Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Fuck Guest Post....John

Another reader tells his true story about being fucked for the first time. Please send me your First Fuck Story or First Bareback Fuck Story. I am also writing and editing a couple more of my recent encounters so stay tuned.


Hello Sir,

I've just started reading your blog and am enjoying it very much. I
like the detail you include beyond just the sex, so there's that for
you. I'll confess you scare the hell out of me. The stories where you
"go to the dark side" I find scary as hell. I'll admit I jack off to
your stories and like the fantasy of brutal sex but the practice is
something else entirely.
Several years ago I was bareback raped by my partner at the time. He
had been accusing me of cheating etc. But the brutality of the fuck
really effected me and I've been a hesitant bottom ever since. The
story I'm giving you here is not that one but the first time I was
ever fucked. I have been writing up my stories trying to sort through
my feelings and I guess it's time to share.
You requested our first time stories and this is the first time I was
fucked. Previously in my teens two guys had attempted but they were
just not doing it and I was tighter than a nun so it wasn't till I was
eighteen that I first became a man. I've changed his name and I guess
John is common enough so do what you think is right. I trust you. I
hope you enjoy it. Respectfully, John

This is the true story of my first fuck from when I first moved to
Minneapolis for
college. I was 18 and had a shared apartment in the "gay"
neighborhood of Loring Park. This was '82 and the park had a
reputation of being really cruisy. I was a little intimidated but made
a point of being out and about. Loved seeing all the hot guys around
and was almost always in a state of high excitement.

One night while I was hanging in the park I saw a guy that was my
"type." He was prob about 42 or so, kind of scruffy beard, big arms and shoulders. He had a little gut, but so did I. He was wearing faded tight jeans, maroon
t-shirt with leather vest over it and big work boots. I was really
attracted to him but didn't know how to proceed. He was walking
around the pond and towards me. I didn't want him to just pass and
thought I may just get a better look at him so I went up the grassy
bank a little and sat down, just casual, looking out over the water. It
was early autumn and was just starting to get dark. Now it happened
that the place I had picked was just above a bench facing away from
the water and across the path up the hill. He takes a seat on the
bench, very casual himself and just looks around. He wasn't paying much
attention to me right away, just lit a cigarette, leaned his arm on
the back of the bench and relaxed. I was going nuts. His biceps had
bulged out over the back rest and I could see his hairy armpit. I had
to do something. I had been laying back on my elbows with my knees up.
He was directly in front of me. I waited for him to glance my way,
and boldly grabbed my crotch. It was the right thing to do. He eased
himself off the bench and started my way.

"What's up?"
"Just hangin'," My heart was racing but I was trying to be so cool. I
fancied myself some kind of a punk in those days so had gelled up hair
and combo of vintage clothes, fatigue pants, and combat boots.
He sat right next to me and started to chat. His name was Gene, he
lived in the neighborhood. If I wasn't busy did I want to come over
for a Beer?

We walked a couple blocks to his building. He had a small apartment,
one room with a kitchen. Bed in the main room and like a round sofa
lounger thing in the middle. There was a Colt calendar on the wall I
remember staring at. He got me a beer and we talked about school, his
work, if I was seeing anyone. I had been siting on the bed and he lay
down next to me. He touched the side of my face and brought me in for
a kiss. I could see he was getting hard and I was already there.
"Let's get naked" very direct.

His chest was as hairy as mine and his cock was a little bigger than
mine with some foreskin. He'd been cut but the doctor had been kind
and left him a little something to play with. He took my cock in his
mouth, it felt cool with the beer and startled me. He pushed me down
and positioned himself between my legs. He sucked my cock easily,
rubbing my balls with his thumb, then reached up to tweak my nipples.
When his head would bob up I could see his cock, rock hard and
dripping. I was in love with pre-cum (still am) I slid around till I was under him with my cock in his face and his starting to drip in my open mouth. I went down to his base being careful of my teeth and gaged a little. I was getting real close to cumming and pulled him off my
cock. He knew what was going on and backed off a little then pushed up
a bit and started rimming me. I love having my ass eaten and he was
very good. My cock was bouncing off his chest hair and he had started a
real comfortable mouth fuck on me. As I relaxed more he was able to
push into my throat a little. I could tell he didn't want to hurt me
but he was moaning and loving what he was doing.

He started to tense-up after awhile. He pulled off my ass, grabbed my
cock strait up and took it down to the base. He was moaning and the
vibration was making my cock throb. He started fingering my hole and
thrusting more aggressively. I was cumming and he came at the same
time. I was flying. My whole body was vibrating. His cum was sweet,
and salty and there was a lot of it. He kind of collapsed on me and we lay like that for a while soaking in the heat of each other, basking in the afterglow. His cock was dripping down my neck still half hard so we
twisted around laying next to each other. I had my head in the crook
of his arm nuzzling his chest and just laying close. He was idly
playing my nipple and leaning down for little kisses.

He smelled great, all sweaty and manly. I could smell a little of his
funky crotch clinging to my lips. I started getting hard again and he
kind of laughed. He sat me up on his chest and started sucking me. He
asked if I could come again. "ya, no problem." He lifted my ass up to
angle me into his mouth better. He was reaching back and playing with
my hole. His fingers were thick and calloused with very short
fingernails and felt great just teasing my hairy opening.

We both came again that night and I slept over. In the morning I woke
him with a blow job. Then he did me again while I was getting dressed.
We hooked up every few days after that. He was a great and patient
lover. We never went anywhere or did anything but sex. He loved
playing with my ass and asked me if I like to get fucked. I told him
I'd never done that before and he laughed like I was kidding. He put a
towel on the sofa thing and had me lay over it. He gave me a bottle of
poppers, got some lube and condoms and got on his knees behind me. He
pulled my cock down so it was hanging over the edge of the sofa and
started to lick my hole. He was using lots of spit and taking his
time, fucking me with his tongue and spreading me with his fingers.
He'd push his face deep into me, working his tongue around, feeling up
my back and then down my sides getting my whole body involved. I was
so into it.

He stood up and lay across my back kissing my neck. I turned and we
kissed deeply as he ground his hard dick along my crack. I could feel his pre-cum getting me slick as he whispered into my ear, asking me how I was feeling and did he feel good on me. He went back down on his knees and started licking from my cock-head all the way up past my balls into my hole again. He kept up his riming until I was pushing back to meet him, opening up.

"Fuck me."
"Are you sure?'
"Yes, Please! Fuck me."

He licked my ass some more then started working some lube into me.
While he put on the condom he told me to take a hit of poppers, then
he started to enter me. I was feeling so open to him and could feel
his fat head stretching me. He eased off, ran more lube over my hole
and started entering me again. I took another hit and felt his head
pop in. He paused rubbing my sides and inner thighs. I could feel his
heat and pulse. I pushed back a little and felt more of him slip in.
He told me I was doing great. How did it feel? "Full, Good" I panted. It stung but I wanted it.

"You want more?'I answered by pushing slowly all the way back until I felt his pubes on my crack. He took a hit of poppers, gave me another one and very gently pulled a little out.
"you ok?"
"Yes, go"

He stared a slow fuck into me, pulling a little further out each time
and picking up speed. Suddenly I was in heaven. He grabbed me by my calves and pulled me up flat on my stomach. He lay across my back and went in at a different angle. He was kissing my neck and pulling my shoulders back to him. He really stared to fuck. I could feel our sweat slipping between us and hear his balls and thighs slapping against me. I raised my ass a little and he groaned and thrust deeper and harder. Then I came. My ass must have been squeezing his cock because he went stiff over me and I could feel his spasms too. I shot such a huge load it was all over the sofa and towel.

He lay on my back, both of us catching our breath. He slipped out of
me and tossed the condom.

We fucked a few more times after that and tried a lot of different
positions. Again he was a patient teacher but I never felt anything as
great as that first time.

A weeks latter he told me he couldn't see me anymore. He was in
treatment for sex addiction and his counselor told him even one
partner was holding up his progress. I called him a few times but we
never did hook up again. I saw him getting off a bus 15 years latter.
He looked tired and didn't seem to notice me. Kind of sad.

Sorry that was so long. I got into the memory and just went for it.
Haven't thought of him in years but you never forget your first do you?