Monday, August 23, 2010

"It Hurts"...The Folow-up

Those of you who have been reading this blog for some time know that I very rarely if ever write about the same guy twice even though most of the sex that I have are repeats. I am going to make an exception this time because it is so relevant to the previous post…and some have written comments here or written me directly at and expressed a desire for some “follow-up” on some the guys I have written about.

I was at a popular gay bar on Friday night. I NEVER frequent this place because it mostly caters to the very young, twinkish crowd…not really my type. I was there Friday night only because a friend that I occasionally work with on assignment likes the place and we wanted to have a drink and catch-up a bit.

I had been there with my friend for just over two hours and was about to call it a night when I noticed the Kid about thirty feet away from me…with what looked like about 4 or 5 of his friends. He was obviously fucked up, and he was staring right at me. I nodded my head towards him as a gesture of “Hello”… he did nothing, just continued to stare at me. At that moment, I knew that I had a situation on my hands.

I was not quite sure how to handle it… needed a bit more information…so I decided to do nothing yet…just continued to visit with my friend.

About ten minutes later, the kid was on the move…heading in my direction. I had the presents of mine to say to my friend

Me: “Look Bob, it looks like I have a situation that I have to deal with. Thanks for the drinks…give me a call later this weekend and I will explain”

By this time, the Kid is standing directly in front of me…his face is red with either anger or alcohol or both. As a side note…I have to say that with that high & tight blond hair and red face… the Kid looked adorable…totally fuckable!

Before the Kid could say or do anything emotional and stupid…I gave him a very serious look…One that said “I know are pissed, but DON’T BE STUPID!”

Me: “Kid…this is Lt Col Bob …..”

After the briefest pause, the Kid turns from me, looks at my friend, extends his hand and says

Kid: “Lt. Col.”

The two shake hands, all the while my friend has this shit-eating grin on his face

Bob: “ Pleased to meet you Son”
With that, the Kid returns to staring at me. I bid my friend a good night and simply said to the Kid

Me: “Outside...Now”

When we got outside, I directed the Kid around the corner and up the street where I had parked my car. When we reached the car I told him to get in and we could talk.

Once in the car, we sat in silence for about two minutes. I figured that he would speak once he was through processing his feelings. Soon enough he said,

Kid: “Do you have any idea what you have done to me?”

Me; “Yes, I think so…”

Kid: “What then?”

Me: “My guess is that you probably cant stop thinking about what happened in my bed…It makes you angry but excites you at the same time…you probably jack off thinking about it, which pisses you off even more.”

Kid: “You are a fuckin asshole…do you know that?”

Me: “Yeah… Rodger that”

With that, I started the car and pulled into traffic. It is funny, I guess I half expected him to ask where I was taking him…but he never did… he knew.

Not another word was said…in fact, not another sound came from him until I pushed into him for the second time bareback. I had him on his belly this time, giving him one hell of a “jailhouse” fuck.

My chest was pressed hard against his back, my forearms were underneath his shoulders and I piston my cock in him with my hips. His grunting turned into a continuous moan which at times sounded like he was crying…I could not tell for sure because as usual, I had his face buried deep into my pillow.

Again, I was not out to hurt this Kid at all… my goal this night was to just give him what I knew he needed now…that feeling…that pulsing…that flooding and thin the slow dripping out later. About ten minutes into what ended up being a fifteen minute fuck, he grabbed both my hands, interlaced our fingers and squeezed tight. At the same time he was bucking-back, meeting my cock on the down-stroke…doing the best he could to actually milk my cock. After a bit of trial and error, we actually found our rhythm and I said

Me:” Yeah…that’s it Boy…I have such a big load of cum for your hot little ass…Yeah, yeah…Yeah…YEEEAAAH!

I came in him strong, and as I was shooting off in him… he kept the rhythm going and literally seconds after I came, I felt his hole spasm as he shot another huge load on my bed sheets.

I laid there on top of him, and still in him, for something like ten or fifteen minutes. Every few minutes I would feel him clench my fat, semi-hard cock with is ass…it was obvious that this Kid was born to be a bottom. He loves the full feeling of another mans cock filling up his empty space.

True to form, the Kid began to fall asleep. As much as I DID want to hold this tough kid all night long again, I did not want him to get the wrong idea about what this is…and what it is not, so I got him up and put him in the shower. While he was getting cleaned up I took to changing the bed sheets…simply stated, the wet spot from his cum was HUGE! I swear, that boy must have shot a pint of cum…ah the benefit of youth!

We had a very good talk while I drove him home. I won’t bother with details of that conversation here, but will simply say that this Kid is going places. I say this mostly because he obviously has the ability to accept and adjust to the situations in his life and make it all work for him. When I think about it, this particular character trait is the common denominator of every successful person that I have ever met and had the pleasure of getting to know.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"It Hurts!"

Once again, this blog post is more of a confession than anything else. Again, I have done something for which I am rather ashamed of after the fact.

There is an adult books and toy store near DC where I occasionally go to purchase poppers, high end sex lube and videos. About a year ago, a young kid… college student actually… began working there for a part-time job. This kid is the younger version of one of my ideal “cable guy” body type. I think he is accurately referred to as a “cub” … in that he is about 5’10”, 36” waist, blond hair cut in a military style “high & tight” and blond fur all over his chest and legs.

Needless to say, I took a liking to the kid instantly. Whenever I frequented the store and he was working, I would take my time… linger… making small talk with him and others all the while coming on to him. In the beginning…according to him…he thought me “Creepy” and figured that I was just another older (to him certainly) black guy trying to “get his junk”. However, over time he saw me as “Less Creepy”, and he actually began to wonder what that sexual encounter may be like.

I believe the turning point came one day when I decided to try on T-Shirt for sale in the store and did not bother to go to the changing room. I had just came from the gym that day, and my delts, chest and traps were still rippling from the intense workout. From that day on…I noticed a definite change in his attitude toward me…he even began to flirt back just a little.

Now leap forward a few months to a couple of weeks ago. By this time it is a foregone conclusion in my mind that I would fuck this kid. Later, he also admitted that he had known that we would soon fuck, but he did not think it would happen when or how it did. In fact, he figured that it would be a few more months before he actually gained enough courage and comfort with me to allow himself to be in that position.

It was a Saturday night. I stopped in the store…not because I needed anything, but I wanted to put more time in toward getting into the kid’s pants. As it turned out, he was the only one working the store that night and he was getting off work in a few hours. He had had a bad few days…something about arguments with his parents, needing money for school, having to move apartments and being called in to work because someone did not show for their shift. All in all, the kid was not in the best of moods to say the least.

This is the part of me that I don’t like… am ashamed of…the predator in me…years ago I was trained me to be a predator but now it is sometimes hard to turn that off …usually I can catch myself…stand down…walk away…get my head right…be a normal person…not always…sometimes it gets the best of me…if you have been reading this blog for awhile then you know this.

As soon as I assessed the kid’s rather distressed state of mind, I instantly shifted gears. I stood directly in front of him and looked him in the eyes and asked

Me: “When are you done here”

Kid: “11:00”

Me: “I will be back at 11:00, you are going to come with me. We are going to a bar and we are going to talk. Be out front at 11:10… do you understand?”

There was a long pause of maybe 10 or 15 seconds while the kid digested the change in attitude and tone.

Kid: “Yes ….Sir”

At 11:10, the kid was nowhere in sight. I was back in the car and pulling out into traffic at 11:12 when I spotted the kid coming down the street… I waited. The kid got in the car, buckled his seat belt and looked straight ahead…not saying a word. All I said was

Me: “Good decision”

In response the Kid just nodded his head…still looking straight ahead which told me that there was one HELL of a war going on inside his head between his WILL and his DESIRE. At that moment, desire was winning out of sheer frustration with his life situation, but the ultimate verdict was still very much out…nonetheless, I knew that I would have him that night the moment he sat in my car.

I took him to a nearby gay bar that was not too busy…I did not want him to have too much distraction, but at the same time wanted there to be enough other people around so as to not trigger his fright & flight impulse.

To make a long story short, he started to open up and really talk about all that was going on in his life after his second jack & coke. I soon figured out that because he was called in to work, he did not have a chance to eat so the booze was making short work of his defenses.

After the third drink, he was getting seriously buzzed, and keeping no secrets. He told me that I scare the shit out of him and that the fear kind of turns him on at the same time. The guy who took his cherry at 18 was a black guy and it hurt so bad that he did not try sex again for a year and a half. Consequently, he only has sex with white guys, but he admitted to fantasizing lately about having sex with me.

He wanted another drink, but I said

Me: “No, it is time to go”

Kid: “Go where?”

I said nothing… I just looked at him. In that moment…he knew

Kid: “You want to fuck me now don’t you?”

I again said nothing… just kept looking at him

Kid: “What… you planning on raping me? Is that your plan…to get me drunk and then rape me?

Me: “What do you think is the answer to that question?”

After a brief pause

Kid: “No… you won’t rape me”

Me: “That’s correct … because?”

Another brief pause

Kid: “Because … you don’t have to?”

Me: “That’s right…because?”

Kid: “You already know too much…you know that I want you to fuck me… even though I am scared shitless”

Me: “Yes”

Kid: “Are you going to hurt me?

Me: “I am not going to lie to you Kid…it will hurt some…but then it will get better…I promise”

Kid: “Will you use protection?”

Me: “Let me ask you a question…when you fantasized about me fucking you…was I wearing a condom then”


Me: “No, I won’t be using protection”

Kid: “I never fuck bareback”

Me: “Well tonight will be the first time that you really feel another man and feel his seed deep inside of your tight boy hole”

Kid: “I cant… you can fuck me but you have to wear a rubber… please!”

Me: “No…you will open your legs…you will take my bare cock…and you will take my NEGATIVE load… or nothing at all…which is it going to be?”

Another brief pause

Kid: “Can I have one more drink first?”

Me:” No… you have had enough… I want you aware and present for your first bare fuck..

We left the bar and I took him to my place. Not much was said. I handed him a couple bottles of douche and directed him to the bathroom. He stumbled out about twenty minutes later smelling freshly showered.

I put him on the bed, on his back and crawled on top of him. Kissing him I realized for the first time that he has a really small mouth, and his bright red lips contrast with his pale skin and blond hair.

He was not a very good kisser. Although, to be fair, I am sure that at this point he was experiencing a high level of anxiety with a large muscled black man pinning him to the bed and forcing his fat tong down his throat.

I tried to get him to suck my cock a bit, but again, his mouth was so small that even with his mouth wide open, his teeth still scraped my dick. So… there was not much else to do but to get to it.

I hoisted his stout legs up in the air and got a good look for the first time of his especially pink puckered hole. Of course, I had to dive into that with my fat tong. I think this was probably the only point of enjoyment for the kid. He seemed amazed at how strong, wide my tong was and how deep I could get it into his tight hole. He literally was grabbing and holding my tong with his ass ring. This was getting him lose and making me rock solid hard.

I wanted to go up in him with just spit for lube…but I knew that would be just too painful for the both of us. I grabbed the high-end and expensive lube (which ironically I had purchased from him a few weeks ago) and applied it liberally to his hole and my cock. While I was doing this, he was inhaling what seemed like a whole bottle of poppers.

I gave him a moment to just feel the head of my cock at is pucker while the poppers did their work. When his head sort of rolled to the side, I penetrated him for the first time bareback.

As soon as I broke through his resistance he said

Kid: “It hurts… it hurts…Please…take it out…it hurts!”

He was kicking his legs and doing everything he can to get away and off my dick, but I held on to him strong.

Kid: “Its too much…too fast…Pleasssseee!”

In reality, the fight in him lasted only about fifteen or twenty seconds and then he began to calm down as the initial pain subsided. I then made him open his eyes and look directly at me while I commenced fucking him with my fat black cock bareback.

It was not my intention to be in him long…just strong. I know that real anal soreness comes from the relentless pounding of a prolonged fuck. While the initial pain is very sharp and intense… it usually does not leave that dull aching pain. I just wanted him to have enough pain to still feel it in the morning…not still three days later.

Me: “Rub my nipples Boy”

A bottom rubbing my nips while I fuck him strong pushes me to climax like a freight train.

At the height of the fuck I had his legs up on my shoulders, his head was lightly bumping the head board with each down stroke, and he was stroking my nipples with his eyes glued to mine and his mouth gaping open, but no sound was coming out. When I got close I said something corny and stupid like

Me: “Are you read to feel a man cum deep inside you Boy?... Are you ready to BE a man?

He did not or could not bring himself to say it…all he could do is node his head “Yes”. Once he did, I let lose a torrent of cum on the down stroke and held there for the next four blasts that followed.

When I was done shooting my load in him I let his legs slide off my shoulders, and down on to either side of me while keeping my cock pushed deep in side him. At this point, the kid closed his eyes and his right hand snaked to his 6” and very thick cock and began to stroke himself. I reached the lube bottle and squirted some over his hand and cock for him and then started to make little in and out movements with my still hard cock inside him. In no time his was rock hard and getting close to shooting. Then, in a quiet and calm voice, I said

Me: “Your ass is full of man cum…it is dribbling out of your hole and dropping all over the sheets”

That was all it took to send him over the top. His first shot when over his head and hit the headboard of my bed. The rest just sort of flowed out of his cock head in a stead stream that completely coated his cock head and the fingers of his right hand.

I pulled out of him…went into the bathroom and returned with a warm damp cloth…he was already dozing off to sleep. I cleaned him up and tucked him into bed next to me where we spent the rest of the night.

By the time he woke up the next morning, I had just finished making breakfast. He padded into my kitchen fully dressed and ready to leave. Clearly he was embarrassed, upset and all around not happy with what had happened the night before. He wanted me to take him to the Metro, but after not having eaten at all the night before, it was not a hard sell to get him to have some breakfast first.

During Breakfast he shared with me his thoughts which were more negative than positive. In short, the experience was hot for him…more so than he had imagined in his fantasy which was rather tame in comparison. However, anything good about it was overshadowed by how I manipulated and took advantage of his rather emotional state of mind. He was also very unhappy about the barebacking. Basically, he accused me of “Mind Fucking” him to get to “Ass Fucking” him. On this point he was very correct.

What I feel bad about is that he is right on all counts. Things were going fine and he would have come to my bed of his own accord in the near future…but I saw an opportunity to hit his ass now and I took it. He is also correct about me getting him drunk to lower his resistance and resolve…especially to barebacking.

I am also sorry for one other thing that he did not mention, but I know is a fact. Now that he as felt a bare cock in his ass…now that he has experienced that heady moment of feeling a man’s cock pulse deep in his bowels as the man shoots his cum inside his hole…he wont be able to get the same satisfaction from safe sex as he once had. For all practical purposes…he is well on his way to being a cum whore. Yes, yes I know what he said at the breakfast table, but I also know how hard he came when it happened.

Sorry Bikeguy… I just cant seem to write about just the sex and have it turn out as well as you do in your blog… you are The Man!