Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes… I have been gone for quite some time. Nothing is wrong. In fact, I left this blog because I started dating someone. I had not told her about this blog… did not really want to tell her about it (yes…”her”) so the compromise with myself was to stop writing the blog. Now before some of you start attacking me, let me answer the top 10 most obvious questions upfront about this relationship.

1. Yes… she knows that I fuck men.
2. No, I did not stop fucking men, and she knew that I was still fucking men
3. Agreed to not fuck a man if she was available and willing
4. Agreed to not fuck a man and her in the same day (her demand)
5. To my knowledge, she did not fuck around with another man
6. Yes, I fucked her bare also but by mutual agreement, always came on, not in her
7. Yes I still get tested every six months and Yes, I am still negative
8. Yes, she has played with other women before but prefers a man for relationship
9. By mutual agreement, we are taking a break on the dating… doubt that we will start again but we remain really good friends
10. Drum Roll Please…. Yes, she did watch me fuck a man once.

I hope that that answers most of the burning questions out there as to why I left the blog and what it was like for a gay man being in a straight relationship with a woman who knows he is gay and fucking other men… if this does not answer your questions, feel free to post a question in the comments… but unlike any other subject, I may or may not answer… just depends on the question.

I will say that we stopped dating after she saw me fuck a man.

I had this … boy …(25yo) whom I had fucked once before about a year ago and had been begging for it again. I told him that I was going to blindfold him at the door because I was going to have someone else … a very important person… in the room watching me fuck him and the person needed to be anonymous. I also told him that I did not want him distracted by the visitor… It was important for him to be natural because the visitor wanted to see what it was really like…nothing staged or scripted… a real hookup.

When he arrived I met him at the front door, put the blindfold on him securely and lead him into my bedroom where my then girlfriend was seated in a comfortable chair I had placed next to the bed.

As soon as he was in the room, told him to strip naked. When he removed the last of his clothing, I grabbed the back of his head, brought him to his knees and pushed his face into the crotch of my jeans. As he was mouthing the outline of my fat cock through my jeans, I removed my t-shirt, shoes, and unbuckled my belt. I then shucked my jeans and underwear down in one motion, and my now fully engorged cock sprang free and smacked him square in the face. He instinctively opened his mouth and took as much of me down his guilt as he could.
From there I face fucked him hard and slapped him hard across the face once when he carelessly scraped me with his teeth once. The slap was loud and hard enough to knock him off balance a bit. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my gf jump and gasp a bit at the sudden show of force. As a good submissive he came right back with

Sub: “I am sorry Sir…it wont happen again Sir”

Me: “See that it doesn’t boy”

I let him suck me for a couple minutes more and then grabbed him under his arm pits and lifted him up to a standing position. I moved him back a couple of steps before shoving him hard backward onto the bed. As he rocked back, I caught his legs it the air and pushed them back against his chest. I then went down and began to tong his perfectly shaved, pink puckered ass hole.

I don’t recall if I have ever mentioned my tong before. It is longer than normal and like my cock it too is very thick and strong. I love a fresh clean, pink ass hole, so I began drilling his hole with my tong. He instantly began to moan and started to stroke his own average sized cock while saying:

Sub: “Ooohhh Yes Sir.. Aaahh Yes SSSiiirrr”

I had been eating his ass for only about five minutes before his breathing quickened, body began to shake and his hole started it’s final contraction and pushed out four very thick spurts of cum which shot straight up in the air and landed all over his stomach and pubic hair.

I made it a point to not look over at my gf as I wanted to stay focused and make this as real as it always is with me and the men I fuck. Nonetheless, I could not help be get a sense of her presents and reactions from my peripheral vision. I could tell she was fidgeting…but out of what?...disgust ?... excitement?

After Sub-boy finished shooting, I positioned myself between his spread legs. I scooped up a couple of big globs of his thick cum and smear them all over my pumped cock which looked and felt fatter than normal as it had been three weeks since it had last been buried balls deep in a hot ass. I scraped up the rest of his cum and quickly rubbed it around his hole still wet from my tong. With out a second thought, put the head of my cock at his puckered entrance and drove deep into him in one motion. Sub-boy Screamed…this time I could not help but hear the audible intake of breath that my gf made when I skewed Sub-boy.

Sub-boy was in agony;

Sub: “Please Sir…take it out…take it out…please…plea…ppppls”

I don’t take it out… I hold it in there and as his hole adjust the pain begins to subside.

While I a waiting for Sub-boy to adjust… I am thinking back to when we fucked a year ago. I remember that then I had fucked him before he came, and that he did not cum until I was done. It occurred to me that Sub-boy may be one of those guys who cant take anymore cock after they cum. This is occurring to me because while Sub-boy is no longer screaming… he is still struggling greatly with my cock, and his hole is clamped down on my cock like a vise.

Me: “Its going to be ok boy… just relax”

Sub: “It hurts Sir”

Me: “Breath boy and take a big hit of poppers for me”

He does this and after about twenty seconds he lets out a deep breath and his hole loosens .Fortunately for Sub-boy it does not take me long to get off since it had been three weeks since I had good ass.

Me: “Yeah… that’s it … there is that sweet boy hole… I am fucking you with your own cum boy… now I am going to put mine with it boy… do you want it?”

What sounds like nearly in tears… Sub-boy says,

Sub: “Aah….Aah…Aah Yes Sir…Please breed me Sir… I need your cum Sir”

Me: “Here it is Boy!”

With that I unload what feels like the best load I have dropped in months. It seemed to go on for ever and I even had a couple of full body spasms at the end.

Like I said earlier, my gf and I broke-up a few days later. While watching me fuck another man was an eye opener for her, and she was a bit taken aback by how much more aggressive sex between men is than a man and a woman, this was not the primary reason for the breakup. It had more to do with how I obviously enjoyed sex more with men, than with her or any woman.


Brian said...

Hey! No judgements or even questions. How you live your life is your business, just glad you're back.

ThaWickedOne said...

you and i have alot in common. I stopped bloging after I started dating a female. the situations were different but the outcome was about the same. I think in about a week or so I'll get back on my bone and start the blog again. but it was good to here your story.

Horny Top, Cumming Soon to an Asshole Near You said...

Hot as hell.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Glad you're back. I can see how watching you fuck another guy could change the dynamics of your relationship -- it's one thing to know about something but something altogether different to SEE it going on.

Dono75 said...

You are a man of many complexities and that's why I'm hooked and still come back here to check. And definitely no hate.

I'm sorry to hear about the end of your relationship and it's good to know that you two are okay with it and can be friends still. It also says a ton about your character that as a "compromise" you stopped blogging because you didn't want to tell her about the blog. It's impressive.

As always, this post is really great writing and I appreciate how you show the many sides of yourself. Your last statement was great - as I was reading, I was wondering if that was the reason.

It's good to have you back!

Dono75 said...

As a followup, the reason stopping your blog was impressive to me is because it's something that you didn't have to tell her and, I'm assuming, something she probably wouldn't have found out about. You could've kept it up and the only person who would've known was you and your readers. But you stopped anyway. To me, that's impressive and says a lot of good things about who you are.

Black Bull said...

Thanks for all of the positive comments guys. It was good to be writing about shit again. I guess I had forgotten how writing it out helps me sort out my thoughts and emotions about things.

I think you are right Cleveland... I told her about several, even more aggressive accounts of my sex with men but actually seeing the metamorephisis take place is a different thing all together... do you think she simply did not believe me until she saw me do it?

And about the compromise Duno... I am no sure that it was all that noble of me. You know my comittment to this blog is to always keep it real... well perhaps the "keeping it real" thing to do would have been to just tell her about it and let her read it.

BikeGuy said...

I can't say I was taken aback by this post, on a number of levels:

a. you'd been away so long
b. a woman? I never saw that coming.
c. the ability to be yourself in a situation when not only a woman, but a gf is watching you.

man-hole is where it's at anyway. welcome back.

max said...

Thank you sir, thank you for writing again. I respect your decision to be away from it and trying the relationship. I even more respect you allowing her to see that side of you, whether it helped or hindered your relationship. At least in the end you can say you were open and honest with her, and that's all she could expect from you, whether it was meant to be or not.
I'm not going to lie either, I am very grateful to be able to read about you shoving your hard cock into some bitches' holes again. Thank you sir.

GangBangMeNow said...

I was looking forward to you cumming to Tampa and meeting up with you ;-)

Well maybe you will be back sometime soon to the area ;-)

Black Bull said...

I will be back in FL in a couple of weeks Gangbang and it looks like I will be getting there often in 2010 for work... so ...

Thanks for the welcome back Bikeguy... yeah the pussy was not bad at all, and the woman is a great person... but you are right... the manhole wins out!

GangBangMeNow said...

Definitely let me know when you are cumming to FL and I will see if I can meet up with you to get your big black dick!

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