Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Punishment Fuck

Sorry folks, it has been awhile since my last post. Two factors have caused this delay. First, like Bikeguy, most of my hookups take place while I am on business travel. My travel is just now picking up again after the holiday slow down. Secondly, Roomie has been venturing into my bed more and more as he has gotten over the fact that I nearly raped him that first time. I have not yet decided if I will blog anymore about sex with my housemate. I find it more difficult to write about fucking a guy who is not only a very good friend, and one who lives in the same house. No, he does not know about this blog yet.

Anyway, it is Tuesday morning and I am in the Airport awaiting my flight back to DC from Alabama. My cock is a bit sore from fucking a skinny white boy so hard last night. t It was a punishment fuck to be sure.

The trick’s name is Mike. The interesting thing is how we hooked up. Mike is actually a repeat from a previous trip early last year. Evidently, while putting the hookup together last year, I put his cell phone number in my phone with just his first name. The day before began this trip, I was looking for another number and came across “Mike (in Birmingham)”. I had no recollection of this Mike, or the previous hookup. As if figured out later, this hookup took place eight months ago. On a whim, I decided to send the number a txt msg that said,

“Will be in town Sunday night though Tuesday morning”.

When I landed in Birmingham Sunday afternoon, and turned my phone on, there was a return msg,

“who is this?”

and another one that said,

“You looking?”

To make a long story short, I confessed to not knowing who I was sending the message to, but that we must have hooked-up before. Within about 4 msgs he was asking me

“Are you a big muscled black guy with a fat Bulldog Dick that fucked me silly last spring at the Hilton?”

The “Bulldog Dick” is a term he used the last time we fucked, and this keyed my memory.

“Yes, that would be me.”

We made plans for a second fuck at 6:00 PM Monday night.

At about 10 til 6 I get a txt msg saying:

“Hey, I am running late but I will be there by 6:30”

Maybe it is my background, but punctuality is important to me, and his being late irritated me a bit. Nonetheless, I responded:

“Copy That”

By 6:45 I am pissed and decided to call off the fuck.

“Listen guy, maybe another time”

He responded,

Mike: “I am here… pulling into the parking lot now”

Me: “Yeah, but this was supposed to go down at 1800 hours”

Mike: “I am sorry, I could not get away from work …”

Me: “I gotta tell ya… I am kinda pissed”

Mike: “I understand… take it out on me sexually Sir”

I truly had no plan to go through with this fuck until he said to take my anger out on him sexually… Honestly, that made my dick rock hard instantly.

Me: “Very well, proceed to room 202”

As this guy, Mike, walks through the door, I realize that I had forgotten what a hot body he has. He is 6’, 145lbs, 33 waist, broad shoulders and narrow hips. He had the classic swimmers body type. He also has one of those perfectly shaped bubble buts with only the slightest giggle to it when you smack it.

As soon as the door is closed and he turns to face me, I slap him hard across the face. He says nothing, looks down at the floor and prepares himself for the next slap which comes immediately. Again, he says nothing and stands there. I tell him to get naked and he hurriedly begins to remove all of his clothing and then waits for me by the bed.

As soon as I am also naked I turn him, and lean him over the side of the bed. I put just a bit of lube on the head of my cock. I want this first stroke to hurt. He had produced this little bottle of popper and was sniffing hard, trying to prepare himself for the initial shock of me penetrating him. As soon as he had the cap back on the bottle, I thrust into him in one strong motion. He yells out, and tries to get away by moving forward onto the bed, but he cant. I have a firm grip of his narrow hips and I move with him so that my fat cock stays burred deep in his guts. He is withering and moaning loudly on the bed underneath me. After holding my cock in him for about 15 second. I yank it out and he collapses flat on the bed. I walked over to my suitcase and remove an expensive bottle of German poppers.

“Here, use these…they are much stronger”

He gladly takes the new poppers, and takes a huge pull on them. I was a bit concerned about this because these poppers knock me on my ass! Nevertheless, he sort of drifted off into la la land as I repositioned him onto his back with his legs over my shoulders.

Just before I push back into him… he looks at me all glassy eyed and says,

“Please take me Sir… Punish me… Please breed me Sir”

With that I began a very hard driving fuck. His ass, now completely open, felt GREAT, but when he started to rub my nips while I was fucking him… I went into over drive. For awhile, all that could be heard was the click-clacky sound of cock moving in and out of a well lubed ass. The distinctive balls slapping bare ass. And, the gutteral moans of a well fucked bottom.

I fucked him steady for about 20 minutes, stopping only a couple of times to add more lube. He manages to say in a groggy voice,

“I don’t know how much more I can take Sir”. To that I said,

“You are about to get what you came for.”

I took a small sniff of the German poppers and worked my way up to and explosive orgasm. I counted 5 strong shots deep into his guts. As I did he said,

“Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir”

I stayed in him for about a minute while I came down off my popper high. As soon as I pulled out he ask,

“May I cum now Sir?”


I think he maybe got three good strokes in before he shot one of the biggest loads I have ever seen come out of a dick. He was not a strong shooter, rather, it just keep flowing out the head of his cock , all over his cock, hand and balls.

I helped him up and sent him into the bathroom to clean up. He was in there for about 5 minutes before he re-emerged, got dressed and left. The only thing he said before he left was,

“Please, text me again Sir when you come back”


roswelltop said...

Love reading about how strong tops control boys. Still learning new techniques.

Care to advise where to obtain "strong German poppers"?

Sir's boy said...

What an amazing fuck story Sir. It is like you ready boys mind. That boy was lucky to get you and very undisciplined for his tardiness. What Sir says is law and must be obeyed.

Black Bull said...

I got the German Poppers from a vendor at Mid-Atlantic Leather Event in Washington DC a couple weeks ago. You can get them online.

Kaio said...

Quite a hot hot hot blog.
Have a great week ahead.
Cheers from London.

Michael said...

I am an eager sub here in DC. You and my black bareback bull share a lot of the same attitude and style. Would love to get tagged by both of you sometime. Cheers!

Duo said...

Hey man, just found your blog thru BikerGuy13 -- totally fucking hot! Been sitting here reading your posts and stroking. You're a great writer and the sex is damn hot!! -Dan P.S. Wish I could have been your roommate!

jim said...

Damn! you are one fine fucker. My ass was just twitchin while reading that story. I'll be in D.C. next month and would love to have you fuck me like that. Hot!

Black Bull said...

That can be arranged Michael. Send photo and direct contact.

pigboy said...

Woof !!

swrdswlr said...

Damn! I just found your blog and my ass has been milking an imagined big cock and man has my dick been leaking precum. You are one hell of a stud. Thanks for the hot stories.

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