Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jersey Boy

I was in NJ a couple of days last week for work. As is my practice when going to a place where I do not already have connections for quality ass, I change my location on the popular hookup sites to the city where I am going a few days in advance of my arrival. This process usually ends with having at least one planned hookup which works out only half of the time, but it is better than hitting the ground cold.

This time, I am happy to say, it worked out in a big way. A very good looking… “cub”… I think is what someone like him is called now. If you have been reading this blog you know that “Larry The Cable Guy” is kind of the type of male body that I really like. Well this guy… whom I will call Jersey Boy… is a bit smaller. He is a 5’ 9” 150lbs 28 year old man with a very close cut beard and hair all over the front of him but hardly any on his back or ass…HOT! In addition to his ruggedness, he has deep dimples frame his smile and kicks him in to the gorgeous category…. That’s right, you don’t usually hear that kind of description from me but what can I say… the guys was very good looking although he could have used some more muscle…You knew I would have to find something wrong didn’t you? Oh yeah, and he had brown hair eyes. Now… if he had been a red head… looking like he looks… I would not be writing about him in this blog now because I would still be fucking six days later… non-stop…seriously.

Anyway, we had chatted online a few days prior to my arriving in NJ. I had told him that Thursday night would be the best night for me and we made arrangements to meet at my hotel room around 9:00 PM.

I knew that it was going to be a good night because all on his own, he made it a point to text throughout the early evening updating me on his progress and preparation, like:

JB txt 1: “Home from work now Sir. May begin to prepare myself for you Sir?”

JB txt 2: “I am all cleaned out for you Sir. Do you want me to pre-lube your hole Sir?”

Like any good submissive bottom, Jersey Boy knocked at my hotel room door exactly at 9:00 PM. I opened the door and he stood there allowing me to look him over good before stepping aside and motioning for him to enter the room. Again, like a good Sub, once he entered the room he said nothing unless asked a question or directed to speak. Clearly, someone had trained this boy well.

After closing the door, I walked up to him, looked him in the eye and said,

Me: “This is going to be a little rough, but I wont seriously hurt you. Do you understand?”

Jersey Boy had a somewhat nervous look on his face but said

JB: “Yes Sir”

Me: “I need you to let go, forget self, and give your entire body to me. Do you understand?

And after a brief pause

JB: “Yes Sir, please use me for your pleasure Sir”

Me: “Good boy. Get undressed”

I stayed fully dressed while he quickly took off all of his clothes and neatly folded and stacked them on the floor against the wall. When he turned to put his clothes neatly out of the way is when I noticed that his whole backside was virtually hairless in direct contrast to his very hairy front. I don’t know why, but the sight of that made me instantly hard.

After his cloths were put out of the way he came back and stood in front of me. I immediately slapped him as hard as I could across the face with my open hand. The blow caught him be surprise and knocked him back a half step. He started to raise his hand to struck side of his face but he caught himself and quickly came back to stand in front of me with his eyes down. I hit him again, just as hard as the first time, but he was expecting this one and withstood the blow much better than the first.

Me: “Gen on your knees boy”

Jersey Boy quickly dropped to his knees. His mouth was only inches from my now bulging crotch. I continued to slap him three more times hard until I could see that his eyes had begun to water. I know that I am a sick fuck, but hitting him until his eyes watered made me crazy hard and ready to fuck like a mad bull. I have never considered myself as someone who is into S&M, and I still don’t. I am not usually this rough, but for some reason I was feeling overly aggressive and dominate and the thought of beating this guy down before I took my pleasure in his ass just made me very, very hot. We had chatted briefly about it being an aggressive scene before hand, but in hind sight, Jersey Boy probably did not think it would be this aggressive… I sure didn’t. Had either of us planned on this, I am sure we would have done things like come up with a “Safe Word” or something… but none of that was in play here… we were flying blind.

As the first tear rolled down his right cheek, I started to undo my pants and told him to open his mouth. When I lowered my jeans and underwear, my fat black cock sprang free and I shoved hard to the back of his throat in one motion… he gagged on my cock and coughed up that filmy throat phlem all over my cock and balls. Throat phlem is almost as good a lube as cum. Since Jersey Boy hawked up a lot of it after a few minutes of throat fucking I changed my plan and decided to enter him now.

I helped Jersey Boy off his knees, spun him around and made him bend over and grab his anckels JB was still hacking and coughing as I gripped his hips firmly in both hands and took careful aim at the center of his puckered hole. In one fluid motion, I speared hid hole open with a powerful jab of my cock and pushed all the way in him. JB cried out in pain and he buckled at the knees. I was holding his ass onto my cock by a firm grip of his hips. He was scrambling hard to get away from the harp pain. I held him place for only a few seconds before letting him go and pulling my cock out of his ass.

He landed on the bed and curled up in the fetal position with his back to me. I took the opportunity to finish getting undressed.

Once naked, I returned to JB on the bed who was still in the fetal position, but obviously in much less pain now. I realized that spearing him like that is dangerous and wanted to make sure that I did not tear any skin tissue. Pulling his ass cheeks apart I gave JB a close examination and lightly fingered him looking for any signs of blood.

It appeared that JB was not only ok, but he began to moan from the fingering I was giving him. What started out as a careful examination, turned into an aggressive multiple finger fucking. I was able to get four fingers in him up to the second knuckle. With over half of my big hand in JB he was feeling some discomfort which again made me hard again.

With my right hand stuck up his ass, I started slapping his left ass cheek hard with my left hand. The redder his ass turned, the hard my cock got. I looked up at JB’s face… he had his eyes shut tight, gritting his teeth and making the sexiest grunting noises… I simply could not hold back any more…I wanted to be in him

I pulled my hand from his ass and made him raise to his knees while keeping his chest down on the mattress. I quickly lubed his hold with a few globs of spit, positioned my cock at his hole and pushed into him.

JB’s hole felt AMAZING. Ya know how sometimes when you get into a bottom you cant really feel anything once you are past the outer ass ring… well not JB. His entire hole seemed to collapse around my cock.

I fucked him hard for a solid 15 minutes in this position with no stopping. For most of that time the only sound in the room was of my thighs slapping against his still cherry red ass cheeks along with the rhythmic yet muffled grunting coming from JB who’s face was buried in a pillow.

At about 16 minutes into this fuck, I could feel my orgasm approaching so I slowed the pace down… pushed him flat on his belly and kicked his legs wide apart. With my cock still burred deep in him, I grabbed his right arm and twisted it behind his back and then did the same with his left arm. I held his twisted arms in place with my hands and worked my cock in him hard with my hips.

Me: “Here it comes Boy… I am going to breed your ass now”

JB could not say anything through his gritted teeth from the pain of his arms twisted, legs spread wide and a fat black cock jammed deep into his bowels. However, what he could do is feel every pulse of me cock as I shot ribbon after ribbon of thick cum inside his ass.

As soon as I was empty, I released his arms and then carefully pulled my cock out of his ass. Jersey Boy had returned his face to the pillow and laid there motionless until I told him to roll over. Slowly he complied, and revealed a very impressive hard-on. I turned to look see his face and he was looking back at me with and expression that seemed to be saying “Please let me cum Sir”. I did not say a word… I just simply nodded my head in approval… he instantly began stroking his dick.

I noticed that he was staring at my dick which was still slick with cum and his ass juices. I decided to help him along and brought my still semi-hard cock to his mouth and said

Me: “Here Boy, clean the cock the cock that owns your ass”…”I just marked you as mine… belong to me now… you are my property”… “Now you are a nigger”

At the utterance of the word “nigger”, Jersey Boy grunted loudly with my cock in his mouth and shot the longest singly ribbon of cum that I have ever seen come out of a cock in one spurt. When it landed it stretched from his chin all the way down to his belly button. Whole body convolutions followed that huge stream of cum and Jersey Boy actually started to hyperventilate a bit.

I pulled my cock out of his mouth, cradled his head in my arms and pulled him close to me saying

Me: “Settle down, settle down… its alright… you are ok”

We laid like that for about 15 minutes until I realized that Jersey Boy had fallen asleep with his head resting gently on my shoulder. I have always been a firm believer in “cum and go”, but for some reason, this entire hookup had been out of the norm for me and to be honest…this gorgeous and totally submissive man resting peacefully next to me felt really good.

I have noticed that I am seeing several things about sex differently after spending several months having sex almost exclusively with a woman. I don’t really understand it… maybe…hopefully this blog… like in the past… can help me figure things out and come to a better/deeper understanding of my sexual self.

In case you are wondering, I did get up out of the bed long enough to turn off the lights and turn down the thermostat. Jersey Boy started to get up but I told him to stay there. When I returned to the bed I Jersey Boy curled up next to me and spent the night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DC Blizzard

This is just a quick post… I hope. Ya know, I never know how long these posts are going to be when I start writing them. It all just depends on how I remember it … the level of detail… and then of course… as you all know… I can go off on tangents and rants from time to time. I guess it is because I am simply talking to you in my head and my fingers just type the words as I say them in my head… you see… another tangent.

This happened a couple of weeks ago during the snow storm we had in Washington DC, and everything was shut down. I was home all hunkered down over dosing on Xtube when I get a text message from a friend of mine named Paul asking me if I can come out and pick him up at the hospital and give him a ride home. He is a registered nurse and his shift was over. He had taken a cab to work before the snow go really bad, but twelve hours later no cab would come out in the storm.

I could include our conversation, but that would make this longer and take more time than I have to write this post. Lets just say that I was annoyed that he did not make provisions for the situation. It was very poor planning on his part.

He said that he called on me because I was the only one he knew with a four wheel drive truck that could make it through the snow. The real reason why he called on me is because he knew that I would not say “No” even though I should.

I should also tell you that we are not… I guess now I should say ‘were not’ fuck buddies, just friend friends. Although I had tried on one occasion to fuck him, he refused over the whole bareback thing. At the time I decided it was better to have a good friend rather than another notch on the bareback belt.

Long story short, I hauled my ass out in that fuckin blizzard all the way across the city and picked his sorry ass up. When he got in the truck he knew that I was PISSED. He did not even look at me… he knew better. As we pulled out of the parking lot he said

Paul: “Know that I have to make this up to you”

Me: “You know what I want”

Paul: “Yes, I know” he said still looking straight ahead

Me: “And you know how I want it… no bullshit”

Paul: “Yes, I know that you are going to fuck me… and I know that you are going to fuck me without a condom… Is there any chance that I you will cum ON me and not IN me?”

Me: “Not a fuckin chance”

After a few moments of silence

Paul: “Whatever”

Not another word was said for the next 40 minutes it took to get him home. Instead of dropping him off in front of his apartment building I parked illegally on the street. It was at that moment that he realized that I intended to collect right then.

Paul: “Oh come on… you don’t mean now do you?”

I just looked at him with a cold stare.

Paul: “Its not really convenient to do this in the middle of a fucking snow storm”

Me: “Please don’t talk to me about convenience Paul”

He really could not say much after that so we got out of the truck and made our way to his apartment.

Once in side, we took off our coats and boots. Paul went into the kitchen and came back with a cold Budwiser.

Paul: “Here make yourself comfortable maaasssterrr while I go make myself ready to be raped”. He said sarcastically. Undaunted, I said

Me: “Yeah whatever Bitch”

He took forever in the bathroom. I was sure that he was stalling in there…hoping that I would fall asleep or something. After about 40 minutes he emerges from the bathroom freshly showered and totally naked.

Now I have seen Paul naked plenty of times before at the gym where we occasionally work out together when schedules permit. But, he looked different this time. His 6’ frame, slightly above average build and narrow 32” waist looked very vulnerable. His normal swinging 8” cock and low hanging balls looked more like a healthy 6.5 incher.

Paul stood there nude in the dark living room with the light from the bathroom back-lighting his image. He did not say a word… he just looked at me and then simply walked toward the bedroom. I waited a couple of minutes and then followed him into the room. He was laying on his back on top of his still made bed and a large bath towel under his ass.

I stood by the bed and took off my cloths. He maintained eye contact with me the whole time. On the night stand were a bottle of lube and a condom… I think laying the condom out was his last form of protest.

When I crawled on the bed was the first time that Paul broke eye contact and he looked at my now fully porked out cock. He had never seen me fully erect. When I made eye contact with him again he clearly had a look of concern on his face. As I began to lift his legs up and get squarely into position to fuck him, he whispered

Paul: “Please don’t hurt… me”

By this time pure lust and excitement had replaced anger within me… and if I am to be totally honest… his whispering “Please don’t hurt me” made me want to hug him and reassure him that I would not hurt him. Instead, I just said

Me: “Don’t worry buddy…I am going to take it slow and take real good care of you… ok?”

Paul shook his head “Yes” and with that I reached for the lube.

I could go into great detail about the sex… but I wont cause Paul in not trick… but a very good friend of mine. I will just say that I took it real slow at first and after the first 5 minutes then he was totally open and I made love to him instead of simply fucking him. I know, I know... very "SAPPY" but to tell you different would be making shit up.

Over the course of the night…during the worst snow store DC has seen in decades… my good friend Paul came twice with my dick deep in him and he gladly took every drop of my cum inside of him.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jim's Funeral

Boy! I am so out of writing shape. This is actually the second attempt at this post because the first was much too wordy and too long. I figure that most of you reading this are like me when I read blogs …” yeah yeah whatever get to the sex part”.

Anyway, to make a much longer story short… a few months ago (during the period where I had stopped blogging) a good friend and former fuck buddy of mine in Dallas passed away. I got a voice mail message from his partner, who never liked me at all, telling me that Jim suffered a sudden heart attack and died. He also gave me the date and time of the funeral and asked me to come. To be honest, I was not going to go, but a few hours after I listened to the voice message, I received another call from Jim’s phone… obviously it was his partner Bob calling. I did not answer right away as I thought it strange that he would call me again since he never really got over the fact that I fucked Jim… the man whom he loved and who was strictly a top… except for me.

Yes… in case you are wondering… I fucked Jim several times on my trips to Dallas without Bob’s knowledge or consent. And, yes, it was Bob’s finding out that put an end to our fucking… but not to our friendship. Bob eventually forgave Jim, but never me.

I finally did answer the phone and spoke directly to Bob

“Hello… Bob”


“I am so sorry about Jim… is there anything that I can do?”

“Yes, I want you to come to the funeral … and I want you to stay for a couple of days”

The funeral was scheduled for the next Friday and if I had planned on going, I would have planned to stay until Sunday anyway. After a brief pause, I said,

“Sure, I will be at the funeral Bob, and will stay at the Marriot”

“No… I don’t think you understand. I want you to stay here at our… my place, with me”

This… given the situation and relationships… was a very strange request. I have to admit that the request gave me pause… and for a moment the vision of a psycho Bob taking a hatchet to me in my sleep crossed my mind.

“Ok, Bob… whatever you need… again, I am so sorry for your loss”

“Thank you… and I am sorry for your loss as well… I know that you two remained very good friends even after… ya know”

“Yeah… I know”

The funeral went as planned. It was a very sad day, but after the business of saying goodbye to our dear partner, Son, Sibling and friend… Jim, the mood lightened and the reception following the funeral was full of food, drink and laughter over fond memories.

From the time I arrived, Bob was very nice and even somewhat affectionate towards me, which caught me by total surprise. I figured that he was going out of his way to be polite out of his love for and in honor of Jim… ya know, making the effort to be like he imagined Jim would be toward me if he were there.

Gay men kiss social kiss, and causally touch each other all the time. I ­found that to be normal. What I found as unusual was the fact that throughout the day, Bob was never more that ten feet away from me. I never realized that proximity was so intimate. Again, keeping it real here… I must admit that more than once during that sad day, I looked at Bob’s tight 5’9” body and solid muscle ass with lust. Each time I caught myself thinking that way, I quickly focused on something else and scolded myself for having such thoughts.

That night, after the last guest had left the house, Bob and I were both exhausted. Before calling it a day, Bob pulled two shot glasses and a half full bottle of Jack from the liquor cabinet. We had a single and final toast to Jim. I told Bob I was going to turn-in and asked him which room I should sleep in. With a look that is hard to describe… serious and somewhat challenging… Bob said,

“You are sleeping in our… I mean my room… with me”

Again, I was caught totally by surprise… thinking back now, maybe I should have not been quite so surprised as the signs were there all day long but I totally missed them.

I did not say anything at first… we just stood there staring at each other… and in that ultra silent thirty seconds of us staring at each other… a ton was communicated. In that space of time it was not only communicated that we would fuck, but that I was to bring my “A” game, and he would bring his. I feel my description of this moment sucks… just know that this thirty seconds was extremely powerful, direct and matter of fact. It was not sappy, or emotional… it was like we both understood that this had to happen. We both were to know why Jim loved sex with us both, or… who did he love sex with most?

Oh man… how do I write about the sex? That is what it was… it was hard sex… extremely hot sex… very aggressive sex.

When we got on the bed, there was not a word spoken. I did notice that lube and poppers were already setting out on the night stand which told me that Bob had this planned in advance…which concerned me for like a nano second.

Bob got on his knees at the edge of the bed with his butt in the air. Jim must have told him how I love to eat clean white ass before I abuse it with my fat black cock. Bob’s ass was perfect. It was clean but not “just washed clean”. There was just enough of manly butt smell that drives me wild.

I worked his ass with my tong for a good ten minutes. Bob made no sound other than a constant heavy breathing, which told me that he was enjoying it more than he was willing to let on.

He has what I would say is the perfect muscle ass with huge cheek dimples and only a slight layer of fat where the cheeks round into the crack. His hole was small and tightly puckered. At first, he fought the entry of my tong but if there is anything more persistent than my cock it is my strong tong. I soon had a full third of my tong up his ass, and I loved the way he would try to squeeze it out with his ass ring. The more he squeezed my tong with his ass ring, the harder my cock became.

I don’t know if it was Bob’s hot ass, or if it was more due to the freaky situation itself, but I was extremely turned on and hard as nails. I was so hard that I was leaking pre-cum, which is a rare thing for me.

After eating his hole I was more than ready to fuck the shit out of him. Other than the heavy breathing, he was totally quiet and motionless…As you know from reading this blog, I like more responsiveness than that. Consequently, I decided that I was not going to use lube… just the spit from my eating his ass.

Lifting my face from his ass, I positioned the head of my fat cock at the center of his puckered hole. As soon as he felt the head of my cock he started to reach for the lube and to say something, which he was not able to finish as I hard thrust my cock forward while pulling back on his hips. The hard entry literally took the wind out of him.

He tried to pull away from me but my grip of his hips was too strong. I held my cock buried balls deep in him. He began to struggle with his arms and legs flaying all over the place so I pushed him flat on his stomach where I could better restrict his movement and began to work my cock in and out of him with my hips.

That first minute of the fuck was very rough for the both of us. He was too proud to cry, or cry out but I could tell that he wanted to. All he did was grunt loudly with each movement of my cock. It was truly a struggle of wills more than anything else. He was determined to prove that I was just “A Dick”, and I was determined to break him… not hurt him… but to get him to give in to what I was doing to him. To let it happen and then find the pleasure in giving me pleasure. Thinking about it now, the first minute was much more like a rape than anything else. We both expended a tremendous amount of energy and at the end of it… if I am to be honest… I would have to say that it was a draw. He did not break, but he bent a whole lot.

After that first minute we both just sort of stopped and I pulled out of his ass. He laid flat on his stomach and I was sitting on my hunches still between his spread legs. The only sound in the room was that of our mutual heavy breathing. Soon, Bob rolled over on his back and looked at me. He did not say a word as he pulled his legs to his chest and willingly opened his hole to me. In exchange for his assuming the submissive position, I reached for the lube and applied it liberally to his hole and my cock.

As I entered him the second time, he let out a low gut moan followed with the word


As I bottomed out in his hole, I leaned over and we kissed passionately for the first time. With lube and a submissive attitude, Bob’s hole FELT FUCK’N GREAT! We soon found our rhythm and it was It was an absolutely incredible fuck and by the time it was over, I knew why Jim loved fucking this man so much.

I did stay the weekend, and I lost count after the sixth or seventh time we fucked. At some level, it does sort of creep me out that Bob and I fucked like rabbits at the occasion of one of my best friend’s, and his partner’s passing… at the same time, on another level, the memory of it still turns me on months later.

I will see Bob again, but I doubt that I will write about it here… just as I have never written about any encounters that Jim and I had. He, like Jim was, is now more than a trick.

Even with this re-draft of this post it is still long… sorry guys, but given the nature of this one I felt that I had to provide more background than I normally do if for no other reason than to do Jim and Bob justice.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes… I have been gone for quite some time. Nothing is wrong. In fact, I left this blog because I started dating someone. I had not told her about this blog… did not really want to tell her about it (yes…”her”) so the compromise with myself was to stop writing the blog. Now before some of you start attacking me, let me answer the top 10 most obvious questions upfront about this relationship.

1. Yes… she knows that I fuck men.
2. No, I did not stop fucking men, and she knew that I was still fucking men
3. Agreed to not fuck a man if she was available and willing
4. Agreed to not fuck a man and her in the same day (her demand)
5. To my knowledge, she did not fuck around with another man
6. Yes, I fucked her bare also but by mutual agreement, always came on, not in her
7. Yes I still get tested every six months and Yes, I am still negative
8. Yes, she has played with other women before but prefers a man for relationship
9. By mutual agreement, we are taking a break on the dating… doubt that we will start again but we remain really good friends
10. Drum Roll Please…. Yes, she did watch me fuck a man once.

I hope that that answers most of the burning questions out there as to why I left the blog and what it was like for a gay man being in a straight relationship with a woman who knows he is gay and fucking other men… if this does not answer your questions, feel free to post a question in the comments… but unlike any other subject, I may or may not answer… just depends on the question.

I will say that we stopped dating after she saw me fuck a man.

I had this … boy …(25yo) whom I had fucked once before about a year ago and had been begging for it again. I told him that I was going to blindfold him at the door because I was going to have someone else … a very important person… in the room watching me fuck him and the person needed to be anonymous. I also told him that I did not want him distracted by the visitor… It was important for him to be natural because the visitor wanted to see what it was really like…nothing staged or scripted… a real hookup.

When he arrived I met him at the front door, put the blindfold on him securely and lead him into my bedroom where my then girlfriend was seated in a comfortable chair I had placed next to the bed.

As soon as he was in the room, told him to strip naked. When he removed the last of his clothing, I grabbed the back of his head, brought him to his knees and pushed his face into the crotch of my jeans. As he was mouthing the outline of my fat cock through my jeans, I removed my t-shirt, shoes, and unbuckled my belt. I then shucked my jeans and underwear down in one motion, and my now fully engorged cock sprang free and smacked him square in the face. He instinctively opened his mouth and took as much of me down his guilt as he could.
From there I face fucked him hard and slapped him hard across the face once when he carelessly scraped me with his teeth once. The slap was loud and hard enough to knock him off balance a bit. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my gf jump and gasp a bit at the sudden show of force. As a good submissive he came right back with

Sub: “I am sorry Sir…it wont happen again Sir”

Me: “See that it doesn’t boy”

I let him suck me for a couple minutes more and then grabbed him under his arm pits and lifted him up to a standing position. I moved him back a couple of steps before shoving him hard backward onto the bed. As he rocked back, I caught his legs it the air and pushed them back against his chest. I then went down and began to tong his perfectly shaved, pink puckered ass hole.

I don’t recall if I have ever mentioned my tong before. It is longer than normal and like my cock it too is very thick and strong. I love a fresh clean, pink ass hole, so I began drilling his hole with my tong. He instantly began to moan and started to stroke his own average sized cock while saying:

Sub: “Ooohhh Yes Sir.. Aaahh Yes SSSiiirrr”

I had been eating his ass for only about five minutes before his breathing quickened, body began to shake and his hole started it’s final contraction and pushed out four very thick spurts of cum which shot straight up in the air and landed all over his stomach and pubic hair.

I made it a point to not look over at my gf as I wanted to stay focused and make this as real as it always is with me and the men I fuck. Nonetheless, I could not help be get a sense of her presents and reactions from my peripheral vision. I could tell she was fidgeting…but out of what?...disgust ?... excitement?

After Sub-boy finished shooting, I positioned myself between his spread legs. I scooped up a couple of big globs of his thick cum and smear them all over my pumped cock which looked and felt fatter than normal as it had been three weeks since it had last been buried balls deep in a hot ass. I scraped up the rest of his cum and quickly rubbed it around his hole still wet from my tong. With out a second thought, put the head of my cock at his puckered entrance and drove deep into him in one motion. Sub-boy Screamed…this time I could not help but hear the audible intake of breath that my gf made when I skewed Sub-boy.

Sub-boy was in agony;

Sub: “Please Sir…take it out…take it out…please…plea…ppppls”

I don’t take it out… I hold it in there and as his hole adjust the pain begins to subside.

While I a waiting for Sub-boy to adjust… I am thinking back to when we fucked a year ago. I remember that then I had fucked him before he came, and that he did not cum until I was done. It occurred to me that Sub-boy may be one of those guys who cant take anymore cock after they cum. This is occurring to me because while Sub-boy is no longer screaming… he is still struggling greatly with my cock, and his hole is clamped down on my cock like a vise.

Me: “Its going to be ok boy… just relax”

Sub: “It hurts Sir”

Me: “Breath boy and take a big hit of poppers for me”

He does this and after about twenty seconds he lets out a deep breath and his hole loosens .Fortunately for Sub-boy it does not take me long to get off since it had been three weeks since I had good ass.

Me: “Yeah… that’s it … there is that sweet boy hole… I am fucking you with your own cum boy… now I am going to put mine with it boy… do you want it?”

What sounds like nearly in tears… Sub-boy says,

Sub: “Aah….Aah…Aah Yes Sir…Please breed me Sir… I need your cum Sir”

Me: “Here it is Boy!”

With that I unload what feels like the best load I have dropped in months. It seemed to go on for ever and I even had a couple of full body spasms at the end.

Like I said earlier, my gf and I broke-up a few days later. While watching me fuck another man was an eye opener for her, and she was a bit taken aback by how much more aggressive sex between men is than a man and a woman, this was not the primary reason for the breakup. It had more to do with how I obviously enjoyed sex more with men, than with her or any woman.