Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It Was Bound To Happen

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. A guy I hookup with and then wrote about here has found this blog...figured out who I am...and figured out which post was about our hookup. When I started this blog I promised to keep it real...only real stuff with real people, well here is some proff of that. I recieved this email last night 3/21/11. As you will read, I am only posting this email because he gave me permission to do so.

Sir..I am “Jersey Boy”. Thank you for the kind words. He is correct, the "Jersey Boy" post is about him, and that pic is him.

I apologize about how late this email is, but I was at work about 15-20 mins later than normal. Then when I got home, honestly, had to crack a beer and read some of your blog.What I would like...Without shame I can say my suggestion is you...

We discussed it briefly during texts, (After our hookup we stayed in contact for a few weeks) but my suggestion of what I want is you...all of you. The good, the bad, the dark side, not to be tamed, but to feel you enjoying yourself. Timid, tame and a bit of trepidation at saying that to you, yes, I can fully be straight with you and say I am. But, there is something about me, that only feels good when I know that the man enjoying me, using me, breeding me is allowing himself to be completely satiated. I have never allowed a white man to breed me and have had even less and less sex with white men as the years have passed. It's not that I don't find any attraction there, but I always go back to what I sense from Black Men is a natural Superior form and comfortable with it masculinity for which they don't feel the need to apologize. It fulfills the submissive parts of me, that are more than a dark fantasy of mine. More and more I have sought out what I know you are truly. It doesn't scare me, but does cause me to pause. Not out of shame, but out of wondering if I can find someone who will utilize this part of me regularly and help me further along........as opposed to a one off, who I refuse to completely let go to.

I was mostly there with you simply out of yes, your strong masculine personality and to your credit, an incredibly muscular chest and arms that simply made me feel at ease letting your strength control and use me.

I am sure there is more I can say to you, and I will. It will have to be tomorrow morning.But, please know. I never wanted a one off after meeting you. Tripping over your blog, and realizing who you are made my day.

Drinks, a long drawn out night...that would be a nice start for what I want. You can post this email to you...just not the following information, as it's for you and you alone

I admit that there is something inside of me that would totally get off on taking Jersey Boy hostage for a weekend, chaining him to the bed blindfolded and using his body all weekend long...releasing all body fluids into and onto him.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Not My Type

Sorry I have been behind on writing up my own experiences but here is one and I continue to work on others as I get the time. If you like this blog and want to help me keep it going, then please write to me about either the first time you were fucked, or your first bareback (top or bottom) and I will guest post here to fill in the gaps between my own experiences. Blk4whtass@live.com

He is not my type at all. He is 6’1”, 32” waist, and blond hair turning pre-maturely gray at 36 years old. We had a nice, direct and to the point chat where he actually made the first critical move by saying

NMT: “I am usually the top, but something about you make me want bottom for you”

It is not like I have not heard that one before…and 9 times out of 10, I simply let them down gently and continue my hunt for “The Cable Guy” type man who is willing…or not so willing… to take my fat black cock hard and bare up his butt until it spits my cum deep in his guts. I guess NMT was number 10. There was just something about him…about the chat… about how he is an older twink that usually fucks younger twinks…something made me say “Yes” this time and set a fuck-date for Saturday afternoon..

Now don’t get me wrong…NMT is plenty cute…stable…professional gay man who obviously knows his way around Macy’s judging from his rather expensively stylish, yet age appropriate name brand jeans, boots, and polo pull-over sweater and complementary colored dress shirt underneath. His hair was professionally styled, but not over-done…if anything… it trended toward the conservative side.

I honestly did not know what to expect…did not know if my cock would respond fully knowing that his guy is not the type that usually gets me hard.

Trepidations notwithstanding, I instantly started to feel that it would all work out when he knocked on my door at the precise agreed upon time. Gotta love a man with a watch and who plans accordingly!

I opened the door and he came right in…no hesitation…confident, at that point anyway.

We made about 20 seconds worth of small talk, and then I moved in and kissed him. BINGO! What a great fuckin kisser! My dick became rock hard instantly, and mister “I usually top” actually melted into my arms. Not only was he a great kisser, but he was hungry for it…kissing me harder and harder…totally into it which just made my dick harder and harder.

While making out like there is no tomorrow is when shades of the dark-side began to come out. If you have been following this blog then you know that I am trying to suppress the dark-side…keep in manageable…under control. I can’t really say what the trigger was here…the difference in our size…the way he abandon his “Top” side and went totally submissive when I kissed him…the simple fact that I had not had any ass in two weeks…or all of these things together. All I knew at that point was that there would be no suppressing the dark side that day. I was already lost in it.

Taking my tongue out of his mouth, I grabbed him by his full crotch with my right hand and pull him along to the bedroom.

Standing by the bed, I told him to “Get Naked” while I retrieved the lube and some cum towels from the dresser. He was about half naked when I returned to his side. I opened my pants, fished out my fat daddy cock and began stroking it while I watched him strip the rest of the way. His undressing slowed noticeably once he saw my cock, but he continued. Later on as he laid next to me with his butt full of cum, he told me that he slowed down undressing because he was actually trying to think of a way to back out.

Once NMT was naked, he sat on the edge of the bed with his legs together looking like a nervous ten year old boy about to get a whipping from his old man.

I just let him sit there and stew a bit while I got naked, and then I made him lay on the bed with his head hanging over the edge. Once into position, I gently rubbed the fat head of my cock over his lips.

Me: “Open”

He did so tentatively and I put about half my cock in his mouth. He began sucking me slowly at first. After about a minute he was feeling more comfortable and started to suck with abandon…that is when I jammed my cock into the back of his throat, and held it there. His head was pinned between my body and the mattress, but the rest of his body literally came up off the bed, and flapped all around trying to get my cock out of his throat so that he could breath again. I let him struggle for only a few seconds before pulling all the way out of his mouth…a thick strand of throat phlem stretched between my cock and his lips.

Me: “Stay down… you are ok!”

NMT was still on his back, but he had spun around so that his feet were at the edge of the bed where his head hung just a moment ago, and he was fast trying to scoot away from me to the other side of the bed and freedom. As he scrambled, I caught his left ankle in my right hand, and a second later captured his other ankle in my left hand. With one strong pull, I had his bare ass at the edge of the bed, almost perfectly aligned with my phlem covered cock head.

NMT was looking at me with panic in his eyes.

Me: “Breath….settle down…this is what you came here for”

NMT continued to stare at me, but as my words sunk in, his body became a little less tense.

NMT: “I need the poppers Sir”

Me: “That is fine…go ahead”

NMT bent forward and retrieved the poppers that he brought with him and set on the night stand next to the bed. I let him take about four big pulls on that popper bottle while I lubed his hole and then my cock. Once he had the cap back on the popper bottle, I drew his legs up and pushed them to his chest, giving me full access to his hole. I placed the head of my cock at his hole and then pressed into him with a strong steady push until the head of my cock was past his ring. It was my intention to hold there for about a minute until his hole completely dilated, but I swear, NMT was making this sound…it was a cross between a guttural grunt and I higher pitched whimper…that coupled with the closed eyes and the look of struggle on his face was too much…I had to fuck the shit out of him.

The first five strokes were rough and painful for us both. Lets just say that I knew he was telling the truth when he said that he usually Tops. While he was no virgin, his ass was damn close to it…the boy was mega tight for those first five strokes. Thankfully, beyond that, he his hole gave in to the battering of my cock and opened to the point where it was enjoyable for me. I don’t think NMT started enjoying it until around stroke twenty and after his second big hit of poppers.

I cant really tell you how long I fucked him because I slipped completely into the dark side where I just got lost in the sight, sound, smell and feel of the moment…of the fuck. It honestly is like I go into this zone…I could hear NMT, and I can see NMT but the only things that registered were sounds and sights that spur me on to more and more aggressiveness…the sounds and sights of struggle…of being taken…hard.

After a while there was a rhythm…NMT’s legs were pinned to his chest by my entire upper body which was resting completely on top of him and my head was next to his…his mouth was against my left ear…with every down stroke NMT grunted…as I recoiled for another thrust he made that higher pitched whiny sound…his hole was completely open to me…he felt great on my cock…his arms were wrapped around me and his finger nails dug into my muscular back as my cock continued to assault his hole. Usually I move the bottom around to all sorts of different positions…but not NMT…not this time…I was single focused…drilling his hole. I had applied lube only once at the beginning, but after awhile, he was so wet with ass mucus that his ass cheeks and my balls were sloppy wet as well.

Even later in this continuous ass drilling, the grunting and whining stopped and NMT was all but totally limp. The only sound left was the sticky slap of my balls on his ass. Then NMT, turned his mouth directly to my ear and whispered

NMT: “Please Sir…Make me YOURS! Please Sir”

In all truth, I was very near ready to cum anyway…but when he said that in my hear…in a masculine, yet submissive tone…FUCK MAN…that put me right over the top and I loaded him up with a weeks worth of cum.

As soon as I pulled out of him, I went down on him and he tried to stop me saying

NMT: “No…Sir…I usually cant cum when I bottom… I don’t think I can”

Turning my body so that my wet and dripping cock was near his face, I said

Me: “ I want you to look at my cock and think about what this fat cock has just done to your hole”

Then I began to suck him once again. Within 30 seconds he was hard in my mouth. Then I took hold of his right index finger and brought it to his own gaping hole that was now leaking my thick cum. As his fingers became covered in cum, he shot a massive load in my mouth.

After swallowing his load, I laid back on the bed. NMT instantly put his head on my chest and cuddled up next to me as if he was entitled or something…after the ass drilling I gave him… I guess he was. We actually laid there and talked for about forty-five minutes. Then he was going to get up and go, but he started kissing me again…he got a second load…I just love cummy hole!

Friday, March 18, 2011