Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Never Happens

This past week I was in Reno NV for five days. Sadly, Reno does not seem to have much gay life at all, or at least it is buried deep in the closet.

On the second night there, I was on-line looking for some ass. I was about to call it a night when a white guy in his 40s messaged me saying that he has a tight white ass that needs some attention. While he had some pics online, they were all those far away type shots so that you could not see a lot of detail. However, one pic was a large pic of him bending over showing a very nice hole. So I messaged back:

“Where are you located”

He responded with,

“The …. Hotel”

“Really, what room?


“Well, you probably are not going to believe this but I am at the same hotel, better yet, I am also on the 20th floor”

In all the years I have been traveling and hooking up on the road, I have never hooked up with a person staying in the same hotel, let alone the same fuck’n floor!

He was from Wisconsin, in Reno visiting family, and could only hookup early in the morning or late at night. We made plans for me to walk down the hall at 0700 hours.

He told me that he is really into muscle, which was perfect as I normally hit the gym at 0400 hours. I told him,

“My arms will be nice and pumped for you to hold on to as I pump your ass with my cock.”

He is normally a “Safe Only” guy, but with just a bit of persuasion he agreed to take it bare.

At exactly 0700 hours I was at his hotel room door. He answered in a t-shirt and gym shorts. He is 6’ with a swimmers type body. He smelled like he just stepped out of the shower, and his hair was still damp… PERFECT!

As soon as the door was closed we began kissing and working each other nipples. He was clearly just as horny as me. I wasted no time in pulling off his clothes and aggressively pushing him down on the bed where he watched me undress before crawling on top of him.

We made out a little more before I went down on him. He had a nice 6.5 cut thick cock that was bone hard. If you have been following this blog, you know that I like to suck white cock.

At this point, he was really into it. In fact I had to pull back from sucking him for fear that he was going to cum before I had a chance to get in him.

I moved from his cock to his nicely shaved balls and then to a very pretty and very clean ass hole. His profile said that he was vers, but from the extreme tightness of his hole, I could tell that this guy mostly topped. There was no way I was going to be able to get my very fat cock into this tight hole quickly. So, I decided that I could be a little late to work that morning and proceeded to spend about 20 minutes alternating between licking his hole and working my thumb into it. I had to completely stop three times to keep him from shooting his load.

On the third stop I took the opportunity to liberally lube my cock, which was also bone hard. While doing this, we maintained constant eye contact. We were sort of communicating with out words,

“This is going to hurt a bit”

“I know, but I want it… I need it”

I pushed a pillow under his ass, placed his legs on my shoulders and put the head of my cock against his hole. This is the point where every bottom says to me “Slow, Please Slow”, but surprisingly Wisconsin said nothing. He had this determined look on his face that said

“I am going to take fat fucker no matter how much it hurts”

I took it slow… as slow as I could… until the head popped his hole open. Once the head was in, I pile drove the rest of my cock deep into him. Wisconsin stifled a hell. Instead his fact turned beat red and he started breathing like he was giving birth through gritted teeth. I quickly found a nice pumping rhythm, and soon his grunts were in time with my down strokes… I love to hear my bottoms grunt while I fuck them.

It was getting late, given that I still had to clean up and get ready for work so when I felt cum rising in my balls, I did nothing to slow its approach. The only warning that I gave him was a deep grunt as the first blast of my cum was planted deep in his hole. It had been a few days since I had gotten off, so I dropped a big load in him.

When my cock began to pulse inside him, he started jacking his cock. About 15 seconds after I was done shooting, he shot a huge cum load that trailed from his chin to his belly button.

When he was done shooting, I suddenly pulled out of him in one motion… this caused him to convulse a bit… I love it when that happens.

Before I left he stood, thanked me, and said,

“I don’t know what time I will get back to the hotel tonight, but maybe we can get together again before I check out in the morning.”

“Sure, just give me a call”

I said that just to be nice. There was no way I planned to ever see him again.

As it turned out, I had a tough day of work. When I returned to the hotel, I had a quick bite of dinner, did some reading to relax, and was lights out by 2200 hours. At 2300 hours my cell phone rang. It was Wisconsin. He said,

“I just got back to my room and I am very sore from this morning, but my ass still has your cum in it, and you can fuck me again if you want.”

My first inclination was to say no… but to be honest, the idea of fucking him with my own cum from this morning as lube was too much for me to turndown. I got out of bed, slipped on a t-shirt and jeans and walked down the hall. He had the door ajar so I could just walk in.

I found him sitting on the bed with just his gym shorts on. As I approached him he shucked his shorts, leaned back on the edge of the bed, pulling his knees to his chest. His hole was red and slightly swollen from the pounding he took about 16 hours ago. I put my finger in his hole and he flinched from the contact. However, it was indeed all gooy inside. This made me instantly hard as a rock. I quickly stripped and position my cock to enter him.

When I pushed into him this time, he did yell in pain. I did feel bad for the pain, but I also knew that going slow would just prolong the pain. The goal here was to get in and give him another load as quickly as possible.

After the second full stroke, my cock was completely covered by my earlier load. There is a distinctive smell to churned-up cum from sloppy seconds and it makes me close to Cumming every time I smell it. I lasted for only about two minutes before I filled his hole again. I don’t think he took a breath during the fuck. It is rare that I cum twice in the same day anymore, but surprisingly, I did come again and it seemed that I came even harder than I did that morning.

Completely empty, I carefully pulled out of him and then laid next to him on the bed. As soon as my cock was out of him, he began to stroke his cock. I turned to him and kissed him passionately. He actually began to cum during the kiss… I found that to be totally hot!

We laid there silent, but touching for about five minutes when I noticed that he was drifting off to sleep. I waited a few more minutes until he was snoring. I gently kissed him on the forehead, got dressed, turned out the lights and returned to my room.

While in a meeting the next day, I received a text message from Wisconsin. It simply said,

“Thank You… please call me if you ever travel to Wisconsin”

Count on it Wisconsin!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chicken Tender

I have a few simple rules about whom I fuck. One of them is that if the trick is young enough that he could be my Son, he is way too young for my fat cock.

I was in New Jersey over night last week. I had been on the usual sites looking for some decent ass for about hour with no luck. There was this one guy with a screen name that was something like AFbtm (that is not it, but something like it) that kept trying to IM me on manhunt. At first I just did not respond, but he kept at it for nearly the whole hour I was online. Finally I thanked him for his interest, but said that he is just too young for me to fuck. Undaunted, he kept at it saying that he could more than take my cock, and even though he is only 19 yo, he has taken plenty of loads. In the very next sentence he assured me that he is still negative.

This went on for about another 30 minutes. He gave up on trying to get me to fuck him and promised that he would give me the best blow job I have every had… I had to points for being persistent. I also give him points for picking up on the fact that I was super horny and needed do drop my load. I finally agreed that he could come to my hotel room and he could suck my cock for a bit., but I made no promises because I really do have a mental block when it comes to fucking what I consider “kids”.

About an hour later, AFBoy is at my door. He is about 5’11”, 32”waist, swimmers build, sandy blond hair, freckles and sky blue eyes…The epitome of the Neighbor Kid Next Door. (I took him at his word that he was indeed 19 although in retrospect, he could have been anywhere from 17 to 20)

I instantly knew that this would not work for me so I stood in the door way shaking my head “No” and began to tell him that it just was not going to work…. While I was talking, the kid walks right by me into my room.

I turned to face him and said,

“Look Kid, I appreciate you coming out and everything, but….”

At this point, the kid had his sweatshirt off, pants undone (no underwear), and was on his knees with his mouth wide open… looking up at me with those totally submissive blue eyes. I am sure that everyone reading this knows what happened next…. Yeah… I got rock hard!

I saw his eyes break away from mine, and stare directly at my bulging crotch. There was this moment… nothing was said and neither of us moved…. In that moment I knew that he knew that he was going to get my cum in at least one hole.

He quickly jumped up… kicked off his tennis shoes…. Dropped his pant and returned to his knees directly in front of my crotch… naked except for his white gym socks. He once again looks up at me with those submissive eyes and says,

“Please use me Sir”

I still did not say a word or move a muscle. Truly, a war was going on in my head between my desire and my morality.

After about 10 seconds of no response for me, AFBoy very tentatively reached up and gently put his warm cold and shaky hand on my crotch and felt my cock through my trousers. Hid touch, made my cock begin to twitch. I think the sudden movement of my cock surprised him and turned him on at the same time as he too became instantly hard at that point.

Somewhat encourages by my failure to remove his hand from my cock, he became a little more brave and began to unbuckle my belt. At that point, the debate in my head was over. I would not fuck AFBoy’s tender ass, but his throat would be sore for two days by the time I let him leave.

I took over the undoing of my pants, and taking off the rest of my cloths. As I did I said,

“Lets be crystal clear boy, I wont fuck your ass, but I will fuck your throat”

“yes, thank you Sir”

“You will do exactly as I direct, and you are not allowed to quit. Is that understood”

“mmm oh, Yes… Sir… thank you Sir… I will do my best Sir… make me take it Sir”

“Trust me, you will never forget the this next hour”

He visibly trembled a bit and said,

“I understand Sir”

I realize that I am dominant, but when I get with a bottom that is particularly submissive, something comes over me and I tend to get very rough. Once I was naked, I lined my cock up with his open mouth… I paused, and told him,

“Close your eyes, and keep them close at all times, no mater what… understand?”

He had a nervous look on his face, then slowly closed his eyes as he said,

“Yes Sir”

I placed my hand at the back of his head and then rammed my fat cock all the way in his mouth and now his throat and held it there for about 15 seconds… until he was pushing on my legs trying to get air. I pulled back and let him breath… with the first gulp of air, he coughed hard. After his second gulp of air, I assaulted his throat again, and then again, and then again, and again.

By this time tears were streaming down his cheeks. I shoved it in again and held it and asked him,

“Are you going to quit?”

He could not speak with my cock in his mouth so he quickly shook his head “No”

“Good Boy”

Each time I would go deep in his throat, I was using the fat head of my cock to open his throat. He was actually getting the hang of it and gaging less and less. Then I briefly caught him opening his eyes. I pulled my cock out of his mouth, stepped into the bathroom and came back with a damp hand towel. I rolled in and made it into a blindfold.

“I told you to keep your eyes closed… now I have to blindfold you”

“Yes Sir, I am sorry Sir”

Once I had the wet blind fold on tight, I led him to the bed, made him lay on his back with his head dangling off the edge.

“Now I am going to fuck your throat… open your mouth as wide as you can and cover your teeth. Don’t do anything but hold your mouth open and cover your teeth”

I adjusted the angle of his head so that it was perfectly in-line with my cock. Then I began slow deep thrusts deep into his throat. I was penetrating his throat much deeper now so he was gagging pretty hard and coughing up flem. Soon his entire face was covered with flem, and spit-up. I looked gross but it felt so very good on my cock.

I could feel the cum rising in my balls as he struggled to hang on and stay with tme… His whole lower body was withering all over the place and he balled up the bed sheet in his clutching fist. He obvious struggle made me hotter and I fucked hi throat a little harder.

I so wanted to cum at that moment, but I did, he would hardly be able taste it with all that other shit he was coughing up so I pulled back.

“Ok… take it easy, stay here… don’t move”

I went to the bath room and got a warm wet face cloth and a towel. I retuned to him and proceeded to clean up him and my cock. He was trying so hard to be tough, but it was clear that he was crying under the blindfold. I kept talking to him while I cleaned.

“Wow, you are tough. That is as good as anyone had with my cock in their throat… you feel really good”

I let him calm down a bit. Then I said,

“Ok boy, it time for you to eat some cum”

“Yes Sir”

I put him square on the bed with a couple of pillow under his head. I then straddled his chest, leaned forward and held on to the head board as I lowered my cock into his waiting mouth.

“suck me boy… suck the cum out of me”

Like a champ, AFBoy sucked me good. The right amount of spit, sucking and tong movement along the underside of my cock head. It really was very good!

After about 3 minutes of this, I grunted and let loose a very heavy load in his mouth. Through gritted teeth as I was cumming, I said,

“Don’t swallow it yet boy… hold in your mouth”

AFBoy held perfectly still as I finished cumming. When I was done, I got off of him and told him to spit some of my cum in his hand and jack off. He did as told. Meanwhile, I sucked on two fingers and then slowly inserted them in his very smooth…. I should have fucked…. Ass and massaged his prostate. In less than two minutes he was ready to cum. As soon as he bagan to shoot, I put my mouth on his cock and caught a HUGE and VERY THICK load of his cum. When I was done, I immediately kissed him and fed all of his load back to him. Then I ssaid,

“Now swallow it”

I honestly wanted to just gently hold him for awhile, but knew that was not what HE NEEDED. He needed me to complete the whole experience validate what he is… what he feels inside about himself. So, with the blind fold still on, I took him to the bathtub, put him on his knee in the tube while I stood on the rim of the tube and unleashed a torent of rank yellow piss all over him. As a true testimony to his youth, the kid was rock hard AGAIN. The whole time I was pissing on him he was saying,

“Thank you Sir, … Yes Sir… Mark me Sir”

When I was done pissing, I grabbed him by the arm and lead him to the door. I stopped to scoop up all his shit and then open the door, through his shit in the hallway, and pushed him in to the hallway with the blindfold still on. I then closed and bolted the door.

Of couse, I watched him through the peep hole. I have to give it to the kid, he adapts quickly. He stood there naked and piss soaked in the hall stunned for about 5 seconds as he contemplated this final twist. He then quickly took off the blindfold, gathered his stuff and had the presents of mind to run two doors down to the fire escape. I assume that he got dressed in the fire escape stairwell before leaving the building.

Later that night, I did get an email from him. It simply said,

Thank you Sir, I will never forget you or this night!