Saturday, July 11, 2009


I had another good hookup last night. As you recall from my last post, I had been in Maine for the 4th of July weekend. While there, I received an instant message from a guy whom I will call Philly since that is where he is from.

I hooked up with Philly once last year when he was in Washington DC for business. It was a rare occasion that I was home in Washington instead of on the road that week. He originally contacted me on Bear 411 (yes… I have a profile there also).

On our first encounter, I met him in his hotel room. I was not sure of how well it would go at first cause something about him just seemed different/off. He is an average looking guy with an average build. He has dark hair that looks like it was styled at The Hair Cuttery, and classic black framed geek glasses. The odd thing about him was that his lips sort of protruded out as if he were going to give you a kiss, but they are that way all the time.

Don’t get me wrong… he was not so odd that you step back and say “eeww”. Not at all, in fact I had to really think about it before I figured out just what was out of place. All in all… he is just a very average guy.

He has a partner in Philly and in that relationship he is the total top but he is really versatile by nature which explains Philly’s desire to get fucked while he is away on business.

Anyway, the first time went fine. I started out not being sure, but as we got into it I found that he was a killer kisser, had a very nice 8+ inch cock and his hole…his hole… his hole was so very fine! So we fucked and fucked… then fucked a little more. When I left his hotel room, he was totally exhausted and I think a little taken-a-back from the intensity of the session. Also, we had talked about fucking bare, but not about breeding. When the time came, I just went for it and deposited a nice healthy load in him.

We had tried to get together one other time when he was in DC but schedules just did not work.

While in Maine for the 4th, I received an instant message from Philly asking if I would be in town later the next week. As it turned out I was not going to be, but I changed my schedule so that I could accommodate his visit.

So, according to plan, he called me yesterday afternoon and we established a time to hookup. He was staying in the same hotel as before so that made it easy. When I arrived at his room, he answered the door three quarters of the way in the bag… drunk.

Evidently, Braccadi Rum was part of his preparation for getting fucked by me. Like I have been explaining through this blog… I am a little different… the fact that he was drunk, did not turn me off… it turned me on!

I should clarify… I was turned on not because he was drunk, but rather because he intentionally got drunk because he was worried about the way I fuck him… there is a huge difference and Yes, I know that it is kinda fucked up…but it is what it is.
Even with being tipsy, he was still very nervous, asking over and over if he could get me anything. Finally, I held his face in my hands, got him to look me in the eye and in a very calming voice said,

Me: “Relax… it is going to be ok”

With that, he sort of fell into my arms, gave me a sloppy kiss (love those), and held onto me tightly for about 30 seconds.

Me: “Lets get these cloths off”

We quickly stripped naked and made our way to the bed. Once there we lay down and made out for a bit before he made his way down to my cock. Philly is a very good cock sucker… not as good as Big Boy… but very respectable. He also remembered that my nips are the key to making me rock hard. He even remembered how I like them worked.

While Philly was making me rock hard, I started to finger his hole. As a result, I instantly remembered what caused me to fuck him so long the last time… that sweet hole.

Philly is a hairy guy on his chest, legs and a little on his back. But his ass is hairless and ultra smooth. Additionally, there are like extra folds of skin just inside of his hole. Picture a belly button that is an “inny” but just slightly so. Ya know how there is like a little fold of skin just inside the belly button? Well that is exactly what his hole is like. I am sure that some of you that have played for the other team on occasion are thinking…”You mean like a cunt?” Yes, much like a cunt but in my opinion, much better mostly because of the difference in texture and tightness.

I did not get a chance to eat his hole the last time, but I was not about the let the opportunity pass this time.

I put him on his knees on the edge of the bed. Then I spread his cheeks far apart and got a real good look at what had to be one of the cleanest asses I have every seen. I drove my tong into his hole and went to town on it. There is nothing like eating a good clean ass, especially when the guy does not get it often and goes crazy over it like Philly did. I am sure the booz added to his exuberance but he loved it so much that I thought he was going to cry!

After eating him for a good 5 minutes his hole was sloppy wet, and my dick rock hard. I stood, positioned my cock head at his hole. Feeling my cock there, Philly quickly reached for the poppers. I waited for him to take a long pull on the poppers before I popped the head of my fat cock into his hole. The last time we fucked, it was a real struggle to get into him… not so much this time. Perhaps, the Braccardi was serving its purpose.

We soon found and good rhythm. I was totally loving the feel of his hole all around my cock. Inside of him felt like velvet or some shit like that.

I proceeded to fuck him on his back, bent over a chair, and on his side. He kept hitting that damn popper bottle about every couple of minutes so he was totally high.

When I put him back on his knees on the edge of the bed he was getting very sore and was begging me,

Philly: “Please fill me up now …(my real name)”

With his request, he started clamping his hole as tight as he could. He told me later that he clamped down at the end cause the memory of feeling my cock pulsing inside of him as I shot my cum into him is what he has been jacking off to for months. I believe him because as soon as I was done shooting, he flipped over and stroked his now hard 8+ inch cock (it had been soft during the whole fuck). He shot a massive load within 10 strokes of his cock. After the first squirt, I quickly covered his cock with my mouth and received a mouth full of cum which I first tasted then swallowed. Damn, he tasted good. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I love sucking big guys with big cocks

I stayed with him for about an hour after the fuck… just holding and talking to him until he drifted off to sleep. When I got up to leave, I got him to roll over to his side from his back… never let a drunk person sleep on their back… just in case they vomit. When I rolled him over, I saw that there was a huge wet spot under his ass from my cum leaking out of him.

I got dressed, kissed him once more on the head and then left.

As I left the hotel, I thought to myself… “who knew that this very average looking, mostly top guy would be such a hot fuck?” I guess I am just wired differently… I will take the average guy over the pretty boy EVERYTIME!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Boy: The Sequel

A couple of posts back I wrote about fucking Big Boy during one of my recent trips to Maine. Well…. I was back in Maine for the 4th of July weekend. My schedule was pretty booked and I knew that I would not have a lot of time to play this trip. Nonetheless, I found myself with an hour to kill Friday afternoon. I did not have time to actually hookup with anyone but I got online anyway just to window shop.

As soon as I logged on to MH, I receive a few interesting messages, but again, with no time to really do anything, I respectfully declined. Then I noticed Big Boy was online. For the record, I have had no contact with him since I sort of forced him to take my load. He has seen me online several times, and I am sure that he noticed me online this day, but he again chose not to initiate contact with me. I assumed that he is pissed about what happened the last time. But then, as one reader to this blog commented, deep down he did seem to want/like it even though his head was saying “No”. (That “Madonna/whore” complex is a bitch!) Then I remembered that he left his door unlocked for me the last time. I figured that he may be pissed, but it was at least worth a shot cause then I could fuck him late at night instead of sleeping (the only free time I had this trip).

I sent him this simple message

Me: “I am in town. Leave your door unlocked for me”

I waited for a response, positive or negative, but none came. After 5 minutes, I checked to see if he read the message. He did, and he evidently signed off MH immediately. Not a good sign for getting my balls drained.

By the time I was finally free to hit the rack, it was just past 1200 hrs and I was beat. I think I was out before my head hit the pillow. I awoke at 0500 hrs with morning wood that actually hurt. My first obligation on what was now 4th of July was not until 0900 hrs. I did not think Big Boy’s door would be open, but then, what if it was?

I arrived at Big Boys front door at 0545 hrs. Much to my surprise, when I gripped the door knob, it turned freely and the door opened. I quietly entered the apartment, and proceeded to Big Boy’s bedroom just off the living room. He was lying in bed covered with only a thin sheet, and snoring fairly loudly. As quietly as I could, I stripped naked, entered the bed room and crawled in bed next to Big Boy. Movement on the bed cause him to awaken. He turned and looked at me with a startled look on his face. A look that said “Oh no! I forgot to lock the door!”

He stared at me with that look for what seemed much longer than the actual 10 seconds. Then, without saying a word, he simply put his face into the pillow, got on his knees and assumed the doggy position.

Me: “Good Boy”

I got on my knees in front of him. He understood, and instantly took my cock in his mouth. Once again, Big Boy delivered outstanding head! I actually though about just letting him suck me off and swallow my load instead of injecting it in his ass, but I soon abandoned that idea because this would be my only chance to fuck and breed ass on this trip.

He got me very hard with his mouth and then I moved into position behind him. As it was daylight now, I could clearly see his hole when I spread his cheeks. It looked uncommonly wet! How could I have missed it? I looked around the room. There were candles, wine glasses and unopened condoms on the night stand. I instantly started to scan the bed and the floor for the last piece of confirming evidence. Then I found it. Stuck to the side of the plastic trash bag lining the small waste can next to the bed was a used condom.

Now it all made perfect sense … Big Boy had a date last night and he got fucked! Either he or the trick neglected to relock the door after the trick left!

Me: “Did someone fuck you last night?”

Big Boy held still, not saying a word. His face is buried back in the pillow. I raise my hand and smack his bare ass hard, leaving a red print of my right hand on his right cheek. Big Boy jumped and banged his head on the headboard of his bed.

Me: “Did someone fuck this ass last night?”

Big Boy: “Yes… Please don’t fuckin hit me again Sir!” Big Boy said through gritted teeth.

Me: “Answer my fuckin questions and do what I tell you and you won’t get hit!”

There is a momentary stand-off before Big Boy gets back into position and very calmly says,

Big Boy: “Yes Sir”

Me: “Did He Breed you”

Big Boy: “No Sir … he always wears a condom”

Me: “Did he cum while fucking you with the condom?”

Big Boy: “Yes Sir”

Me: “Is that the condom there in the trash?”

Big Boy: “Yes”

With that answer, I got off the bed and retrieved the used condom. Whoever had worn it left a pretty hefty load in it. Then looking Big Boy in the eye, I asked,

Me: “You know what I am going to do with this cum… don’t you?”

Big Boy paused, thinking… and then he figured it out. As he buried his face back into the pillow he said,

Big Boy: “Yes Sir”

Me: “Is this guy a fuck buddy of yours?”

Big Boy: “Yes”

Me: “Tell me about him”

Big Boy: “White guy… 35… married… 6 foot… average build, average cock… his wife and kids are away for the weekend”

Me: “How long has he been fucking you?”

Big Boy: “Just a couple of months…Sir”

Me: “How many times has he fucked you?”

Big Boy: “Three times… it is hard cause he is married”

I got back into position behind Big Boy. With the thumb and fore finger of my left hand, I held open Big Boys hole. With the right hand, I emptied cum form the condom into his hole. When cum spilled into Big Boys hole he literally shuddered and buried his face deeper in the pillow.

I put the last bit of cum from the condom on the fat head and shaft of my cock. At that moment, it occurred to me that this cum seems pretty fresh.

Me: “How long has it been since he dropped this load”

Big Boy audibly sighed before saying,

Big Boy: “About twenty minutes ago Sir”

The thought that I was about to give Big Boy a second, unexpected fuck had had my cock hard for sometime… but the fact that I was going to use this other guys cum as lube and that the guy was just here… made me harder than steel!

It was as if Big Boy also came to the realization that the information he just gave me was going to make this fuck particularly hard cause at that moment he braced himself by spreading his knees wider and putting the palms of his hands against the headboard for added support.

I did not insert my cock into Big Boy… I literally impaled him with it. In response Big Boy gave a very guttural grunt, and as I held my cock balls deep in him, his legs began to convulse.

I quickly settled into a strong rhythmic pace and the only sounds were that of my hips slapping against Big Boys ass cheeks, and Big Boys whimpering with every down stroke.

I fucked him strong this way for a solid 5 minutes at which point, the cum I had used for lube, along with the lube that was left on his hole from before, had formed this creamy lather. Talk about “Boy Butter!”

I found this whole scene to be incredibly hot. Coupled with the fact that I had not fucked in awhile, I simply could not last as long as I usually do. I was ready to shoot after 5 minutes and seeing the “Homemade Boy Butter” nearly sent me over the edge. I was able to pull out completely before it was too late. When I pulled out so abruptly, Big Boy’s body started to convulse… which if you remember my post about my good friend you know I find that extremely hot and rare.

After Big Boy settled down, I turned him over on his back, applied some lube that was on the night stand, and slowly re-entered him. Unlike the last time when I bred Big Boy, this time he was looking me straight in the eye.

Me: “I am glad you are looking at me this time”

Big Boy: “Why Sir?”

Me: “Don’t know really… seems more intimate… like you accept it… that it is ok”

Big Boy: “Would you stop if I asked you Sir?”

Me: “We both know the answer is ‘No’”

Big Boy: “Then do your business Sir”

With that, Big Boy began to gently tweak my nipples (Which I love) and clamp his hole down on my cock. I took about eight more strokes and asked

Me: “Are you ready for it?”

Again through gritted teeth, and in time with my thrusts, Big Boy said,

Big Boy: “Ohhh… ohh… yes… Sir… please… Sir!”

At that point, I released a torrent of cum shots deep in his bowls as he continued to massage my cock with his hole. On the last few squirts, Big Boy wrapped his legs around my hips to keep me in place until every last drop of semen was in him.

When I was finally done cuming… I picked up the used condom from the bed, wadded it into a ball, and then stuffed it in Big Boys now very open hole.

Me: "I want you to go back to sleep and leave all that cum in you for as long as you can today… do you understand?”

In a shortness of breath way, Big Boy said

Big Boy: “Yes Sir… I will do the best I can”

As I was dressing, we continued to talk. In short, Big Boy had actually blocked my profile on MH several times, only to unblock it a day or two later. When I asked him why, all he could offer as explanation was that I scare the shit out of him but in that fear is a lot of his sexual desire.

The funny thing is that Big Boy did not think he could explain himself very well, but I think he expressed it perfectly… I think a certain amount of fear is sexually exciting for most of us.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Confession

As you may recall from a few posts back, I have been struggling with coming to terms with who and what I am sexually… no, not struggling with the gay thing… more so with what drives me and turns me on sexually. This self realization and acceptance is an ongoing process for me, and so far, I have found that writing about this self discovery helps me with the acceptance part. However, it does take an unusual amount of effort to write about these sexual experiences that result from my sexual drivers because, frankly, I don’t initially like the person I see on these written pages. Or perhaps better stated: I do not initially like the dark side of my behavior that is revealed in this blog.

Nonetheless, it is what it is. I promised myself, and anyone who takes the time to read this stuff, that I would keep it real and write truth not fiction with the one exception of changing enough of the story to keep the identity of myself, and others, safe. Having said all of that, I am ready to make another confession.

This actually happened two year ago, but to this day, I feel responsible for turning a happily married yet closeted man with two kids into a divorced cum whore.

First, you need to have a little bit of background. This guy whom I will call “C” had chatted with me several times on-line but we never even came close to meeting. In fact, I had determined that he was a “game-player” (which I hate) and really never planned on fucking him. Nonetheless, through the chats I knew that he was married, had two kids and was a highly paid trouble-shooter for a very well known computer database firm. I believe that he simply liked the fantasy of being dominated by a big black man. Because I always ask about first experiences, I also knew that his first sexual experience with a man was with a black guy who forcefully fucked him in a vacant class room in college (whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but it is what he told in great detail).

Two years ago, a very good friend of mine was visiting from Boston. He is a White redhead man with a “Larry the Cable Guy” build … so you probably now know why we are very good friends. He also has a solid 8” cock that is every bit as thick as mine. Unfortunately for me … he is also a “Top”.

We were chilling at my place on a Saturday afternoon when we decided to see who was online. I no sooner signed on than there was an instant message from C. I was just going to blow him off, but my buddy wanted me to try to get him to come over so that we could both fuck and breed him. I told my buddy that it would not happen cause C is a total flake who talks a good game, but is too afraid to carry through with anything.

While chatting with C he mentioned that he was going to run to the hardware store to get a few things for a home repair project. I suggested that he come to the store that is only a couple blocks from my house so that he could stop by and we could at least meet in person. He was not really going for it until I told him that I had some very strong poppers from Germany and that I would sell him a bottle (I also knew that he liked to use poppers while jacking off to porn after the wife went to bed). Who knew that poppers would be the perfect bait… I sure didn’t, and was very surprised when he agreed to quickly swing by.

About 30 minutes later, I saw C pull into my driveway. I told my buddy to get naked and hide in the bedroom. I also stripped down to my underwear. I grabbed the strong poppers (Yes, I really did have some good shit) and poured some onto a hand towel (for some reason, I find that pouring poppers onto a clothe and holding the cloth to the nose, makes the poppers much stronger and more effective).

True to form, C timidly knocked on the door instead of ringing the doorbell. I opened the door and stood back behind it so that he could not really see that I was in my underwear.

Me: “Hey C, come on in”

C slowly stepped through the door. I closed it behind him and immediately put the cloth to in his face and held it there. C took a couple of deep breaths and three seconds later sort of fell back against the door. I guided him to his knees, all the while keeping the popper cloth against his nose. After about 30 seconds, I took the popper cloth and made it into a blindfold, making sure that enough of it draped over his nose. I then quickly stuck my now rock hard cock in his mouth. He literally melted. He supported himself with his hands on my hard thighs, and I held his head steady while I fucked his mouth.

I fucked his mouth for only about a minute because by this time he was giving no resistance at all. In fact, in his popper high, he had given-in to the fact that I was in control and that he would once again be fucked by a black man.

I pulled my cock out of C’s mouth and made him crawl to the middle of the room. Once there I told him to get naked. Because of the poppers, it took him a little longer than usual and I in fact had to help him get is shoes, pants and underwear off. Once naked, I put his 6’1” body on his back. I put more poppers on the cloth and made him inhale deeply a couple of times until he sort of went limp again.

By this time, by buddy was standing in the doorway of the bedroom stroking is very fat cock. I told him to grab the lube and join me as I began to slowly fuck C’s throat which went better than I expected, probably because poppers made him relax his throat.

As soon as my buddy arrived with the lube, I told him,

Me: “lube up dude”

I was not sure if C actually knew that there were two of us. I definitely wanted him to know what was about to happen so I pulled out of his mouth, got down next to his ear, and while holding his arms above his head, I said,

Me: “Do you remember all those times you got me hot for your ass on Manhunt only to drop off line when it came time to hookup?”

C: “Yes Sir”

Me: “Well guess what… you are so fucked now!” Me and my buddy are going to fuck you silly and send you back home with cum dripping out of your ass”

C: “No… Sir… Please Sir… just let me blow you… I will blow you both Sir”

Me: “Now come on C… we both know that you want this… and we both know that this is the only way it will happen”

There was a long pause and C began to struggle against being held down so I put another few drops of poppers on the cloth at his nose. As he breathed in the poppers, he stopped struggling. Meanwhile, my buddy is between C’s legs, stroking his ominous cock, waiting for the “go-ahead” to penetrate C’s hole.

Me: “Tell me you want it… You want it don’t you C?”

A very resigned C said,

C: “Yes… I want it Sir”

With that, I nodded to my buddy who went balls deep on the first stoke… that hurt even me and it took poor C’s breath away. Ya know how when a child suddenly falls or bumps it head and you know they are going to scream. They make the motion of screaming with their mouth but no sound comes out at first until they get their breath back. Well, that is exactly how C reacted to my buddy literally skewering him with his exceptionally fat cock. Thank goodness for the poppers making C totally relaxed cause if not, I am sure that that first stroke would have ripped him open.

My buddy fucked C hard with C’s legs draped over his shoulders. Thankfully for C it only took my buddy about two minutes before he was grunting and shooting a massive load deep into C’s bowls. The whole time buddy was fucking C, I was in C’s ear,

Me: “There is a big white dick pounding your ass… He loves your ass… He is cuming inside you now, clamp down, can you feel him shooting his cum in you… Good boy, Good boy, take that load for Daddy… that’s it, give your ass to my friend… make him feel good for me”

When my buddy pulled out, I got into position to fuck C. There was a huge white glob of thick white cum slowly oozing out of C’s ass. If you have been reading this blog, you already know that I love Sloppy Seconds. I especially love Sloppy Seconds after buddy cause his cum is always very thick, creamy and in high volume.

I took my time sinking the bulbous head of my fat cock into C, savoring the feel of buddy’s warm load covering my cock. Once the head was in I stopped and took a long pull on the poppers. Poppers work kind of differently on me. I can’t use them too much cause they will make it hard for me to stay hard and cum. However, if I take just one or two hits off the popper bottle just before I am ready to cum, I not only can cum, I cum a ton. They literally prolong my orgasm and I shoot two and a half times more than when I don’t use them.

The purpose of this fuck was not to make it last long at all. No, the mission here was to get as much cum into C’s hole as possible.

Once the poppers took effect and I had that light headed/drifting feeling, I started pounding my cock hard into C. Buddy had already loosened and cum lubed C’s hole for me so that while it was still a very snug fit, there was little to no resistance.

As I pumped my cock hard into C, all he could manage was this sort of low/guttural moan each time I hit bottom. I think I maybe got 15 to 20 good strokes in before I reached orgasm. True to my previous experiences with poppers, I seemed to cum forever. When I slowly pulled out of C there was a steady trail of cum running from his hole down the crack of his ass and pooling on the carpet.

At this point, C was just laying there on the floor, still breathing heavy. His legs were splayed open and his arms continued to be stretched above his head. I motioned for my buddy two go back into the bedroom before I took C’s blindfold off.

I let C lay there a bit longer while I quickly gathered up all of his clothes. Then I took off his blindfold and helped him sit-up. He was definitely in a daze and I practically redressed him myself. Once he was all put back together I helped him up off the floor. I was still naked and I noticed that for the last few minutes, C had been staring at my flaccid although still very plump cock. I then squeezed the head of my cock, forcing one last drop of cum from the tip onto my end of my index finger. I held the finger up to him. On his own, with out saying a word or looking at me, he put my finger in his mouth.

Me: “Ok, you better get going before you wife starts wondering where you are”

C just nodded agreement and headed for the door.

Two hours later I received and instant message from C saying,

C: “I had to change my underwear and pants when I got home because your cum soaked through, and it is still coming out… I cant believe how much cum you guys put in me… Please tell me that you guys are safe”

Me: “We are Safe… I promise”

C: “I cant stop beating off… every time I feel cum oozing out of my ass, I have to beat off again”

The Rest of The Story:

Unfortunately, over the following year, C continued to deny who and what he is which only made his craving for cock and cum stronger. Consequently, he contacted more and more guys on line, but like he did with me, he would flake out and stand them up at the last minute. Eventually, his wife noticed his increased time on the computer became suspicious and eventually found several emails and pictures and gay porn. She divorced him in record time. Once separated from his wife, C’s need to hunt for cum grew even stronger, wasting hundreds of ours online. I say “wasting” because he would rarely go through with it until the urges got so strong that he would take huge risks to get some cum. He even hooked up and sucked off a guy in the basement of church.

I was able to get with him only 4 more times over the last two years although we had attempted many times. The times we did get together, he would resist and try to get me to stop at the last minute for fear of the initial pain and fear of becoming addicted to cum. On the last “fear”, it is already too late. He even lost his job. Although he would not admit it, I suspect his addiction to cum had something to do with losing his job.

I know that I am not completely responsible for what happened between C and his wife, nonetheless, I still feel very guilty. As a result, I can’t seem to have sex with anyone who I know is married.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Boy

I had to run up to Portland ME for a couple of days this week, and as always, it took me approximately 15 minutes to setup and confirm a hookup. I don’t know why it is so quick for me when I am in Portland… perhaps it is because there are so few black people in Maine, let alone black gay male tops. Most of the chat sessions there start off with something like

“I have never been with a black man before”


“I love black dick!”

If you have been reading this blog you know that my ultimate type is a “Larry The Cable Guy” type. White, slightly husky men with facial hair and a down-to-earth attitude/personality always get my attention. In fact, a guy with a slight belly (as in you cant rally tell they have a belly until they are naked), make me instantly hard. However, this is not to say that this is the only body type I am into. Actually, my type in men is very eclectic, and I definitely go through moods where I get horny for a particular type for reasons that are beyond my comprehension. This week, for some reason, I have been in a big boy mood.

On a side note, I have always enjoyed getting head form big boys… I am sure that it is all in my head, but I have always found head from big boys to be exceptionally good… they just seem to try harder. As you know, I love giving head also, and on those occasions when I come across a big boy with a big white dick! … “Boy-Howdy!”

Anyway, I was in a big boy mood and this really big guy on manhunt hits me up.

Big Boy: “Hi, you are fuck’n hot… I have always wanted to get with a hot black man!”

See…I told you… they all start out that way in Maine.

We chatted for a bit and he seemed like a nice guy but I already had social plans that night. Undaunted, he proceeded to tell me that he would be leaving his front door unlocked and that he would be in bed naked. He did not have to work the next day so I could come at anytime during the night. Like I said… they just try harder!

I arrived at his door at about 0100 hrs. I had no idea if his door really would be unlocked or not. In fact, I honestly expected it to be locked because there are so many fakes, flakes and half-baked on Manhunt. I reached for the door knob and it turned. It was indeed unlocked. My very next thought was, what if this is not the right house?

After taking a full minute to contemplate the risk, it occurred to me that a strange black man standing on the front door in a quite white Maine neighborhood was probably riskier, or at least more suspicious, than if I simply walked in as if the occupants of the house were expecting me.

I walked into the very small living room and see that the kitchen was off to the right, and a single bedroom was off to the left. The door to the bedroom was open and there indeed was a big naked white boy lying on top of a raised bed facing away from the bedroom door.

I walked into the bedroom, and Big Boy calmly rolled over and stared at me as I started to undress. All he said was,

Big Boy: "I am glad you came. "

This was the first time that I got a good look at his face. He could not have been more than 25yr old with an extremely cute baby-face and huge dimples.

Me: "How could I refuse an offer like that?"

His only response was a huge “boy-next-door” smile.

The room smelled like Dial soap and there was a damp towel on the floor next to the bed so I knew that he must have just come from the shower. He also had poppers and lube setting on the night stand next to his bed.

Once naked, I crawled up on top of the bed and him. He instantly began rubbing his hands over my chest, shoulders and arms. He clearly was a muscle worshiper, and as he admired my build, I could feel his dick getting rock hard under me. Then he leaned up, opening his mouth, signaling that he was about to kiss me. That kiss… well… again, big guys just try harder. This kid was a great kisser and that, coupled with the whole situation made me rock hard and ready to fuck.

I stuffed a pillow under his big ass and pushed his legs up as close to his chest as they would go. I grabbed the lube, lubed his hole … super tight… and then my cock. While I was doing this, he was inhaling those poppers like his life depended upon it. I the head of my cock as his tight hole and waited about ten seconds for the poppers to take full affect. When his head dropped back on the pillow and his body went sort of limp, I pushed the fat head of my cock in him hard.

Big Boy: “AAAAHHH, AHHH, AHH… Wait!... Please! Take it out… wait!”

He wiggled his way off my cock, closed his legs and sort of rolled over on his side while tightly gripping the bed sheets in his fists. I sat back on my haunches and waited. I took 30 seconds for the pain to subside at which point he laid back on his ass. He was still breathing heavy with his eyes closed and legs together. I waited about another 10 seconds before I forced his legs apart and re-adjusted his ass on the pillow.

Me: “Come on now, this is what you wanted… it will be better… just try to relax and let it happen… you will be ok… I promise”

I put cock head at his opening again and gradually applied continual pressure. He tried to wiggle away again, but I had a firm grip on his legs this time and would not let him get away. When he stopped trying to wiggle away, I made a huge thrust and buried me cock in him to the hilt and stopped. Big Boy grunted loudly, but the fight was going out of him as his hole began to adjust to my size.

I then handed him the poppers,

Me: "Here, take another big hit of this"

After the second hit of poppers we were finally ready to fuck. I moved strong and deep on the down strokes, and pulled out slow and easy on the up strokes. Big Boy seemed to really like this fucking method as his grunts turned into very sexy moans.

After fucking him this way for about three minutes I could tell that it was getting difficult for him to hold his legs up so I pulled out and moved him so that he was sitting upright on the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor between his legs. I then draped his big legs over each of my arms and slid his ass off the edge of the bed and onto my rock hard cock. His back was supported by the bed and his legs by my arms… in affect, he was in a human sling. The good new/bad news about this position was that Big Boy was totally supported and could relax which made his hole open more to accommodate my fat cock. The bad news was that I was supporting about 200 of his estimated 300 pounds while I was fucking him. After about two minutes of this my shoulders, chest and arms were rippling and covered in a thin layer of sweat. Big Boy’s head was thrown back with his arms above his head… totally enjoying the ride. To my complete surprise, at approximately minute 3 of this position Big Boy announced

Big Boy: "I am going to cum!"

Me: "Really???"

I was surprised because even though his dick was hard, his hands were no where near it. I have never really seen someone auto cum let alone see them auto cum while I was fucking them. Gotta tell ya guys, that is a huge ego booster for a top.

Me: “Fuck Yeah… let it go man”

With that, a thick rich cream began flowing out of Big Boy’s six inch cock. By the time he was done, there was creamy stream of cum that ran down his cock, balls and even onto my pubic hair. TOTALLY HOT!

After 4 and a half minutes of fucking Big Boy in this position, I had to put him down. Once his feet hit the ground and he stood up on his own, he gave me the tightest bear hugs I have ever had.

Big Boy: That was great man!”

Me: “Well I am glad that you liked it, but we are not even close to being done”

Big Boy: “I don’t know if I can take any more”

Me: “Trust me, you can and will take more… turn around and lean over the bed.”

I felt that Big Boy wanted to object, but decided to accommodate rather than piss me off.

When he was in position, I reached under him and scooped up some of this cum from his dick and balls and used it to lube my cock before I pushed in him to the hilt in one stroke. I know that hurt him, but I felt that it was time for my pleasure.

I spread his big ass cheeks wide so that I could get as deep in him as possible. The tone and the mood of the fuck had changed. Instead of the sexy moans, all I heard from Big Boy was a muted grunt with each forceful thrust. Clearly he was just trying to get through it at this point. I fucked him this way for about another 3 minutes, steadily picking up the pace until I felt close to cuming.

I then pulled out of him and told him to get up on the bed on his belly. Big Boy hesitated a bit but then did what I told him. At this point, he would not even look at anymore.

I mounted him forcefully again… and lay full on top of him… fucking him with my hips. This put my head near his ear and I said

Me:” I know you are pissed, but you said you would take my load online… so you are going to take it! I am the first black man to fuck, and the first man to breed your hole!”

With that, I pumped a couple more times and let loose a large load… about 8 squirts… deep inside him. As soon as I was done, Big Boy quickly rolled over onto his back. My cock came out of his hole with a “plop” sound. He was rock hard again and was franticly stroking his cock. Within 15 seconds, Big Boy shot his second load. A load that was much bigger and longer lasting than his first.

After Big Boy finished cuming, he rolled onto his side with his back to me. I put my arm around him and in return, he pressed his ass back against my crotch so that we were spooning. We both fell asleep for about an hour. When I woke up I got up, picked up my clothes and went into the front room to dress. Just before I left, I looked back towards Big Boy’s room. He was laying on this belly and looking at me. I asked,

Me: “Are you ok?”

He shook his head “Yes” but did not say a word. With that, I left.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Nugget Short

Ok guys, I know that it has been a bit since my last post… I usually like to post at least once a week, but I have been having second thoughts about sharing my latest activities because I am learning things about myself that I am not sure are good or bad. I think it was Bikeguy who commented in his blog some time ago that a blogger blogs for himself… meaning that you learn a lot about your sexual self when you consistently think through and write about your sex life. I never doubted that this was a true statement; I just underestimated the power of such self-discovery. While I have not given any though to quitting this blog, I have had to slow down a bit as I go through the process of understanding and accepting who and what I am sexually.

I have learned that am a true dominate top. Not a verbal dominate like in a Bobby Blake way… “Take It Bitch”. Nor am I a dominate that constantly looks for ways to humiliate a submissive bottom, although I do sometimes humiliate a sub. My dominate nature centers around power and force. For example…although I hate the crime, I have always found reading about rape makes my dick hard… especially male rape. Remember my post about when I took advantage of my drunken roommate? I actually had a tough reconciling what I had done afterwards… but while it was happening, I don’t think I have ever been more sexually charged. Additionally, I seem to get into fucking guys who struggle taking my exceptionally fat cock more than the ones who can adjust and take me easily. I remember fucking a friend of mine five years ago who had been sexually abused by his father as a boy. We had fucked a couple of times before, but this time I was staying the night. In the middle of the night I woke him up by crawling on his naked body and said in his ear,
“It is time to give daddy what he needs”

My friend literally began to tremble, and put his perfect bubble butt in the air. I truly did not mean to simulate his childhood abuse… I ment “daddy” as in “fuck buddy daddy” not “daddy daddy!” Anyway, when began to tremble and look at me with fear in his eyes I realized that I unintentionally triggered something in him, and I froze. But, after he rolled over on his belly and stuck his ass in the air and said,

“Yes daddy…I am your big boy… I am your good boy”

I was rock hard and decided to go along with it for a bit. My friend has always been very expressive when getting fucked, but this time it was different. He actually started crying real tears… I mean really sobbing and saying over and over

“I am a big boy daddy… I am your good boy”

Something about him crying real tears triggered something in me and I went to what I can only call the darkside. I fucked him so hard… so long… I truly became some animal. The more he cried, the more turned on I became, the harder I fucked him until I finally came.

Anyway, I really did not mean to go off into that story… I am just free flow writing here.. still trying to understand me. Anyway, just to wrap up that story, we were already good friends, but that night has made us like brothers… extremely close… so close that we don’t even fuck anymore… truly would be like fucking my brother.

I guess I always subconsciously knew that I had a dark sexual side, but I recently had to come to grips with it again over the last several weeks as my encounters have been drifting back toward dark side. I am not ready to share all of those encounters here yet, but one I can write about now was about six weeks ago when I aggressively fucked this young white guy in New Jersey who clearly was one McNugget short of a Happy Meal.

Now before anyone jumps to conclusions… no! the guy was NOT retarded (mentally challenged). In fact, he has a decent job with the Port Authority… but he was clearly what we used to call “Slow”. As I reflected on the fuck that night, I realized that I was turned on more by the fact that I was fucking someone who was slightly mentally challenged than any thing else.

As per my routine, I was at the gym this day at 0500 hrs. Nothing special there, I went through my regular weight training routine and then hit the showers. This guy, who I will call “Nugget” was in the locker room. He was entering the dry sauna, which has a glass door. As I got out of me gym clothes I noticed him staring at me through the sauna room door. I did not think much of it at the time.

I made my way to the showers. When I turned around I realized he had left the sauna and had followed me into the shower area. He chose the shower stall across from mine, and he left the curtain wide open. By this time I knew the guy was either gay, or extremely curious. I also knew that there was something not quite right about him because he obviously did not know how to discretely cop a dick peek in a public place. This realization perked my sexual interest. I mean otherwise, he was just an average looking kid (25 yo I learned later) He was 6’ tall, 36 waist, dirty blond hair and pasty white.

He stared at me the whole time I was in the shower, and I began to stare back which made him extremely nervous and he would briefly look away.

After my shower I lost track of him. I got dressed and was leaving the gym when I saw him again by the door. It seemed that he was waiting for me. Now my dick was hard at the prospect of fucking this guy. I decided to simply approach him in the parking lot and suggest that we go somewhere and fuck. From his demeanor in the locker room I knew this would make him nervous and put him off balance a bit at which point I would press him even more so that he would either bolt or give it up.

When he noticed I was walking toward him, he got very nervous and said,


I did not say anything, just kept walking toward him. He said again in a higher voice

“Hello, can I help you”

By this time I am close enough were he could hear me without me shouting. I said,

“Just relax… it is all good”

He said,

“I hope you don’t thing I was following you or anything”

“Just relax… it is
ok, I just want to introduce myself. With that I stuck out my hand and he reluctantly took it. Then he said,

“What country are you from?”… yeah I know… strange question… confirms that he is a nugget short of a happy meal.

Ummm … from America…same as you”

ok… you look exotic…that is why I kept looking at you… I hope you don’t think I was staring at you”

“You were staring at me and I was staring at you because I want to fuck you.”

“Are you Gay?”, he asked.

“Yes I am”

“Me too”, he said.

“I know”


“So how about it… do you live alone?”

“Yes, but I don’t have much experience”

“That is fine… just relax, I wont hurt you”

“I have always wanted to suck a black…”

“Yeah, we can do that… I am going to follow you to your place”

With that I just turned and walked to my car. He stood there for about a minute, not really knowing what to do, but he finally got in his car and I followed him about 7 miles to his house.

I don’t know about you, but if I walk into a trick’s house and the place is a mess, I usually turn and walk back out again. Usually, I cant stand to fuck in a messy place. Nuggets place was beyond messy. He was renting a two-story house and I swear, there were cloths tossed every where. The kitchen had dirty dishes on every surface…but I was horny.

He kept apologizing for the mess as we walked upstairs to his bedroom, which was in much the same condition as the rest of the house. His bed was two mattresses stacked upon each other, although the sheet did look clean.

At this point, I simply took over.

“Get naked boy”.

He hesitated for a moment… I looked him in the eyes, and repeated slowly,


With that, he pulled off his clothes down to his underwear, which I yanked off him and then sort of tackled him onto the bed. Having just come form the gym, he was clean and he felt good under me. He also had a very nice 7” dick that was already rock hard.

I straddled his chest, and pressed my swollen cock against his closed lips.

“You said you always wanted to suck a black cock…well here it is”

He tentatively opened his mouth. As soon as it was open wide enough I shoved my entire cock into his mouth and held it there. All things considered, he did a very good job of sucking my cock after he got over the shock of my aggressiveness. He had me rock hard in no time, and when I looked back at this cock, it was leaking pre-cum like a fountain.

“that’s very good Nugget, now just relax ok… I am not going to hurt you”

He did not say anything, but I could see the look of fear in his eyes as he realized that he was in over his head. At this point, I slowed things down… I actually wanted him to enjoy the experience even though I was clearly there for my pleasure first and foremost.

I slid down, and engulfed his cock in my mouth. His pre-cum actually had sort of a sweet taste to it. I took my time and tried to give him a blow job like none other he has experienced.

I could only blow him for about a minute before he was on the very edge of shooting his load.

I then pushed his legs up exposing his freshly cleaned hole. I don’t think anyone had ever eaten his hole before because he tried stop me until I got the tip of my tong in there and wiggled it around a bit. At that point he stopped fighting me and simply went crazy clenching and opening his whole all the while kicking his legs all over the place. It was all I could do to hold him still enough to keep my tong in him.

“Oh…Wow…Oh Oh Oh…Wow”

He was clearly enjoying it, but probably not as much as me. I love eating a clean white hole that I am about rip open with my fat cock.

I figured that I could talk to him about what was to come next, and with much care and time get him to go along with it, but the idea of taking his hole by surprise turned me on much more. Consequently, I turned up my tong acrobatics on his hole and put as much spit in there as I could. I also pushed his knees to his chest fully exposing his hole, and positioning it at a level that would align perfectly with my cock.

In one motion, I rose from eating his ass, and stabbed my rock hard cock at his hole.

OOOOOUUUWW…..OOOUUUWW…. Hurts … It Hurts”!

I had hit the mark and got about half of my cock into him before he clamped down like a vice. It felt good inside him.

“Try to relax… It will stop hurting in a minute..”

“No.. please stop… it hurts too much”

“I have stopped… I wont move until it stops hurting… I will start to feel better soon….I promise”

He continued to complain and tried to wiggle away, but I was able to hold on to him and move with him so that I stayed in him. He continued to struggle and even started throwing punches at me, mostly hitting my chest and arm. I simply pushed in him a bit more and that put an end to the punching.

I stayed in him for little more than a minute before I could see evidence that the pain was subsiding.

“It is feeling better now isn’t it?”

An exaggerated “NO!” was his answer, but I knew that was just him being pissed.

“You feel really good… You have a great ass… Hot as fuck man!”


“Fuck Yeah Man… you are great!”

“You should have a condom on… Are you Safe?”

“Yes… I get tested every six months… I know for a fact that I am negative… You are safe with me”

“It still hurts a little”

Ok… I can fix that… do you have some lube?”

Another exaggerated “NO!”

“What do you use to jack off with?” After a brief pause

“Lotion” he said and looked over to his left.

On the night-stand was some Jergins lotion. I reached for and squirted a healthy amount in the palm of my hand. I then told him to relax so that I could pull out of him. I pulled out and immediately replaced my cock with two fingers and lubed his hot hole with lotion.

“Now listen to me very carefully… I want you to pretend that you are taking a shit… like you are pushing out a terd


“Just do it!”

As he opened his hole, I pushed my cock all the way into him to the hilt. It took his breath a way for a moment, but he took it much better this time.

I hoisted his legs all the way up on my shoulders and began a slow pump in and out of him. I changed the angle of my thrust a bit and was able to hit his prostate on the down stroke.

“I think I have to pee”, he said after about a minute of me fucking him fully.

“I know you think you do, but you don’t… what you need to do is to start stroking your cock”

He did as I instructed and I picked up the pace.

It was obvious to me that I was his first fuck. It was also clear to me that I would breed him even though I knew this would completely freak him out.

I only fucked him for about three minutes before I was ready to cum.

“I am going to cum in you boy”

“NO!... Don’t! Please”

I think I shot the first wad on the word “Please”, and continued to pulse five more wads into him before I was done.

“I just filled you with my cum… I promise, you will be ok

With that I slowly pulled out of him.

He did not say a word, he just turned his head to the side and had a far away look on his face. He was also still hard so I crawled to his side, and made him turn his head and look at me. I was on my knees and my still wet cock was inches from his face. Without saying a word he stared began stroking his cock again.

“That’s right… this is the cock that took your virgin hole… this fat cock was buried deep in your ass and spit cum inside you.

Now he was stroking hard and I could tell he was right on the verge of cuming. So I leaned down near his ear and whispered,

“This nigger cock bred you… your ass is full of nigger cum”

With that, he shot a huge load all over the both of us.

When he stopped twitching, I got off the bed and began to put my clothes on. He simply stared at me and I stared back at him. When I was ready to go, I leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips and left.

For the rest of the day and that night, I felt bad because the only reason why I fuck Nugget was because he is “Slow”. Does anyone else get really turned on by bad things? Is this normal?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Never Happens

This past week I was in Reno NV for five days. Sadly, Reno does not seem to have much gay life at all, or at least it is buried deep in the closet.

On the second night there, I was on-line looking for some ass. I was about to call it a night when a white guy in his 40s messaged me saying that he has a tight white ass that needs some attention. While he had some pics online, they were all those far away type shots so that you could not see a lot of detail. However, one pic was a large pic of him bending over showing a very nice hole. So I messaged back:

“Where are you located”

He responded with,

“The …. Hotel”

“Really, what room?


“Well, you probably are not going to believe this but I am at the same hotel, better yet, I am also on the 20th floor”

In all the years I have been traveling and hooking up on the road, I have never hooked up with a person staying in the same hotel, let alone the same fuck’n floor!

He was from Wisconsin, in Reno visiting family, and could only hookup early in the morning or late at night. We made plans for me to walk down the hall at 0700 hours.

He told me that he is really into muscle, which was perfect as I normally hit the gym at 0400 hours. I told him,

“My arms will be nice and pumped for you to hold on to as I pump your ass with my cock.”

He is normally a “Safe Only” guy, but with just a bit of persuasion he agreed to take it bare.

At exactly 0700 hours I was at his hotel room door. He answered in a t-shirt and gym shorts. He is 6’ with a swimmers type body. He smelled like he just stepped out of the shower, and his hair was still damp… PERFECT!

As soon as the door was closed we began kissing and working each other nipples. He was clearly just as horny as me. I wasted no time in pulling off his clothes and aggressively pushing him down on the bed where he watched me undress before crawling on top of him.

We made out a little more before I went down on him. He had a nice 6.5 cut thick cock that was bone hard. If you have been following this blog, you know that I like to suck white cock.

At this point, he was really into it. In fact I had to pull back from sucking him for fear that he was going to cum before I had a chance to get in him.

I moved from his cock to his nicely shaved balls and then to a very pretty and very clean ass hole. His profile said that he was vers, but from the extreme tightness of his hole, I could tell that this guy mostly topped. There was no way I was going to be able to get my very fat cock into this tight hole quickly. So, I decided that I could be a little late to work that morning and proceeded to spend about 20 minutes alternating between licking his hole and working my thumb into it. I had to completely stop three times to keep him from shooting his load.

On the third stop I took the opportunity to liberally lube my cock, which was also bone hard. While doing this, we maintained constant eye contact. We were sort of communicating with out words,

“This is going to hurt a bit”

“I know, but I want it… I need it”

I pushed a pillow under his ass, placed his legs on my shoulders and put the head of my cock against his hole. This is the point where every bottom says to me “Slow, Please Slow”, but surprisingly Wisconsin said nothing. He had this determined look on his face that said

“I am going to take fat fucker no matter how much it hurts”

I took it slow… as slow as I could… until the head popped his hole open. Once the head was in, I pile drove the rest of my cock deep into him. Wisconsin stifled a hell. Instead his fact turned beat red and he started breathing like he was giving birth through gritted teeth. I quickly found a nice pumping rhythm, and soon his grunts were in time with my down strokes… I love to hear my bottoms grunt while I fuck them.

It was getting late, given that I still had to clean up and get ready for work so when I felt cum rising in my balls, I did nothing to slow its approach. The only warning that I gave him was a deep grunt as the first blast of my cum was planted deep in his hole. It had been a few days since I had gotten off, so I dropped a big load in him.

When my cock began to pulse inside him, he started jacking his cock. About 15 seconds after I was done shooting, he shot a huge cum load that trailed from his chin to his belly button.

When he was done shooting, I suddenly pulled out of him in one motion… this caused him to convulse a bit… I love it when that happens.

Before I left he stood, thanked me, and said,

“I don’t know what time I will get back to the hotel tonight, but maybe we can get together again before I check out in the morning.”

“Sure, just give me a call”

I said that just to be nice. There was no way I planned to ever see him again.

As it turned out, I had a tough day of work. When I returned to the hotel, I had a quick bite of dinner, did some reading to relax, and was lights out by 2200 hours. At 2300 hours my cell phone rang. It was Wisconsin. He said,

“I just got back to my room and I am very sore from this morning, but my ass still has your cum in it, and you can fuck me again if you want.”

My first inclination was to say no… but to be honest, the idea of fucking him with my own cum from this morning as lube was too much for me to turndown. I got out of bed, slipped on a t-shirt and jeans and walked down the hall. He had the door ajar so I could just walk in.

I found him sitting on the bed with just his gym shorts on. As I approached him he shucked his shorts, leaned back on the edge of the bed, pulling his knees to his chest. His hole was red and slightly swollen from the pounding he took about 16 hours ago. I put my finger in his hole and he flinched from the contact. However, it was indeed all gooy inside. This made me instantly hard as a rock. I quickly stripped and position my cock to enter him.

When I pushed into him this time, he did yell in pain. I did feel bad for the pain, but I also knew that going slow would just prolong the pain. The goal here was to get in and give him another load as quickly as possible.

After the second full stroke, my cock was completely covered by my earlier load. There is a distinctive smell to churned-up cum from sloppy seconds and it makes me close to Cumming every time I smell it. I lasted for only about two minutes before I filled his hole again. I don’t think he took a breath during the fuck. It is rare that I cum twice in the same day anymore, but surprisingly, I did come again and it seemed that I came even harder than I did that morning.

Completely empty, I carefully pulled out of him and then laid next to him on the bed. As soon as my cock was out of him, he began to stroke his cock. I turned to him and kissed him passionately. He actually began to cum during the kiss… I found that to be totally hot!

We laid there silent, but touching for about five minutes when I noticed that he was drifting off to sleep. I waited a few more minutes until he was snoring. I gently kissed him on the forehead, got dressed, turned out the lights and returned to my room.

While in a meeting the next day, I received a text message from Wisconsin. It simply said,

“Thank You… please call me if you ever travel to Wisconsin”

Count on it Wisconsin!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chicken Tender

I have a few simple rules about whom I fuck. One of them is that if the trick is young enough that he could be my Son, he is way too young for my fat cock.

I was in New Jersey over night last week. I had been on the usual sites looking for some decent ass for about hour with no luck. There was this one guy with a screen name that was something like AFbtm (that is not it, but something like it) that kept trying to IM me on manhunt. At first I just did not respond, but he kept at it for nearly the whole hour I was online. Finally I thanked him for his interest, but said that he is just too young for me to fuck. Undaunted, he kept at it saying that he could more than take my cock, and even though he is only 19 yo, he has taken plenty of loads. In the very next sentence he assured me that he is still negative.

This went on for about another 30 minutes. He gave up on trying to get me to fuck him and promised that he would give me the best blow job I have every had… I had to points for being persistent. I also give him points for picking up on the fact that I was super horny and needed do drop my load. I finally agreed that he could come to my hotel room and he could suck my cock for a bit., but I made no promises because I really do have a mental block when it comes to fucking what I consider “kids”.

About an hour later, AFBoy is at my door. He is about 5’11”, 32”waist, swimmers build, sandy blond hair, freckles and sky blue eyes…The epitome of the Neighbor Kid Next Door. (I took him at his word that he was indeed 19 although in retrospect, he could have been anywhere from 17 to 20)

I instantly knew that this would not work for me so I stood in the door way shaking my head “No” and began to tell him that it just was not going to work…. While I was talking, the kid walks right by me into my room.

I turned to face him and said,

“Look Kid, I appreciate you coming out and everything, but….”

At this point, the kid had his sweatshirt off, pants undone (no underwear), and was on his knees with his mouth wide open… looking up at me with those totally submissive blue eyes. I am sure that everyone reading this knows what happened next…. Yeah… I got rock hard!

I saw his eyes break away from mine, and stare directly at my bulging crotch. There was this moment… nothing was said and neither of us moved…. In that moment I knew that he knew that he was going to get my cum in at least one hole.

He quickly jumped up… kicked off his tennis shoes…. Dropped his pant and returned to his knees directly in front of my crotch… naked except for his white gym socks. He once again looks up at me with those submissive eyes and says,

“Please use me Sir”

I still did not say a word or move a muscle. Truly, a war was going on in my head between my desire and my morality.

After about 10 seconds of no response for me, AFBoy very tentatively reached up and gently put his warm cold and shaky hand on my crotch and felt my cock through my trousers. Hid touch, made my cock begin to twitch. I think the sudden movement of my cock surprised him and turned him on at the same time as he too became instantly hard at that point.

Somewhat encourages by my failure to remove his hand from my cock, he became a little more brave and began to unbuckle my belt. At that point, the debate in my head was over. I would not fuck AFBoy’s tender ass, but his throat would be sore for two days by the time I let him leave.

I took over the undoing of my pants, and taking off the rest of my cloths. As I did I said,

“Lets be crystal clear boy, I wont fuck your ass, but I will fuck your throat”

“yes, thank you Sir”

“You will do exactly as I direct, and you are not allowed to quit. Is that understood”

“mmm oh, Yes… Sir… thank you Sir… I will do my best Sir… make me take it Sir”

“Trust me, you will never forget the this next hour”

He visibly trembled a bit and said,

“I understand Sir”

I realize that I am dominant, but when I get with a bottom that is particularly submissive, something comes over me and I tend to get very rough. Once I was naked, I lined my cock up with his open mouth… I paused, and told him,

“Close your eyes, and keep them close at all times, no mater what… understand?”

He had a nervous look on his face, then slowly closed his eyes as he said,

“Yes Sir”

I placed my hand at the back of his head and then rammed my fat cock all the way in his mouth and now his throat and held it there for about 15 seconds… until he was pushing on my legs trying to get air. I pulled back and let him breath… with the first gulp of air, he coughed hard. After his second gulp of air, I assaulted his throat again, and then again, and then again, and again.

By this time tears were streaming down his cheeks. I shoved it in again and held it and asked him,

“Are you going to quit?”

He could not speak with my cock in his mouth so he quickly shook his head “No”

“Good Boy”

Each time I would go deep in his throat, I was using the fat head of my cock to open his throat. He was actually getting the hang of it and gaging less and less. Then I briefly caught him opening his eyes. I pulled my cock out of his mouth, stepped into the bathroom and came back with a damp hand towel. I rolled in and made it into a blindfold.

“I told you to keep your eyes closed… now I have to blindfold you”

“Yes Sir, I am sorry Sir”

Once I had the wet blind fold on tight, I led him to the bed, made him lay on his back with his head dangling off the edge.

“Now I am going to fuck your throat… open your mouth as wide as you can and cover your teeth. Don’t do anything but hold your mouth open and cover your teeth”

I adjusted the angle of his head so that it was perfectly in-line with my cock. Then I began slow deep thrusts deep into his throat. I was penetrating his throat much deeper now so he was gagging pretty hard and coughing up flem. Soon his entire face was covered with flem, and spit-up. I looked gross but it felt so very good on my cock.

I could feel the cum rising in my balls as he struggled to hang on and stay with tme… His whole lower body was withering all over the place and he balled up the bed sheet in his clutching fist. He obvious struggle made me hotter and I fucked hi throat a little harder.

I so wanted to cum at that moment, but I did, he would hardly be able taste it with all that other shit he was coughing up so I pulled back.

“Ok… take it easy, stay here… don’t move”

I went to the bath room and got a warm wet face cloth and a towel. I retuned to him and proceeded to clean up him and my cock. He was trying so hard to be tough, but it was clear that he was crying under the blindfold. I kept talking to him while I cleaned.

“Wow, you are tough. That is as good as anyone had with my cock in their throat… you feel really good”

I let him calm down a bit. Then I said,

“Ok boy, it time for you to eat some cum”

“Yes Sir”

I put him square on the bed with a couple of pillow under his head. I then straddled his chest, leaned forward and held on to the head board as I lowered my cock into his waiting mouth.

“suck me boy… suck the cum out of me”

Like a champ, AFBoy sucked me good. The right amount of spit, sucking and tong movement along the underside of my cock head. It really was very good!

After about 3 minutes of this, I grunted and let loose a very heavy load in his mouth. Through gritted teeth as I was cumming, I said,

“Don’t swallow it yet boy… hold in your mouth”

AFBoy held perfectly still as I finished cumming. When I was done, I got off of him and told him to spit some of my cum in his hand and jack off. He did as told. Meanwhile, I sucked on two fingers and then slowly inserted them in his very smooth…. I should have fucked…. Ass and massaged his prostate. In less than two minutes he was ready to cum. As soon as he bagan to shoot, I put my mouth on his cock and caught a HUGE and VERY THICK load of his cum. When I was done, I immediately kissed him and fed all of his load back to him. Then I ssaid,

“Now swallow it”

I honestly wanted to just gently hold him for awhile, but knew that was not what HE NEEDED. He needed me to complete the whole experience validate what he is… what he feels inside about himself. So, with the blind fold still on, I took him to the bathtub, put him on his knee in the tube while I stood on the rim of the tube and unleashed a torent of rank yellow piss all over him. As a true testimony to his youth, the kid was rock hard AGAIN. The whole time I was pissing on him he was saying,

“Thank you Sir, … Yes Sir… Mark me Sir”

When I was done pissing, I grabbed him by the arm and lead him to the door. I stopped to scoop up all his shit and then open the door, through his shit in the hallway, and pushed him in to the hallway with the blindfold still on. I then closed and bolted the door.

Of couse, I watched him through the peep hole. I have to give it to the kid, he adapts quickly. He stood there naked and piss soaked in the hall stunned for about 5 seconds as he contemplated this final twist. He then quickly took off the blindfold, gathered his stuff and had the presents of mind to run two doors down to the fire escape. I assume that he got dressed in the fire escape stairwell before leaving the building.

Later that night, I did get an email from him. It simply said,

Thank you Sir, I will never forget you or this night!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost Friend

I was up in Maine a couple of weeks ago and once again, my aggressiveness caused me to fuck up another friendship.

A bit of background.... last summer I was at the only real gay bar in Portland Maine. It was a rather slow saturday night. I was staying at a friends empty house as he was out of the country for the summer and was very horny. There was not much to pick from in the bar, plus, everyone would look at me but not approach me... probably because there are so few black people in Maine, let alone gay black people. Anyway, I was about to finish my beer and leave when in walks a bear cub of a guy with I well groomed gotee, plaid sleeveless shirt, jeans, boots and worn ball cap. If you have been reading this blog, you know that I really go for the white guys... what you may not know until now is that natural looking farm boys... somewhat rednecks (see Cable Guy post) really make my dick hard.

Anyway, long story short, it took me about an hour wand two rounds of beers to pick that guy up, take him back to my friends house and fuck him twice bareback but not breed him. He did not say much, rather shy, but he made mistake about expressing how much my fat cock hurt, and then how good it felt after he got past the pain. Needless to say, we both had a good time. We continued to chat online for the rest of my visit, and even hooked up again for another similar fuck the night before I returned to Washington.

I was back up in Maine a few weeks ago and we made plans to get together. Since that first time we fucked, he had since entered a relationship and exited a relationship, and had moved in with another, non-sexual, friend.

Since time was short this time we decided that I would come over to his place on a Thursday night. When I got there, I was sort of surprised to see his housemate there. He introduced us and then we went to his bedroom. We sat on the bed and caught up for about thirty minutes. I sat at the foot of the bed and he was all the way at the head of the bed, and made no move whatsoever to get things started. In fact, I was wondering if we were going to have sex at all since it had been several months since we had seen each other, and he was clear about not fucking around while he was in relationship. All the while we were chatting, I could hear his housemate putzing around just outside the bedroom door. I am sure that he was listening for sounds of sex.

Finally, about 45 minutes we were beginning to exhaust the list of things go chat about, and I decided that although we did not talk specifically about having sex when we set this meeting up, I came there to get laid. Without a word, I moved over to him and kissed him hard. He seemed a little shocked, so I took the opportunity to kiss him again and begin to unbuckle his belt and take his pants off. He was extremely passive...not agreeing but not saying "stop" either.

Within two minutes we were both completely naked and I had him pinned to the bed. In my head, I decided that there is one sure way to know if the was planning for this or not. With that, I lifted his legs up to his chest and moved into position to eat his ass. As soon as I got close, I could smell the soapy smell of a freshly cleaned ass. At that point, any hesitation/reservation I had when out the window.

I ate him strong for about three minutes.... all the while working as much spit into his butt as I could . He must have know that I was planning to spit fuck him hard, because when I came up for air, he was already handing me a bottle of wet and said,

"Dude, I cant take you without lube"

"Fine", I said, and proceeded to lube both his hole and my cock.

I began fucking him slow with his knees pinned to his chest. He grunted and groaned loudly... I am sure his housemate heard him... I know he was just outside that door!

I proceeded to fuck him deeper and faster... and I dont know if he ever got to the place of pleasure over pain... He had a pained look on his face the whole time....

After about 15 minutes of solid fucking... I felt my seed raising in my balls. I was soon at that point of pulling out and shooting on him... like before.... and staying in and breeding him deep. I was going back and forward trying to decide what to do, and then I this mental picture of him walking me out of the house, past his nosy housemate with my cum seeping out of his ass and into his jeans.... that was it.... I dumped a huge load him... I also made loud grunting noises with every squirt for the benefit of his housemate.

The whole time I was fucking him he had his eyes closed... squinting at the pain... but when I unloaded.... his eyes shot open as if to say "OH NO!" Although i could read the expression on his face... he did not say a word.

We cleaned up, and we indeed walked right past his housemate... just as I had seen it in my head...

I chatted with him online the next day... He admitted that he was not expecting me to breed him... I assured him that I a indded HIV Negative.... and he seemed very glad to hear that.... but I could tell for the way he was talking that that would be the last time that we fuck.... Shit!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Punishment Fuck

Sorry folks, it has been awhile since my last post. Two factors have caused this delay. First, like Bikeguy, most of my hookups take place while I am on business travel. My travel is just now picking up again after the holiday slow down. Secondly, Roomie has been venturing into my bed more and more as he has gotten over the fact that I nearly raped him that first time. I have not yet decided if I will blog anymore about sex with my housemate. I find it more difficult to write about fucking a guy who is not only a very good friend, and one who lives in the same house. No, he does not know about this blog yet.

Anyway, it is Tuesday morning and I am in the Airport awaiting my flight back to DC from Alabama. My cock is a bit sore from fucking a skinny white boy so hard last night. t It was a punishment fuck to be sure.

The trick’s name is Mike. The interesting thing is how we hooked up. Mike is actually a repeat from a previous trip early last year. Evidently, while putting the hookup together last year, I put his cell phone number in my phone with just his first name. The day before began this trip, I was looking for another number and came across “Mike (in Birmingham)”. I had no recollection of this Mike, or the previous hookup. As if figured out later, this hookup took place eight months ago. On a whim, I decided to send the number a txt msg that said,

“Will be in town Sunday night though Tuesday morning”.

When I landed in Birmingham Sunday afternoon, and turned my phone on, there was a return msg,

“who is this?”

and another one that said,

“You looking?”

To make a long story short, I confessed to not knowing who I was sending the message to, but that we must have hooked-up before. Within about 4 msgs he was asking me

“Are you a big muscled black guy with a fat Bulldog Dick that fucked me silly last spring at the Hilton?”

The “Bulldog Dick” is a term he used the last time we fucked, and this keyed my memory.

“Yes, that would be me.”

We made plans for a second fuck at 6:00 PM Monday night.

At about 10 til 6 I get a txt msg saying:

“Hey, I am running late but I will be there by 6:30”

Maybe it is my background, but punctuality is important to me, and his being late irritated me a bit. Nonetheless, I responded:

“Copy That”

By 6:45 I am pissed and decided to call off the fuck.

“Listen guy, maybe another time”

He responded,

Mike: “I am here… pulling into the parking lot now”

Me: “Yeah, but this was supposed to go down at 1800 hours”

Mike: “I am sorry, I could not get away from work …”

Me: “I gotta tell ya… I am kinda pissed”

Mike: “I understand… take it out on me sexually Sir”

I truly had no plan to go through with this fuck until he said to take my anger out on him sexually… Honestly, that made my dick rock hard instantly.

Me: “Very well, proceed to room 202”

As this guy, Mike, walks through the door, I realize that I had forgotten what a hot body he has. He is 6’, 145lbs, 33 waist, broad shoulders and narrow hips. He had the classic swimmers body type. He also has one of those perfectly shaped bubble buts with only the slightest giggle to it when you smack it.

As soon as the door is closed and he turns to face me, I slap him hard across the face. He says nothing, looks down at the floor and prepares himself for the next slap which comes immediately. Again, he says nothing and stands there. I tell him to get naked and he hurriedly begins to remove all of his clothing and then waits for me by the bed.

As soon as I am also naked I turn him, and lean him over the side of the bed. I put just a bit of lube on the head of my cock. I want this first stroke to hurt. He had produced this little bottle of popper and was sniffing hard, trying to prepare himself for the initial shock of me penetrating him. As soon as he had the cap back on the bottle, I thrust into him in one strong motion. He yells out, and tries to get away by moving forward onto the bed, but he cant. I have a firm grip of his narrow hips and I move with him so that my fat cock stays burred deep in his guts. He is withering and moaning loudly on the bed underneath me. After holding my cock in him for about 15 second. I yank it out and he collapses flat on the bed. I walked over to my suitcase and remove an expensive bottle of German poppers.

“Here, use these…they are much stronger”

He gladly takes the new poppers, and takes a huge pull on them. I was a bit concerned about this because these poppers knock me on my ass! Nevertheless, he sort of drifted off into la la land as I repositioned him onto his back with his legs over my shoulders.

Just before I push back into him… he looks at me all glassy eyed and says,

“Please take me Sir… Punish me… Please breed me Sir”

With that I began a very hard driving fuck. His ass, now completely open, felt GREAT, but when he started to rub my nips while I was fucking him… I went into over drive. For awhile, all that could be heard was the click-clacky sound of cock moving in and out of a well lubed ass. The distinctive balls slapping bare ass. And, the gutteral moans of a well fucked bottom.

I fucked him steady for about 20 minutes, stopping only a couple of times to add more lube. He manages to say in a groggy voice,

“I don’t know how much more I can take Sir”. To that I said,

“You are about to get what you came for.”

I took a small sniff of the German poppers and worked my way up to and explosive orgasm. I counted 5 strong shots deep into his guts. As I did he said,

“Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir”

I stayed in him for about a minute while I came down off my popper high. As soon as I pulled out he ask,

“May I cum now Sir?”


I think he maybe got three good strokes in before he shot one of the biggest loads I have ever seen come out of a dick. He was not a strong shooter, rather, it just keep flowing out the head of his cock , all over his cock, hand and balls.

I helped him up and sent him into the bathroom to clean up. He was in there for about 5 minutes before he re-emerged, got dressed and left. The only thing he said before he left was,

“Please, text me again Sir when you come back”

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Night Visit

Entregate, you were right! Roomie did come visit my bed Friday night after Christmas.

Sorry It has been a while since I posted last. Have had plenty of sexual encounters, but with the Holidays, and having been thrown for a loop with the whole housemate rape thing, I needed to take a short break and think through some shit. Nonetheless, I am back now and will start off by quickly bringing you up to speed on what happened whit Roomie.

If you have been following this blog, you know that after I took advantage of by drunk, mostly straight, housemate, he insisted that I prove my HIV Negative status. I was tested and it came back Negative and I posted the results on his bedroom door as he was still not talking to me at that point. Let see, that was the Tuesday before Christmas.

I did not see much of him at all that week as he spent the Holiday with family out in Virginia. We both worked on Friday following Christmas. I had made it a quite night by eating an early dinner out, and then watching some HBO movie at home. I went to bed around 11:00. At some point during the night, I hear him come in the house. From the banging and talking to himself (something that he does when he is drunk) I quickly figured out that he was drunk.

About five minutes after I heard him enter the house, my bedroom door opens. I look up to seem his standing in the doorway. He is shirtless, and has nothing on his feet. He belt was undone, and his jeans were open at the fly and showing the top of his white underwear.

I said, "What's up?"

He said nothing. He simply hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his jeans and underwear and shucked them down to the floor in one motion. He stepped out of his jeans and walked four steps to the foot of my bed.

I said, "Are You sure?"

Again he did not speak, he simply nodded his head and then kneeled on the bed, pausing a moment before leaning over to rest his upper body on his elbows. His head was planted into the mattress.

I needed no further encouragement. I climbed out of bed nude and reached for the bottle of lube I keep in the night stand beside my bed. I stood behind him with a raging hard-on. The only sound in the room was the click clack sound of me rubbing a lot of lube all over my dick.

I took a step forward and he jumped slightly as the head of my cock made contact with his pucker. I grabbed his narrow hips with both hands and held him in place as I slowly pressed the head of my cock through his super tight sphincter. He grunted loudly as I popped his hole and sank all of my fat cock inside him. I had to tighten my grip on his hips as his natural reaction was to try and move away from the pain. I held him to my crotch for about thirty seconds until the pain started to go away and his hole adjusted to my girth.

I began to fuck him slowly, but I soon determined that I would not prolong this fuck because by now it was obvious that this would be a "dirty" fuck. Clearly, he is not aware of how a good bottom prepares to be fucked.

In less than a minute, I had him completely open and was fucking him with strong deep strokes. out of curiosity, I did quick "reach around" and found that he was indeed rock hard. I wanted to make this good for him so I pulled out and flipped him on his back. As I re-entered him, I angled my cock up, trying to hit his prostate with each stroke. Perhaps out of embarrassment or defiance, he still would not look at me as his eyes were close tight and his head was turned to the side. The only sound he made was grunts that were in perfect sync with the down stroke of my cock in his hole.

I soon felt the my orgasm approaching and I did not ask, rather, I told him, "I am going to cum in your ass"

With this announcement, he finally opened his eye and looked directly at me. At the same time he reached between his legs and began to aggressively stroke his cock. With one last, deep thrust, I let go, and shot a huge load deep in his hole. As I shot, I felt him tighten his hole around my cock. As soon as I was done unloading, he began to spry his chest and stomach with his own cum which came out in very thick globs.

As soon as he appeared to be done shooting his load, i slowly pulled out of him and went to the bathroom for a towel to clean up the mess. When I came back in the room, he was curled up in the fetal position.

"Are you okay?" long pause.

"I am better than okay... thank you... I know that we need to talk... but I am not ready for that yet... is that okay?"

"Sure, whenever you are ready... but can we go back to being friends again?"

"I would like that"

A few minutes later he left my bed for his own.