Friday, November 21, 2008

Cant All Be Great Fucks

Before I started this blog, I looked a several gay sex blogs out in the blogosphere to get an idea of what makes one blog better than another. Eventually, I came up with several characteristics that I feel makes the difference between a good sex blog and a GREAT Sex blog. However, the main characteristic was "truth". I think readers can generally tell  if what you write is "real", as in "it really happened like that" or if the author "made it up". Obviously, there has to be some omissions, name changes and slight distortions to maintain annonimity, but by and large, I have made the commitment "keeping it real".

So... keeping it real.... I have to say that last night's hookup in Phoenix was less than great. I am sure that many of you can relate to meeting a guy on-line, make arrangements to fuck, the guy show up and at the very moment he walks in the door you just know that it is not going to go well. I have written before about "Chemistry"... it truly is a big deal for me.

Everything went well with the setup... got online at about 7:00... this guy, I will call him "Smoky" starts chatting me up by about 7:10. By 7:30 all of the details (where, when, and bareback) were agreed upon and I was off Manhunt by 7:40.

At 10:00 PM Smoky is at the door. Like I said before, as soon as I opened the door I knew that this was going to be a struggle for me. Now just to be clear... Smoky is a good looking guy... 6'1" Blond, Blue, Average build. His profile said 38yo, but from the way his ass cheeks sagged I would put him closer to 48. Like many guys, his face can pull-off the lie, but I think a man's ass almost always "tells no lies".

I could tell right away that this was going to be a struggle for me because as soon as he walked in I could smell the cig smoke on him. Again.... keeping it real.... I know it is MY hang-up, but I just don't enjoy sex with smokers. I find the smell of smoke distracting and then next thing you know, my cock is less than hard... or at least is not as hard as it should be. I have been able to get beyond my hang-up on a few occasions and had really good sex with a smoker, but those are rare.

Anyway, Smoky comes in and there is very little chit chat. He starts kissing me right off the bat. His smoking habit is confirmed! I thought about call it quits right then and there... but on all other accounts, Smoky is a really nice guy, so i went with it.

We got undressed and got down to business on the bed. One huge redeeming factor is that Smoky paid attention during our brief chat and picked up on the things that really make my hot and my dick hard (passionate kissing and nip working) He was instantly on my nips and was very much into body contact. This was a very good thing cause would need all of that to pull this off.

After about a good 10 minutes of "making out" I was reasonably hard. Not feeling confident about how long my hard-on would last, I wasted no time in getting Smoky lubed, on his back, and knees pushed to his chest. Just as I was about to push in, he stops me and say "let me take a hit of poppers... I will need poppers for a cock that think". Only slightly annoyed, I waited for him to take two long pulls on the popper bottle. As soon as he had the cap back on the bottle, I pushed all the way into him in one hard stroke.  

I stayed still for a moment to let him adjust to my size. He appeared to be really struggling with it, and I thought to myself... "Dude, I am not even fully hard". 

As he calmed down, I began fucking him with fast short strokes and tossing in a deep stroke about every 8th stroke. He seemed to like that . He asked if he could sit on it... but I said no to that as I was sure that I would lose what hard-on I did have. 

I soon moved him to the edge of the bed, put his legs back on my shoulders and and pumped him as hard and as fast as I could , trying to get him to cum before I went completely soft. Just when I was about to give up he said "Let me know when you are close so that I can cum with you"  I said, "Dude, I am there, let it go". Truthfully, I was not there... not even close. Within about another 10 strokes, he indeed let go and shot a huge load all over his stomach. I wish I could say that I stayed in him while he came but I was too soft by that point and I slipped out. 

I was genuinely glad that he seemed to have a good time. After he came, I laid next to him for a bit and he thanked me and said "I really needed that".  I said... "yeah, so did I"... Yeah, I lied. Well, that cant all be great fucks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Brutal Fuck

I first met this guy 5 years ago when I was working on a project in Birmingham AL. That was back when everyone used AOL chat rooms for hooking up. It was in one of these chat rooms that “V” found me and initiated a conversation that let to him driving down to Bham two days later for our first hookup.“V” is older than me by a few years, but he takes very good care of himself and has a hot body for what is now a 50 year old man. I just have to take a moment here and say that all of you guys that are hung up on age… you don’t have a clue! Some of the best bottoms I have fucked have been older (in shape) men.

“V” and I have stayed good friends over the years an manage to get together about once a year for what is always GREAT sex.

A couple of weeks ago he had mentioned that he would be attending a conference in Providence RI. I told him that I would be driving back to DC from Maine at that time and could easily make a stop.
I arrived at his hotel while he was still in conference but he was good enough to leave me a key at the front desk. I took the time alone to get cleaned up and relax a bit. About two hours later, V walks in the door. We instantly start kissing, touching, groping. Before long, I have him naked on the bed, his legs on my shoulders and I am pushing my freshly lubed cock into his ass.

The first fuck, like always with “V”, is quick. It is like we cant really focus on anything else until we let that initial pent-up desire out.

He struggle taking my cock at first but adjusted quickly. As always, we found a quick aggressive rhythm complete with the headboard knocking the wall, telling anyone in the next room exactly what we were doing. In a short 5 minutes his head was thrown back and he kept saying “give it to me, give it to me” and with one final push to the hilt, I gave him the first load of three for the night.
After catching our breath, we got cleaned up and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory down the street from the hotel. We had a great time laughing and talking about people we know and catching up in general.

After dinner we returned to the hotel room where we got back in bed and began the main fuck of the night.

We again started with passionate kissing and touching, but this was simply perfunctory shit… we were there to fuck. While he still grimaced, he took my cock much easier than the first time. We fucked in several different positions over the next 45 minutes. Near the end, I had him on his belly and I was full on his back, humping his pillow propped-up ass with my fat cock. I turned my head to the side and saw the shadow of my ass going up and down as I humped him. That with simultaneous sound of his grunts in time with my down strokes was enough to put me over the edge for as second and much larger cum dump into his ass.

The second picture here was taken immediately after I dumped my second load into him.

We then cuddled for a bit in bed before drifting off asleep…exhausted.

My alarm was set to go off at 4:00 AM so that I could be back on the road to DC by 5:00 AM. But, as often happens, I found myself awake at 3:00 AM, sure that I would not get back to sleep before it was time to get up. Lying there thinking back on the previous two fucks, my cock came alive and was rock hard. I knew “V” was pretty worn out from the last fuck, but I also knew that he would not turn me down either. I got up, lubed up, and walked over to his side of the bed. I grabbed his ankle and swung him around so that his ass was on the edge of the bed and his legs were on my shoulders. Amazingly, the more you fuck some guys, the tighter their hole becomes. “V” was incredibly tight, and I literally had to thrust my way in. At this, “V” let out a painful groan. I said nothing and continued to fuck his ass for the third time that night. This was the shortest yet most brutal fuck of the night. It lasted only about 4 minutes. “V” groaned and moaned the entire time. Perhaps I am “A Sick Fuck”, but the knowledge that “V” was struggling to endure this assault on his hole, made me hotter and hotter, which in turn made me fuck him harder and harder until I filled his ass a third time with my cream. The third picture here is of a completely exhausted, and by then a very sore, “V” following the third fuck of the night.

After taking a quick shower I started to leave. “V”, awake, just laid there in the bed which was odd because being a true Southern Gentleman he always walks his guests to the door. Talking to him the next day, he said, “I apologize for not seeing you to the door, but honestly, I could not even walk to the bathroom until 20 minutes after you left… thank you, I loved it, when can we do it again?”

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Larry The Cable Guy

No! I did not have sex with "The", "Larry the Cable Guy", but have to tell you, this guy looked just like him but smaller.

I had chatted with this guy whom I will call "Cable Guy", the trip before last to Mississippi. At that time the chat was leading up to a hookup, but suddenly he said that he had another black friend and wanted to know if I would be down with a three way. Personally, I think that a three way is a very tricky thing. For me, they have only ever worked when all three participants know each other rather well, and if there is any relationship between either of the participants, it has to be a very strong and secure one. Consequently, I was cautious. As it turns out, it did not matter, cause after giving the guy my number, he never called.

Fast forward four weeks, I am back here in Mississippi... on MH... Cable Guy messages me asking; "You looking for today?" I thought about blowing him off, but being a veteran of MH, I have learned to not take failed hookups and blow-offs personal. Consequently, I did chat with him, but I also made it a point to remind him that the last time we chatted, he blew me off for another trick. He said "Aw man, I did not realize that I was supposed to call you... sorry." Yeah, right!

Nonetheless, we did the chat thing, the trading picture thing, and before long I found myself at a decision point. To be honest, his pictures really did not do a whole lot for me. While they were full body pictures with face, most of them were taken at a distance... none of them were close-ups. Being that I am an oral/top I figured that at least I could get some good sucking action in even if I did not/could not fuck him. Yes, that is right, I am much less picky about guys I suck than guys I fuck. When I am just sucking a guy, it is all about the power of making him cum, and tasting the cum. Anyway, I told him I wanted to suck him off but would not make any promises about fucking.  In turn, he made it clear that he was most interested in getting fucked but agreed to come by for a good blow job in the hope that I might change my mind. Perhaps he was willing to compromise out of guilt for blowing me off the last time..."he knew he be wrong."

About 45 minutes later he was at my hotel door. When I opened the door and got a good look at him I instantly knew that we would be fucking. He stood about 5'10", 200 pounds, with blond hair and a sort of reddish goatee. He wore jeans, a blue T-shirt and a camouflage John Deere cap. Indeed, a smaller version of "Larry the cable Guy". 

Now don't wrong, I really like small smooth white guys; however, I am just as turned on by a "regular Joe cub" with facial hair.

As soon as the door was closed we locked eyes and we both instantly knew that there was chemistry. We started off with one of those very hot passionate kisses, all the while tweaking each other's nipples. Not wanting to waste time, I directed him to the bedroom in the back of the suite. There, we kissed again and quickly got undressed. I moved him to the bed, put him on his back and instantly went down on him. Another nice surprise, was that had a very nice cock. Cable Guy, has a nice medium thick 7 inch cock with a pointy head. The perfect size for my mouth. Another nice thing was that he was already bone hard before he put it in my mouth. Again, I attribute that to the obvious chemistry between us.

I sucked him for quite a while and he seemed to be totally enjoying it with loud moans and constant withering. This made my cock rock hard and I started to work my way down and probe his hole with my tong. As any good Boy Scout, he came prepared with a squeaky clean hole. Although he didn't say anything, when I started to eat his hole I did notice a huge sigh and smile on his face knew there was a chance that we may fuck. A hope that was confirmed a few minutes later as I reached for the lube. 

While continuing to aggressively suck his cock, I managed to lube  his hole and my cock in no time flat. Once ready I pushed his knees to his chest, put the head of my cock to his hole and slowly began to penetrate him. In spite of his yell and struggle, I was able to get about half of the head of my cock in his whole before he wiggled off at it. I grabbed more lube and with two fingers tried to work his hole open a little bit more. About one minute later I made the second assault on his whole of my cock. Again, he yelled loudly but took it. I held still for about 40 seconds, letting him adjust to my cock. As soon as his breathing came back to normal I started pumping in and out, searching for that nice rhythmic pace. While his cock softened a bit as we struggle to get my cock in his hole, it had now return to its full hardness.

I continue to fuck him for a good 20 minutes, varying tempo and depth. He was totally into it, egging me on and tweaking my nipples which I love. Soon enough, he was gripping his cock, his head was thrown back and his mouth was open... tell tale signs that he was entering into that "I am gonna cum stage."  I quickly pushed his legs further towards his chest to change the angle of my penetration... aiming for his prostate. I stroked him three more times and then on the four stroke I buried my bone deep. He said, "oh yes daddy, please give it to me". I let myself go, and began to pump three days worth of cum deep inside him. At the realization that I was coming he said, "oh yes, yes, yes," and with that he shot a huge load leaving a trail of cum from the pillow behind him to his shoulder, chest and stomach.

As soon as I pulled out of him he let his legs flop down, rolled over and buried his face in the pillow. I laid next to him just sort of enjoying the moment. And then, I thought of you guys. I jumped up telling him not to move while I grabbed my Nikkon to take the above picture of his freshly fucked and bred ass. We actually stayed in bed for another hour... naked... talking... getting to know each other. Again, there's nothing more important to good hook-up than chemistry.