Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Went to the Hockey game on Saturday night. Stopped at a pub near the arena before the game. I saw a guy there who sometimes sits next to me at the game (he shares season tickets with a group so he is not at every game). We had made small talk about the team during previous games and he seemed like a nice regular guy. He is about 6', and I guess weights in the 230 lbs range. He also wears a well groomed full salt & pepper beard. I guess him to me in his early to mid 40's.

The pub was crowded, and he was about 4 feet away from me. When we first made eye contact I nodded my head hello, and he raised his beer in return. A few minutes later, I noticed that he was still looking at me... did not think much of it at that point and continued to watch the pre-game program on the big screen. About five minutes later, I happened to look in his direction again and decided that he was clearly staring at me like he was trying to recognize me from somewhere. I figured that he simply forgot that I have the seat next to him. I made my way over to him and re-introduced myself. He said, "yes, I remember". I thought this response was rather odd since he was looking at me like in did not remember.

We made small talk. The whole time he continued to look at me strangely. I was starting to become uncomfortable. Perhaps he sensed this because he then said, "forgive me but I think I may know you from somewhere other than the hockey game. May I ask you a personal question?' I said sure. "Are you on-line anywhere... I mean do you have a profile on XXXX?"

I hesitated for a moment, then said, "Yes, I do". He said,

"So do I, I am XXXX on there". I did not recognize the name. "I think your screen name is XXXX".

I said, "Yes, that is me... I am sorry, have we chatted before?"

"Only briefly, as I recall, the chat sort of ended once we determined that we are both Top"

"yeah, that happens"

The scary thing is that I was sure that I had not shared my face pic. If I had, I would have remembered him because I only do that when it is a sure thing we are going to hookup and only after I have the other person's pic first. I remember this guy from a previous hockey game, but not the fuck site. I suspect someone whom I did share my pic with may have shared it with him. I chose not to pursue how he recognized my any further... after a stressful week at work, and home (Crossed The Line... Rape), I just wanted to have a good time at the game.

It was about game time, so we walked to the arena together. All during the game, his knee stayed pressed to me. I made a couple of attempts to give him room until I realized that the touching was intentional. We had a very good time drinking a ton of beer and watching a very good game. It was neat sitting next to another guy whom, like me, one would never guess likes to burry his cock deep in another mans ass... but you know that he does.

After the game, I offered him a ride home since I had driven to the game. He accepted.

During the 20 min drive to his apartment, hardly a word was spoken. When we arrived he asked if I would like to come up and mess around for a bit. I said nothing... simply parked the car.

As soon as we were inside his very nice apartment, he turned to me and we started tweaking each others nips. Next came the kiss. Wow, dude was a killer kisser. I was instantly bone hard. I reached between his legs and found that he was the same.

We broke apart and undressed ourselves.... still no words were spoken... I had no idea where this was going.

When I dropped his boxers to the floor, out sprang a hugely fat 7" cock with miles of foreskin. Since most of my sex is all about me being dominate and Topping the other guy, I don't often get the chance to suck a really nice cock. Consequently, my knees hit the floor and I proceeded to give this guy the blow job of his life (according to him afterwards).

I sucked him strong for about 10 minutes, being sure to give plenty of attention to the sensitive head under the foreskin. He was leaning against the wall and moaning very loudly and would periodically force my head off him to keep from shooting his load.

After a few close calls, he pushed me all the way on my back, got between my legs and proceeded to take my rock hard cock in his mouth. At the same time, he reached up and tweaked the hell out of my nips. At this point, we were in the zone. I held the back of his head and fucked his throat hard (which I could do for days in this position cause I rarely cum on my back). At the same time he was tweaking my nips and grinding his fat cock on my leg. It was totally hot, and lasted at varying tempos for a good fifteen minutes.

We then trade position and I once again got to suck his fantastic cock, only this time, the foreskin was full of pre-cum that tasted so good. I nearly came at that point, but held off. I once again kept swirling my tong over his sensitive cock head. He was loving it, but he went absolutely crazy when I started licking his balls. His ball sack had that sweaty/musky man smell which also almost made me cum. He was moaning very loudly, covered his face with his hands and tossed his head from side to side.

At this point we had been at it for about 45 minutes and I was ready to cum. I stopped sucking him and moved up so that my knees straddled his head. Again, with out a word, he understood completely that it was time for him to swallow my load. He opened his mouth wide, reached up with his left hand to work my nips, and began to stroke himself with his right hand. I lowered my fat cock into his mouth and then began to fuck his throat slow and steady. I continually went all the way to where I could feel his throat around my cock head and then pull nearly all the way out before going back in. This guy can suck a cock! It felt incredible, and with him working my nips I soon was at the point of ejaculation. I said nothing. No warning at all. I intentionally kept the same even pace. During this suck he had had his eye closed... totally in the zone of the experience. As soon as the first blast of my cum hit the back of his throat, his eyes shot open wide... He began to buck and he picked up the pace of his stroking. The Second and third blast happened on the up stroke so they filled his mouth. The fourth and final blast happened on the down stroke and that is the only time he gagged, spilling some of the cum out of the corner of his mouth. As I was pulling out of his mouth, he swallowed the reset of my load and then a few seconds after that, I felt the first blast of his cum hit my lower back. I have to admit that his load was much bigger than mine, and it seemed to last forever. I quickly licked up the thickest globs of his cum that landed on his stomach.

We laid on the floor together as he came down from his ejaculation high.

He said, "I needed that"

"yeah, me too. Damn, you came a lot!"

"Well, it has been five weeks since I have had sex due to work and the holidays"

"I am glad I could help"

"Me too, I have never been sucked like that"

"Dude, you have got to get out more"

"Yeah, I think so too"

I got dressed and left. The whole way home I was kicking myself for not keeping my camera with me. That shot of him with my cum dribbling out the side of his mouth was priceless.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crossed The Line... Rape (Update)

When I got home last night around 9:00 PM, Hommie was there... he is still not talking to me, but at least he did look at me a couple of times.

I got up from bed to hit the head around 0100 hours. Hommie's bedroom door was mostly closed but not completely shut. As I walked by his room I could see that he was at his computer with headphones on and it looked like he was watching some porn... probably Xtube. His back was to me so I cant be sure, but from the way his body was moving, it looked like he was beating off.

I went on to the head. As I was pissing I wondered if he was watching straight or gay porn? There was no way to be sure without drawing attention to myself... which I am sure would just make matters worse. Straight or gay porn... really does not matter... at least he does not appear to be so fucked up that he cant get-off.

When I returned from my run this morning, Hommie had already left for work. On my bedroom door was taped a note that read, "I want you to get an AIDS and STD test and share the results with me". During the hour it took me to get ready for work and eat breakfast, I started drafting several response in my head. Not the least of which were like "Just had that done in November", to, "my status does not prove anything regarding your status", to, "what about all of the other people with whom you have had unprotected sex". in the end, just before I left the house, I simply wrote "OK" on the same note and taped it to his door.

I hate it when i do something that is so clearly STUPID!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crossed The Line... Rape

For this blog update to make sense I have to give you a little more background information on me.

If you have been following this blog, you know that while I travel constantly for my job, I actually live in Washington DC. I have a very nice row house on Capital Hill. Some time ago, I decided to take-in a housemate simply because I am away so much, and although Capital Hill is vastly improved from what it was 10 years ago, a frequently vacant home with lots of high end electronics and things is too inviting for some of the hood-rats and drug addicts that still exist in the general area.

As you should also know, I am predominately sexually attracted to white men… all kinds of white men, but white professional men especially turn me on.

As it turned out, the man I selected out of the eight people I interviewed just append to be a white 45 year old EPA Attorney, 5’10”, 155 lbs with a “Boy-Next-Door” look and a rather humble demeanor. By that I mean that he is very “down-to-earth” and “easy-going”. He also had a difficult time categorizing himself as either gay, straight or bi. He noted that while he has had several girlfriends over the year, he also had had some sexual encounters with other boys as a kid, and a few men later in life, but has never had anything close to a boyfriend. Nonetheless, he was quick to note that my sexual preference was not a problem for him. In return, I noted that his being straight, bi or whatever was not a problem for me as this was strictly a housemate, (i.e. landlord & tenate) situation. He agreed.

From the time he moved in to now (two years), we have gotten along extremely well with only a few rules and a healthy respect for each other, our respective work and lifestyles. In the process, I would say that we have also become very good friends. Though we have become very good friends at the house, not so in public because as you might expect, we hangout with totally separate crowds and travel in vastly different circles. I cant even remember a time when we even shook hands.

That all changed last night.

I was working late at the office when my housemate, I will call him “Hommie” for lack of a better reference, called my cell phone and asked if I was still downtown. It was obvious that he was “three sheets to the wind”. I have noticed that he is drinking more and more over the last few months. I have no idea what, if anything is wrong in his life.

Long story short, he asked if I could pick him up from the bar and give him a ride home… don’t know why he didn’t just call a cab, and did not ask. I was ready to go anyway.

When I got to the bar, it was worse than I thought. The Bartender had cut him off and he was on the verge of passing out. I got him out of there and into my car. He actually passed out on the ride home.

When home I took him straight up stairs to his room with the intent of just putting him on his bed. However, his room was a mess and his bed was covered with what looked like a weeks worth of laundry. Consequently, I took him to my room. I like to think I did this innocently with good intentions, but I think I subconsciously had already had other plans.

Once in my room he was sort of awake… sort of not. I decided to undress him down to his underware. When he was in only a t-shirt and his whitie-tighties, I had a raging boner. As you may have guessed from the lack of a new post, it had been about two and a half weeks since I had felt the warm fleshy feeling of the inside of a man’s ass on my cock. At that moment, I was at a decision point. I thought about it for all of 5 seconds before I pulled his whitie-tighties off. From seeing him naked a few times in the shower I knew he had a smooth, nicely shaped ass. What I did not know was that his ass is completely hairless and incredibly soft to the touch.

He had told me when we first met, and then again on a few other occasions that he had had some sexual encounters with men. I did not probe, so I knew not the extent of those encounters… I did not know if his ass was virgin or not. I am not proud of it, but the actual thought that went through my head after pondering this question was “he is so drunk that it wont matter if his ass is virgin or not… I will be in before he can react”.

Now before all of you start drafting your comments calling me a stone cold rapist, know that it is not that simple. Although Hommie and me had had no physical contact (one of the few rules… “just housemates, nothing more) our conversations and interaction had become rather flirtatious over the last few months. Everything from stupid guy talk… “blow me”, “ok, whip it out”… to sharing the bathroom when pressed for time (one shaving while the other showers… catching each other sneaking a peak). It had been months since he broke up with his last girlfriend, and to be fair, he was acting more and more like… like… I don’t know… a gay guy??? Hard to explain… maybe some of you know what I mean.

Anyway, I had him naked from the waist down. For some reason I left his white t-shirt on. He was laying sort of spread eagle on the bed. I undressed completely, and retrieved some lube from the nightstand. After putting a ton of lube on my fat cock, I put a little on his hole. I guess, I did not want take the chance that, his drunken stupor notwithstanding, he would realize what I was about to do.

I crawled up on the bed between his spread legs, and hoisted his thighs high enough with my forearms to position the head of my cock at his completely smooth hole. At his point he started to mutter something that I could not understand… his eyes were still closed. I waited until he stopped mumbling and started to drift off asleep again. Then in one motion, I popped just the head of my cock through his hole. He started to come to with a loud moan, but he still did not open his eyes, and his arms were still thrown back above his head. He was rolling his head from side to side and moaning. I stayed still for about 30 seconds. He stopped rolling his head, but his eyes remained closed and he was doing that heavy breathing grunt… “eeehuh…eeehuh…eeehuh”. Then I drove my cock all the way into him and began a steady pump. His hands had moved from above his head to griping my biceps tightly… eyes still closed… the “eeehuh… eeehuh… eeehuh” continued in time with my down strokes.

He was incredibly tight, but after about the 10th full stroke, he was fully open and he felt incredibly good. However, as good as it felt, I was not out to make this a marathon fuck so I allowed my self to climb directly to climax. Again, I had every intention of pulling out cause I did not know if he was an anal virgin. It was dark and could not tell if there was bleeding or what. But, on that last stroke I buried my meat balls deep in him and I let out a low grunt that signals the approach of my orgasm… he instinctively clamped down his ass ring at the base of my cock… which I abso-fucking-lutely love! With that, I dropped a truck load of cum deep in his bowls. It was one of those hard cums where you shiver at the end of it.

When done dumping in him, I pulled out and grab the cum-towel I keep in the nightstand. I wiped his ass good, and then my cock. Checking for any signs of blood. None. Just some poo streaks (obviously he did not plan on getting fucked).

By the time I was done cleaning him and me, he was already passed out again. I covered him up, grabbed the extra pillows and blankets from the closet and bedded down on the couch downstairs.

I woke up and went for my daily jog at 6 AM. I took a little extra time this morning trying to process the ramifications of my behavior last night. I returned to the house at 8 AM and Hommie was all dressed and packing his lunch for today. He did not acknowledge me. He clearly avoided even looking at me. I felt horrible. I did not know what to say or do. I just sort of stood there.

He finished packing his lunch, put his coat on and started to head for the door. When he got to where I stood between him and the door. He spoke for the first time. While he did face me, he stared at his shoes instead of looking me in the eye. He said, “I cant remember much at all from last night. But, I assume from the soreness in my ass, and from what looked a whole lot like cum that I farted out of my ass this morning, that you took advantage of my foolish drunkenness?”

Now it was my turn to hang my head and stare at my shoes.

“Yeah… and for what it is worth, I regret it and I am very very sorry.”

Then a deafening silence filled the room. I finally broke the silence with, “I don’t blame you for hating me.”

For the first time, he looked me in the eye and said, “I was mad at first, then scared…then bummed that I was too out of it to really feel it and remember it as it happened.”

More silence. Then he said, “What you did was not right… in fact it was very wrong… I don’t know if I want to continue to live here… at the same time, I used your cum from my ass to beat off just imagining what happened… I am very confused and I think it is best that we avoid each other for awhile as I… and you… think about what happened, why it happened, what does it mean if anything and what does it change, if anything.”

All I said was, “ok, and again, I am sorry.”

I don’t know if I should have shared what happened here. I went around and around about it in my head all morning. In the end, I decided to share it for two reasons. First, recounting it helps me do what Hommie suggested… think though how and why I did what I did. Second, when I created this blog I said wanted to write about “real” stuff… my real sex life. Only writing about the good stuff, and not the questionable or bad stuff is not living up to that ideal.

And, before one of you writes it in a comment, yes… I know that Hommie could have me arrested for what I did. Again, I aint proud of this shit. Also, I am tested every 6 months and my last test was last month (November)… Negative.