Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet P

This evening (Friday- Holloween) I decided to text a guy that I have often hooked-up with while here in Mississippi. I will call him “Sweet P” because he has a heavy southern accent and he is just on the boarder of masculinity and femmie. By that I mean, he is masculine enough, but he does have some effeminate mannerisms.

“Sweet P” is a very good looking White Young Man, with a clean cut “guy next door” look about him. He has good job in healthcare management, and to look at him you would not initially guess that he takes cock up the ass like a champ… that is until he opens his mouth and starts waving his hands about to ad emphasis to whatever point his making. Nonetheless, his conservative look, and equally conservative behavior to match his surroundings, makes him masculine enough… not to mention that his totally smooth ass and hairless body makes him totally fuck-able!

Anyway, I had decide early in the day to text him and see if he was available to fuck tonight. Oh yeah… the other thing that I really like about “Sweet P”, which stems from the first time we hooked up (definitely a story for another time which I will share soon), is that there is no back and forward with him. It is all straight to the point. My text with him went like this:

Me: “Hey… up for a fuckin tonight?”
SP: “What time do you want my ass Daddy?”
Me: “9:00…room 408”
SP: “Yes Sir. I will be there”

As always, “Sweet P” was right on time, knocking on my hotel room door precisely at 9:00 PM. I swear, I have not checked it out, but I think that he literally gets to the room a few minutes early and waits to knock on my door exactly on the hour.

Tonight he was still dressed in his business clothes, which for some reason I found to be hot. However, what I found to be even hotter was that he was wearing a black leather "G String " under his business suit. Hmm... as I write this I am wondering for the first time... does he regularly wear leather underwear to work? Or, did he add that later for my benefit? I will have to make a point to ask him about this. Perhaps he is much more "Piggy" than I thought... that could be a lot of fun!

Ok, back to the fuck. 

We said our hello with a deep and passionate kiss. Oh yeah, this guy is a killer kisser!

Soon, our cloths were tossed to the floor, and I force my tong down his throat in one last hard kiss before I begin to “Do Ma Bidness” (“Mister” in the movie, “The Color Purple”).

“Sweet P” has such a perfect ass that I cannot, not eat it. As always, he is totally clean, smooth and tasty… love eating his ass. As I do, my cock grows even harder, thicker.
After a good five minutes of munching, I want in his ass. I position the head of my fat cock at his hole and begin to push in. This is always the problem point with me and guys I fuck. My cock, although it is only 7 inches long, is a full 6.3 inches in diameter. While 6.3 inches is a thick cock, most all guys can take it. The problem is that there is no point to it. It is 6.3 from the head to the base. Consequently, when I go in, that hole goes from 0 to 6.3 inches open immediately. I know that shit hurts! To be totally honest here… the fact that it initially hurts sort of turns me on a bit…just being honest.

The last time “Sweet P” and me fucked, he took the initial penetration like a champ after inhaling a half a bottle of poppers. This time, it was too much. Although he tried to gut it out, he had to come off it. Nonetheless, like a true pro, he did not complain, he simply said “Please let me sit on that big black dick Daddy, until my hole opens up.”

For the record, I hate being on my back while fucking. It is my worst position… don’t know why… just is. Consequently, “Sweet” got to ride me strong for only about a minute before my dick started to go soft. We quickly changed positions and I fucked him from behind on the edge of the bed (my best position). Within a few strokes I was back on “High Beam”.

I plowed him strong for about 15 minutes. He was rock hard the whole time, in fact, I thought he was actually going to cum a couple of times but didn’t. After going through multiple positions, I decided that I wanted to cum in his mouth instead of his ass this time. So I pulled out of him, laid on my back, and told “Sweet” that he was going to swallow my cum. He said “Yes Sir” and immediately got on his knees between my legs and went to work sucking my cock, which had just been buried deep in his ass. 

It was not long before I let lose a fountain of cum. “Sweet” held still as my cock pulsed five strong shots of cum in his mouth. When I was done he kept his mouth on my cock, looked me in the eye to be sure that I was watching him, then in one big gulp, swallowed me entire load, never taking his eyes off mine.

Once my load was in his belly, “Sweet” still on his knees with my still hard cock in his mouth began to frantically beat himself off. As he was kneeling on the floor, I could not see how close he was to coming, but as soon as I put both my hands on the back of his head and pushed it all the way down on my cock… he began that spasm grunting some guy make when they cum with their mouth full of cock.

Letting my now softening cock slide out of his mouth, “Sweet P” gently rested his head on my thigh as he slowly came down from his orgasmic high.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Quickie

During my manhunt session last night, I spent a couple of hours chatting with several people. One guy, "Pleasing Pecker",  was a bisexual married top, who seemed very inched it in me sucking his cock and then plucking his ass.  While he seemed very interested, he was noncommittal. After about six or seven exchanges I simply gave him my cell phone number and told him to you either text me or call me later this week if he wanted to get together. Honestly, I thought nothing of it at that point.

At about six o'clock this evening, I was just wrapping up work at the office when my phone rang with a "Unknown" caller ID. As is my practice, I do not answer the phone unless I recognize the number. A few seconds later my phone buzzed again indicating that the caller had left a message. I listened to the message  which just said, "hi this is... we chatted online last night. I'm near  your hotel  and I was hoping we could get together. Unfortunately am very short on time and it does not look like you're available. Or, you may just not be answering your phone because I blocked the number so I will call again in a few minutes, hoping to reach you".

True to his word, my phone rang again a few minutes later. This time I answered. To make a long story short, this guy was literally outside my hotel and was hoping to at least meet me. I informed him that I was at least 15 minutes away. With much angst he decided to wait so that we could at least meet and maybe plan something for later in the week.

As I pulled into the hotel parking lot I noticed a white man sitting in a white SUV near the back. I figured that had to be him. I pulled the car into the space next to him and got out to meet him. He did the same.

He was taller than me, about 6'2", average build with salt and pepper hair. Pretty much your basic middle aged white Southern Republican. He had a friendly smile, a strong handshake and I could tell that he instantly felt comfortable with me and the situation. Although he was still very pressed for time, he accepted my offer to come upstairs for little bit.

As soon as we got into the room, I put my coat and  pack down and immediately reached for his crotch. He let out a big sigh at the touch of my hand on his cock. And as I was going to my knees he said, "I want to see that big fat cock of yours too". 

He had a solid 7 inch medium thick uncut cock  that instantly began to grow in my mouth. His low, guttural moans, told me that he was to be here for a while.

As I sucked him he was busy taking off all of his clothes except  his socks. As soon as he was naked, he moved to the couch and leaned back. I took this chance to undress myself as well and then got right back to business. By this time he was fully hard. My cock too was growing as I stroked  and sucked at the same time.

As I was sucking, I was recalling our chat from the night before and I remembered how he talked about wanting to feel my bare fat cock  and his ass. So, I pushed his legs up near his chest and licked my way down to is hole. While he wasn't totally clean, he was certainly clean enough, and I worked my tong as much spit as  far as I could into his hole. Keeping in mind that time was a factor, I quickly moved the head of my cock to  his hole and began to penetrate him. However, being that he  is a married man who has not been fucked in well over a year, it was very tough going. He was making noises and facial expressions showing pain, but at the same time he was saying how good it felt. Nonetheless, I was making very little progress on what was virtually a dry hole. So, pulled him to his feet and said, "lets go into the bedroom".

On the bed, we instantly began to make out and grind. It was an extremely hot moment. This was a married man, who had been yearning for the aggressive passion of another man for quite some time. As always, this is very intimate connection with another man made me rock hard. I once again spit on his hole, and drove the head of my cock into it. As I did so, he kept repeating over and over how good it felt while simultaneously jacking himself off. It became obvious to me, that this guy was going to come quickly with just the head of my cock in  his hole, and that was just fine with me. By this time, I was all about just filling "Pleasing Pecker's" need. Having been married once, I completely understood where he was at.

Within only about 20 short strokes, he sprayed thick white cum all over his chest and stomach. I will simply love it when a guy comes my cock in his ass. I quickly pulled out scooped up some of his white cream, smeared it on my cock, and shoved it back in. With him being so tight, it only took about 10 strokes before I flooded his hole with a good sized load.

As soon as we were done, it was as if he just remembered that he was really pressed for time. He quickly got up ran to the bathroom to wipe the cum off his chest and stomach. While he did this, I gathered his cloths and had them waiting for him when he came out of the bathroom. As always, we made  Small-talk as he got dressed, and mentioned how "we must simply do this again." And with that he was out the door.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Brit In The South

Back in Mississippi....AGAIN! A very nice White British guy just left my hotel room a cum load lighter.

After I got settled in my room, I found that I had an hour before my dinner meeting. So I got on manhunt to see who was on in the area. A guy who I chatted with a few times before, hit me up and wanted to know if I was available. A told him I had time for a quick BJ, but he had to come right now. After several minutes of a non-response I figured that he was not interested so I left for my meeting. As it turns out, he did come by the room after I left. 

When I returned from my dinner meeting, I found that he had stopped by and was now online again. I apologized for missing him, and asked if he wanted to hook up now. He said he would be over in a few minutes, and true to his word, he was knocking on my door in about 20 minutes.

What I did not know from chatting with him online was that he was British. He stood about 5'10" and weigh about 155 pounds. Dark hair with Hazel eyes and a little soul patch on his chin. 

He came in and we got right to business. He dropped his pants and sat back in my chair. I dropped to my knees and began to devour him. At first I was disappointed in that his cock seemed to be less than the average in size. But, he turned out to be a grower not a shower. In the end he had a nice fat 7 inches.

The other thing I really liked about him, was that he was very expressive as I was sucking him off. I love it when a guy lets you know that he likes what you're doing. He also had shaved balls which made sucking them more enjoyable for me, and evidently, it drove him crazy. I sucked him for a total of about 20 minutes before he could no longer hold back and blue his load deep into my mouth. His whole body shook with convulsions as he came about eight times, filling my mouth with quite tasty semen.

After he came, he had to sit back and a chair for a few minutes to collect himself. We had a bit of Small-talk and agreed to do it again this week.

I walked to the door and he left my room with a big smile on his face.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mighty Mouse

Once I got back to the room late yesterday afternoon, it did not take long for another business traveler to hit me up with this message.

Hello BIG man! I am a visitor her in ....  Looks like u could stretch my limits. If interested in a nicely build guy my size give me a shout! I Enjoy giving up the control.

Most of the time I ignore such messages as it seems a bit too "Eager Beavered" to me at first glance. But this time I at least checked his profile, and found the following:

Visiting from..... and interested in well built men only. I am All American, Blond hair, Blue eyes, 138 lbs, 5'.5" Swimmers build with nice definition and nicely built. Very professional. Totally masculine and a real mans man. Love all sports and working out.

I have to say that this was a near perfect hookup in that it took only six messages to pull together.  Within those six messages, it was made clear that we were both HIV Negative and that we would fuck bareback. It was also made clear that "I run the fuck".  He was to do what I told him to do, when I tell him to do it and if necessary how I tell him to do it. He could ask, but he was to do nothing without my approval first. He was to be here for my total pleasure. Mighty Mouse expressed concern over his inability to hold back from cumming when getting fucked hard. I told him that it was OK if he came while I pounded his ass as long as he understood that we would keep going until I got my nut. He hesitated, but then agreed.

At 6:00 sharp, Mighty Mouse was in my room and we immediately began kissing passionately. Ya know how there are good fucks, that are just that... a good fuck, but then there are good fucks where there is a connection and the whole experience goes to a higher level. I could tell instantly that this was going to be one of those higher level fucks.

When we broke from passionate kissing, I stripped him naked and he stood there with his cock growing stiff and straight as I stripped down. I then suddenly put him over my shoulder and carried him to the bed. I think this sort of caught him by surprise as I heard him audibly gasp as I effortlessly lifted his small frame in the air. He gasped again when I tossed him down and crawled on top.

My body completely engulfed his and I felt him continue to shudder underneath me. The contrast in our body sizes along with the contrast in skin tones had my cock rock hard.

We continued to kiss and explore each others  body. Mighty Mouse kept alternating between gripping my flexed biceps and my fat cock, repeating over and over "oh... you are so thick". Don't we all love this kind of praise? I know I do!

It was my intention to drag  out four-play much longer, but Mouse soon found my weakness with the tip of his tong on my nipples.... At this point, I needed to get fully inside of him. I pushed his knees up near his ears and drove my tong straight into his hot little hole. HE TASTED GREAT! I shuttled as much spit as possible in and around his hole as it was my intent to "spit fuck" him. As I prepared his hole with my tong, he was hitting the poppers hard, trying prepare himself for my girth. Soon enough, I my fat cock head at his hole, and was holding each of his arms firmly to his side so that he could not scoot away as I penetrated him. I guess this is where the name Mighty Mouse comes from cause although he struggled much, he was able to take my fat cock on the first attempt.

We quickly found our rhythm and I was fucking him strong with deep full strokes. With each down stroke, he grunted out..."Yes Sir"...."Yes Sir"... "Yes Sir". I love a bottom that is expressive without being too verbal. In this regard, and many others, Mighty Mouse was perfect. After about 5 solid minutes of fucking him on his back, I put him on all fours and came at him from behind. He stayed on all four only until he felt the impact of my first thrust. As my cock burrowed deep into him, he buried his face in the pillow to muffle something that I could not quite make out. I figured that he was in that place somewhere between pain and pleasure as I could see him tightly gripping the bed sheets in both hands while at the same time felt his anus spasm... signaling that he was cumming.

I the realization that he was cumming. I held my cock still within him. I love the to feel a guy cum with my cock in his ass. As he finished cumming, I resumed aggressively fucking him without warning. He kept his face buried in the pillow and let me plow his now gaping hole. I fucked him for another ten minutes before flooded his hole with my spunk. When I pulled out of him, he simply collapsed flat on his stomach exhusted. As has become my practice for this blog, I took the picture of Mighty Mouses freshly fucked ass.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blow & Go

I am on another business trip in Mississippi. As has become my practice, I hunt for white cock to suck in the morning before work, and hunt for white ass to plow at night.

Not many serious takers off the CL ad this morning. The only one so far just left. He was 55 yo, White, 6’2”, and had a 6.5” cut cock. Not a bad looking guy, but as soon as I got down to crotch I could tell he was a smoker. Consequently, I just wanted to get him off and get him out. 

Although his cock was on the small side, it did have a nice girth to it so that was good. He tried a couple of times to get me to slow down and prolong it, but I was not interested in that at all. I also noticed a wedding band.

He said that he had not cum in a couple of days so it was not going to take long… and it didn’t. 

To my surprise, his cum did not taste bitter at all. In the past I have always thought that the cum of smokers was bitter. This, and the fact that you can smell cig smoke in their pubs, is the primary reason why I don’t like to get with smokers. However, his cum had a slight salty taste and smooth texture… just what I like so I swallowed, and savored lingering taste of fresh cum in my mouth.

As soon as I released his cock form my mouth, he was up, shorts back on and headed for the door with a hearty “Thanks Man!”. From start to finish, the whole thing took about 5 minutes. The epitome of “Blow & Go”.