Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Nugget Short

Ok guys, I know that it has been a bit since my last post… I usually like to post at least once a week, but I have been having second thoughts about sharing my latest activities because I am learning things about myself that I am not sure are good or bad. I think it was Bikeguy who commented in his blog some time ago that a blogger blogs for himself… meaning that you learn a lot about your sexual self when you consistently think through and write about your sex life. I never doubted that this was a true statement; I just underestimated the power of such self-discovery. While I have not given any though to quitting this blog, I have had to slow down a bit as I go through the process of understanding and accepting who and what I am sexually.

I have learned that am a true dominate top. Not a verbal dominate like in a Bobby Blake way… “Take It Bitch”. Nor am I a dominate that constantly looks for ways to humiliate a submissive bottom, although I do sometimes humiliate a sub. My dominate nature centers around power and force. For example…although I hate the crime, I have always found reading about rape makes my dick hard… especially male rape. Remember my post about when I took advantage of my drunken roommate? I actually had a tough reconciling what I had done afterwards… but while it was happening, I don’t think I have ever been more sexually charged. Additionally, I seem to get into fucking guys who struggle taking my exceptionally fat cock more than the ones who can adjust and take me easily. I remember fucking a friend of mine five years ago who had been sexually abused by his father as a boy. We had fucked a couple of times before, but this time I was staying the night. In the middle of the night I woke him up by crawling on his naked body and said in his ear,
“It is time to give daddy what he needs”

My friend literally began to tremble, and put his perfect bubble butt in the air. I truly did not mean to simulate his childhood abuse… I ment “daddy” as in “fuck buddy daddy” not “daddy daddy!” Anyway, when began to tremble and look at me with fear in his eyes I realized that I unintentionally triggered something in him, and I froze. But, after he rolled over on his belly and stuck his ass in the air and said,

“Yes daddy…I am your big boy… I am your good boy”

I was rock hard and decided to go along with it for a bit. My friend has always been very expressive when getting fucked, but this time it was different. He actually started crying real tears… I mean really sobbing and saying over and over

“I am a big boy daddy… I am your good boy”

Something about him crying real tears triggered something in me and I went to what I can only call the darkside. I fucked him so hard… so long… I truly became some animal. The more he cried, the more turned on I became, the harder I fucked him until I finally came.

Anyway, I really did not mean to go off into that story… I am just free flow writing here.. still trying to understand me. Anyway, just to wrap up that story, we were already good friends, but that night has made us like brothers… extremely close… so close that we don’t even fuck anymore… truly would be like fucking my brother.

I guess I always subconsciously knew that I had a dark sexual side, but I recently had to come to grips with it again over the last several weeks as my encounters have been drifting back toward dark side. I am not ready to share all of those encounters here yet, but one I can write about now was about six weeks ago when I aggressively fucked this young white guy in New Jersey who clearly was one McNugget short of a Happy Meal.

Now before anyone jumps to conclusions… no! the guy was NOT retarded (mentally challenged). In fact, he has a decent job with the Port Authority… but he was clearly what we used to call “Slow”. As I reflected on the fuck that night, I realized that I was turned on more by the fact that I was fucking someone who was slightly mentally challenged than any thing else.

As per my routine, I was at the gym this day at 0500 hrs. Nothing special there, I went through my regular weight training routine and then hit the showers. This guy, who I will call “Nugget” was in the locker room. He was entering the dry sauna, which has a glass door. As I got out of me gym clothes I noticed him staring at me through the sauna room door. I did not think much of it at the time.

I made my way to the showers. When I turned around I realized he had left the sauna and had followed me into the shower area. He chose the shower stall across from mine, and he left the curtain wide open. By this time I knew the guy was either gay, or extremely curious. I also knew that there was something not quite right about him because he obviously did not know how to discretely cop a dick peek in a public place. This realization perked my sexual interest. I mean otherwise, he was just an average looking kid (25 yo I learned later) He was 6’ tall, 36 waist, dirty blond hair and pasty white.

He stared at me the whole time I was in the shower, and I began to stare back which made him extremely nervous and he would briefly look away.

After my shower I lost track of him. I got dressed and was leaving the gym when I saw him again by the door. It seemed that he was waiting for me. Now my dick was hard at the prospect of fucking this guy. I decided to simply approach him in the parking lot and suggest that we go somewhere and fuck. From his demeanor in the locker room I knew this would make him nervous and put him off balance a bit at which point I would press him even more so that he would either bolt or give it up.

When he noticed I was walking toward him, he got very nervous and said,


I did not say anything, just kept walking toward him. He said again in a higher voice

“Hello, can I help you”

By this time I am close enough were he could hear me without me shouting. I said,

“Just relax… it is all good”

He said,

“I hope you don’t thing I was following you or anything”

“Just relax… it is
ok, I just want to introduce myself. With that I stuck out my hand and he reluctantly took it. Then he said,

“What country are you from?”… yeah I know… strange question… confirms that he is a nugget short of a happy meal.

Ummm … from America…same as you”

ok… you look exotic…that is why I kept looking at you… I hope you don’t think I was staring at you”

“You were staring at me and I was staring at you because I want to fuck you.”

“Are you Gay?”, he asked.

“Yes I am”

“Me too”, he said.

“I know”


“So how about it… do you live alone?”

“Yes, but I don’t have much experience”

“That is fine… just relax, I wont hurt you”

“I have always wanted to suck a black…”

“Yeah, we can do that… I am going to follow you to your place”

With that I just turned and walked to my car. He stood there for about a minute, not really knowing what to do, but he finally got in his car and I followed him about 7 miles to his house.

I don’t know about you, but if I walk into a trick’s house and the place is a mess, I usually turn and walk back out again. Usually, I cant stand to fuck in a messy place. Nuggets place was beyond messy. He was renting a two-story house and I swear, there were cloths tossed every where. The kitchen had dirty dishes on every surface…but I was horny.

He kept apologizing for the mess as we walked upstairs to his bedroom, which was in much the same condition as the rest of the house. His bed was two mattresses stacked upon each other, although the sheet did look clean.

At this point, I simply took over.

“Get naked boy”.

He hesitated for a moment… I looked him in the eyes, and repeated slowly,


With that, he pulled off his clothes down to his underwear, which I yanked off him and then sort of tackled him onto the bed. Having just come form the gym, he was clean and he felt good under me. He also had a very nice 7” dick that was already rock hard.

I straddled his chest, and pressed my swollen cock against his closed lips.

“You said you always wanted to suck a black cock…well here it is”

He tentatively opened his mouth. As soon as it was open wide enough I shoved my entire cock into his mouth and held it there. All things considered, he did a very good job of sucking my cock after he got over the shock of my aggressiveness. He had me rock hard in no time, and when I looked back at this cock, it was leaking pre-cum like a fountain.

“that’s very good Nugget, now just relax ok… I am not going to hurt you”

He did not say anything, but I could see the look of fear in his eyes as he realized that he was in over his head. At this point, I slowed things down… I actually wanted him to enjoy the experience even though I was clearly there for my pleasure first and foremost.

I slid down, and engulfed his cock in my mouth. His pre-cum actually had sort of a sweet taste to it. I took my time and tried to give him a blow job like none other he has experienced.

I could only blow him for about a minute before he was on the very edge of shooting his load.

I then pushed his legs up exposing his freshly cleaned hole. I don’t think anyone had ever eaten his hole before because he tried stop me until I got the tip of my tong in there and wiggled it around a bit. At that point he stopped fighting me and simply went crazy clenching and opening his whole all the while kicking his legs all over the place. It was all I could do to hold him still enough to keep my tong in him.

“Oh…Wow…Oh Oh Oh…Wow”

He was clearly enjoying it, but probably not as much as me. I love eating a clean white hole that I am about rip open with my fat cock.

I figured that I could talk to him about what was to come next, and with much care and time get him to go along with it, but the idea of taking his hole by surprise turned me on much more. Consequently, I turned up my tong acrobatics on his hole and put as much spit in there as I could. I also pushed his knees to his chest fully exposing his hole, and positioning it at a level that would align perfectly with my cock.

In one motion, I rose from eating his ass, and stabbed my rock hard cock at his hole.

OOOOOUUUWW…..OOOUUUWW…. Hurts … It Hurts”!

I had hit the mark and got about half of my cock into him before he clamped down like a vice. It felt good inside him.

“Try to relax… It will stop hurting in a minute..”

“No.. please stop… it hurts too much”

“I have stopped… I wont move until it stops hurting… I will start to feel better soon….I promise”

He continued to complain and tried to wiggle away, but I was able to hold on to him and move with him so that I stayed in him. He continued to struggle and even started throwing punches at me, mostly hitting my chest and arm. I simply pushed in him a bit more and that put an end to the punching.

I stayed in him for little more than a minute before I could see evidence that the pain was subsiding.

“It is feeling better now isn’t it?”

An exaggerated “NO!” was his answer, but I knew that was just him being pissed.

“You feel really good… You have a great ass… Hot as fuck man!”


“Fuck Yeah Man… you are great!”

“You should have a condom on… Are you Safe?”

“Yes… I get tested every six months… I know for a fact that I am negative… You are safe with me”

“It still hurts a little”

Ok… I can fix that… do you have some lube?”

Another exaggerated “NO!”

“What do you use to jack off with?” After a brief pause

“Lotion” he said and looked over to his left.

On the night-stand was some Jergins lotion. I reached for and squirted a healthy amount in the palm of my hand. I then told him to relax so that I could pull out of him. I pulled out and immediately replaced my cock with two fingers and lubed his hot hole with lotion.

“Now listen to me very carefully… I want you to pretend that you are taking a shit… like you are pushing out a terd


“Just do it!”

As he opened his hole, I pushed my cock all the way into him to the hilt. It took his breath a way for a moment, but he took it much better this time.

I hoisted his legs all the way up on my shoulders and began a slow pump in and out of him. I changed the angle of my thrust a bit and was able to hit his prostate on the down stroke.

“I think I have to pee”, he said after about a minute of me fucking him fully.

“I know you think you do, but you don’t… what you need to do is to start stroking your cock”

He did as I instructed and I picked up the pace.

It was obvious to me that I was his first fuck. It was also clear to me that I would breed him even though I knew this would completely freak him out.

I only fucked him for about three minutes before I was ready to cum.

“I am going to cum in you boy”

“NO!... Don’t! Please”

I think I shot the first wad on the word “Please”, and continued to pulse five more wads into him before I was done.

“I just filled you with my cum… I promise, you will be ok

With that I slowly pulled out of him.

He did not say a word, he just turned his head to the side and had a far away look on his face. He was also still hard so I crawled to his side, and made him turn his head and look at me. I was on my knees and my still wet cock was inches from his face. Without saying a word he stared began stroking his cock again.

“That’s right… this is the cock that took your virgin hole… this fat cock was buried deep in your ass and spit cum inside you.

Now he was stroking hard and I could tell he was right on the verge of cuming. So I leaned down near his ear and whispered,

“This nigger cock bred you… your ass is full of nigger cum”

With that, he shot a huge load all over the both of us.

When he stopped twitching, I got off the bed and began to put my clothes on. He simply stared at me and I stared back at him. When I was ready to go, I leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips and left.

For the rest of the day and that night, I felt bad because the only reason why I fuck Nugget was because he is “Slow”. Does anyone else get really turned on by bad things? Is this normal?