Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Bareback Fuck Guest Post: Bob

Hey Guy,

I love reading your blog...your writing style gets me going every time. So, I decided I would take shot at writing about the first time I got fucked. It was completely unexpected and at times, pretty violent. The fuck definitely went well beyond what I thought would happen when the night started out.

This happened when I was 18 years old -- a freshman at college and living away from home for the first time in my life. Let me describe myself -- I'm 6ft tall, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and pretty athletic build. I have lived in a California beach community my whole life and grew up spending a lot of time at the beach surfing and playing volleyball. But my big sport is tennis and I actually went to college on a tennis scholarship. So one thing that tennis does for your body is build up your legs and most importantly -- your ass. I have a big muscular bubble butt that to this day -- guys I'm with can't resist the temptation to dive into with their tongue and ultimately, their cocks.

So when I went away to school, I was still a virgin. I knew I was attracted to guys, but never really had the opportunity to do anything with any of my guy friends -- plus I always had a girlfriend in highschool, but the sex with girls never went beyond kissing and maybe 2nd base. My girlfriend was hot, but not really interested in sex so it worked well for me as a cover. So going away to college opened up the door to new experiences and gave me new freedom away from old friends and family. My first experience in college sort of happened by accident. I was a tennis player and on weekends sometime, I would play at the courts in a local park. When I went to the restroom there the first time, I noticed a lot of graffitti and also the gloryholes in the stalls and you could smell the sex in that restroom. The smell of dried cum and piss and stale tobacco smoke was overwhelming and gave my cock a stir. There was no one in there when I went in there and I needed to use the stall. I was doing my business when I heard someone come into the stall next to me and all of sudden I see an eyeball checking me out thru the gloryhole. It was sort of shocking at first, but then the guy starting talking to me -- he could tell I was taking a shit, but he was into that and was telling me all kinds of nasty shit that he wanted to do with my hole while I took a dump on him....etc...frankly, this freaked me out. REALLY, not my thing. So I got the fuck out of there and went back to my buddies and finsihed the game. But, I did take note of the glory hole and the writing on the walls that promised of blow jobs. But what got me even more excited, was the smell of cum and the signs of squirted loads on the walls of the stall and floor etc. I knew I would check it out again.

In the middle of the week, I was feeling really horny and needed to jack off. My roomate was never out of the room when I was there so I had no privacy to get it done and needed to find a place. I remembered the park toilet and immediately decided to head over there. It was about dinner time and already dark outside and I thought I would be able to be alone in that restroom to jack off and read the graffitti. But as it turned out, that was a pretty busy time in that toilet -- with the afterwork married straight "Dad" types getting some action on the way home from work. When I went in there were guys at the urinals and both stalls were occupied -- DAMN! I was pissed and so very horned up. The guys at the urinals turned to look at me and I could tell I was the big prize that just walked in -- I didn't know what to do. Should I wait for a stall to open up and just go up to the urinal and take a piss? I decided it was too crowded to jack off, so I went up to the urinals to take a piss. There was a row of 4 urinals but no privacy screens or anything like that. As I pulled out my dick, I was a little concerned that I was getting hard and the guys might notice it. I glanced down to check out my own cock and looked to the sides too and the guy to my left had a very obvious hard on and he was stroking it. OK! Things were looking interesting! He was checking me out too and as I fished out my balls, I felt his hand grab the head of my cock -- fuck! Before I could really react, he was on his knees with my cock jammed into the back of his throat giving me head for the first time in my life. Oh fuck, this was not going to take long! The other guy at the urinal was jacking off watching the cocksucker work my cock. By the way, I have a pretty nice dick...about 7 inches...but really thick and big balls. I love playing with my balls. This cocksucker was frantic -- he was sucking my cock like he was on a mission. And seriously, in about a minute -- I was blasting the back of his throat with what felt like was the biggest load I have ever shot. He drank every drop and kept sucking me, but softer -- trying to bring me down from my orgasm. It was intense. Then I got really nervous and embarrassed -- don't ask why -- just the crazy thoughts came flooding into my brain as blood started flowing back from my dick to my brain. Anyway, I rushed out of there and needed to process what had just happened. I ran out of there and stopped at a park bench about 50 feet from the restrooms that was in the dark. But the area around the john was lit up and I wanted to get a better look at the guys that were in there when they came out. The first guy that come out was the guy jacking off -- he saw me and came towards me. I sat there frozen, not really knowing what to do -- but interested to see what would happen. He sat on the bench next to me and I got a better look at him. I realized he was probably older than my father -- but nice looking, probably about 50 or so and in decent shape. He kept calling me "son" and telling me he thought I was hot and he wanted a chance to work on my cock -- blah blah blah. I wasn't really interested. I think he figured that out, but he did tell me that the park is a pretty wild place late at night and lots of stuff happens here. He pointed out some trails and said on the weekends, late at night -- it can get really busy and can be a lot of fun. He told me a lot of college boys come to play in the park late at night. I knew I was coming back to check that out.

The following Saturday night I went to a fraternity party -- I was thinking about joining a frat and my roomate wanted to check out the party at this fraternity that was pretty well known as the "jock" fraternity. My roomate was at the school on a wrestling scholarship -- he was athletic, but born again Christian and we really didn't have much in common and I wasn't really attracted to him -- he has a nice body, but his personality was a big turn off for me. We went to the party and when it was apparent that there was a lot of beer drinking and obviously going to get pretty wild -- my roomate got very uncomfortable and wanted to leave right away. I talked him into staying a while, but he wanted out. We stayed long enough that I saw many guys that I wanted to see naked and thusly, was horned up -- but not long enough that anything really interesting happen other than sneeking a beer and shot of tequila without my roomate catching on. My roomate wanted to leave...and he was not going to be put off anymore. He drove us and it was a long hike back to our dorm on campus, so I decided to leave with him. We got back to our room and he starting trying to talk me into going to "sunrise" church service with him in the morning. I'm not into it, but I'm a little bit relaxed from the tequila, so I'm not really objecting either. He decided to take a shower that night so he wouldn't have to in the morning and for the first time, strips naked in front of me. Damn...this boy is built in every way. I knew he had a nice torso, very cut and big meaty pecs and a 6 pack of abs, well on his way to an 8 pack! But what I hadn't seen before was this boys corn fed big beautiful cock that had to be at least 8 inches and very thick and he was soft. Fuck! And that ass...meaty and muscular...very hot man! I was getting totally horned up and thinking about jacking off while he took a shower, but then I remembered the park. It was a nice and relatively warm night for the Fall, so threw on some running shorts and a t-shirt and my running shoes. I stopped in the shower room to tell my roomate I was going for a run -- when I opened the door -- he was standing there in all his glory -- just stepping into the shower -- and I told him I was going for a run. His cock looked even bigger and almost hard -- I'm pretty sure he just quickly rubbed out a load before he jumped into the shower. That made me even hotter -- I decided to run my ass to the park.

It was about a 2 mile run to the park -- enough to make me sweaty and pumped, but not long enough to zap the energy out of me. I noticed quite a few cars parked in the parking lot closest to the trails. I headed straight to the area that I was told about -- and then sort of took a break on the bench to scope out the activity before I jumped into it. I was definitely still very nervous about it -- at this point, my total sexual experience with another man amounted to one quick blow job. While I was scoping things out, I noticed a guy that headed up one of the trails -- he was about 40 I would say...slightly over 6 ft, well built in a natural way -- probably from physical labor and not from a gym. He had a bit of a beer belly and a full beard. Up to that point, I would not have said that I was into that type of man, but something about this bearish guy made me really hot so I decided to follow him up the trails. It didn't take long for the man to notice he was being stalked by me. He took a turn and went into a little clearing behind some rocks and bravely, I followed him in there. He was standing there, stroking his bulge through his jeans and looked sort of hungry by licking his lips. I responded by stroking my bulge and that was all the invitation he needed to come over to me and take over stroking my cock. I reached out and touched his bulge -- the first time I had ever touched another man's cock -- and I felt an electricity go through me that I new I was meant to be a dedicated cock hound. We both whipped out our cocks for the first time -- I was still new to this and didn't know the difference of a top or bottom or really what to do -- I was just going with the flow. We were both hard and he had a nice dick -- about 6 inches and above average thickness -- and a very hairy bush. Turns out this guy was a total bear -- he opened his shirt and shit this guy was one furry fucker. It made me hot. I'm very smooth naturally, so exloring his hairy chest was really exciting to me. We were jacking each other off and playing with each others nipples when he pushed me to my knees. OK, I wanted to suck him...I wanted to taste his cum, but I was nervous because I didn't want this guy to figure out I didn't know what I was doing. He pushed his cock into my mouth quickly and sort of grabbed the back of my head to skull fuck me. That was a bit aggressive for me at that point and I gagged and I think accidently my teeth got in the way. Anyway, he quickly figured out I didn't know what I was doing so he pulled me up from my knees and he went to his knees to work on my cock. This man knew what he was doing and I needed to take lessons from him. He paid a lot of attention to my balls and I felt like he wanted to swallow me up whole. I was completely lost in this man's oral skill when I felt another pair of hands on my ass and someones warm breath on my neck. Startled, I looked behind me and saw the man that belonged to the hands on my ass. Wow, he was tall...maybe 6'4" or 6'5", built like a football player, medium toned black man. He was younger than the guy blowing me, but I would say he was in his late 20's or maybe 30. He starting whispering in my ear that he loved my ass and he was describing it in details as he felt it up and admired it. He slipped a finger into my crack and started to play with my hole, but didn't push through or anything....just gently playing with it. The cocksucker was still at work on my cock and he seemed to like the fact that we had company -- he was stroking his cock pretty hard at this point and still sucking me like a pro. My new friend, got down on his knees behind my ass and starting licking it. What the fuck??! The idea of rimming my ass was totally mind blowing to me -- I had no idea it was going to feel that good. This man was hot to eat my ass and he was getting his tongue up inside me and loving it. I was loving it. My cocksucker was loving it. I couldn't take much more of this -- I'm 18 years old at this point -- extremely horny and haven't blown a load for a few days. It didn't take long before I was shooting a big load of cum down my cocksuckers throat. He loved it and swallowed every drop and then stood up and jacked his cock and shot his load all over my cock and t-shirt -- he was a bigger shooter than me and I loved the smell of it. My cocksucker pulled up his jeans and thanked me and headed out. My new friend was still eating my ass at this point, but I figured we should wrap things up at this point -- I mean what was the point? I just came and he knew that.

I started to pull away and pull up my shorts. He quickly jumped up and came into give me a hug and that same time he wrapped his arms around me, he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He whispered in my ear that I couldn't leave without giving him the chance to get off. I sort of hmmmed and hawwwed about it, getting a little nervous about what he wanted to do to me, when he offered to go take a break and smoke a joint with him. That sounded great -- I hadn't smoked any pot since I was away in college and the idea of getting high sounded great to me. We climbed up on top of the rocks to take a seat and enjoy the moon light and smoke. It was some pretty strong stuff -- this dude had some great grass so I definitely wanted to keep things friendly so I could score some pot from him when I had the cash. Anyway, we made a bunch of small talk and finally he asked me if I was ready for him to get off -- I said sure and we jumped down off the rocks and starting kissing. God, this guy could kiss like I was chicken he was trying to suck off the bone. He started playing with my ass again and pulling my cheeks apart while reaching around and fingering my hole. Before I could react, he turned me around and pushed me over on the waist and starting spreading my cheeks and diving into my ass with his tongue. God this guy was good. I was so relaxed from the weed and what this guy was doing felt incredible -- I didn't want it to stop. I was already hard again and dripping precum like a faucet. Enough to use as lube to jack myself while he worked on my hole. I still hadn't seen his cock or felt it. He was sort of careful in keeping me from seeing it I think. He stood up and pulled a bottle of poppers from his pocket and told me to take a big whiff. I hadn't had them before, but for some reason I trusted this guy. Anyway, he took a big whiff too so I thought nothing bad would happen. As I started to feel the poppers take affect, I suddenly had this searing pain in my ass as he ripped into my hole in one deep plunge of his cock. One long thrust and I thought I was going to die. Fucker hurt bad and I screamed out -- but he stayed inside me and reached around and pinched my nipples. Fuck. Hurt. But, it started to go away and he gently started stroking in and out of my ass with his big ass dick. At that point, I had no idea how big it was, but it felt like a fucking baseball bat to me. Well, my scream apparently drew some attention and pretty soon I was aware we had a small crowd watching us -- by crowd, I mean 3 other guys, including the original cocksucker. I don't know why -- but having the cocksucker there, made me feel like I had a friend there and nothing bad would happen.

So the fuck continued on for maybe 15-20 minutes...he was pounding my ass and about every 5 minutes was giving me another big hit of poppers. Fuck. I felt completely fucked. This guy was fucking the life out of me and I was worried that I would need medical treatment when he was finished. But, it felt fucking great too. The pain...became pleasure. I could tell he was gettng close -- the speed picked up and the urgency in his hip action and grunts were very familiar -- I knew he was going to cum. He shot his load straight up my ass...breeding me like I was his bitch. Telling my my pussy was going to fill up with his cum. That kind of talk really turned me on -- I liked being his pussy. When he came down from his orgasm, he slowly pulled his cock from my ass and came around to me and told me to clean off his cock and shoved it in my mouth. Fuck. Big fucking dick. Had to be 9 or more inches...thick...and covered in his cum and my ass juices. When I was busy cleaning his cock, my original cocksucker with the beard got down behind me and started eating my ass out -- this guy was trying to eat the cum of the big guy directly from my freshly fucked hole. Again, mind blowing -- but damn it felt good. The inside of my ass was so sensitive and tender from the fucking -- and the tongue action felt incredible. What I hadn't been prepared for was cock number 2 up my ass. I didn't get a good look at him -- I couldn't even give you his age or race -- but he had a nice sized dick and was fucking my ass like he was trying to make a baby. I finished cleaning up my guys cock and he pulled it out and gently stroked my face and then left (without giving me his number -- there walked away my connection to some great weed). Wow...I'm still getting fucked...I don't have poppers anymore, but it's still feeling pretty fucking good and I'm into it. So when he left, the other guy comes around and feeds me his cock. Nothing too exciting about it -- it was average in everyway the dude connected to it reminded me of my father. Late 40's, maybe 50 -- gray hair. Sort of out of shape former jock. He lasted only about 2 minutes before he shot his load straight into my mouth. Another first for me. I loved it. I mean I really loved it. Feeling that shot hit the back of my throat -- I loved it. I knew I was going to love being a slut to be used by men. Well, it wasn't long before I was taking my 2nd load in my ass and my original cocksucker was again at my hole feeding on the cum dripping from my hole. I never felt better. Totally used and drained.

After he was satisfied that he got every drop, he pulled up my shorts and gently slapped my ass. I was sort of in shock and I was not in a talkative mood. He told me the other guys had all left and asked me if I was ok. I told him yes, but I was sort of upset that I didn't get the black guys number because he has some great weed. He told that the guy comes around almost every weekend and I could run into him again. With that, my cocksucker left and said he hoped he would run into me again. The next weekend, I did run into my weed friend and he hooked me up -- actually he hooked me up everytime I needed some weed while I was away at school -- as long as he got to tap my ass.

Well, that sums it up -- I hope you enjoy it -- this happed about 25 years ago -- and I still jack off thinking about it.

Take care,

First MMF Bareback Fuck (Fixed Version)

Okay, after MUCH encouragement over several email conversations a previous First Fuck Guest Poster has written up what I thought was an extremely hot experience he and his wife had when he first told me about it via our email conversations. Settle in, it is a long one but is also hot hell! Enjoy and please comment so that he know what you think of what you will read, it was a rather emotionally disturbing event for him and his wife. Also, write to me about a first time sexual experience you had

Dear BBB Bull,

I finally got around to finishing the story for u to post if you still want it for your blog. It was too hot not to share.

I hope it isnt too long-it was hard to edit any more

I guess you could call it: FIRST MMF Bisexual Bareback Encounter for a Married Couple.

It may very well be our last MMF encounter but at least we have talked it through

Please dont mention what state we are from.

keep in touch, story pasted below..


A good portion of the night is still just a blackout to me because I was so drunk. I will describe as accurately as possible what I remember about how we let a stranger we had just met take my wife and I home and have his way with both of us.

It's not that my wife and I are swingers or anything even close, but we have on just a handful of occasions played with another couple. We had never done anything with strangers before this. Although there was never any mm interaction, watching my friend screw my wife was such a turn on for me that I am always trying to get her to consider going to a swinger’s party. She has always refused. The furthest I ever got along those lines was to encourage a bit of flirtation between my wife and the occasional stranger in a bar. That is until last week. I guess we finally met a guy that knew what he wanted and how to get it with a little assertion.

My wife and I were out bar hopping in town, on the rare occasion that we had a night alone away from the kids. We were getting pretty drunk and she was actually chatting with a few guys in a couple of different bars. She didn’t even seem to invite it but the guys kept hitting on her. She seems to always attract divorced guys in their 30’s and 40’s that want to talk to her, even when she is with me. It always makes me horny watching and fantasizing.

We finished the night up to last call at a Martini bar. The strong martinis had really put us both over the top. After the bar closed we walked over for something to eat at the late night diner. I hoped to sober up before we had to drive home or call a cab. It was crowded and we had to wait in line for a seat and then separate to sit at the available counter seats a few stools apart. The guy who had been talking to us in line ended up sitting between us. I don’t recall if he was also at the bar we had come from. He was talking to my wife the whole time we were eating our late night breakfast. I couldn't hear most of their conversation but it looked like he was hitting on her big time.

After we were finished eating, my wife went to the restroom, and I stayed sitting at the counter waiting for her. The guy who had been chatting her up started talking to me and picked up our tab. I don't know how he asked but I must have given him a signal that I was OK with him trying to take things further. The next thing I know he is on his cell phone checking on motel vacancies right there at the counter. He was really planning this thing, completely convinced she would do it. He didn't care how discrete he was on the phone and there must have been several people in the restaurant listening to his phone call. I was too drunk to be embarrassed and could barely manage a conversation. When she came out of the restroom we moved outside to the sidewalk.

He took the lead and asked if we wanted to go do something-I forget what he said. I looked at my wife and she just kind of shrugged. I took her silence as agreement so before she could speak I answered "Sure-what do you have in mind?" He said his condo is close by but is a mess from moving but he would take us to such and such motel. That was too quick and a little too intense sounding for my wife and she started to protest, "No, no we can't do that, no.”

He tried to convince her too and eventually said “OK then another time... You have my number.” Some thoughts raced through my head about how he must have slipped her his number without me even seeing and more importantly that she took it. I figured she would never follow up as usual and that this sort of thing needs to be a spur of the moment thing. I pressed, “Hold on, maybe we could just go to his place for a little bit, check out his condo and have another coffee before we try to drive home". With a little more persuasion from him she finally agreed and we started walking to his condominium.

I really didn’t know what to expect or how far this would go but I was excited that maybe she would fuck me in front of him or perhaps blow him or maybe more. I had intended to stop at my car on the way by to get some condoms from my glove box for him to use with her, just in case things progressed well. But that just totally slipped my mind on the walk. The two of them talked mostly on the ten minutes walk. I don’t remember of it but I caught that he was mid 40’s, recently divorced, had kids, and was some kind of big shot executive that traveled a lot.

We got to his condo unit and inside it was a complete disaster area of boxes, and moving trash in every square foot. I understood why he wanted the motel. We skipped over a bunch of moving boxes and got to the kitchen where he got us some waters. I found a stool at the kitchen bar. I don’t know if I was incoherent or what but the next thing I know he is leading my wife by the hand to his bedroom and he closes the door behind them.

I sat there alone on the stool in the kitchen. If he convinced her to go to the bedroom I didn’t want to do anything right away that might make her to lose her nerve. I waited to follow them for a few minutes and when I went to the bedroom door I found it locked. I heard them talking and things sounded fine so I turned back giving them some time alone to see what developed. A while went by and they never came out to get me. I was getting nervous so I went back to the bedroom; found the door knob still locked so I put my ear to it to listen. I couldn’t believe it! I could hear my wife moaning! I recognized that sound she makes when she is getting good oral sex.

My heart was racing and I didn't want to do anything to disturb them behind the locked door since it sounded like my wife had gotten right into things. I went back and sat down in the living room. I waited some more, watching the late night movie on the TV My head was spinning. The time before when we had fooled around it was with friend we knew and I was always present right with her. This was the first time she had ever fooled around without me watching. I wasn’t even being allowed in the room while a stranger was eating out my wife!

I felt so groggy that I could no longer even think coherently. Although we had stopped drinking well over an hour earlier it seemed I was getting even more wasted. I remember gulping down three glasses of water in a row because I was so so thirsty. I probably should have been nervous about leaving this stranger alone in a bedroom with my wife and I don’t know why I didn’t bang on the door right then to join them. I was just too out of it. I stumbled around, found his bathroom etc. I remembered I had a Viagra pill in my pocket and I decided to take it because I thought I might need some help being oh so drunk.

When I did go up to the locked door again to check on things again, as I got close I heard her screaming loudly "ohh yes yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I couldn't believe it. She was fucking him in there without me! I had never heard her being so vocal before. I tried the door again vigorously this time-again still locked. I didn’t want to knock as it sounded like she was really into it. I sat down on the floor outside the door where I could listen to her moans as she fucked him. The whole experience didn’t seem real, I couldn’t clear my head. I could hear my wife fucking behind a closed door and I can’t explain why I was just perfectly happy to just sit there and listen to them.

I must have gone back to the living room to sit down. This is where I have memory blackout. I lost track of time because I remember seeing the late night movie ending, and I knew it was just beginning when they first went in to the bedroom. Did two hours go by with them in there? I also felt my cock growing hard now as I thought about my wife fucking that guy. The Viagra must have worked because my hard dick was now telling me that I needed to get in there and help fuck her.

As I started to knock, the bedroom door opens, and there is the guy standing completely naked with a grin on his face. I really hadn’t remembered much of what he looked like so I quickly looked him over and saw he was a little shorter than me but much stockier, a bit of a beer belly and a half hard stubby penis, not a big cock at all, which surprised me. As I entered I saw my wife inside, naked on the bed, sheets and blankets off, her hair all messed up, looking like she had been completely ravaged by the whole Trojan army. I was amazed that that guy had put her in this state.

I immediately tore off all my clothes and just dove up on the bed. I crawled up to my wife, kissed her deeply and then immediately kissed my way down her body to her pussy. Her labia were puffed out and a bit swollen from fucking. I went down on her with my mouth and instantly got the taste of his semen inside her!

They had fucked alright and it was obvious that he hadn't used a condom! He had already cum deep inside her and I ate her out a good long while, licking the combination of her pussy juices and his cum.

I wanted to fuck her next and slid my rock hard cock into her. Her pussy was ohh so wet and sloppy but still sooo nice and tight to me. I was in heaven as I started to pound her but she said she was sore so I slowed down and tried to fuck her gently.

After a while he came back with a drink and closed the door again while he stood watching us fuck. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed and started kissing her while I fucked her. After a few minutes I asked if he wanted a turn again and rolled off of her. I wanted to see him fuck her. He started in sucking on her erect nipples. I slid down so my face was about near their crotch level because I wanted to see his cock slide into her. I instinctively reached out for his crotch and I started playing with his balls a little when he went down to lick her pussy. I could feel he was getting harder in my hands. I got a little braver and I just licked the base of his cock a little bit. I wanted to make him good and hard for her so when he didn’t pull away I continued rotating my open mouth about the base of his shaft.

She could not initially see what I was doing but I heard him tell her, "He is licking my balls." She just sort of laughed. I knew she wouldn’t be turned on by it but I think he wanted to see her reaction to it. She didn’t say much. About then he was fully hard so he slid up to enter her. I watched him penetrate her pussy lips, slowly fucking in and out of her now while kissing her. I loved it. I scooted up beside her on my back so I could kiss her and watch him fuck her.

After a while it was my turn again so I had her mount my cock cowgirl style. I said “you have to see her in this position, her breasts are fantastic”. He watched as she sat up on my cock but I later learned he had already fucked her in every position possible. As she fucked me we both played with her beautiful natural breasts as she rode me. I could tell she was getting tired in the cowgirl position so I laid her back down on her back and I rolled onto her to fuck her missionary again.

As I was fucking her I felt him behind me between my legs. I was surprised when I felt the tip of his cock pressing on my asshole. I was going to stop it because I knew he was bareback. Then I thought about how he had already fucked my wife bare and most likely cum inside her pussy and it didn’t seem all that risky anymore. I didn’t know if I should really allow this to go any further with my wife watching, but I was just in a trance and stopped thrusting in her and spread my legs wider to give him better access.

At that point I think she realized he was on top of me and she said calmly,”What is going on there?”

He paused while answering defensively, “We’re just experimenting a bit.”

She just laughed and said “I don’t care; you guys can do whatever you want.”

He took that as a signal to continue and I felt him try to press into me. It really turned me on knowing her pussy juices were supplying the lubrication. I reached back with my hands and spread my ass cheeks for just a second, exposing my rosebud fully to him. Maybe that was sending a message to him that I was surrendering it now, if he really wanted it, my ass was his.

I felt him try to push his cock into me once more with no luck. I could tell he wasn’t quite hard enough to penetrate me in that position. I never gave him a good angle where he could access me because I was still inside my wife’s vagina. I think I was teasing him, never really intending to let him probe more than the tip inside me. I was too busy screwing my wife at the same time so I didn’t really give it any more thought to what he was trying to do. He stopped and slid up on the pillow near her to watch us fuck some more.

I was really savoring the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I could have cum right then but I held off because I wanted to play a lot longer. I still wanted to watch him fuck her some more, because I had missed their main fuck session. After a few more minutes I slid out of her and onto the side so that he could have another turn in her. He came up and straddled her between her legs and paused there with his cock teasing her outer labia. He kissed and caressed her breasts, and seeing her response I just knew I wanted to see him fuck her really hard. I wanted to see and hear him nut right inside her again with me watching!

It saw he was only half hard, probably from waiting for his turn to fuck her or still worn out from blowing his wad earlier in her. I just knew what I had to do. I needed to get his cock hard and ready for her again. As he was busy sucking her nipples, I got behind him and pulled his cock downward and slightly backward right into my open mouth. I deep throated him all the way to the base. He really wasn't too large so I easily did it. I held back the gag reflex and actually swallowed the head of his cock down my throat. I could feel his cock growing right in my mouth. I kept his cock deep in my mouth the whole time as he worked his way down from sucking her breasts to kissing her belly until he was licking her clit. I don’t know how much she was aware of what I was doing with his cock. She must have know I was sucking it but I don’t think she knew the extent I was deepthroating him. I ended up in a position with my face just inches from her pussy with his cock in my mouth rock hard and ready.

I figured he would pull out of my mouth and drive it into her pussy. He didn’t. I suddenly became aware just how hard I had become myself while sucking on his cock. He kept his cock right down my throat so I figured he wanted to blow his load in in my mouth instead. I didn’t pull off and just prepared for it. I felt his balls pull up and his cock swell and I knew his orgasm was imminent. I braced myself, anticipating his semen explosion in my mouth. ,

He didn't climax and instead withdrew his cock from my mouth. His hard cock was all wet and slippery from my throat saliva. He pointed it right at my wife’s pussy but just teased her labia lips with it instead of sliding it deeply into her. I moved to try to come around for a better view so I could watch her face because I knew once he entered her it wasn’t going to take him long to blast his load inside her.

Since I was coming out from between his legs I didn’t hear what he said to her. I know he said something as he paused, with his steely cock motionless with barely the tip inside her. I heard her respond,””I think he wants that.” I figured he had said something about what a great cock sucker I was for getting him so hard for her. I didn’t think much of it. I found out later that morning from my wife that what he actually said to her was, “I am going to pop your husband’s cherry tonight.”

I was surprised when he pulled his stiff cock away from her pussy and slid right off the bed. Not knowing his intentions, I had no idea why he would not finish fucking her right then. As he stood over us, he took charge in a dominant tone saying, “I am going to reposition you now.” That sounded a bit interesting so I agreed and listened for his instructions.

Standing on the left side of the bed with his rock hard cock pointing straight upward, he told me to come over right to that edge of the bed. I scooted over a bit, laying parallel to the edge not understanding what he meant. He clarified, “Like this!” and he spun me so I was perpendicular to the edge of the bed. He continued “Over here, closer” in a commanding tone and then grabbed my ankles and yanked me, so that my legs now dangled over the side of the bed. Next he told my wife to sit on top of my face with her knees straddling either side of me, so I could eat her out. We just did what he said as he positioned us like we were Barbie and Ken play dolls. I knew he had resonated with that submissive tendency in both of us, and that was totally turning me on.

As my legs straddled either side of his body he stood holding my legs outward, his hands were under the back of my knees and my face was in front of my wife’s pussy. He told me to start licking her clit as she straddled my chest with her back toward him. Then suddenly he yanked again one more time on my legs, pulling me in even closer to him so my thighs now rested up on his hips and my face was deeply buried in my wife’s pussy.

She sat on my chest facing me, her body pinning my shoulders and arms. He was now holding my legs by the thighs, basically strapped my legs firmly onto his hips. I was held there so tightly my tongue was about the only muscle in my body that I could move as I burrowed my face into her pussy. I still had no real concept of why he had positioned me like that. I thought at that moment that he was going to kneel up on the bed to fuck her doggy style, maybe ass fuck her while I licked her clit.

I heard the distinct sound of a lube bottle cover snapping closed. Then a split second later he lifted my legs up and I instantly understood why I had been positioned that way that with my ass hanging over the side of the bed. He placed my knees over his shoulders and tilted me upward slightly so my ass was exposed giving it perfect access for his cock. Now I knew he was going to fuck me and there was no way to stop it. I was too drunk to protest and I couldn’t even move. Then not even giving me a second to ponder my situation I felt his lubricated bare cock slide right into me. He pushed right in with one slow continuous motion. I felt his rock hard shaft slide right in deep until his balls bottom out on my butt cheeks. Then he held me motionless as I adjusted to his cock buried in me. My wife was still grinding her pussy onto my face the whole time. I must have been extremely relaxed in my inebriated state because I don’t recall it hurting even a little bit as his cock entered me.

He held my legs over his shoulders as he began fucking me in long steady strokes, all the way in and all the way out, gaining good leverage on me from his standing position at the edge of the bed. I remember it feeling really good as I lay back and took all the cock he was giving me. I continued to eat out my wife’s pussy on my face and she leaned forward now a bit allowing him full motion to fuck me. She looked down at me but could only see my eyes as the rest of my face stayed buried in her snatch. As he began to thrust even harder she looked a bit concerned about the ass assault I was receiving. Then she saw in my eyes I was more than ok, I was smiling and loving it. The whole time I was licking her clit harder and faster at the same tempo that he was fucking me. He pounded my ass and I licked her clit until finally she started moaning and cumming on my face.

When her orgasm subsided she rolled off and said “I’m spent.” He continued now, just slowly grinding his cock deep inside me as she sat back and watched us. He fucked me deeply and very slowly with his cock all the way in me, without thrusting his shaft in or out. I don’t really remember much more of that or how long he fucked me altogether. I do remember feeling a bit uncomfortable without her on me, I felt too exposed with her watching me getting fucked by a man so I reached back for her. I was a little surprised when he stopped fucking me and just pulled out, letting me go to slide up onto her.

I laid over her and slid my bulging hard cock right into her again. I was positively rock hard and needing to cum. I slid my cock back in her preparing to blow my load inside her pussy. Before I unloaded, I wanted to make sure she was satisfied so I asked her if she had cum enough and she said, “Yes, yes a bunch of times. I’m too sore to cum again”.

I asked him if he had already cum and he said,” Ya twice…once in your wife and once over on the side of the bed there."

I thought, ‘what does he mean by that? Over on the side of the bed? Then it dawned on me and I reached back and felt my asshole. It was leaking cum!!!! He had cum inside of me and I hadn't even known!

I knew it was too late to worry now. I tried to keep my cool and concentrate on my wife. The thought of his DNA planted deep inside me did distract me from my orgasm for a moment anyway. Then I decided to just accept the fact we had both been bred by him. It was done already, first her and then me and I knew there was no sense in worrying about it now. I concentrated on the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Her cunt felt fantastic on my cock as I could also feel his cum dripping out of me. The whole time I fucked her I was acutely aware of the feeling of his cum leaking from my ass, his semen sliding down my butt cheeks, dripping down around my thighs where it mixed with my wife’s pussy juices. I felt my cock slide in and out of her warm, wet pussy while simultaneously feeling the sensation of my gaping open, freshly fucked manhole, slightly sore from the use, squeezing out his semen. I could feel a glob of his cum actually running down my inner thigh as I fucker her deeply. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything so sexually intense, both physically and emotionally.

I was having trouble finally cumming now. She had said she was really getting sore so I did the best I could to go gently. I was real close and fucked her maybe another 2 minutes and but I just couldn’t orgasm. My wife noticed the clock on the bureau, saying, “Oh God, It’s already 6:15AM – oh we have to go.” Realizing that she was too exhausted to continue, and now troubled by the lateness of the hour I just I stopped without climaxing myself. (I would jackoff later that morning after I got home.)

It was already light outside. We had to get home before our own teenagers heard us come home at that hour. We quickly hunted around the room for all of our clothing, we got dressed and he walked us down in the elevator and said good bye.

Part 2-The Next Morning
On the ride home from his place I felt that I had lived out a sexual fantasy. This crazy night had gone way beyond anything I had thought was imaginable. I was hoping my wife had enjoyed it enough to maybe get more into ‘The lifestyle’. Admittedly, I was starting to feel a little bit creepy about how far this had gone. Any mind fucking sexual experience like that would have to be accompanied by some dark side emotions. And here it came...

My wife burst out, "Why do you put me in that position- whoring me out." She started crying. “You put our marriage and everything at risk.” She was really starting to crash and her thoughts about the evening were really freaking her out. “I can't do this shit… not with a stranger,” she cried. It was the start of a long ride home and a dreaded conversation. She wasn’t handling this dark side well at all.

I had enjoyed the wildly erotic experience and I had thought she did too. But now she was crying and blaming me. She pointed out how dangerous it was having had sex with a stranger. "Putting us both and our marriage in jeopardy like that." she repeated again through the tears. I knew what she meant; it was the stranger factor and the unnatural act of it all, most of all I knew it was the guilt she felt of having done something terribly bad that was tearing her up.

I wanted to defend myself but held back. I wanted to remind her that she was the one who went for it first in his bedroom without me. I wanted to remind her how I watched and listened to him fuck her for hours with no hint that she didn't like it as she moaned in delight. I didn't tie her up, and she was a willing participant even when I wasn't in the room for an hour or two. As I thought about that, I realized that sooo much could have gone terribly wrong with that scene with me locked from the room. I was glad it didnt. She had taken a huge and dangerous step by having sex without me in the room, but I think she wanted to send me a message to be careful what I wish for... I held my tongue from saying much, except to keep apologizing. I would let her blame everything on me if it made her feel better about what we had done.

I tried to understand her position and internalize her feelings. Now with her crying, I was starting to feel guilty, sick to my stomach, hung over, sore and just plain creepy. I began to blame myself for letting someone go way beyond any reasonable boundary with both of us. How could I have let a perfect stranger take my wife and fuck her bareback-hell he had fucked us both bareback. I felt a gnawing in my gut. What had I done? The crash was both emotional and physical, like I was coming down off a drug. Had I screwed up? I even wondered if she had lost respect for me because I sucked and got fucked by another man in front of her.

I tried to keep talking about it rationally so we might come to terms with things. “I don't think it was his first time” she said, “He was almost too smooth, He probably picks up couples on his business trips." She added, "I think he knew what he was doing, even what he was doing to you”, referring to the anal fucking he had given me. We both fell silent. We were exhausted, used up, we had submitted to whatever he wanted to do to us. Now he was sending us home, very well fucked and sore, and emotionally wracked by the experience.

I did feel used, like he had taken advantage of our drunken state. “I don’t know if he drugged us but he certainly took advantage of our drunken state”, I admitted. “…and I and can barely remember parts of the night.” I explained the bedroom door was locked the first hour or so and I couldn’t even come in. She said she didn’t realize that. I tried to have her fill in the rest of missing details from the night. .”What else happened when you were with him alone?” I asked, probing for details.

“I don’t kn painting a visual image of the parts I had missed…her fucking in every position, him trying to fuck her anally, trying bondage …fuck that is all so hot. The guilt I felt was fading and I was overcome by raw sexual instinct to be turned on by the dark side. I could not control it. I felt my cock growing harder as she spoke replaying the scene over and over in my mind. As bad as I felt for my wife’s emotional turmoil, my full-on erection revealed my mixed emotions. I had deep down enjoyed submitting to this complete stranger and I really did not regret it. I could not deny the turn-on I got from all this kink- the wife sharing, the cuckolding, m2m sex, the submission. I realized I loved my wife and if this was too much for her to handle I would have to suppress some of these sexual desires all brought to light by this dark encounter. I promised her I would never let it happen again.

Her final comment was, "I shouldn't have taken such a chance, letting him fuck me. I hope he was clean. I don't think he came in me. Do you?" She asked.

It pained me but I had to answer her truthfully, "Umm yes honey… I think I did see and feel that he had cum inside you…I think he came inside both of us actually.”

“Eewwww“ is all she said, adding after a half a minute, “I just hope he didn’t have a disease.”

I couldn’t agree with her more on that point. At that precise second I could actually feel more of his stealth load of semen leaking out of my well fucked ass. I still had the faint taste in my mouth reminding me of the other stealth load he had left inside my wife's pussy. My cock was fully hard and I was totally turned on knowing we were going home with his seed planted deep inside us both.