Thursday, September 22, 2011

Southern Decadence Part 2

Tim: “I am well Sir. I saw your profile up on-line, and that you are in ******”

Me: “Affirmative”

Tim: “Well, that is only a 5 hour drive for me Sir, and I am on leave until 6 September”

Me: “Very well. Meet me here at 1200 hours tomorrow. You will be with me for most of the weekend. Plan on returning home from this location around 0200 hours on Monday…understood?”

Tim: “Yes Sir. Should I bring anything specific Sir?

Me: “Affirmative, bring a few pair of white jockstraps and plain white t-shirts. Jeans, boots and white socks…Understood?”

Tim: “Yes Sir”

Me: “Tim…

Tim: “Yes Sir”

Me: “We are going to New Orleans…Decadence….do you know what that is?”

There was a brief pause, then a somewhat hesitant

Tim: “Yes Sir, I have heard about it Sir”

Me: “You are going to need to trust me again…do you think you can do that?”

Another pause…a bit longer this time

Tim: “I want to … Sir. I mean Yes Sir, do my best Sir”

Me; “Very well then”,

I saw Tim pull into the parking lot of the hotel where I had been staying. Damn, if he didn’t look good as he stepped out of his SUV. Hair still totally gray but cut close…almost a high & tight but not quite. He had a light tan from being in the sun, and his body was as tight as ever. My cock instantly began to respond. He walked over to where I stood by the open trunk of my car.

Tim: “Hello Sir”, he said with a big smile which slowly vanished as I just looked him over in response.

Without saying a word, I reached into my duffle bag and fished out a small jar of Vaseline. I then said to him

Me: “Stow your gear here and then meet me inside by the elevator on the west side of the lobby.”

Tim: “Yes Sir”

I had already checked out of the room, but I made up some lame excuse that I forgot something in the room so they gave me another key to my room. I then proceeded to the elevators where Tim stood waiting.

Tim was silent as we rode the elevator up to the 6th floor and walked down to the room I had just checked out of. Once inside the room, I told Tim to latch the door. I stepped over to the still unmade bed, and looked for the cum stain shot there by the overnight trick that I had just fucked one more time before he left about an hour ago. Finding the damp spot I made note of its proximity.

By this time Tim was standing next to me along side the dirty bed. I positioned him so that he was in front of me facing the opposite wall. From behind him, I in buttoned his jeans, and in two strong tugs had them below his knees. I then bent him over, and purposefully positioned his head in the middle of the cum stain. Rubbing his face in it, I said,

Me: “Do you know what that is… Boy?”

Through gritted teeth, Tim said

Tim: “It smells like Cum Sir?”

Me: “Correct Boy…and it is NOT my cum either?”

Hearing this, Tim tried to pull his face off the soiled sheets, but I held him there and said

Me: “Lick it!”

Tim: “No, please Sir!”

I then got down right next to his ear and said

Me: “Tim…you are either going to do what I say, when I say to do it and how I say to do it without question…or you are going to get right back in that pussy truck of yours and go home…your choice… which is it?”

After the slightest pause, Tim stuck out his tongue and began to lick the spot.

Me: “Good…keep licking”

As he licked the spot I stood up, undid my jeans and pulled out my already rock hard cock. I had indeed fucked last nights trick just an hour before, but I did not breed him…I was saving that for Timothy.

Without ceremony, I opened the jar of Vaseline, scooped a healthy amount out with two fingers and applied it liberally to my fat black cock. I then tossed the still open jar down by Tim’s face and took note of how he started to realize that he was about to be barebacked again for the first time in over a year.

Grasping his narrow hips in both hands I gave him a moment to brace himself before I began to press into him.

Me: “Relax…relax Boy…let me in”

I am sure that it was the intenseness of the situation, but his hole seemed much tighter than I remembered. To say it was a struggle getting my fat black cock in his tight white boy hole would be a heavy understatement. Clearly, Tim was fighting it.

Me: “Okay…backing out now… just relax…we will get there…”, With these words, I lessened the pressure on his hole, and with a big exhale, Tim relaxed his hole a bit. When he did, I thrust forward hard.

Tim: “AAAhhhh…IT HURTS…IT HURTS…Please Sir… It hurts so much”

In spite of Tim’s plea, I continued to press on…deeper into his hole, until I was in just beyond half way and held there until he was able to calm down and catch his breath. It is always a struggle because of my unusual girth, but this day…with Tim…after all that had happened…Tim felt like a virgin, and I was so hard that it felt like the veins running through my gorged cock were about to explode.

After a full 20 seconds of holding still, Tim had stopped complaining, and the top half of his body lay limp on the bed…head still resting on the wet spot. When I began to fuck him, I began with short rocking strokes…. Just trying to work his hole open.

After about another minute of working his hole with my cock, Tim was much more relaxed. He once again had that look of resignation on his face and he just gave in to me…do my desires…to whatever I wanted to do to him…to his body…he was all mine now.

I took him strong doggy style…his knees on the edge of the bed…chest flat on the mattress. I this position it was nothing less than a brutal fuck. I am not proud of the fact that I indeed slip over to the dark-side that I have written so much about in this blog. At first Tim would grunt with every deep stroke, but after a while…it was a continuous groan as I relentlessly assaulted his butt.

One thing I did not know about Tim…having never fucked him bare before…is that he has one of those self-lubricating holes. Usually when you use Vaseline, it gets sticky after a bit and you have to re-apply. Not with Tim! Some asses produce mucus when something is inserted over and over and over again. There was actually so much wetness in his hole and around my cock, that “ass cream was beginning to slowly slide down and coat the underside of his balls…. HOT!

The sense of getting close to shooting my load sort of brought me back from the dark-side. I did not want to breed Tim this way…too impersonal…he was not just some trick after all, so I stopped fucking him…pulled out… and flipped is rather limp body over onto his back, and re-entered him with his legs over my shoulders.

He had his eyes closed and head turned to the side.

Me: “Look at me …Tim”

With that, Tim opened his eyes and turned his head to look straight into my eyes. I did not have to say a thing…it was all communicated with the look…He understood. He reached up and grasped both of my arms by my flexed biceps and said

Tim: “Yes…Sir…Please…I have waited for it from you”

Yes… I know…that sounds SOOOO CORNY NOW! But, at the time…in that moment…it sent me right over the edge and I flooded his hole with every last drop of spunk in my balls. Man, I thought I was never going to stop shooting off in his tight little hole.

After I pulled out of him, Tim desperately wanted to excuse himself to the bathroom… I would not allow it. Instead, I made him put his clothes on…cum dripping from his ass and all. We left the room just as housekeeping arrived to clean it.

At the car I told Tim that I would drive and he should recline the seat and get some shut-eye on the three hour ride. From getting up before dawn to get to me by 1200 hours and the aggressive ass fucking Tim, understandably, looked beat.

It only took about thirty minutes to get onto the interstate that would take us to New Orleans. Not a word had be spoken between us, and for the first time I looked over at Tim. He was slightly reclined in the passenger seat, his head was turned toward me and he was staring at me. Again, a ton was communicated with just a look. I instinctively reached over and rested my hand on his left thigh. When I looked over at him again not three minutes later, Tim was sound asleep.

Much happened with Tim in New Orleans. I am not going to go into it in detail here. The above fuck/story is what I wanted to share with all of you in this blog post; however, I wont leave you totally hanging in suspense.

Tim was fucked several times by me…all bareback. Basically, I fucked him every time he moved.

Our first Decadence Fuck was that first night, in a bar. The place was packed wall-to-wall…with all those close enough to see, watching me pound Tim’s ass like there was no tomorrow…another first for Tim.

After I bred him in right there in the bar, another guy stepped up and started to put his bare cock in Tim’s ass. I think he got one or two strokes in before I made him pull out and said,

Me:” You have to put on a rubber”

Stranger: “Why, you didn’t”

Me: “That’s because that ass belongs to me”,

As soon as I said this, I felt Tim, who was still bent over with his pants around his ankles hug my left leg…tightly. The guy mumbled something but put on the condom I handed him and proceeded to fuck Tim hard for about five minutes before ripped off the rubber and shot his load all over Tim’s ass..

The final thing worth noting was that Sunday afternoon. I tied Tim blindfolded to the bed and left him there for about an hour while I went to the bar to meet a friend of mine from home (DC). My friend is an okay looking guy, but is very shy and still considerably closeted. Even when someone shows some interest, he goes home alone nine times out of ten as he is just not good at reading the signs. I laid my room key on the bar and told him to go and have a great time with what he would find in the room. He had a strange look on his face at first and then he got it

Friend: “Seriously?”

Me: “Seriously…he is clean…he is one of us so whatever happens in that room stays in that room…just don’t be all day…I will be right here when you are done”

Just over an hour later, my friend came back with a big smile on his face. He thanked me again and wanted to buy me a drink and talk about it. I declined the drink and the details. I only want to know one thing.

Me:” Is there a cummy hole waiting for me in my room”

Friend: “Sir…there is a very cummy hole waiting for you Sir… from two loads… Sir”

I returned to the room, untied Tim and removed the blindfold.

Me: “You were excellent today and I am very pleased with you…This is how it should have been in Chicago…”

Tim: “Please fuck me now Sir”

I fucked Tim slow and deliberate. Every other time I had fucked Tim that weekend, he was soft and would beat off only after I came. This time, he was rock hard the whole time I was inside of him. It was not a long fuck…maybe five minutes tops before Tim grabbed his cock and shot one of the biggest loads I have ever seen come out of one man at one time.

Hopefully, after reading this last part, you now know why I had to boar you with Tim’s “Backstory” in Part 1. As always, let me know what you think…good, bad, indifferent.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Southern Decadence 2011 Part 1

Okay…I am back…for a bit anyway…if you are happy about this, then go over to Bikeguy13’s Blog and show him some love because he got me off my ass and back into the HARD WORK of writing about my sex life in three short sentences. When your Blog Idol (Whom you very much plan on meeting and fucking silly one day soon) calls you out like a “Punk Bitch”…well, you just have to respond. Thanks Bikeguy13, I guess I needed that kick in the ass.

Also, I hate breaking stories up into parts but I just don’t have as much time to write like before, so I figure something NOW is better than waiting for the whole thing which may never be finished. Also, I know that if I start a story…I will finish it…hate leaving things unfinished.

One final note…If you have followed this blog you know that I usually only write about hookups that I will likely never get with again. Basically, I don’t write about friends or fuck buddies of mine…too personal. I have broken this rule in this story because Part 2…which is the real fuck story…does not make much sense unless you know the background which is Part 1. As Always, let me know what your thoughts either here or at

I have been working TDY for the last several weeks in the South. As it turns out, I am not far from New Orleans and I had been toying with the idea of giving Southern Decadence another try. I have been there twice before and each time I came away thinking…”What’s the point?” I suppose if I had a different career and it did not matter if I was seen walking down crowded streets shit-face drunk… with my dick hanging out…I would have enjoyed the event more.

Yes…there is a ton of hot guys there…mostly drunk…and very willing to be bent over and fucked hard…right there in the bar, street, ally…wherever. Yes, to a point, that is fun, but if you know me through this blog at all, you know that whomever I am fucking, I want them to be fully present and aware of what is happening to them. I am not just fucking their ass…I am fucking their mind just as much as their ass..

Wednesday, two days before Labor Day and Southern Decadence weekend. Out of the nowhere, I get an email from Tim.

Tim: Hello Sir, I hope that you are well

Me: I am fine, you?

Tim: I am well Sir. I saw your profile up on-line, and that you are in ******

Me: Affirmative

Tim: Well, that is only a 5 hour drive for me Sir, and I am on leave until 6 September.

The Back-Story of Tim:

Tim is a rather shy, good looking, closeted gay man. He is 5’ 8”, maybe 155 lbs with a very tight frame from being an avid runner. His ass...I swear…is a tight little thing that looks like it belongs on a 19 year old boy…seriously! His hair turned completely gray prematurely at 28, so he looks like a smaller version of Anderson Cooper.

I met him six years ago when I was also on TDY in the South. He found me on AOL, drove 3 hours to my hotel room one night to be royally fucked by me for a couple of hours. After which, I took him to dinner, then back to my hotel room and fucked him once more before I sent him on his 3 hour drive back home. Each time I fucked him that night it was with a condom at his insistence. He was, and still is, very afraid of contracting HIV or other STD. I complied with his demand since he did drive three hours, and had the ass of a teenager.

Not long after that first night with Tim, I told my Red headed friend in Maine about him and his awesome ass and stamina for taking big dick. Naturally, Red wanted to meet Tim. A few months later, I was scheduled to be in Chicago for a series of briefings, so I arranged for Tim and Red to join me there. For some reason, I thought the two of them would hit it off and who knows. At the very least, I figured that Red and I could tag-team Tim since we were all staying in the same room with one King sized bed.

Tim would be the last to arrive and I would already be in briefings so I informed him of this before hand and told him to introduce him self to Red, and to be nice to him. I really did not mean anything by that…at that point, I was very new to the whole world of dom/sub sexuality… nonetheless, Tim took what I had said as an order. To my surprise,

I returned to the room to find Tim Riding Red’s fat…yet covered…dick. When Tim saw me enter the room he greeted me with “Sir” and a slight nod of his head, then continued to rock forward and back on Red’s cock. Red, was too busy enjoying Tim’s quality ass to even acknowledge me. I simply told Tim to “Carry-on”, as I proceeded to stow my gear and change clothes. To be honest, I was floored by the level of Trust Tim had in me…I mean, he did not even know what Red looked like until he walked into the hotel room…and simply on my say so, he was letting this stranger fuck the hell out of him. I completely understand it now, but back then it was all very new to me and I was a little slow on the uptake. I learned later that this caused serious misunderstanding all the way around.

At dinner that night and for most of the evening, Red sort of took position of Tim…insisting on sitting next to him, and constantly touching him in some way. Tim was practically silent the whole night…basically speaking only when spoken to, which was another major clue to Tim’s submissiveness and need for me to take control of him which I had missed at the time.

At about 3:00 AM, I awake to the feel of the bed rocking. I open my eyes to see Tim staring at me with a look on his face that was a cross between absolute horror and total bliss. I quickly realize that Red is fucking Tim from behind, but that did not explain the look on Tim’s face. Clearly something was not quite right.

Fully awake now, the rocking of the bed got stronger as Red began sprinting for the finish. Tim grunted and winced as Red purposefully bottomed out in Tim’s ass with each stroke. Then Red suddenly held his cock deep in Tim’s bowels and lets out a loud and prolonged groan. Tim was again staring at me, looking like he was about to cry or something. Then…strangely…he said to me, “I am sorry Sir!” At that point, I knew! Red was Fucking Tim bareback. I instantly reached under Tim and felt Red’s bare dick as he slid out of Tim’s ass. I also felt a trail of Red’s cum spill out into the palm of my hand.

Tim sprang from the bed to the bathroom where he proceeded to douche himself several times.

I was pissed at Red for taking Tim’s bareback cherry.

Strangely enough, and much to Tim’s dismay, I would not touch him sexually that whole weekend. Red, however, continued to fuck Tim like a cheap whore all weekend long. I learned later that that really fucked with Tim’s head. He went away from the weekend thinking that I brought him there only to be a cum-dump for my friend…which he was over and over again. He did it because that is what he thought I wanted, but evidently being a whore made him too dirty for me to fuck …which is all that he (Tim) really wanted.

In contrast, I was thinking something quite different. Although I really did not fully understand it like I do now, deep down I DID know why Tim let Red fuck him raw and breed him. Like I said, I was pissed At Red…not Tim…because Red figured it all out before I did…Red knew that Tim was there to please me…that Tim would do just about anything to please me…including letting a guy whom he barely knew fill his butt with cum. Red, clearly exploited the situation to his advantage.

I was confused… I was pissed… but I was also very turned on! Some of the fucking that Tim endured that weekend was down right brutal. After the first couple of fucks, Red did not even bother with lube…there was enough cum in Tim’s hole that Red could get balls deep with just a little spit.

Red has unusual stamina as a rule, but that weekend I am pretty sure he had medical help (he is an MD) to stay rock hard and cum nearly every time he fucked Tim. Me…I just sat in a chair and watching and jacking off. Tim would make a point of staring at me every time Red assaulted his ass with his fat Red cock. His stares went from confusion, to anger to simple resignation. I also learned later that Tim actually enjoyed the initial fucking from Red…even the first bareback…until it was clear that I would have nothing to do with him sexually. At that point, Tim hated each time Red reached for him.

After that weekend, I did not hear from Tim for nearly a year. When I did hear from him again it was an email exchange:

Tim: “Sir”

Me: “Hello Tim, how are you?”

Tim: “Fine Sir, but I need your help to understand something”

Me: “Proceed”

Tim: “Why did you give me to him, and why did you punish me by ignoring me all weekend?”

Me: “I did not give you to him…I mean, I know that is what it seems like…especially to you…but that was never my intent”

Tim: “Then why did you not even touch me after he fucked me?”

Me: “I could give you a bunch of bullshit excuses, but I wont disrespect you like that…the truth is…I don’t know! That weekend was nothing like I expected and I was caught off guard a bit. I will also tell you that I was a little pissed that I was not the first to breed you…and before you get all worked up…I know that was my fault. I know why you let Red fuck you bare and breed your ass. I know that everything you did that weekend was to prove your self to me”

Tim: “Thank you Sir…you have no idea how good it feels to hear you say that…how much it helps me to understand and accept what happened that weekend”

I won’t bore you the full email conversation, but will tell you that after that weekend, Tim went back to Safe Only Sex.

We have stayed in touch sporadically. Always saying that we should make plans to hookup again, but never have until….

End Part 1