Friday, December 10, 2010

First Hard Bareback Fuck

Here is another recent Guest Poster back with another story. This guy is the no named author of the First (Bareback) Fuck guest post back in November. Chatting with him via email he noted the difference between the first time he was fucked bareback...and the first time he was fucked HARD bareback with a big dick. Well, you guys know what I said…”write it up and get it to me.” His first story was hot…this one…hotter. Enjoy and please make a comment and let him know what you think of it…good, bad, indifferent.


Here is my story. hope u like

George hit me up out of the blue one night online that he wanted to bring me to his buddy’s house to “share me”. He said he wanted to see me suck both of them off and that he wanted to see his friend fuck me. George said that he and his acquaintance had been discussing me online and they had already decided.

“Decided what?” I asked.

George said that since he really wasn’t experienced in anal, (other than the time I ground my ass down on him) his friend Mark would be the one to give me my first real fucking and finish converting me into a “bitch bottom”.

“I don’t know” I told him, “I don’t think I could handle a situation with two men like that.” But my stiffening cock was telling me otherwise.

“Oh you will”, George said, “I got you hooked on sucking cock and now that you had just a taste of it in your pussy you are aching for more. I am just going to see that you are broken in properly. I know you want it, and you know it too.”

I didn’t argue with him. I knew he was right.

“Once you see his cock you will be begging to suck it.” George said.” Then he posted me two pictures he had of Mark’s cock.

It was absolutely huge. “Tempting, but I don’t think so…” I typed, glad that he would not be able to tell how hard I was getting.

“You can’t resist that cock. I know you are already hard looking at the photos.” I could never understand how he always knew what I was thinking-what I was fantasizing even. “You are going to become our bitch, you may not know it yet, but I do.” He filled me in a little more on Mark’s background. “He is safe, hardly ever fucks anyone and when he does he always plays safe.” George said. “Just agree to meet him and you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

I agreed to think about it and kept the cock photos. I checked them out several times over the next few days. Every time I did, I got a hard on thinking about it. The guy’s cock was probably an honest 9 inches, and extremely thick. I kept fantasizing about sucking it and then thought about bending over a taking it inside me. I emailed George and I told him I would meet them if he could arrange it.

We set up a day the following week that three of us were available. We were to go over to Marks house. I chatted with Mark briefly online the day before we met. My cock was rock hard the whole time because I was staring at his cock pictures getting more and more anxious for it. He asked what my fantasies were. I told him I was turned on by the idea of sucking one cock while the other fucks me. He confessed that he loves to tongue ass. I said I had never felt that but would like to try. He asked me if I liked to kiss and I said that I never did that with a guy but would try it. Then he pressed me to tell him more of my darkest fantasies even if I would never do them in real life. I told him about the bareback porn videos I watch and that I masturbate to the thought of getting fucked on my back and taking a load bare. He told me he wanted me to be verbal with him and say these things from my fantasies when we met, even if we didn’t act on them. I didn’t understand it at the time but this was going to really blur the line between fantasy and reality.

The next day George arranged to meet me on the way to show me where Mark lived. In the parking lot he told me to leave my car behind and ride with him in his truck. I didn’t realize the psychological impact that would have. Since I didn’t drive my car now there was no possibility now of me backing out and he was literally driving me to another man’s house to “give me up to him to use.” I knew I was committed to pleasing them both and I wouldn’t be leaving until they were satisfied. He asked what was in the knapsack I had taken along in the truck and I told him I had the girlie panties that he always had me wear and I also had some anal plugs, some silicon based lube and some magnum sized condoms I had just bought. He smiled.

We turned into Marks driveway which led to a huge house in an expensive neighborhood. Mark was a tall, dark haired good looking guy a bit younger looking than us, in his mid 30;s. It turns out he lived in his retired parents’ house and was watching it for the winter months while they were in Florida. After exchanging pleasantries I reached out first and felt Marks bulge in his pants. I was dying to play with this cock I had fantasized with from the pictures. George told me to get on my knees and pull out Marks cock. I was absolutely astonished at the size of it. It wasn’t just the length and the girth; it was the sheer weight of it in my hand that amazed me. I took it into my mouth just mesmerized by it.

Soon we moved upstairs to Marks bedroom. We stripped each other of clothes and all got in the shower together. I took turns sucking them both in the shower and stood between them and they soaped up my body. They pressed their hard cocks against mine. I felt Mark’s soaped up cock against my ass crack. He spun me around and planted a kiss on my mouth. Then he held his cock and mine together in his hand. We were both hard but the size contrast was amazing.

After we had rinsed and dried off they led me to the bedroom. I asked if they wanted me to put on those panties but Mark said he had something better and took out a jock strap for me to put on. Wearing that jockstrap made me feel like his little bitch. He grabbed me and kissed me deeply while grabbing my cock. The thing that surprised me most was the kissing and how it was turning me on. I had somehow expected this cock unattached to a human being was going to fuck me; and instead I was being turned on by intimate kissing and touching. He picked me up and placed me on the bed.

Then Mark pulled the jockstrap aside and started licking my asshole. I spread my legs and gave him a better angle. It started to blow my mind how good it felt. I remembered he had told me to verbalize my feelings. “Ohh ya that feels good-rim my ass” I said. Mark’s tongue was now inside me, “It feels like your tongue is actually fucking my ass. Deep deep inside me” I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I leaned my head over the side of the bed and began sucking George’s cock at the same time. After Mark rimmed me for about 15 minutes I was begging for his cock. “Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

I flipped over and started sucking on Marks cock. I tried taking it in as deep as I could but was gagging, tears in my eyes salivating and begging for more. “I think I want this cock in my ass.” George watched with his hard cock and big grin on his face. “Put that cock inside me now, just fuck me!” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.

He stood me up on the floor and removed his jockstrap from me. Then he bent me over the edge of the bed. I felt the tip of his cock against my opening. He just worked the outside of it a bit, teasing me as I begged for more. I hadn’t quite accepted the idea of getting bareback from him and I reached for the condoms and lube that I had put on his nightstand. I rolled the magnum condom onto his huge cock and then dumped a ton of the lubed on his cock and on my ass.

He bent me over the bed again and started to press into me. My ass was open from the lengthy rimming but it still hurt as he entered me. He stopped and let me get used to it and then like a pro he slowly pressed in a quarter inch at a time. George got in close watching it and then announced that I had taken Mark’s huge cock completely in. Mark slowly withdrew and told me to get up on the bed doggy style. He began to fuck me ever so gradually increasing the motion. Soon he was pounding into me, balls slapping on my ass and I am screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me”

It felt so good but I was getting sore. I said I needed a break. They stopped and I flipped over and looked at the huge cock that had been fucking me. “Take this condom off I want to suck you again” I said. I began slurping on his bare cock. Before I knew it I had both of their cocks in my mouth, filled with lust. “I am such a slut” I kept saying between slurps.

When I was ready for more fucking I laid on my back this time. “I want to see your cock enter me” I said. He knelt between my knees. George found a large mirror on the wall and brought it close so that I could see. “Just let me just see it enter me bare” I said. I remember George putting the lube on Marks bare cock and then holding the mirror so that I could see it going in. “Oh my god - look at that big cock going into me!” It slowly stretched me as I watched it slide completely into me bare. Then Mark lifted my legs up so that my knees were up near my head and started pounding me. “That feels so much better without a condom” I said. “Fuck me! Deeper!…Give me that cock!”

I remembered that Mark had asked me to ‘say anything you feel even if you don’t mean it. …’
“Are you gonna give me your cum? You want to, don’t you?” I asked, “Are you close to cumming?” He shook his head no. “That’s good” I said “Because I might have let you right now.”

Then Mark suddenly stopped and said “Roll over on your belly.” He knelt between my legs. I stuck my ass up to receive it doggy style again but this time he pushed me by the hips back down flat to the bed. Then he lay on top of me and entered me from behind. I could feel his full weight on top of me as he fucked me. The feeling of helplessness being unable to move away was turning me on. I felt the ridge of his cock head rubbing against my prostate. It felt awesome. I was moaning with every thrust he gave me. “You like this; you want my cock this way? Mark said.

“Take me. Give me your cum” I was moaning. “I can feel cum leaking out of me” I said. “Let me touch myself” I begged. “I am ready to cum”

“Don’t let him cum yet!” George said as he grabbed my wrists. He knew I would lose my ardor to fuck and suck if they let me cum before them. Mark let me up onto my knees. “Look at all that precum just pouring out of his cock” George said looking under me. I could see a long strand of cum still connected between my cock and a puddle on the bed. I had never leaked this much precum. The rubbing of his cock on my prostate had milked it out of me. I hadn’t orgasmed but had produced a ton of clear precum.

Mark scooped up a handful and stuffed a finger full into my mouth. I turned around to face him and saw him lubing his cock with the rest of my precum. I pressed my cock onto his and he squeezed out more of the clear slimy goo. There is something about precum that makes it so slippery, with such lasting cling.

I looked at his 9 inch cock glistening wet with my precum and said, “I have to ride that thing.” Mark lay on his back and I sat down on his rock hard cock, facing him. I started riding, bucking on his hard cock, tweaking his nipples, the precum still leaking from me. I was like a bitch in heat as I rode his cock hard for 10 minutes.

“Such a slut, Look at you ride that cock” George said. I motioned to him to come closer so that I could suck his cock while I rode Mark’s. He stuffed his cock into my mouth but couldn’t get the right angle to face fuck me.

“Time to spit-roast you again” Mark said. They maneuvered me doggy style with a cock at either hole. I instinctively started deep throating George’s cock while Mark’s cock started pounding in and out of my ass. Both cocks were raw and bare. “Look at him taking our cocks like a pro.”

A few minutes went by as I heard nothing but slurping from my mouth, a juicy suction sound from my ass with the cock sliding in and out, and the sound of balls slapping my ass. I loved being completely used like this. I broke the silence with muffled moans as George’s cock deep-throated me. He said something to Mark which I didn’t hear and I think he replied” Close”. Then George stopped his hip movement and held my head still, skull deep on his cock. I tasted the cum hitting the back of my throat. He let out an orgasmic moan as his cock pumped shot after shot of cum into my mouth. When he had finished cumming, my mouth was completely full.

There was too much to swallow so I let some dribble out and caught it in my hand. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it with my hand full of his cum. I had pulled my ass off of Marks cock too and now collapsed on my back stoking my own cock. An orgasm erupted out of me and I started shooting cum up out of my cock, hitting the headboard behind me and the rest onto my neck. Mark was now stroking his own cock hard over me and after close to a minute he finally orgamed, shooting his load onto my chest to mix with the other two loads.

We cleaned up and got dressed again and said some quick goodbyes’. As the adrenaline wore off I realized my ass was pretty much in pain. As I rode back in the truck with George, my head was spinning. I was glad I had a few minutes to gather myself up enough to drive. ”I don’t know what the fuck that was or where it came from.” I said.

“We brought out your true inner slut.” he said. “You loved it.”

I had wanted to experience a good hard fuck but I had been completely fucked senseless by two men. By the time I got home I was in pain, using the bathroom every 10 minutes. Maybe it was the condoms, the wrong kind of lube, maybe just too much cock. My wife asked what the matter was and I told her I had the stomach bug from something I ate at lunch. The next day at work I felt sore all day, could hardly walk or sit, I couldn’t concentrate with the constant pain reminder of how I had been used as a fuck-toy. There is just something incredibly erotic about going away after your first hard fuck with pain and discomfort that lasts the next 2 or 3 days straight. Because of the constant discomfort in your ass, the thought never ever leaves your brain for two days straight that you have become a bottom, a bitch, a fuck pig. I can’t even think of the words for it but the physical discomfort following your first hard fuck just tattoos in your brain that you have had a life changing experience. You are constantly reminded for days of what you have become and you just know you will be back for more. It is now in your nature-to be a bottom.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Country Boy (Guest Post)

Hey folks… here is another guest post. This is from that super cute white boy who wrote about his First Bareback Fuck from his Latino Boy Friend in his parents house and parents asleep in the next bedroom. This cutie told me about a recent business trip that he and his partner took. I thought it was a hot story and asked him to write it up and send it to me for another guest post. I am sure that you all will enjoy it as much as I did.


Country Boy

Another business trip…another breeding.

My partner and I make it a point to travel whenever we can and fuck around with as many guys as possible. Let’s just say we are tasting everything America and the world have to offer.

Recently our travels took us out West for a long weekend. The local bars were different than what we are used to in the East- not so diverse, a bit country. Not too many of the locals seemed interested in us. In fact, no one really looked our way the first night we were there.

The second night we went back to some of the same watering holes with lower expectations. We ordered several rounds of beers and played some pool. It was getting late and we were prepared to head back to the hotel. But, as luck would have it, a big, corn-fed country boy walked up to us and clearly liked what he saw. He smiled and stared and almost dared us to leave without chatting with him.

Being the social guys we are, we struck up a conversation. Boy, was he country! Not something these city boys were used to. But he had a thick build, cute face, and a big, meaty ass! Who could ask for anything else? Soon, the conversation turned to what he was interested in. “I’ve never had a threesome before. But I sure would love to try.”

Easier than expected, we thought. We began to massage his ass over his jeans right there in the bar. This drove him crazy. “You two both gonna fuck me?” he asked. He asked a question he already knew the answer to. “And we’re both gonna breed you and give you twins.” He nearly lost it right there in the bar. He grabbed both our crotches and directed us towards the door and to his truck.

He let me drive his truck back to the hotel so he can play with my boyfriend in the back. He was sucking on his big black dick and it sounded wet and sloppy. My dick was rock hard looking in the rear view window. Soon we were back at the hotel and took him upstairs.

Upon entering the room, he immediately stripped. What an ass on this guy! Big and beefy with a patch of blond hair around the crack. He laid on his stomach and let me eat his asshole. Damn it tasted so good- a bit sweaty and moist like I like it. I cleaned his hole out good, all along cupping his mammoth asscheeks in my hands. His ass smothered me and I knew fucking him would be magical. As I ate away, he deepthroated the big black monster meat of my boyfriend.

After about ten minutes of this hot scene, I decided he was ready for my dick. I usually bottom, and love taking big dick in my mancunt, but cannot resist a slutty bottom with a big booty. Not being the most experienced top, I tend to cum quickly and that night was no exception. I fucked him for a few minutes and then asked him what he wanted.

“I want your fucking babies in my asshole!”

“Get ready, pig. Here comes your first baby!” With that, I entered him all the way to my balls and pumped my sperm inside his soft hole. There truly is no feeling quite like unloading in someone’s asshole. He moaned appreciatively and grabbed the back of my head, leaned me close to him, and kissed me deeply. He was bred, filled, and loved it.

But he was not done. I pulled out and my boyfriend went right in. Using my sperm as extra lube, he fucked his big black dick hard inside of this country boy. I stuck my softening dick inside his country mouth and he licked up the love juices, all the while moaning and panting.

Soon enough, he was ready for his twin baby. The big black dick was thrust deep inside of him and exploded all over his walls. Sweat was over all of us, especially the happy bottom. He made out with us together, with dick still inside of him. My boyfriend pulled out shortly thereafter and I aimed my mouth for the prize- his wrecked hole, dripping with sperm. I cleaned him up and asked him for more.

“Fart your babies out- push them in my mouth!” I could see him pushing his ass muscles out and soon a loud wet fart unleashed a sloppy mixture of our sperm and his asshole juices. I slurped it all into my mouth. Knowing we were in the presence of a pig, I grabbed him by the chin and positioned him under my face. He opened his mouth, knowing what to expect. Like a mother bird feeding her babies, I snowballed all the creamy goodness into his waiting mouth and watched as he swallowed it all down.

Country boy ended up leaving a few minutes later for a long drive back home. We all kissed one last time and gave him a little spank on his big cheeks as he left. Thank you, Country Boy, for making an otherwise uneventful trip memorable.