Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Power Fuck

Last week I finally got with a local Washington guy that I had chatted with for some time. I called this post “Power Fuck” because this guy happens to be the Executive Director for a well known organization.

The “Executive” as I will call him here actually has a partner…another high powered person…who lives in Texas. According to him, they have been together for five years, but have been conducting a “long distance relationship” for only about a year now since he landed the big chair here in Washington. They are supposed to be monogamous, but it is really more of a “don’t ask/don’t tell” thing.

The Executive is kind of short white man at only 5’8”… not that 5’8 is all that short, I guess I just expected him to be taller. He is 38 to 40 year old and very much has that “Larry the Cable Guy” thing going on where he is thick, but not fat… no belly overhang, but you cant see his oblique or six pack either…decent bicep and traps…so he works out regularly… light brown hair with well trimmed goatee. If you have been reading this blog you know that this is the type that I go for the most.

I think he waxes because his body hair was SOOO TOO PERFECT! It started at his upper chest, covered the middle of his stomach, but none on the sides and feathered perfectly into his tightly trimmed pubic hair that incased a solid 7” cut cock and a pair of fat, hairless balls…YUMMM! There was no hair on his back or his butt, but his legs were covered in hair. It was obvious that the uuhmm… runway was cleared for a Smooth approach and landing… sort of speak.

I also need to take a moment and describe his ass. Most guys that I have been with who have this body type have a full to fleshy ass. In other words, if the were to jump up and down there would be some butt jiggle. Not the Executive… man I am here to tell ya…that ass was a firm muscle ass with a tight curve flanked by two huge dimples. This guy would have no problem picking grapes from the vine with that ass!

As I said before, we had been chatting for weeks but with his schedule and my schedule hooking up was not looking good. I definitely wanted to get into this guy, but if it is not meant to be then so be it. I had decided to not waist anymore time with the endless… albeit hot…chatting sessions. So when he IM me last week I ignored him. He tried again about ten minutes later and I simply wrote:

Me: “Look, the only thing I am interested in hearing from you is that you will be ready for me on Thursday at noon…I don’t want to hear your bullshit about having to work cause if you really are the Exec Dir you can work your schedule around taking dick for an hour”

It was a long time…probably 30 or 40 minutes before his reply came

Exec: “Yes Sir, Thursday at noon I will ready for you to fuck me…Sir”

Me: “When I say ready, I mean you answer the door naked, your hole already lubed and worked open with a butt plug”

His response was simply his address.

To be honest…I did not have the slightest idea if he was serious or not, or if he would actually go through with it. Nonetheless, since I put it out there, I had to hold up my end and actually show up

I arrived at his building a few minutes before noon, found his name on the building roster and punched in the code for his condo. I stood there waiting… feeling like an idiot for about 20 seconds. Just as I was about to turn and leave, I heard a voice on the box say

Exec: “Hello”

Having never heard his voice, I had no idea if this was him or not… but I decided to go for broke.

ME: “Open the door Boy”

Exec: “Yes Sir, condo XXX The door is unlocked”

I took the elevator to his floor, found the condo and, sure enough, the door opened when I turned the knob.

His place was definitely high end. It was one of those old school buildings that was refurbished into loft like condos with high ceilings and the original huge school window. I looked to my right and saw a very modern looking great room that combined both the kitchen and living room. Then I looked to my left and saw him rather timidly sitting naked on a bed in a bedroom at the end of a short hallway. He looked great!

During our many chats, we often slipped into the Daddy/boy thing…other times Dom/sub and sometimes just regular fuck buddy. I guess from the way this meeting came about, I felt that this would be much more a Dom/Sub fuck.

As I walked into his bedroom he kept his eye on me…up until the point I slapped him very hard across the face

Me: “You don’t look at me unless I tell you to… is that clear?”

I was flying blind here… I did not know what his response would be… I mean after all I am sure that his pay grade is well above mine. I did not have to wait long to find out.

The hard slap definitely took him by surprise and there was that brief moment when it looked like he was working out in his head what had just happened. Then he not only stopped looking at me but actually lowered his head and dropped to his knees as well. This plus, the fact that his 7” soldier was now standing at full attention, told me that Dom/Sub was exactly what he needed.

The dark side of my sexual personality began to come out again. As I undressed, I contemplated him there on his knees…open to about anything I wanted to do to him. By the time I pulled off my underwear, my boner was rock solid.

I grabbed his head, forced the big head of my fat cock into his mouth and proceeded to force fuck his mouth as hard as I could. He fought and struggled to get away as he began to gag instantly. After about three sharp stabs to the back of his throat he worked his head free from my grip and scrambled to get away from me. He tried to get to his feet but I kicked him hard in the ass which knocked him off balance and he fell hard to the floor. Sprawled out on the floor I stepped toward him. He sensed me coming and he rolled onto his back and tried to keep me away with his kicking feet. I simply grabbed his right ankle with both hands and dragged him across the carpeted floor back to the bed. He was still kicking my with his free leg so while still holding his right ankle, I put my left foot on his balls and pressed down firmly…he stopped kicking me.

He was now looking at me again so I pressed harder on his balls…he groaned through gritting teeth and rather defiantly looked away. Again… I was not sure if I was going too far with him, but even with my foot hard on his balls, he was still rock hard…So I told myself…yeah told myself…that he likes it and that it is what he needs.

Without saying a word, I reached down and grabbed his balls with my left hand after I removed my foot. I literally made him turn over onto his knees again by twisting and squeezing his balls…this made him sort of scream for the first time.

Now on his hands and knees I moved him around by the balls. I moved him enough so that I could reach the lube he had on the night stand with my other hand. Flicking the cap of the lube open, I squeeze a bunch of it into the crack of his ass. I then began to assault his hole with my fingers…roughly working them in and out of his hole…getting him read to take my fat black cock.

As I was working his hole he was sort of doing this cross between moaning and grunting that sounded so guttural…animalistic…and it was driving me crazy with desire. I had to get in him now or risk shooting my load without even fucking him.

Still pulling on his balls, I removed my fingers from his hole and positioned my cock head at his opening. In retrospect, I guess there was really no reason to continue to pull on his balls in that he was not fighting me any more, and he was still rock hard…I kept hold of them anyway because something about the idea of burying my fat cock deep in this guy while pulling on his balls seemed really hot to me.

He was tight! I am sure tighter than usual because I was pulling on his balls at the same time I was trying to push my fatty into his ass. I would like to say that I was able to get in him all the way and fucked him good while still pulling on his balls…but that was not the case. The pain was too much for him and he went flat on his stomach. I had a choice, I could keep my grip on his balls and let my cock slip out…or I could let his balls go and focus of getting deep in him. I chose his ass over his balls.

When I let go of his balls, and stopped pushing my cock into him…he relaxed enough that his hole could adjust to my size and I slowly sank balls deep into him. When I hit rock bottom… he groaned and said

Exec: “Yeeesss Sirrrr”

From there, I held him down by placing both my hands on the back of his shoulder blades and fucked him steadily with my hips for a solid ten minutes non-stopped. By then it was time for more lube. I pulled out and told him to roll over…he did so obediently. He also remembered to not look at me, and he turned his head to the side and sort of stared off into the distance while I applied more lube and re-entered him with his legs hoisted up on my shoulders. He was still hard, but not as hard as he seemed before… or maybe it was just the angle from which I was now seeing his cock…don’t know. Nonetheless, I squirted a little lube on his cock and told him to stroke his cock while I fucked him.

The Executive seemed to enjoy this position much better. His eyes were closed, head thrown back and his mouth was open. He would grunt each time I would hit bottom on the down stroke and he jerked his cock sort of in time with my fucking him in that each time I would good deep, he would jerk about five fast strokes and when I pulled back he would jerk slow…kind of different…but I like that.

I fucked him like this for about another ten minutes before I was ready to cum. When we had chatted online, we had talked about fucking bare, but I can’t remember if we discussed breeding. It did not really matter. I had planned on breeding him from the start.

The last ten to fifteen strokes I had picked up the pace… I wanted him to know that my cum would be in him soon. With the pickup in tempo…so did his breathing… he was like almost gasping for air and he even stopped stroking his cock…maybe he did not expect to be bred???

On the last stroke, I stayed buried deep in him and grunted as the first shot of cum left my body and entered his. I held perfectly still cause the only movement I wanted him to feel was the twitching and spasm of my cock as I dumped a full load of cum into his guts. When I finished, I opened my eyes to see him staring directly at me. Without missing a beat, I said,

Me: “You are my bitch now…you belong to me”

Still with a rather stunned look on his face…he silently mouthed the words

Exec: “Yes Sir”

Then I said

Me: “You are not done yet”

With that I pulled out of him in one motion and moved to straddle his head, my dripping cock dangling in front of his face. He understood instantly. He opened his mouth and engulfed as much of my cock as he could. I had had a hunch, and when I looked back over my shoulder I found confirmation that I was exactly right. As he cleaned my cum and his ass juice off my cock with his mouth, he was stroking his once again rock hard cock. Honestly, it took him less than thirty seconds to shoot a massive load. The first spurt hit me square in the middle of my back.

I made him go get me a towel and clean off my back. Then I told him to put his hands keep his head down and stand over in the corner while I dressed.

When fully dressed, I was about to leave but then a thought came to me and I acted on it. I reached into my wallet, pulled out a $20.00 bill…walked over to him and stuck it in the crease of his ass cheeks where my cum load had already begun to leak out. This simple act made him begin to shutter and shake. I don’t know what reaction I expected…hell, I don’t even know why I thought to do it in the first place…but I was not expecting that response. Clearly, this whole hookup ended up being as much of a “mind fuck” as it was any other kind of fuck.

On the following Sunday, I decided to send him an email to see if he would respond…if he is ok…pissed off… what? The email I sent simply said

It was a pretty intense session. Just checking to see if you are ok?

I received a response later Sunday evening that said

It was not what I expected and I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I am confused. Obviously you tapped into something that I really did not know was there nor do I know what it says about me or about my relationship Brad. I am still sorting things out, but would like to talk to you about it over a coffee maybe next week.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sorry... Just A Little Freaked

Hey guys. Obviously I have not posted anything in a few weeks now, but I will soon...hopefully.

To be honest... no sooner did I make that last post and then the big Catholic Priest Sex scandal hit full stride. Now I know that my fucking a Priest and the Priest sex scandal are only tangentially related at best...still somehow...strangly...I felt involved in the scandal. Silly? Perhaps... but nonethless a real emotion for me.

Interstingly, I noticed that "Anonhole" deleted his profile on the hookup site. If I was freaked out... I can only imagine what he must be going through. At times I find myself wanting to talk to him about what we did... about the scandal... about the church... but then when I really think about it...I would not know what to say. I guess, in short, I feel really bad for him and other Priest like him... I mean it is one thing to be in the closet, but being a Priest has to take that whole closet thing to a whole new level.

Anyway, I have had a few other encounters since then but each time when I would start to think about writing about them here, I would start thinking about the whole Priest thing again. Please take this meger post as a sign that I am getting over it... or more appropriately...am getting over myself. After all... shit happens.