. He ended up getting himself off. Before I left, I pointed out that somewhere along the line, his Hard-line on using a rubber when out the fuckin window, and that if I were a man of lesser Honor, he would have cum leaking out of his butt hole right now. His response was to just look away.

Now back to a couple of weeks ago. When I realized it was him on the phone I was a bit irritated for two reasons…first off it was 2:00 fuckin o’clock in the morning. The second reason was that I knew of two other times he was in DC, and he did not contact me… so why now

In short, I told him to put his drunk ass to bed, and that I would be there at 7:00 AM. I would call him when I was on my way so that he could prep accordingly, and then I hung up the phone.

I arrived at exactly 7:00 AM. He answered the door nude, having just came from shower and prep.

There was some small talk…don’t remember hardly any of it as it was mostly nonsense except for when I mentioned that I notice he had been in DC a couple of times and he did not contact me. He gave me some bullshit excuse about thinking I was out of town because I travel so much. By this time I am now naked…I tell him that his answer/excuse is bullshit and push him back onto the bed.

After being with him a couple of times and chatting with him online, I am in his head…in short, I own him now. As he fell back on the bed, I came down on top of him…I know him…“His Thing”, “His Turn-on”… he gets off on the complete opposite of him…which is me. My big black body full on top of his slight white body…he shivered and his cock grew instantly rigid between our bodies.

The point of bringing up the fact that he did not contact me the last couple of times he was in DC was to establish a few things. First, that I have kept track of him…I know when he is in my town…he is not getting over or getting away with shit. Second, I know the reason he did not contact me was because I exposed his true desire of wanting me to take him bareback the last time we hooked up…what he SAID to the contrary notwithstanding. And Third, the fact that he did call me this time means that I WIN…he WILL take it however I give it to him…no debate, no discussion just submission.

And submit he did. I brought his legs up and immediately when to eat his delicious ass for only a couple of minutes though. He was getting into it and getting lose, but I did not want him too louse…not yet. There had to be a bit of punishment to account for not contacting me…for running from me. With just my spit a lube, I lined up the head of my fat black cock and with my muscular hips and thighs I drove into him…balls deep…first stroke…he cried out with a mix of pain and excitement. He begged me to wait and let him hit the poppers…I did. As soon as the poppers kicked in, I began to power fuck ManBoy. His knees where up around his ears, and I was pile-drive fucking him… coming almost all the way out before pile-driving back down into him. When his arms were not flaying about, he was gripping the bed covers tightly in both hands trying to manage the assault on his hole.

I worked up a good sweat working his ass over. I would alternate between power fucking him and eating him out. Each time I stopped to eat him after fucking him a bit, there was a nice layer of butt cream that just made me hornier and hornier. At times I can be a Top Pig

After about fifteen minutes of power fucking and eating ManBoy on his back, I put him on his knees at the edge of the bed. By now he was good and open, but as you bottoms know, there is a huge difference between taking dick on your back as apposed to on all fours…the angle is different, and it creates a whole different sensation. When I went into him on all fours, you would have thought I was penetrating him for the first time. He really struggled with this position, but at least in this position he could continue to hit the poppers at will…which he did. There was so much of that popper smell in the room that even I was starting to feel a little high…which made me fuck harder and faster.

As I talked about in a post a few months ago, I have become pretty good at that Sexual Kung Fu, so I would fuck him all the way up to and through orgasm, but I would halt the ejaculate and not come. This has the effect of allowing me multiple orgasms but because I did not shoot, my dick stays hard…harder in fact…and I just keep fucking.

I am sure that some of you are reading this and thinking that this is not about pleasure or fun…and if I am to be totally honest, which I try to be here…yeah, you are certainly more right than wrong. By this point….about thirty minutes into the fuck…I had had a couple of orgasms and really enjoyed eating his ass…I was fucking him now to make a point…a brutal…and perhaps over the top point. If you have been reading this blog from the beginning, then you know that this was the first time in a long time that I sort of went over to the “dark side” which I wrote about in the early posts of this blog. It is where the ultra aggressive side of me come out and it is much more about dominance and sometimes pain, than it is about pleasure. I try not to go to the darks side…tricks don’t come back from the dark side…in fact, they tend to avoid me at all costs.

I said “I sort of went to the dark side” because I caught myself before it got really bad here. ManBoy was hanging in with me as best he could but it was clear that he was going to be done soon.

I pulled my cock out of his hole…it was gaping open and beet red from the pounding I had just given it. While ManBoy was still on his knees, his whole upper body had collapsed flat against the bed. I gently rolled him over to his back again and rested his thighs on top of my thighs as I was now kneeling on the bed also. Amazingly, his cock was still three quarters hard. He looked at me with an exhausted, “what now” look on his face. Without saying a word, I directed his hands to stroke my nipples and I began to beat off. It did not take me long to literally cover his chest, stomach and groin with my thick globs of cum. As soon as I was done shooting, I gently nudged the head of my cock back into his tender hole. He instinctively took hold of his own cock, using my cum as lube, and shot his own load with in about fifteen strokes.

I got off the bed and began to get dressed in silence. ManBoy just stared off into space, intentionally not looking at me. When I was about half dressed he said

ManBoy: “Did you get off on that shit?”

Me: “What shit exactly?”

ManBoy: “Using me…like your personal fuck toy!”

I did not answer…just continued to get dressed. When I was ready to go I opened the door, but before leaving I turned and said,

Me: “When you are in town again call me if you want…or don’t… it is up to you”

ManBoy: “Right now…I don’t want to ever want to see you again…but we both know that I will call”

Me: “Yeah…we do”

With that I left to tackle my busy Saturday.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ginger Boy

Is there anything that is hotter than a true red head with a fire bush? For me, red heads are at the top of the gay boy food chain, rivaled only by a man with a high & tight cut of any color.

This young man whom I will call here “Ginger Boy” is 28 years old, 5’8” and about 175 lbs. His red hair is rather subtle on his head because he keeps it cut close, but his crotch cover is a gorgeous deep auburn color decorating a 6.5” cut and thick cock. He has a very worked-out body, but not overly muscular...everything is in proportion. Additionally, he has a very clean…boy next door look and demeanor…very straight acting so that no one would readily guess that instead of plowing pussy, he would rather be the pussy plowed…by a strong black man if possible.

I have known Ginger Boy for a little more than a year now and until a couple of weeks ago we had not done anything sexual other than playful talk. Playful talk with a purpose because it was well understood from the beginning that I am a predator…and that eventually opportunity and desire would intersect.

A friend of mine was hosting a birthday party at his house for his partner/boy friend/whatever. It was a Saturday night, and while I normally would not go to such an event, my friend had done me a favor recently for which I wanted to show my appreciation. I stopped by the party with the intent of staying maybe an hour…tops. I arrived around 9:00 PM. The place was over-run with people…mostly kids really, late 20s…which stands to reason as my friend is in a “Daddy/Boy” relationship where his partner/boy friend/Boy/whatever… is about 15 years younger than us.

I found my friend, and one or two other guys our age huddled in the kitchen. The beer was cold, the food awesome and our small group conversation was on football…Perfect!

About 45 minutes into my allotted hour for this appearance, Ginger Boy walks into the kitchen with some other twenty somethings and the birthday boy…I had no idea that Ginger Boy and my friends Boy were friends…but then…why not?

It is funny, early in my career I learned that communication is much more about non-verbal cues than verbal words. A person will tell you if they are telling the truth or lying through nonverbal cues. By the same token, you can…and I did…tell Ginger Boy… “I am going to fuck you tonight,” with just a look. I knew Ginger Boy got my message as he held my eye contact longer than necessary and then turned beet red. I should be more careful because my friend, the host of the party, caught the whole nonverbal exchange. With a slight smirk on his face he said,

“Forget it, he is here with his pot-head boyfriend over there”

He directed my gaze over to the far corner of the living room were a blazer and jeans wearing white guy, who was in desperate need of a hair cut, was holding court with about five other guys and a couple of girls. According to my buddy, he works for the same company as Ginger Boy and they have been dating for a few months, which I found odd because Ginger Boy and I have chatted…quite explicitly…several times over the last few months.

This new information served to only bring more of the predator within me to the surface. I turned to my friend and simply stated

“I am going to need to use one of your bedrooms for a bit”

My friend chuckled and said something like “Yeah…right!” until the very serious look on my face made him stop chuckling and say…”Are you crazy?...his boyfriend is right the fuck over there!” I did not say a word to my friend, just gave him the look. A moment later he said “If you are going to do this, use the bathroom upstairs that connects the two guest rooms…it is less conspicuous and the doors lock from the inside… be discreet will ya…I don’t need the drama.”

A bit later, I worked my way over to Ginger Boy and separated him from the heard into a corner of the dining room.

Me: “I am going to fuck you tonight”

GB: “I cant Sir, I am here with someone”

Me: “You have done nothing but beg me to fuck you for months now. Tonight, you get your chance…it is up to you what you do with it” With that I simply walked away.

As I expected, about and hour and a half later, the crowd had thinned down to the hard-core partiers. I also observed that Ginger Boy’s boyfriend had migrated down to the utility room in the lowest level of the townhouse which is were the pot smoking was taking place. To his credit, Ginger Boy stayed up on the main level of the house and continued to keep checking on my whereabouts about every ten minutes or so. Not so much to his credit, he was working on his fourth Gin & Tonic by my count. If this was going to happen, it needed to happen soon before Ginger Boy was too drunk.

I discretely made my way upstairs to the designated bathroom. I then sent Ginger Boy a text message that read,

“It is decision time…I will wait five minutes for you to make you way to the guest bedroom bathroom upstairs…Your bf is high as a kite in the basement…be here in less than 5 or delete my number from your phone”

As I waited in that bathroom I figured it was a less than 50% chance that Ginger Boy would show. This was because I represented a Fantasy of Ginger Boy’s…to be fucked raw and bred by a muscled up black man. Fantasies are just fine when they are only in our heads…quite another when it is living, breathing and standing in front of you. In the fantasy, the pain of that first penetration is always a good pain…in real life though…that is the pain that takes your breath away. In the fantasy, the breeding top is always clean and negative…in real life…there is always that chance…that risk. I knew that all of these contradictions between fantasy and reality were at war within Ginger Boy’s head…anyone’s guess which would win out…desire or discretion?

As I was about to leave, a very tentative Ginger Boy entered the bathroom through the first guest bedroom. His head was down, and he was nearly trembling with fear…anxiety…booz? The predator in me took over. I closed and locked both doors. The only light in the room came from a small night light plugged in the wall socket.

I came up to Ginger Boy from behind, reached around and began to undo his jeans. He instantly put his hands on mine to stop me. I paused…and then calmly said into his ear…

Me: “We both know this is what you want and need…we do not have a lot of time…I am going to quickly breed you now “

With this, Ginger Boy let go of my hands and let me pull his pants and underwear down to his ankles. I bent him over the double sink vanity, turned on the water facet, applied some soap and water to my hands then applied that to his hole and my cock. I was actually rock hard from the time he stepped into the bathroom so there was no hesitation on my part. With him bent over the sink, his hole lined up perfectly with my fat black cock head. Believe me, I wanted to go balls deep in one stroke, but I feared that his resulting scream from the pain would call too much attention to us so I eased in him as best I could. It took me pushing in, pulling back…pushing in a bit further… and so on a few times before his smooth ass cheeks were nestled against my pubic hair. With each push, Ginger Boy released a controlled grunt…which as you know from reading this blog…just turns me on even more.

Once my fat black cock was seated deep in his bowels…Ginger Boy let out a long guttural moan, and kept clinching his ass around my cock…I need to point out here that he was not just clinching his ass ring around the base of my cock like most…his whole anal cavity was literally gripping my cock. I have heard tell that this happens when a bottom clenches with his lower stomach muscles instead of just his sphincter …IT FELT FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC!

I then grabbed the back of Ginger Boy’s neck with my left hand…I don’t know why I did this… was just in the moment I guess… and steadied his hips with my right…and proceeded to pound Ginger Boy’s hole. I think it took me all of twenty strokes before I let go a torrent of thick cum deep inside him. Shooting so quick is unusual for me…but like I had mentioned in the intro to one of my most recent posts, I had a lot of pent up desire for a special someone who has been unavailable for a few weeks so I have literally been a walking hard-on.

When I was done cumming inside of Ginger Boy, I pulled out in one swift motion. I probably should not have done that. Doing so resulted in Ginger Boy convulsing a bit, and a huge glob of cum came flying out and dropped on his pants that were still down around his ankles. This ment I would have to take more time. Time to sooth Ginger a bit and time to clean up a mess…a mess that was going to leave a tell tale wet spot on his jeans.

I stood Ginger up and held him from behind for about twenty seconds… he was fine. While doing so, I could see in the mirror that he had a raging hard-on… I would have liked to help him get off, but we just did not have the time…besides…this was one of those situation where the Boy needed to be sent home hard because this was all about him giving in … giving his body…to please a man. I knew that his reflection upon this event would give him many…many orgasms for months to come so I leaned into his ear and said,

Me: “Every time you jack off thinking about what just happened here, I want to know about it”

GB: “Yes Sir”

We got him cleaned up as best and as quickly as we could…yes, there was a wet spot on upper right thigh of his jeans…just below the waist. I left him in the bathroom contemplating how to explain the obvious wet spot.

Thus far I have received eight “Did it again Sir” text messages.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First (Bareback) Fuck: Christian

Okay folks, here is another First (Bareback) Fuck Story for you. I will be back soon. In fact, I have been fucking everything moving these days trying to get over a special someone of whom I just cant have as much as I would like. I have kept notes on each fuck and am in the process of writing the first few now. However, here is a special treat to hold you over. The following guest post is from CXG, the author of Christian X Gartrip Blog, one of the hottest and best written REAL gay sex blogs out there ( By “REAL” I mean sex that really happened, not fantasy shit. If you think this blog is hot, please check out Christian’s. One of the neat things about Christian is that he is my match. By that I mean he is a hot white guy who loves bareback sex with black men. And, in case your are wondering…yes…Christian and I are on a collision course…soon! Stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Hello Sir. Below is the retelling of my first BB experience. It was recent (March of 2010), but back in the early 80's when I first came out, barebacking was the norm. Back then, though, we just called it "sex." My fuckbuddies started wrapping their meat in the mid-80's but I never got used to the sight of a fully loaded condom being flushed down the can. Recently, I joined the online sex community and have started exploring some of the fantasies I've kept hidden for most of my adult life: bears, small orgies, men of color, light BDSM, and, of course, barebacking. The following story is an account of my night barebacking with a big black bear. Damn... for the first time in 25 years I felt alive again. I hope you enjoy it.


In 2005 I finally found the man of my dreams. We met on a singles' website and have been together for over 5 years. Things are going well, but the sex dried up in 2008. I don't nag, so I kept my mouth shut to everyone but Bob, an old friend in NY. He told me to find a few fuckbuddies and enjoy myself until the boyfriend came out of his funk. I was reluctant. I live in a small southern town and, to be honest, I wasn't sure if there were a lot of other gay men around who would be interested in pity-fucking me every few weeks. Bob suggested that I join a few online sex sites. Huh? There were online sex sites? Really? I knew about CraigsList and a few dating sites (that's how I met my partner), but I was unaware of the others.

So I thought about it for a few weeks, explored the sites as a guest, and then finally jumped in and joined two of them (ManHunt and Adam4Adam). Wow... so many horny fuckers in my own small town. Who knew?!?!

For about a month, I hooked up with a random assortment of men who were not unlike myself: sexually frustrated, middle-aged white guys. Most were partnered and a few were married, but the only thing that really differentiated us was the simple fact that they were Tops and I was a bottom. I burned through a box of condoms, a few bottles of poppers, and quite a bit of lube, but aside from that, it got kind of boring rather quickly. I needed more.

Full disclosure: I have a very rich fantasy life. Sure, most people do, but mine is somewhat extreme, and I tend to obsess over it. I keep an e-journal that is literally overflowing with some of the darkest fantasies one can ever hope to read. Men of color, truckers, raw bookstore hook-ups, motel orgies, piss romps,... you name it, and I've probably thought about it and jerked off to it. At some point, I started to think that maybe I should explore the fantasies and try to meet men who were better suited to what I really wanted. And to be honest, what I most wanted was the feel of a black cock cumming hard inside my asshole. I'm not sure why, but I'd never been out with (or been fuck by) a black man. I'd had a few chances in my younger days, but things had never worked out. With this new world of sex-starved hook-up artists suddenly at my fingertips, it seemed wrong not to explore... so I did, and I've been "exploring" ever since.

So back in late March I was skulking around the Adam site when I suddenly got an email from a guy in a neighboring county.

BEAR: "You Looking?"

Before responding, I checked his profile: 35yo GBM, 5'11", 235lbs, 8"c, Strict Top & BB only. Damn, I thought. The motherload of fantasy just knocked at my door. This must happen, I kept telling myself... This Must Happen! I tried not to sound too excited or spastic, but seriously, I desperately wanted to be this guy's bitch, so I played it cool and hoped for the best.

ME: "Yeah man... always."

BEAR: "Looking for NSA FB. Total Top here. Don't suck. Just fuck. BB ONLY!!! You 4real?"

ME: "Yes. Looking for later tonight. Two holes... both available. Sit on my face if you want to, but I'm only interested in men who want to fuck. I can host. ETA?"

BEAR: "Don't game me. I'll ride it and leave the full nut. Show me some pics."

ME: "No games. Pics are now unlocked. Don't need to see yours. I don't do romance, so I don't care what you look like. I'm making my ass available to you if you want it."

BEAR: "And if I do? What then?"

ME: "I strip down and suck your cock, bury my face in your ass, then you get to fuck me. That's it. What else you want? Again, ETA?"

BEAR: "That's what I want, too. You know what BB means? 10:30 too late? You clean?"

ME: "I'm all yours, man. 10:30 is fine. My ass will be clean. Not so concerned about yours... and YES, I know what BB means. Bring it."

After this exchange, I gave him my address. Seconds later he signed off. Whoa... no backing out now. My heart immediately began to race at the thought of this large stranger pounding his cock into my ass. I hurried around the house checking to see if the place was presentable and then gave my asshole another quick cleansing... just in case. I then threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt (nothing else) and took a seat on the front porch with a cigarette.

At 10:40 a navy SUV pulled into the driveway. I sat quietly and watched as a nearly 6' black bear hoisted himself from his car. He was dressed in jeans, jacket, boots, and ball cap. He seemed pleasant enough, which was oddly disappointing. Don't be chatty, don't be chatty, I kept telling myself. Be cool.

ME: "Hey man."

BEAR: "So we doing it out here?"

ME: "No... just waiting in case you got lost."

BEAR: "GPS... don't get lost."
I stood up and shook his hand and let him follow me inside. I kept waiting for him to pull a brick out of his jacket and bash my head in. Instead he just mumbled, "Nice ass."

By the time I closed the front door, I was ready to get naked. Hell, he could have banged me on the couch and I wouldn't have cared, but I led him into the bedroom. As he looked around I kept thinking that I needed to do something to set the tone... to let him know that I was his. He was standing next to my dresser, so I unsnapped my shorts and let them fall to the floor. His eyes widened. As I pulled my shirt over my head, I dropped to my knees so that my face was 6 inches from his crotch.

The Bear unzipped and pulled out a short, dark cock. I sniffed his naked crotch, musky, and then swallowed his meat whole. As I sucked him to a fat (but still short) erection, he undressed and left his clothes in a pile on the floor. I picked up his large white briefs and placed them under my nose. I breathed in... he watched.

"Turn around and let me sniff your ass." Bear turned toward the dresser and spread his legs. I separated his heavy cheeks and lapped at his black hole. He was covered in sweat. The odor made me high. I could have spent quite some time cleaning out his crack, but the man wanted to lie down, so he walked over to the bed and spread out. I got between his legs and returned to his fat cock. Bear brought his own bottle of poppers, and he kept shoving them under my nose. I had my own, but I took what he offered and sucked his cock until he was ready for my ass.

BEAR: "How you want it?"

ME: "Raw. Greasy."

BEAR: "Nah man... how you wanna take it?

ME: "On my knees... bitch style."

BEAR: "Get up here then and show me. Damn, I need some of dat ass."

The Bear took his time once I got into position. He popped my cheeks a couple of times and slowly fingered my hole with grease. I was surprised that he liked this part. I had assumed that he would just dive right in, but clearly, he was in no hurry. I had grabbed a bottle of poppers from the bedside table, so when I heard him take another whiff from his bottle, I opened mine and breathed long and deep. A few seconds later I was on a cloud mumbling... "fuck my ass, man... fuck it good."

Suddenly, two large hands grabbed my hips and the head of his dick pressed against my greasy rim. He pushed in... I exhaled. A raw black cock had finally made its way into my chute. Finally! Never in my life had I felt like a rebel, but now, I felt like the only rebel on earth. I know... weird... but that was what was going through my head at the time... maybe it was the poppers.

He jerked my body back onto his cock. It hurt, but not enough to make me cry out. To be honest, I liked the way he handled me. He didn't seem all that concerned with how I felt; he just knew what he wanted, so he took it. I liked that. I really did.

To be honest, the man's cock was not ideal. I got off on its fatness, but I would have preferred something longer and thinner. I like the way a man's dick strokes my prostate, and this one was getting no where near it. He made up for it, though, with the sheer force of his technique. Once he got going, he was all over me.

The Bear fucked his skinny white whore so hard that the bed began to bounce on the hardwood floor. As one point, I think he bruised the inside of my rectum, but I refused to make him stop until he'd filled my hole with a load of fresh spunk. Before he came, he flipped me over and grabbed my feet. I took a long snort off the bottle and screamed at him, "FUCK ME HARD." (Sorry neighbors, but it couldn't be helped).

I felt him cum. His wide body shook as he worked his cock into my ass, but then he started pumping me again. A double-cummer, I thought. Keep it up... Keep it up. He shot off one more time with a deep groan and then fell back, throwing my legs almost completely off the mattress.
I crawled between the Bear's thighs and sniffed his crotch. I licked his softening cock and tried to clean up the cum and grease that coated it. Bear rubbed my hair and tried to catch his breath. "Nice ass, man. That was good." I said nothing, but kept licking his package like a dog licks its mate.

"Where's your bathroom?" Bear made his way down the hall, took a long piss (regretfully wasted, but maybe next time), and then started to dress while I lay naked across the sheets. I hadn't cum yet, and damn was I feeling it. As I watched him pull on his baggy white briefs, I pushed a finger into my hole and felt for his load. There it was. By now, he was watching, so I locked eyes with his and slowly pulled my finger out of my ass and inserted it into my mouth. It had been over 25 years since I'd done this, and I wasn't going to let one fucking drop of it go to waste. The Bear just watched. I think he knew how much I needed it. I think he understood.

Bear came back a few weeks later for a repeat performance. I never did ask him his name (seemed wrong) and he seemed unconcerned about what my name was. That's cool. I still see his profile on line occasionally. We don't speak anymore, but I know he probably thinks about it from time to time.

These days, I'm still whoring around on my frigid boyfriend with just about anyone who'll have me. At times I wonder if I'm not a sex addict. I don't bareback everyone who climbs onto my bed (some don't want it anyway), but I always look for those hardcore men who like it raw. When I find one (a fierce black Top, a seedy trucker, or a burly married guy), I toss the condoms aside and grease up for another dose of spunk. I can never get enough. Never.

Monday, October 25, 2010

First (Bareback) Fuck - Dan

I still remember my first time.

I was 21 and had a hot 23 year old Puerto Rican boyfriend. He loved my phat white azz. We met at the gym and he told me later on that he could not stop staring at my booty. He loved white boys because he loved how his dark Spanish meat looked going into a pink smooth hole. He was more experienced than me but he took his time. The first few hook-ups we had were just oral and shit like that, no anal. But we both knew it was just a matter of time.

I still lived with my parents at the time. He came over one night and I knew it would happen. I had cleaned my hole out good and loosened it with a small dildo. My parents were asleep next door to my bedroom. We started getting it on passionately- kissing, licking, sucking, rimming. He knew how to rim my hole. He had a long tongue and licked my ass walls with it for what seemed like an eternity. He kissed me so I could taste my ass and smell it. Mesmerizing. He had a big uncut Latin dick that I loved to suck on. The pre-cum would ooze out and I loved eating it all.

After he lubed my hole up good with his spit, and a little of the store-bought stuff, he put me on my back to top me. He was sweating at this point and his beautiful black hair was a mess. He entered me with his big raw dick. I could not handle it at first and pushed him back. He was patient and went down to eat me again. His tongue felt soothing on my hurting hole.

He slid his papi dick inside me again and held it there. Boy did it hurt! I tried fighting him back but he held it steady, knowing it was what I needed to loosen up. I relaxed and got used to it. He began to fuck me slowly and would lean in to kiss me. As I relaxed more, he began to fuck faster, sliding his big dick in and out of my asshole.

He pulled out and then got on his back. I climbed on top and sat down on his dick. What a fucking rush! To sit on his dick and control the fuck myself was incredible. His eyes were staring into mine, and he would tell me how much he enjoyed my asshole. I loved riding his dick- up and down- fast and slow- listening to the sound of my wet hole swallow his delicious uncut monster.

I could tell he was ready to cum. His breathing was faster and he was really squeezing my asscheeks. He whispered, "Let me breed you baby!" and without waiting for an answer, shot deep inside me. I had his dick inside me all the way down to the balls. I could feel his dick spasm as he unloaded his sperm inside my guts. It felt like a gallon of baby batter was now inside me. I was bred.

When he came down from his orgasm he slowly pulled out. We kissed and held each other for a few minutes. His dick was wet with his cum and my ass juices. He cleaned up and then he gathered his things and left. I was elated that I was no longer an anal virgin. I went to the bathroom and farted his sperm out of my hole, content in knowing that I had started my journey as a pig bottom.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Fuck - Triangle Bottom

I met him online. On an AOL M4M chatroom. He said he was a White Jewish boy. Football player build. Blonde hair, blue eyes. A strict and total top. I told him I was still a virgin. I was. He asked if I wanted to change that. I said, “Yes.” He asked if I wanted to meet him. I told him I did not drive. He asked for my address. I gave it to him. Just like that. He said he was on his way. About 30 minutes later he was outside my house. I got in his car. He was a complete and total stranger.

Another half-an-hour later, we ended up at one of his friend’s house. He was there too. There was plenty of beer. He offered me one. I accepted. I was under age, I did not know any better at all. So after a single beer, I was totally buzzed and ready to give him anything he wanted. He wanted my mouth around his cock. He wanted his cock in my ass.

The next thing I know I am giving him head. I don’t even remember us kissing, or his pants dropping. But, there I was, on my knees, my head between his thighs, dick in my mouth. It was the first time I was doing this and I did not know a thing. His cock felt awkward in my mouth but I tried my best. He was not BIG by any standard. I’d measure him at probably 5 or 5.5 inches, but what he lacked in length he made up in girth. It certainly was thick, and it had a really nice look to it. Thinking back, he actually had one of the prettiest cocks I’ve ever seen. Sure, it was not big, but had it been two or three inches longer, he could be packing the perfect cut cock. It was straight, thick and circumcised to perfection. No unnaturally grotesque veins, bumps or scares. Smooth.

I sucked it. I licked it. I blew on it with my mouth. Nibbled on it. I even tried getting my tongue in the slit. I was doing every conceivable thing I could do with my tongue to pleasure his cock. He stayed hard so I figured I was doing something right, but I had no confidence, whatsoever, in what I was doing.

“My balls,” he whispered, almost in a half moan.

I have always taken instruction pretty well so I knew immediately what he wanted. I took my mouth off his cock, and dove straight for his balls. They were hairy. And small. Not exactly something that turned me on or drove me wild, but I was determined to please him. It was at that moment that it hit me: I was there to please him. I’m not sure how it happened, but it just made sense. I was there to help him get off. I wanted him to cum. So, the same way I had worked on his cock, I began working on his balls. Doing everything I could with my lips, tongue and mouth that I thought would bring him pleasure. It was then that I started to go for his inner thigh. And from there, up, back to his balls. I had often played withhis perineum, so I decided to try and lick him there. When I did, he moaned loudly.

I then became aware of my hands. They had been on his thighs the entire time. I decided to put them to work. One went straight for his dick and the other for his balls as I worked the underside of his balls with my mouth.

Again, I was doing everything I could to orally please him. This time I felt a little better because the harder I worked on him with my mouth, the more he moaned. I felt so proud of myself. The more I worked the more slick and wet his area got with saliva. This was starting to become fun for me.

I grazed his hole slightly with my tongue. It was warm. Real warm. So I decided to try that out…

I cant remember the year, but I do remember back then I had limited access to porn. Most of it was thumbnails of pictures. In a few I had seen, one guy was licking the other’s asshole. I had always been curious as to how that would work. I had wondered what it would taste like, and how it would feel. So I decided to give it a shot. Why not? This was my first time after all, and hearing him moan was getting me worked up and making me feel a little adventurous.

…I tried it, and it was FUCKING AWESOME! There I was eating a complete stranger’s ass out. I couldn’t believe it.

“Get naked!” he ordered almost immediately.

I pulled away from his hole and took my hand off his cock and balls. Shirt came off. Unzipped my shorts. They fell. Took off my socks, and brought down my boxers. I stood there naked.

“Turn around,” he said

So I did and continued to stand there naked.

He came up behind me, and started kissing my neck and down my shoulders.

“I’m gonna fuck you now,” he whispered in my ear.

What happened next was a blur. One second I was standing there naked, the next I was on my back and he was pushing inside me. I don’t remember much about this part other than it hurt. I also remember that he took me in several different positions, on my stomach, chest down and ass up, on my side and doggy. I remember that he used me pretty good but how it all happened I can’t remember.

Was it the beer? Was it the fear?

The next thing I know, I’m on my back again and he is jerking off at my face.

“Open your mouth,” he managed to say with a deep sigh.

So again, I did.

He moaned loudly as he shot. The first squirt hit my bottom lip. The next, my cheek. I don’t know why I did what I did next, but I took him back in my mouth as he shot the rest of his huge load.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed and almost doubled over.

I guess he had not been expecting that. I opened my eyes and looked up into his.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “That was fucking hot!”

He finished cumming and took his dick out of my mouth, and I swallowed my first load of “boy cum.”

“I can’t believe you just did that,” he admitted a few seconds later.

“I thought you might like it?” I said a little confused. Did he really enjoy it?

“Do you wanna cum?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Uhmm sure?” I replied, a little hesitant. I had never cum in front of another person before.

He laid down beside me, immediately reaching for my balls and then straight down to my perineum and found my still tender hole. He started to rub it, and slowly inserted a finger. I started to jack off, slowly at first, still not sure that this would work out.

He then picked up the pace in which he penetrated me. My hole adjusted to his fingers and was not quite as tender. I soon found my self gripping his fingers with my hole in time with his penetrations and my dick grew rock hard in my hand.

He moved in closer, nibbled on my ear and moaned slightly for me. Rubbing his cheek against mine he said,

“Your hole is so nice and warm…so fucking wet…did you like me fucking you? Did you like my fat dick inside you?”

At this point my body went on auto-pilot because the next thing I’m cumming all over myself.

We laid there for a minute or two, my breathing slowly subsiding.

“Are you sure that was your first time?” he asked

“Yeah,” I said sheepishly.

“Man, you were pretty experienced for being a virgin,” he said. “That dirty talk really got you off, you took 3 of my fingers and you swallowed my load. And, no bottom has ever rimmed me before,” he added.

I remember that him pointing this out made me feel completely put on the spot, embarrassed and uncomfortable. I must have blushed. He took the cue and said,

“Let’s go get cleaned up.”

As we made our way to the bathroom my mind was racing and overflowing with emotional confusion…Did I really do this? Is 3 fingers a good thing? A bad thing? Was it really dirty talk that got me off? What does this mean?

About 10 minutes later we’re both clean, dressed and the bedroom we were in was back in the state we found it.

Fast forward 20 – 25 minutes or so, we’re back outside my house.

“You were fucking great,” he said.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“I had fun. I hope you did too,” he said

I remember just smiling at him and immediately looking down.

I stepped out of the car and closed the door. Turned around and walked up to my front door. I gave a glance back but he had already left. I hadn’t even heard him pull away.
I had just lost my virginity to a complete stranger

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Fuck Guest Post - Charlie

Here you go folks... "First Fuck Guest Post" from "Charlie". Please, everyone... if you read it...comment on it, good , bad, anonymously, or whatever... it is just so that "Charlie" knows that people are reading his story. Also, send me an email of your First Fuck to and I will work it in as a guest post when I can.


Here is my story. I hope you like it. It's not a bb story (but it's true.) If you publish it, please call me "Charlie". Truthfully, I wrote the story only for your pleasure, so if you don't publish it, that would be fine, too.

I had already sucked his cock three times before he fucked me. He was hispanic, younger than me, with a long, thin cock. I loved the way it felt in my mouth, and the way he held my head with both hands as he fucked my mouth. Watching his cock disappear into my mouth turned me on, and I knew one day he'd be the first to fill my ass.

When I got to his apartment, I knew something was different. He led me to his bedroom. Before, we'd only been on his couch, with straight porn playing on his tv. This time, though, he had gay porn playing on the bedroom tv. When I walked into his room, i saw the lube and rubbers on the nightstand. I got instantly hard thinking about him fucking me and popping my cherry.

We undressed and he lay on his back. "Make it hard" he said to me. I went to town on his cock like never before, and soon he was hard. "you want it up your ass, dont you?" he said. "god yes," I said. He reached over and grabbed a rubber. "Put it on me" he said. That turned me on so much, you can't believe. After I rolled the rubber onto him, he turned me onto my knees.

He started talking to me in Spanish as he lubed up and entered me. He added a grunt as he pushed all the way in. It hurt like hell, but it also felt very good. He stayed in me for about a minute moving around slowly to get me used to him. As he pulled out, it felt fantastic. When he pushed back in, it hurt, but not as much as the first time. He repeated this until he eventually got into a rhythm. Slower than I'd expected. After about 5 minutes, he pulled my head around to make me watch him slide inside. The sight of his dark brown cock disapearing into my white ass made me start leaking precum.

Then he pulled out. He told me to take the rubber off him. I did, thinking he was going to breed me. Instead, he gave me the rubber and told me to inhale. The scent of his precum and my ass sent me over the edge. He pushed me onto my belly and jerked off onto my back. The first shot hit me between the shoulder blades and the others covered my back. As I inhaled the rubber smell, I jerked my cock and came soon after. He got off the bed, threw me a towel and I cleaned myself up. "You like it?" he asked. "MMMMMMM" was all I could say.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clutter Fuck

I was back in the Midwest for a brief couple of days. As is my practice, I usually fly into Chicago and rent a car from there to go where ever I need to be in either of the 3I states (Iowa, Illinois and Indiana).

I had finished my business in Iowa and was headed back to Chicago where I had planned to spend the night and catch an early flight back to Washington the next day.

The night before I left IA, I had chatted with a guy from Peoria IL on one of the on-line hookup sites. We had chatted on numerous occasions…nothing really special…just your usual “setup banter” with a guy whom one day you MIGHT hookup with if all of the cards fell into place. I had long since made it clear to him that when/if we ever did hookup, it would be bareback and that I would breed him. He seemed to be good with all of that … but you never really know if the guy is really down with it… or is he just saying that because he knows that it is a remote chance that we will ever meet.

Originally, I had no plans of ever meeting the guy for a couple of different reasons. One is that it would take a great deal of coordination and everything would have to fall into place to pull it off…something that rarely happens with causal on-line hookups. Second, while he was a nice looking guy, he was not my ideal type. He is 6’1”, 32”waist, very (almost pasty) white (not a bad thing), no muscle definition to speak of and moderately hairy in only a few places but a full, neatly trimmed beard. Judging from his enthusiasm during all of our chats, he clearly is turned on by body types that are the complete opposite of his own.

Most of his public on-line photos were of him at work, and it was obvious that he is either a computer or some other type of technical engineer. From our chats, it was also obvious that he is smart…borderline nerd…again… not a bad thing for me as every nerd I have ever fucked has been a world class, grade “A” fuck! What is it with nerds? Don’t want to hang out with them at all, but love to fuck the shit out of them…they can take a pounding, but they get this look on their face like they are about to cry or something…BOY HOWDY!

Anyway, when “Clutter”…I will get to why I call him that in a minute…got on line, it instantly occurred to me that I could easily change my route back to Chicago to one that would take me through Peoria. Consequently, I changed the demeanor of my chat with him. I needed to know that he was really up for a hard bare fuck before I changed all of my plans.

Me: “What time will you be home from work tomorrow?”

Clutter: “I am usually home by 5:00 why?”

Me: “I will be driving back to Chicago tomorrow for an early flight the next day. I am going to come through Peoria. I will be stopping by your place to drop a three day load in your ass at 6:00”

It took him about two minutes to send this response

Clutter: “Yes Sir. My address is …. How do you want to take me Sir”

Me: “I want you all cleaned and naked on your bed…leave your front door unlocked for me… have lube and fresh poppers by the bed”

Clutter: “Yes Sir”

Me: “This is my cell…call me if there is a problem, but I expect you to come through and not disappoint me”

Clutter: “I wont disappoint you Sir…I need this too much Sir”

Yes, I too thought that was a rather strange response but decided to not push, figuring that it would make sense later…and it did.

I arrived at Clutter’s house at 5:55. There was a car in the driveway so I knew that he was home. Everything looked good at this point. I fiddled around in the car for a couple of minutes. At 6:00 I went to the front door and it was locked! Pissed…I was about to turn and leave when I heard footsteps coming towards the door from inside the house. A second later, the lock was thrown back and the door was opened just a crack. I stood there for a moment…debating…what the fuck is this…I hate these silly fuckin games… I turned and was leaving when I heard

Clutter: “Please Sir”

I stopped…agitated

Clutter: “I just forgot to unlock the door Sir… Please Sir”

I turned, walked back to and through the doorway into what looked like the inside of one of those houses ravished by Katrina. There was books, magazines, clothes, boxes and other shit EVERYWHERE! Now you know why I call him “Clutter.”

As I stepped all the way into the house, a naked Clutter closed the door behind me. I looked at him…looked around the extremely messy house and then back to him. Clutter new what I was thinking and he had this look on his face…a Scared Little Boy look…he knew that I was about to leave again, and I think he was actually trembling when he said

Clutter: “Please…Sir…Please…don’t go”

I think I have written before about how a messy, dirty house is a complete turn-off for me…Clutter’s house clearly fell into that category…but the way he was looking at me…clearly embarrassed, vulnerable and frightened…I gave an exasperated sigh and nodded my head for him to lead the way to his bedroom.

He bedroom was cluttered also, but not quite as bad. His bed was cleared off in preparation for use, but the sheets were not fresh. I resigned myself to the fact that this was going to be a Nasty Fuck!

Once in the bedroom, Clutter instantly dropped to his knees and started to undo my pants. He soon had my fat black cock in his eager mouth. I have to give him credit…bad housekeeper, but a top notch cock sucker…no gag reflex and he can contract his throat around the cock…felt fuckin awesome!

I also have to say that at least HE was clean. He obviously just came from the shower and when I pushed his legs up to check out his hole… it too was clean as a whistle so I dove into it with my tongue. Honestly, his ass tasted great. He had douched but it must have been earlier in the day because although it was clean and smelling like soap on the outside, that slight sweaty musty smell and taste was just past the sphincter…PERFECT!

Honestly, I got lost in eating his ass for a full fifteen minutes or so. At that moment, I did not care that the house was a mess, or that I still had another three hours drive ahead of me. All I cared about was getting as much fat tongue and spit into that hole as I could. As you know from previous posts, eating good ass makes me hard as steel, and by the time I was done munching I was more than ready to fuck Clutter silly.

It was also obvious that Clutter liked having his ass eaten cause when I looked at his very respectable 7” and medium thick cock, he had been precumming so much that I thought he had shot a load…I don’t think I have ever seen anyone precum as much as him…it just kept oozing out every time he would flex his cock.

Clutter was on his back and holding his legs to his chest waiting for me to get in him. I started to reach for the lube and poppers but Clutter stopped me

Clutter: “I don’t need those Sir…I mean… I don’t want them… I want to really feel you…the pain and all”

Me: “Well you are kind of a small guy with a really small hole…it will hurt like hell”

Clutter: “I know Sir…but I want to be able to feel you long after you have gone…Please…Sir”

With that I spat on my hand and rubbed it on my rock hard cock head. I also spat a couple of times directly on Clutter’s hole before positioning the head of my cock against the center of his pucker. I then leaned forward so that my center of gravity was directly above Clutter’s chest, which raised my hips a bit, and then in one swift motion I shifted all of my weight back and thorough, driving my hips down and popping my fat black cock balls deep into Clutters hole…he screamed in pain…I pulled out, and did exactly the same thing again… he screamed again…in pain. I pulled all the way out again and let him curl up into the fetal position. As he dealt with the pain, I grabbed the bottle of lube and oiled my cock well. Clutter hesitantly let me spread his legs again and I gently lubed his hole with one, then two, then three slick fingers. By this time, he was coming back around from the pain, and he was now open. I put his legs up on my shoulders, entered him more gently this time… and proceeded to fuck him solid for about ten minutes non-stop. During this part of the fuck, Clutter looked me straight in the eyes…mouth open… grunting in time with the fuck.

I then turned him on his side a bit, and brought his right knee up to his chest and left his other leg out straight. This position allows for the deepest penetration and changed the angle at which my cock entered his hole. In this position, Clutter rested his head on his outstretched left arm, closed his eyes and just got lost in the deep fucking that I was giving him.

During one of our chats, Clutter mentioned that what he loved most was being on his belly and feeling the full weight of the top on him as his cock moves in and out of his hole. So for the big finish, I put Clutter on his belly, road up high on his ass so that my fucking was more of an up and down motion. I had my full weight on top of him…my chest to his back…my arms threaded underneath his armpits and holding on to his rists…and my mouth right behind his left ear. With each down stroke I grunted into his ear until I was finally ready to shoot

Me: “Yeah…I going to cum…I am going to cum…I am cuming in your hot little assss!”

With that I shot a full three day load deep inside him. As soon as he knew I was cuming, he clamped down on my cock so that he could feel my cock pulse with each squirt of cum deep in his bowels. The whole time I was shooting… Clutter was making this deep guttural moaning sound which was extremely hot!

When I was done shooting, but still buried deep in Clutter’s ass, he rolled me and himself over onto our left sides…raised his right leg a bit…grabbed his rock hard cock with his right hand and stroked it maybe five times before he shot a massive load of very thick and very white cum all over his already dirty bed sheets.

As soon as he was done shooting his load, he grabbed my right arm and wrapped it around him. My left was already underneath him so the effect was me holding him with my cock slowly slipping free from his wet hole. While he pulled my arm around him, he also nestled back into my chest and made me hold him tight, which was ok, but what I did not expect was the tears…I thought I was mistaken at first, but after about fifteen seconds his shoulders shook as he literally began to sob.

I had no idea what was wrong…I did not need or want to know what was wrong…I just knew enough to say nothing, and just hold him for awhile.

After holding him for about thirty minutes, he was fast asleep. As quietly as I could, I extricated myself from his hold, got dressed and left. I am sure that he woke up as I was getting out of the bed, but I figured that it was just easier for him to pretend to still be asleep with his back to me rather than try to explain his emotional breakdown.

When I arrived at the hotel in Chicago and fired up the computer, I had a long email from Clutter. I would never go into it here, but lets just say that he had been going through some loneliness and abandonment issues which turns out to be the root cause of his hoarding problem, where he simply cant throw anything away. He recently returned to therapy and is getting help.

I am certainly not a shrink, so I do not even pretend to understand it all, but at some level…after reading Clutters email and then chatting with him a couple more times I think I am beginning to understand better…It is sex…but sometimes…it is so NOT about sex at all…sometimes…it is about being raw, intimate, primal and natural with another living breathing human being who chooses to give you the MOST intimate thing one can give to another…their DNA.

>>>>>>>>>> >>>NOTE TO ALL READERS OF THIS BLOG<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I know that there is often a long time between posts…sorry about that, but when the blog is about REAL SHIT that actually happens instead of fantasy…lets face it…does anyone have interesting, blog worthy sex encounters every day?…and even if one does, who has the time to write it all up and post it DAILY…maybe some do… not me. On the other hand…being an avid blog reader myself I know what it is like when none of your favorite bloggers have anything new to post. So…I am willing to TRY something new on a limited basis to see how it goes. Some readers of this blog take it upon themselves to reach out to me regarding some of their own experiences especially when I post something that strikes a particular sexual cord or memory for them. I have often though that some of the stuff that you guys send me would be good blog material if you had a blog of your own…but you don’t. So to try and help fill in the gaps between my own posts, I am willing to…with permission… to entertain guest post on this blog…but with some very strict rules.

1) The story has to be absolutely true… it has to happen…this is a blog about real shit…I want to keep it that way…trust me, if it sounds too out there to be true…it will never get posted here. I understand that some facts have to be changed or fabricated to protect ID…that is ok…but 98% of it has to be REAL.

2) I only want your first sexual experience stories where you either got fucked for the first time or you fucked for the first time…Again, I have to keep this manageable for me and the little time that I have for this…so for now it is limited to First Fuck Experiences…or second or third…you get the idea…early experiences…why them?… cause I think those are the hottest stories.

3) You have read this blog… it is very specific about the good stuff… the sex…very graphic and descriptive… yours needs to be the same.

4) Don’t be a free-loader…even if you don’t think your story is hot…trust me…it will be to someone… honestly, I am always amazed that ANYONE reads this blog…to me…honestly…these encounters are rather dull, dry, boring…but I understand that others see the same story totally differently…so send my your first fuck story no matter what you think of it…DON’T just keep reading and enjoying the stories of others without offering your own…

The address to send your stories or comment or whatever…

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank You Brother...Continued (part 2)

After I left Farm Boy, I continued to walk around the back room. There was one older guy that was bird-dogging me but I really was not interested…not because he was older…rather because he had long hair and a long haired beard that was much more gray than brown…I don’t know why, but men with long hair just don’t do anything for me.

After about ten minutes of walking around I found the middle-aged guy again…standing in a booth stroking his cock.

I stood there in the door way for a bit not sure if I should try again or not. Myself, I hate it when you just are not into someone in a place like that but they keep trying to get you to let them suck your dick or whatever. Also, standing there in the door way, I got a much better look at the man. Yes…definitely middle aged, with some slight gray hair on the edges of his neatly trimmed hair line. Additionally, his rather conservative glasses made him look like you would expect a Deacon of the local Southern Baptist Church to look like…hence I will call him Deacon here.

As I stood there in the door, Deacon covered his cock and balls a bit with his right hand, but his left continued to slow stroke his 7.5” cut cock…all the while he kept his eyes on the monitor. He was neither inviting me in, nor shooing me away.

I stood there for another 30 seconds, not really sure if this was going to workout or not. Then I decided to step in the booth, but rather than step toward him, I slid along the wall far enough in so that I could see the monitor. When I moved, Deacon paused his stroking. Clearly, this was a man dealing with a war in his head between his desire, and his comfort level with those desires.

When I was far enough inside the booth to see the monitor…Deacon looked at me strangely… it was a worried look…like I was about to find out something. I held his eyes in mine…just as I did with the Farm Boy…letting him know that it was “OK”.

When I broke the stare and looked at the monitor, I understood completely.

On the screen was straight porn, but it was a black guy with a huge cock fucking the hell out of this little white girl who was screaming in either pain or extreme pleasure…not really sure which.

I turned back to Deacon who again looked at me with strange winkled brow that seemed to say: “now you know my secret”

I very calmly, unbuttoned my jeans, lowered my zipper and pulled out my…by now…very fat and hard black cock. Deacon watched my every move and had stopped stroking his cock, which looked like it was even harder and bigger than before.

With my cock out of my pants, I very gently reached for his right hand and brought it over to my cock. Once he had hold on my dick, I reached over and took his cock in my right hand. For the next minute or so all we did was stroke each other. Deacon seemed fascinated and would not take his eyes off my cock. He kept squeezing it and hefting it like he was trying to get an idea of its actual weight or something. It was clear that this was indeed the first black cock that he had seen up close let alone touch.

Twice during our mutual stroking he had to grab my right hand and stop me from stroking him for fear he would cum.

If you have been reading this blog then you know that I really get off on the contrast between my dark skin and the pale/pink skin of white guys…add to that…getting to see the white guy get jazzed by that same contrast for the first time…well…you can imagine how extremely sexually charged moment was.

Without saying a word, Deacon slowly sat down on the bench in the booth and continued to softly stroke my cock. I took this as a sign that he was THINKING about putting my cock in his mouth. I don’t really know how I knew…perhaps from his pensive manner…but I instantly understood that this was not only the first black cock he had been this close to…it was the ONLY cock he had been this close to. I was very thrilled…maybe even honored (although as I write that it seems so corny) that this middle aged man chose me to be the one with whom he stepped across the preverbal straight/gay line.

Not wanting to push…I know... I know… not like me at all… nonetheless…not wanting to push, I simply stroked the back of his neck with my left hand… he looked up into my eyes for the first time since the touching started…I smiled at him… and that seemed to be what he needed to feel that it was indeed “Okay”. Deacon looked back down at the fat head of my rock hard cock…opened his mouth as wide as he could…leaned forward and took what I am sure was his very first cock into his very warm but rather dray mouth.

As you might imagine his oral skills were non-existent! I did not care…this was about so much more for him…and consequently for me… the fact that all he could basically do is hold my cock in his mouth did not take away from the moment at all.

Deacon suckled my cock for only about a minute before he stopped and stood up again. Up to this point, I had let Deacon step through this monumental even for him at his own pace, but now it was time to rock his world a bit.

As he stood, I took the opportunity to slide my left hand down the back of his open pants. He had a nicely shaped ass that was only a little fleshy. Clearly this was a grad “A” ass a few years back. Surprisingly, he did not resist me when ran my hand along the crack of his ass…poking my finger in the crease…feeling for his pucker. When I found it, I gently spun him around so that I was completely behind him. With light pressure on his upper back, he got the message and slightly leaned forward against the wall. As he did this, I pushed his jeans and boxer shorts down below his knees…knelt behind him…spread his ass cheeks with my hands and began to eat his only slightly pungent ass.

With my fat tongue swirling around his puckered hole, Deacons body was tense and ridged. This was obviously more than he bargained for but I think he stayed with it because the good feeling was undeniable. Although I could not see them, I felt the presence of others watching us form the door. Deacon finally gave up the ghost and let out a slight moan as I pushed the tip of my tongue into his now very wet hole.

Out of curiosity, I reached up between his legs to feel his cock. It was rock hard and he instantly pulled my hand off his cock fearing that would push him over the edge and this would be over much too soon for his liking. Interestingly… when he grabbed my hand, he pulled it off his cock, but he did not let my hand go…instead he held my hand and squeezed intermittently…I took this as his way of telling me that he was …umm… having a good time?

I ate Deacon’s ass for two minutes…the third minute I was shoving all of the spit I could generate into his hole. The way I figured it…I would get only one shot at popping this “Forty Something” year old cherry before he freaked out on me.

Pulling my mouth away from his ass…standing…and aligning my cock to his puckered hole…as expected… caused Deacon to snap out of his reverie and instantly protest

Deacon: “No…No… I can’t… No”

I had a firm grip on his hips and had pinned him against the wall. He was struggling to reach his pants and pull them up but with me pinning him against the wall his pants were just out of his reach.

As calmly as I could, I said

Me: “It is Okay…I am not going to hurt you… I promise… you have come this far…look, just rock your hips back and feel the head…that’s all I want you to do is feel the head of my cock on hole”

Very cautiously Deacon pressed his ass back against my cock…He was so uptight that I was sure there was no way my fat cock was going into his hole… but that was ok with me…all I wanted at that point was for him to get that special feeling of a hard cock knocking at his back door.

Me: “Relax…relax…push out a little…like you are taking a dump…yeah...yeah…that’s it!”

To my utter surprise… he actually did what I told him to do, and the head of my cock popped through his ass ring.

Deacon: “Ahhhh…Ahhh…Ahhh…I’m cumming…I’m cumming”

Sure enough, with just the head of my cock in his ass, Deacon exploded all over the buddy window. I could see three very thick strands of white cum plastered on the glass.

As soon as Deacon shot his load, he instantly hopped off my cock. As if his consciousness came crashing back to reality…and the full weight of what he had just done settled upon him, he began to turn beat red, and he hurriedly began putting himself back together.

When he was all set to go…I stepped out of his way so that he could leave…but he did not go right away…he stood there looking down at his shoes, hands in his pockets…searching for the right words. He did not need to say anything for my benefit but I knew enough to just let him work through it on his own. I simply continued to stuff my still raging hard-on back into my jeans. After a few more silent seconds

Deacon: “Ya know that was a first for me”

Me: “Yes, I know…and I hope that you know that it does not necessarily mean anything. It does not mean that you are gay, and it certainly does not mean that you are an evil, sinful person that is going to Hell because of it. It just means that you are a normal man with very real desires…desires, which probably for the first time, you honestly accepted and allowed yourself to act upon.”

Upon hearing this, Deacon looked at me, and for the first time he smiled. He then placed his right hand on my shoulder and said:

Deacon: “Thank You Brother”

To be honest, the “Thank You Brother” comment freaked me out a bit cause the guy already looked like a church Deacon…with those three words he all but confirmed it…at least in my own mind anyway.

To Be Continued….