Friday, July 9, 2010


I had just finished a short project assignment in Reno NV last week around 7:00 PM. I was due to fly back to Washington on an early flight the next morning but had nothing planned for the evening so I decided to stop in a little gay friendly bar downtown only a few blocks from my hotel.

I had stopped there a couple of times during previous tdy in Reno and the bartender was always friendly and remembered my drink of choice. Interestingly enough, I never thought of picking up a trick there as it is mostly a dyke bar.

I went in for my usual…two drinks… then leave.

On my second drink, a cute 28 yo, 6’1”, 180lb dirty blond (with highlights no less) sat next to me at the bar. This is worth noting because there were plenty of open seats at the bar, but he chose to sit next to me. At this point I decided to break my pattern and have a third drink

I will call this guy “Bubbles” because he is in sales, and has a very “bubbly” personality and a seemingly perpetual smile.

Bubbles is from a town about an hour south of Reno, and was only there to meet a couple of his lesbian friends with whom he constantly traded text messages.

It took me about an hour to get Bubbles to give up the charade of meeting his friends, and to admit that he sat next to me for a reason. I then informed him that he was going to leave that bar with me, come to my hotel room where we would get naked and I would give him what he was looking for. While he did agree that it looked that his friends were a “no show ,” and that he sat next to me on purpose, he said,

Bubbles: “I am just not comfortable leaving with you or any of that other stuff you mentioned”.

It was not so much what he said rather more the way that he said it that caused me to THINK, but not say, “Wow, what a girl!”

As you may have guessed, Bubbles did have some effeminate tendencies, but he was just masculine enough…or I was just horny enough… that it did not matter. I had decided that I wanted to bag this kid.

With some serious negotiations, and another vodka tonic (for him) I was able to get him to agree that we would leave separately (as if everyone in the bar did not already know that this white preppy boy with the bright smile would soon be gritting those teeth while taking fat black cock). He also agreed to come to my room to


I agreed of course fully knowing that once I got him in the room something entirely different would happen…but if that is what the princes NEEDED to believe…so be it.

I left first, went to my room, put a towel out on the bed, and set lube and poppers on the nightstand. I may have been willing to play along with the fairytale in the bar, but I intended to be very clear and straight forward once Bubbles was in my room.

Within 10 minutes, there was a knock at my door. I opened it and Bubbles rushed in like he was trying to avoid anyone seeing him…

Me: ”what-the-fuck-ever dude!”.

I did take note that he had a book bag slung over his shoulder. In my profession I am trained to notice things and make situational assessments based on all the information. The book bag told me that he was either planning on doing some homework, or he was much more aware of what was going to go down than he could admit in the bar.

Once he was through the door, I closed it, and threw both locks. When I turned around he was staring at me. I could see that he was taking full account of his current situation in his head. After staring at each other for only 10 seconds…though it seemed much longer…he said with a very serious face

Bubbles: “You are going to fuck me aren’t you?”

Me: “Yes, I am”

Bubbles: “I… am not sure that I am ok with that”

I did not say anything and we continued to look at each other motionless for a few more seconds and then said

Bubbles: “I need to use the restroom then”, as he pulled the book bag from his shoulder and entered the restroom, closing the door behind him.

He was in the can for about twenty minutes. He left the sink facet running the whole time… priceless! Meanwhile I stripped down, turned on the bedside radio to a nice jazz station, and reclined on the bed while stroking my fat cock hard.

Bubbles came out of the restroom wearing only his 2xist underwear. He walked over to the said of the bed and sort of froze. Realizing that this was THE critical moment, I jumped up, picked him up and tossed him on the bed. While he was in momentary “shock & awe” from my aggressive move, I took the opportunity to hook my fingers into the waist band of his fag-wear and jerk them down to his ankles. Before he could react, I was full on top of him pinning his arms above his head.

Bubbles: “Please, please…stop”

He was obviously on the verge of becoming hysterical. So I brought my face close to his, looked him in the eyes and said

Me: “Breath!”

I let him catch his breath and then said in a very calm voice

Me: “Now…this is your one chance…tell me to stop…that you really don’t want this…and I will let you up, you can get your clothes and leave. But, if not, then you stay and take it like a man…I don’t want to hear you speak a fuckin word…understand?”

Bubbles just looked at me…still breathing heavy. After a brief moment, I got off him and stood next to the bed.

Me: “Now…either get the fuck out…or get on my dick”

If you have been following this blog, you already know that aggression makes hard…and I was ROCK HARD at this point.

I swear…the look in Bubbles eyes…and then a single tear ran down the side of his face… I started to think that I had read him wrong…that he would get up and leave. Instead, Bubbles slowly came to a sitting position on the edge of the bed, with my stiff cock pointing straight at his rather thin lips. He had stopped looking at me and was staring at my throbbing cock. He wiped the tear from the side of his face with his hand, and opened his mouth as wide as he could. That was all the answer I needed.

I placed my right hand at the back of his head as I moved forward and sank my cock in his mouth. I gave him a moment before I began to really thrust my cock hard and fuck his skull. I have to give Bubbles his props…this was not his first roadeo…cocksucking rodeo anyway. He gagged only a few times during the full 10 minute skull fuck I gave him. By the time I was ready to move on to his other treats, his whole face and my crotch was covered with his spit. He was also sporting a very nice 6.5” woody that had a wicked upward curve to it. At first glance I thought he may have cum but on further inspection I could see that he was precumming like crazy.

I then pushed my back on the bed, and pushed his legs to his chest. On my way to eating his lilly white and hairless hole, I stopped and sucked the precum off his cock…it was very tasty, but it could not hold a candle to the taste of his white boy ass. Cleary he had spent the time in the restroom cleaning himself, but he did not taste like soap at all. With all of the aggressiveness and heat in the room, his butt had clean yet musky smell and taste that simply drives me crazy.

I ate his ass for only a couple of minutes…not because I did not want to do it a lot more…but because he was so into it that I was afraid that he would cum. As it was, I had to keep swatting his hand away from his cock. After his fourth attempt to stroke his cock I became irritated, stood up, took aim at his hole with my cock, and went balls deep in one motion. He was incredibly tight, and I know that it hurt him. In fact, it sort of knocked the wind out of him, and there was a delay between the time he opened his mouth to scream and the time that the sound actually came out.

I love forcing open a tight hole…maybe that makes me a bad person or mean lover…but I am just being honest…I love it.

Just as I went into him in one motion, I pulled all the way out of him with the next motion. Bubbles covered his hole with his hands between his legs, rolled over onto his side and curled up into the fetal position where he continued to scream and curse. I think he even began to sob a bit… it was hard to tell because his face was buried in the mattress.

I let him be for a couple of minutes and used the time coat my cock with the lube I had set out on the night stand earlier. After my cock, I moved Bubbles hands from his hole and gently rubbed some lube in his hole. I took my time with this…coaxing him into relaxing and opening up again.

To Bubbles credit, he pulled himself together and did his best to open up for me. When I was ready to enter him again, I gave him the bottle of poppers and told him to use them. After he had taken a couple big pulls on the popper bottle, I put his legs up on my shoulders and entered him again slowly, but with constant steady pressure until I was balls deep in him again.

For the next 15 minutes I fucked Bubbles with steady rhythmic strokes. Once we got going, the slap of my thighs and balls on his ass and his responsive grunts drowned out the jazz music coming from the radio. In fact, I am sure that the person in the room next to mine could hear us very clearly and knew that a man was getting fucked in the next room.

As I mentioned earlier, I was particularly horny so I could not last much longer than 20 minutes before I was ready to shoot. The only warning I gave Bubbles was

Me: “Clamp down tight…I want you to feel me pump my cum in you”

With that, I buried deep into Bubbles and held there as I fired five shots of cum into him. When I was done, I sat back on my hunches, but my cock was still in Bubbles butt. He looked straight at me while he grabbed his balls with his left hand, and stroked his cock with his right. I would say it took him only about eight quick strokes before he shot a massive load all over his chest and belly. With my cock still in him I scooped up about a half of a palm full of his very thick cum and then licked it off my hand with my tong.

Bubbles watched me do this…his mouth still open… breathing heavy. After I got a good taste of his cum I started to lean forward. As if he read my mind, his lips met mine half way and he eagerly took the transfer of his seed into his mouth and then swallowed it once we broke the kiss.

We held each other and slept for about 90 minutes before I woke him up to fuck again. I ended up fucking him three times that night, dropping a load into him each time. He came only once more during the third and final fuck as I intentionally fucked him at an angle that worked his prostate.

One final thing to share…at about 5:00 AM I awoke to Bubbles horridly running to the restroom. You guessed it…all that cum…and everything else…was moving south. I don’t know why, but I did not want him closing the restroom door and running the faucet to mask his bodily sounds like some fuckin GIRL! I mean come one…we are men…I just fucked your most private place and shot three loads of cum up there…what is there to hide now? So I followed him… opened the door… turned off the faucet… and then leaned against the wall with my arms folded across my chest. Bubbles blushed at first but then we both just started to laugh uncontrollably.

Bubbles is a tad femmie, but I have already booked a cabin for us in Lake Tahoe this fall where I will do all I can to make that bitch pregnant!