Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank You Brother...Continued (part 2)

After I left Farm Boy, I continued to walk around the back room. There was one older guy that was bird-dogging me but I really was not interested…not because he was older…rather because he had long hair and a long haired beard that was much more gray than brown…I don’t know why, but men with long hair just don’t do anything for me.

After about ten minutes of walking around I found the middle-aged guy again…standing in a booth stroking his cock.

I stood there in the door way for a bit not sure if I should try again or not. Myself, I hate it when you just are not into someone in a place like that but they keep trying to get you to let them suck your dick or whatever. Also, standing there in the door way, I got a much better look at the man. Yes…definitely middle aged, with some slight gray hair on the edges of his neatly trimmed hair line. Additionally, his rather conservative glasses made him look like you would expect a Deacon of the local Southern Baptist Church to look like…hence I will call him Deacon here.

As I stood there in the door, Deacon covered his cock and balls a bit with his right hand, but his left continued to slow stroke his 7.5” cut cock…all the while he kept his eyes on the monitor. He was neither inviting me in, nor shooing me away.

I stood there for another 30 seconds, not really sure if this was going to workout or not. Then I decided to step in the booth, but rather than step toward him, I slid along the wall far enough in so that I could see the monitor. When I moved, Deacon paused his stroking. Clearly, this was a man dealing with a war in his head between his desire, and his comfort level with those desires.

When I was far enough inside the booth to see the monitor…Deacon looked at me strangely… it was a worried look…like I was about to find out something. I held his eyes in mine…just as I did with the Farm Boy…letting him know that it was “OK”.

When I broke the stare and looked at the monitor, I understood completely.

On the screen was straight porn, but it was a black guy with a huge cock fucking the hell out of this little white girl who was screaming in either pain or extreme pleasure…not really sure which.

I turned back to Deacon who again looked at me with strange winkled brow that seemed to say: “now you know my secret”

I very calmly, unbuttoned my jeans, lowered my zipper and pulled out my…by now…very fat and hard black cock. Deacon watched my every move and had stopped stroking his cock, which looked like it was even harder and bigger than before.

With my cock out of my pants, I very gently reached for his right hand and brought it over to my cock. Once he had hold on my dick, I reached over and took his cock in my right hand. For the next minute or so all we did was stroke each other. Deacon seemed fascinated and would not take his eyes off my cock. He kept squeezing it and hefting it like he was trying to get an idea of its actual weight or something. It was clear that this was indeed the first black cock that he had seen up close let alone touch.

Twice during our mutual stroking he had to grab my right hand and stop me from stroking him for fear he would cum.

If you have been reading this blog then you know that I really get off on the contrast between my dark skin and the pale/pink skin of white guys…add to that…getting to see the white guy get jazzed by that same contrast for the first time…well…you can imagine how extremely sexually charged moment was.

Without saying a word, Deacon slowly sat down on the bench in the booth and continued to softly stroke my cock. I took this as a sign that he was THINKING about putting my cock in his mouth. I don’t really know how I knew…perhaps from his pensive manner…but I instantly understood that this was not only the first black cock he had been this close to…it was the ONLY cock he had been this close to. I was very thrilled…maybe even honored (although as I write that it seems so corny) that this middle aged man chose me to be the one with whom he stepped across the preverbal straight/gay line.

Not wanting to push…I know... I know… not like me at all… nonetheless…not wanting to push, I simply stroked the back of his neck with my left hand… he looked up into my eyes for the first time since the touching started…I smiled at him… and that seemed to be what he needed to feel that it was indeed “Okay”. Deacon looked back down at the fat head of my rock hard cock…opened his mouth as wide as he could…leaned forward and took what I am sure was his very first cock into his very warm but rather dray mouth.

As you might imagine his oral skills were non-existent! I did not care…this was about so much more for him…and consequently for me… the fact that all he could basically do is hold my cock in his mouth did not take away from the moment at all.

Deacon suckled my cock for only about a minute before he stopped and stood up again. Up to this point, I had let Deacon step through this monumental even for him at his own pace, but now it was time to rock his world a bit.

As he stood, I took the opportunity to slide my left hand down the back of his open pants. He had a nicely shaped ass that was only a little fleshy. Clearly this was a grad “A” ass a few years back. Surprisingly, he did not resist me when ran my hand along the crack of his ass…poking my finger in the crease…feeling for his pucker. When I found it, I gently spun him around so that I was completely behind him. With light pressure on his upper back, he got the message and slightly leaned forward against the wall. As he did this, I pushed his jeans and boxer shorts down below his knees…knelt behind him…spread his ass cheeks with my hands and began to eat his only slightly pungent ass.

With my fat tongue swirling around his puckered hole, Deacons body was tense and ridged. This was obviously more than he bargained for but I think he stayed with it because the good feeling was undeniable. Although I could not see them, I felt the presence of others watching us form the door. Deacon finally gave up the ghost and let out a slight moan as I pushed the tip of my tongue into his now very wet hole.

Out of curiosity, I reached up between his legs to feel his cock. It was rock hard and he instantly pulled my hand off his cock fearing that would push him over the edge and this would be over much too soon for his liking. Interestingly… when he grabbed my hand, he pulled it off his cock, but he did not let my hand go…instead he held my hand and squeezed intermittently…I took this as his way of telling me that he was …umm… having a good time?

I ate Deacon’s ass for two minutes…the third minute I was shoving all of the spit I could generate into his hole. The way I figured it…I would get only one shot at popping this “Forty Something” year old cherry before he freaked out on me.

Pulling my mouth away from his ass…standing…and aligning my cock to his puckered hole…as expected… caused Deacon to snap out of his reverie and instantly protest

Deacon: “No…No… I can’t… No”

I had a firm grip on his hips and had pinned him against the wall. He was struggling to reach his pants and pull them up but with me pinning him against the wall his pants were just out of his reach.

As calmly as I could, I said

Me: “It is Okay…I am not going to hurt you… I promise… you have come this far…look, just rock your hips back and feel the head…that’s all I want you to do is feel the head of my cock on hole”

Very cautiously Deacon pressed his ass back against my cock…He was so uptight that I was sure there was no way my fat cock was going into his hole… but that was ok with me…all I wanted at that point was for him to get that special feeling of a hard cock knocking at his back door.

Me: “Relax…relax…push out a little…like you are taking a dump…yeah...yeah…that’s it!”

To my utter surprise… he actually did what I told him to do, and the head of my cock popped through his ass ring.

Deacon: “Ahhhh…Ahhh…Ahhh…I’m cumming…I’m cumming”

Sure enough, with just the head of my cock in his ass, Deacon exploded all over the buddy window. I could see three very thick strands of white cum plastered on the glass.

As soon as Deacon shot his load, he instantly hopped off my cock. As if his consciousness came crashing back to reality…and the full weight of what he had just done settled upon him, he began to turn beat red, and he hurriedly began putting himself back together.

When he was all set to go…I stepped out of his way so that he could leave…but he did not go right away…he stood there looking down at his shoes, hands in his pockets…searching for the right words. He did not need to say anything for my benefit but I knew enough to just let him work through it on his own. I simply continued to stuff my still raging hard-on back into my jeans. After a few more silent seconds

Deacon: “Ya know that was a first for me”

Me: “Yes, I know…and I hope that you know that it does not necessarily mean anything. It does not mean that you are gay, and it certainly does not mean that you are an evil, sinful person that is going to Hell because of it. It just means that you are a normal man with very real desires…desires, which probably for the first time, you honestly accepted and allowed yourself to act upon.”

Upon hearing this, Deacon looked at me, and for the first time he smiled. He then placed his right hand on my shoulder and said:

Deacon: “Thank You Brother”

To be honest, the “Thank You Brother” comment freaked me out a bit cause the guy already looked like a church Deacon…with those three words he all but confirmed it…at least in my own mind anyway.

To Be Continued….

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thank You Brother

Last week I had a brief assignment to the Midwest (Iowa). Work did not leave me much time for play but I managed to squeeze some in and this is just a quick Adult Bookstore encounter.

I was actually passing through this mid-sized Midwestern city not far from where I grew up. This is only relevant because it helps explain how I knew about this place.

It is a porn video store in front, but I have never ever seen anyone going through… much less purchasing any of those Tired Video… I mean at least they could have one shelf of current, Treasure Island Media type videos… instead the shelves are lined with ridiculously over produced compilation videos,,, many of which are still in VHS format. No one ever goes there for the videos… they go there for the very large back video booth area where guys cruse each other from the time the place opens until it closes around midnight.

I paid my $10.00 to the very disinterested clerk who actually seemed a bit pissed that he had to put his sci-fi paperback book down for a minute to take my money.

Once I was buzzed into the back, I just stood there for a moment allowing my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Soon enough I was good to go and made a quick sweep of the place to see who was there. In short… not a lot… the “pickins were slim” as they say in that part of the country.

After my quick walk through I determined that there were only two guys of interest. One was a mid-twenties 6’2” farm boy complete with the warn jeans, innocuous rock band t-shirt and a beat up green John Deere ball cap. The other potential was another 6’2” man though middle aged …late forties… with glasses, red polo shirt and standard levis jeans. Although causally dressed, the middle aged guy seemed like he was more accustomed to a suit and tie…I don’t know… I just got that vibe.

I actually approached the middle aged guy first because he was standing in his door-less booth with his 7”, medium thick and cut cock in his hand watching the little video monitor. As soon as I took a step toward him, he put up his hand…motioning that he was not interested. That was cool… I mean… I get it … we like what we like.

So I set off searching booths for the farm boy. After checking like 20 booths, I was convinced that he was gone and I had missed him… but… sure enough… in the very last booth, there he was standing with his back to the “buddy Window”, facing the door-less doorway…checking out the video monitor to his left. He had his pants open and he was trying to stroke his limp 8” uncut cock to erection.

He did not look at me right away, as he was working hard to find something in the gay fuck video on the monitor to help his cock to get hard. I am sure he knew someone was in the doorway, but it was as if he would not even consider doing anything with anyone unless he was first able to get that beautiful cock to its full erect glory.

After about 20 seconds of me standing in the door way he did look at me and we made instant eye contact. At this point he stopped frantically stroking his meat. It was totally cool…so much was communicated between us just through that 10 second stare. In that moment, his eyes seem to say “Oh… its you” (he had noticed me during my initial sweep though)…”what do you want to do…I want to play with you but I am not a bottom”. My eyes simply said “Its okay”. Before I took a step toward him, I turned my ball cap backwards. At this, farm boy close his eyes and let out a very erotic sound that was a cross between a sigh and a moan. At the same time, he leaned back against the wall with the buddy window and dropped his hands from his crotch to his side completely exposing a fast rising 8” uncut cock.

On my knees with his cock fully hard in my mouth, farm boy began to tentatively thrust his hips forward as if he was sort of asking if it was ok to fuck my mouth. In response I simply moaned, open my throat, and took him in until my nose was buried in his light brown pubic hair…with a crotch smell that… well guys… you know what I am talking about…that GREAT man crotch smell!

With a signal like that, farm boy cut loose and let himself…be himself. With a couple of “Oh…Fuck Yeahs” he was fucking my face with his rock hard cock, and his hands kept rubbing up and down my traps, delts and bicep muscles.

Within two minutes, his breathing became labored and on a down stroke…where his cock was lodged all the way into my throat…he began to cum. As he was cumming down my throat, all that kept running through my mind was…”Got Milk?” I swear I counted at least seven major spurts of his cum from his cock. Needless to say, I had been jacking my cock the whole time… and after his forth spurt of cum down my throat, I had to clamp the base of my cock, and push my finger against that spot under my balls to stop my ejaculation (Sexual Kung Fu again).

I was indeed able to experience a full orgasm without ejaculation. However, it was a very powerful orgasm and it rocked my whole body. Farm boy obviously though that I was cumming and in a very sweet gesture held still, keeping his cock lodged deep in my thoat and for about 30 seconds, tenderly rubbed my shoulders and upper back until I came down from my orgasm.

After we put ourselves back together, Farm Boy gently rubbed my chest, looked me in the eyes and said

Farm Boy: “Thank you…you are the only one in here who could even make me hard…that was great man”

Me: “No…thank you…you are a hot man!”

By this time I am ready to move on, but it is clear that Farm Boy wants to say something more and I pause…he starts to speak, but then got shy or something and just smiled… I smiled back and left the booth… As I am walking down the hall I turn and look back over my shoulder and Farm Boy is standing outside his booth staring at me…like he is trying to make up his mind about something. After a moment, he just smiles again and waves goodbye.

To Be Continued…