Saturday, July 11, 2009


I had another good hookup last night. As you recall from my last post, I had been in Maine for the 4th of July weekend. While there, I received an instant message from a guy whom I will call Philly since that is where he is from.

I hooked up with Philly once last year when he was in Washington DC for business. It was a rare occasion that I was home in Washington instead of on the road that week. He originally contacted me on Bear 411 (yes… I have a profile there also).

On our first encounter, I met him in his hotel room. I was not sure of how well it would go at first cause something about him just seemed different/off. He is an average looking guy with an average build. He has dark hair that looks like it was styled at The Hair Cuttery, and classic black framed geek glasses. The odd thing about him was that his lips sort of protruded out as if he were going to give you a kiss, but they are that way all the time.

Don’t get me wrong… he was not so odd that you step back and say “eeww”. Not at all, in fact I had to really think about it before I figured out just what was out of place. All in all… he is just a very average guy.

He has a partner in Philly and in that relationship he is the total top but he is really versatile by nature which explains Philly’s desire to get fucked while he is away on business.

Anyway, the first time went fine. I started out not being sure, but as we got into it I found that he was a killer kisser, had a very nice 8+ inch cock and his hole…his hole… his hole was so very fine! So we fucked and fucked… then fucked a little more. When I left his hotel room, he was totally exhausted and I think a little taken-a-back from the intensity of the session. Also, we had talked about fucking bare, but not about breeding. When the time came, I just went for it and deposited a nice healthy load in him.

We had tried to get together one other time when he was in DC but schedules just did not work.

While in Maine for the 4th, I received an instant message from Philly asking if I would be in town later the next week. As it turned out I was not going to be, but I changed my schedule so that I could accommodate his visit.

So, according to plan, he called me yesterday afternoon and we established a time to hookup. He was staying in the same hotel as before so that made it easy. When I arrived at his room, he answered the door three quarters of the way in the bag… drunk.

Evidently, Braccadi Rum was part of his preparation for getting fucked by me. Like I have been explaining through this blog… I am a little different… the fact that he was drunk, did not turn me off… it turned me on!

I should clarify… I was turned on not because he was drunk, but rather because he intentionally got drunk because he was worried about the way I fuck him… there is a huge difference and Yes, I know that it is kinda fucked up…but it is what it is.
Even with being tipsy, he was still very nervous, asking over and over if he could get me anything. Finally, I held his face in my hands, got him to look me in the eye and in a very calming voice said,

Me: “Relax… it is going to be ok”

With that, he sort of fell into my arms, gave me a sloppy kiss (love those), and held onto me tightly for about 30 seconds.

Me: “Lets get these cloths off”

We quickly stripped naked and made our way to the bed. Once there we lay down and made out for a bit before he made his way down to my cock. Philly is a very good cock sucker… not as good as Big Boy… but very respectable. He also remembered that my nips are the key to making me rock hard. He even remembered how I like them worked.

While Philly was making me rock hard, I started to finger his hole. As a result, I instantly remembered what caused me to fuck him so long the last time… that sweet hole.

Philly is a hairy guy on his chest, legs and a little on his back. But his ass is hairless and ultra smooth. Additionally, there are like extra folds of skin just inside of his hole. Picture a belly button that is an “inny” but just slightly so. Ya know how there is like a little fold of skin just inside the belly button? Well that is exactly what his hole is like. I am sure that some of you that have played for the other team on occasion are thinking…”You mean like a cunt?” Yes, much like a cunt but in my opinion, much better mostly because of the difference in texture and tightness.

I did not get a chance to eat his hole the last time, but I was not about the let the opportunity pass this time.

I put him on his knees on the edge of the bed. Then I spread his cheeks far apart and got a real good look at what had to be one of the cleanest asses I have every seen. I drove my tong into his hole and went to town on it. There is nothing like eating a good clean ass, especially when the guy does not get it often and goes crazy over it like Philly did. I am sure the booz added to his exuberance but he loved it so much that I thought he was going to cry!

After eating him for a good 5 minutes his hole was sloppy wet, and my dick rock hard. I stood, positioned my cock head at his hole. Feeling my cock there, Philly quickly reached for the poppers. I waited for him to take a long pull on the poppers before I popped the head of my fat cock into his hole. The last time we fucked, it was a real struggle to get into him… not so much this time. Perhaps, the Braccardi was serving its purpose.

We soon found and good rhythm. I was totally loving the feel of his hole all around my cock. Inside of him felt like velvet or some shit like that.

I proceeded to fuck him on his back, bent over a chair, and on his side. He kept hitting that damn popper bottle about every couple of minutes so he was totally high.

When I put him back on his knees on the edge of the bed he was getting very sore and was begging me,

Philly: “Please fill me up now …(my real name)”

With his request, he started clamping his hole as tight as he could. He told me later that he clamped down at the end cause the memory of feeling my cock pulsing inside of him as I shot my cum into him is what he has been jacking off to for months. I believe him because as soon as I was done shooting, he flipped over and stroked his now hard 8+ inch cock (it had been soft during the whole fuck). He shot a massive load within 10 strokes of his cock. After the first squirt, I quickly covered his cock with my mouth and received a mouth full of cum which I first tasted then swallowed. Damn, he tasted good. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I love sucking big guys with big cocks

I stayed with him for about an hour after the fuck… just holding and talking to him until he drifted off to sleep. When I got up to leave, I got him to roll over to his side from his back… never let a drunk person sleep on their back… just in case they vomit. When I rolled him over, I saw that there was a huge wet spot under his ass from my cum leaking out of him.

I got dressed, kissed him once more on the head and then left.

As I left the hotel, I thought to myself… “who knew that this very average looking, mostly top guy would be such a hot fuck?” I guess I am just wired differently… I will take the average guy over the pretty boy EVERYTIME!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Boy: The Sequel

A couple of posts back I wrote about fucking Big Boy during one of my recent trips to Maine. Well…. I was back in Maine for the 4th of July weekend. My schedule was pretty booked and I knew that I would not have a lot of time to play this trip. Nonetheless, I found myself with an hour to kill Friday afternoon. I did not have time to actually hookup with anyone but I got online anyway just to window shop.

As soon as I logged on to MH, I receive a few interesting messages, but again, with no time to really do anything, I respectfully declined. Then I noticed Big Boy was online. For the record, I have had no contact with him since I sort of forced him to take my load. He has seen me online several times, and I am sure that he noticed me online this day, but he again chose not to initiate contact with me. I assumed that he is pissed about what happened the last time. But then, as one reader to this blog commented, deep down he did seem to want/like it even though his head was saying “No”. (That “Madonna/whore” complex is a bitch!) Then I remembered that he left his door unlocked for me the last time. I figured that he may be pissed, but it was at least worth a shot cause then I could fuck him late at night instead of sleeping (the only free time I had this trip).

I sent him this simple message

Me: “I am in town. Leave your door unlocked for me”

I waited for a response, positive or negative, but none came. After 5 minutes, I checked to see if he read the message. He did, and he evidently signed off MH immediately. Not a good sign for getting my balls drained.

By the time I was finally free to hit the rack, it was just past 1200 hrs and I was beat. I think I was out before my head hit the pillow. I awoke at 0500 hrs with morning wood that actually hurt. My first obligation on what was now 4th of July was not until 0900 hrs. I did not think Big Boy’s door would be open, but then, what if it was?

I arrived at Big Boys front door at 0545 hrs. Much to my surprise, when I gripped the door knob, it turned freely and the door opened. I quietly entered the apartment, and proceeded to Big Boy’s bedroom just off the living room. He was lying in bed covered with only a thin sheet, and snoring fairly loudly. As quietly as I could, I stripped naked, entered the bed room and crawled in bed next to Big Boy. Movement on the bed cause him to awaken. He turned and looked at me with a startled look on his face. A look that said “Oh no! I forgot to lock the door!”

He stared at me with that look for what seemed much longer than the actual 10 seconds. Then, without saying a word, he simply put his face into the pillow, got on his knees and assumed the doggy position.

Me: “Good Boy”

I got on my knees in front of him. He understood, and instantly took my cock in his mouth. Once again, Big Boy delivered outstanding head! I actually though about just letting him suck me off and swallow my load instead of injecting it in his ass, but I soon abandoned that idea because this would be my only chance to fuck and breed ass on this trip.

He got me very hard with his mouth and then I moved into position behind him. As it was daylight now, I could clearly see his hole when I spread his cheeks. It looked uncommonly wet! How could I have missed it? I looked around the room. There were candles, wine glasses and unopened condoms on the night stand. I instantly started to scan the bed and the floor for the last piece of confirming evidence. Then I found it. Stuck to the side of the plastic trash bag lining the small waste can next to the bed was a used condom.

Now it all made perfect sense … Big Boy had a date last night and he got fucked! Either he or the trick neglected to relock the door after the trick left!

Me: “Did someone fuck you last night?”

Big Boy held still, not saying a word. His face is buried back in the pillow. I raise my hand and smack his bare ass hard, leaving a red print of my right hand on his right cheek. Big Boy jumped and banged his head on the headboard of his bed.

Me: “Did someone fuck this ass last night?”

Big Boy: “Yes… Please don’t fuckin hit me again Sir!” Big Boy said through gritted teeth.

Me: “Answer my fuckin questions and do what I tell you and you won’t get hit!”

There is a momentary stand-off before Big Boy gets back into position and very calmly says,

Big Boy: “Yes Sir”

Me: “Did He Breed you”

Big Boy: “No Sir … he always wears a condom”

Me: “Did he cum while fucking you with the condom?”

Big Boy: “Yes Sir”

Me: “Is that the condom there in the trash?”

Big Boy: “Yes”

With that answer, I got off the bed and retrieved the used condom. Whoever had worn it left a pretty hefty load in it. Then looking Big Boy in the eye, I asked,

Me: “You know what I am going to do with this cum… don’t you?”

Big Boy paused, thinking… and then he figured it out. As he buried his face back into the pillow he said,

Big Boy: “Yes Sir”

Me: “Is this guy a fuck buddy of yours?”

Big Boy: “Yes”

Me: “Tell me about him”

Big Boy: “White guy… 35… married… 6 foot… average build, average cock… his wife and kids are away for the weekend”

Me: “How long has he been fucking you?”

Big Boy: “Just a couple of months…Sir”

Me: “How many times has he fucked you?”

Big Boy: “Three times… it is hard cause he is married”

I got back into position behind Big Boy. With the thumb and fore finger of my left hand, I held open Big Boys hole. With the right hand, I emptied cum form the condom into his hole. When cum spilled into Big Boys hole he literally shuddered and buried his face deeper in the pillow.

I put the last bit of cum from the condom on the fat head and shaft of my cock. At that moment, it occurred to me that this cum seems pretty fresh.

Me: “How long has it been since he dropped this load”

Big Boy audibly sighed before saying,

Big Boy: “About twenty minutes ago Sir”

The thought that I was about to give Big Boy a second, unexpected fuck had had my cock hard for sometime… but the fact that I was going to use this other guys cum as lube and that the guy was just here… made me harder than steel!

It was as if Big Boy also came to the realization that the information he just gave me was going to make this fuck particularly hard cause at that moment he braced himself by spreading his knees wider and putting the palms of his hands against the headboard for added support.

I did not insert my cock into Big Boy… I literally impaled him with it. In response Big Boy gave a very guttural grunt, and as I held my cock balls deep in him, his legs began to convulse.

I quickly settled into a strong rhythmic pace and the only sounds were that of my hips slapping against Big Boys ass cheeks, and Big Boys whimpering with every down stroke.

I fucked him strong this way for a solid 5 minutes at which point, the cum I had used for lube, along with the lube that was left on his hole from before, had formed this creamy lather. Talk about “Boy Butter!”

I found this whole scene to be incredibly hot. Coupled with the fact that I had not fucked in awhile, I simply could not last as long as I usually do. I was ready to shoot after 5 minutes and seeing the “Homemade Boy Butter” nearly sent me over the edge. I was able to pull out completely before it was too late. When I pulled out so abruptly, Big Boy’s body started to convulse… which if you remember my post about my good friend you know I find that extremely hot and rare.

After Big Boy settled down, I turned him over on his back, applied some lube that was on the night stand, and slowly re-entered him. Unlike the last time when I bred Big Boy, this time he was looking me straight in the eye.

Me: “I am glad you are looking at me this time”

Big Boy: “Why Sir?”

Me: “Don’t know really… seems more intimate… like you accept it… that it is ok”

Big Boy: “Would you stop if I asked you Sir?”

Me: “We both know the answer is ‘No’”

Big Boy: “Then do your business Sir”

With that, Big Boy began to gently tweak my nipples (Which I love) and clamp his hole down on my cock. I took about eight more strokes and asked

Me: “Are you ready for it?”

Again through gritted teeth, and in time with my thrusts, Big Boy said,

Big Boy: “Ohhh… ohh… yes… Sir… please… Sir!”

At that point, I released a torrent of cum shots deep in his bowls as he continued to massage my cock with his hole. On the last few squirts, Big Boy wrapped his legs around my hips to keep me in place until every last drop of semen was in him.

When I was finally done cuming… I picked up the used condom from the bed, wadded it into a ball, and then stuffed it in Big Boys now very open hole.

Me: "I want you to go back to sleep and leave all that cum in you for as long as you can today… do you understand?”

In a shortness of breath way, Big Boy said

Big Boy: “Yes Sir… I will do the best I can”

As I was dressing, we continued to talk. In short, Big Boy had actually blocked my profile on MH several times, only to unblock it a day or two later. When I asked him why, all he could offer as explanation was that I scare the shit out of him but in that fear is a lot of his sexual desire.

The funny thing is that Big Boy did not think he could explain himself very well, but I think he expressed it perfectly… I think a certain amount of fear is sexually exciting for most of us.