Monday, September 12, 2011

Southern Decadence 2011 Part 1

Okay…I am back…for a bit anyway…if you are happy about this, then go over to Bikeguy13’s Blog and show him some love because he got me off my ass and back into the HARD WORK of writing about my sex life in three short sentences. When your Blog Idol (Whom you very much plan on meeting and fucking silly one day soon) calls you out like a “Punk Bitch”…well, you just have to respond. Thanks Bikeguy13, I guess I needed that kick in the ass.

Also, I hate breaking stories up into parts but I just don’t have as much time to write like before, so I figure something NOW is better than waiting for the whole thing which may never be finished. Also, I know that if I start a story…I will finish it…hate leaving things unfinished.

One final note…If you have followed this blog you know that I usually only write about hookups that I will likely never get with again. Basically, I don’t write about friends or fuck buddies of mine…too personal. I have broken this rule in this story because Part 2…which is the real fuck story…does not make much sense unless you know the background which is Part 1. As Always, let me know what your thoughts either here or at

I have been working TDY for the last several weeks in the South. As it turns out, I am not far from New Orleans and I had been toying with the idea of giving Southern Decadence another try. I have been there twice before and each time I came away thinking…”What’s the point?” I suppose if I had a different career and it did not matter if I was seen walking down crowded streets shit-face drunk… with my dick hanging out…I would have enjoyed the event more.

Yes…there is a ton of hot guys there…mostly drunk…and very willing to be bent over and fucked hard…right there in the bar, street, ally…wherever. Yes, to a point, that is fun, but if you know me through this blog at all, you know that whomever I am fucking, I want them to be fully present and aware of what is happening to them. I am not just fucking their ass…I am fucking their mind just as much as their ass..

Wednesday, two days before Labor Day and Southern Decadence weekend. Out of the nowhere, I get an email from Tim.

Tim: Hello Sir, I hope that you are well

Me: I am fine, you?

Tim: I am well Sir. I saw your profile up on-line, and that you are in ******

Me: Affirmative

Tim: Well, that is only a 5 hour drive for me Sir, and I am on leave until 6 September.

The Back-Story of Tim:

Tim is a rather shy, good looking, closeted gay man. He is 5’ 8”, maybe 155 lbs with a very tight frame from being an avid runner. His ass...I swear…is a tight little thing that looks like it belongs on a 19 year old boy…seriously! His hair turned completely gray prematurely at 28, so he looks like a smaller version of Anderson Cooper.

I met him six years ago when I was also on TDY in the South. He found me on AOL, drove 3 hours to my hotel room one night to be royally fucked by me for a couple of hours. After which, I took him to dinner, then back to my hotel room and fucked him once more before I sent him on his 3 hour drive back home. Each time I fucked him that night it was with a condom at his insistence. He was, and still is, very afraid of contracting HIV or other STD. I complied with his demand since he did drive three hours, and had the ass of a teenager.

Not long after that first night with Tim, I told my Red headed friend in Maine about him and his awesome ass and stamina for taking big dick. Naturally, Red wanted to meet Tim. A few months later, I was scheduled to be in Chicago for a series of briefings, so I arranged for Tim and Red to join me there. For some reason, I thought the two of them would hit it off and who knows. At the very least, I figured that Red and I could tag-team Tim since we were all staying in the same room with one King sized bed.

Tim would be the last to arrive and I would already be in briefings so I informed him of this before hand and told him to introduce him self to Red, and to be nice to him. I really did not mean anything by that…at that point, I was very new to the whole world of dom/sub sexuality… nonetheless, Tim took what I had said as an order. To my surprise,

I returned to the room to find Tim Riding Red’s fat…yet covered…dick. When Tim saw me enter the room he greeted me with “Sir” and a slight nod of his head, then continued to rock forward and back on Red’s cock. Red, was too busy enjoying Tim’s quality ass to even acknowledge me. I simply told Tim to “Carry-on”, as I proceeded to stow my gear and change clothes. To be honest, I was floored by the level of Trust Tim had in me…I mean, he did not even know what Red looked like until he walked into the hotel room…and simply on my say so, he was letting this stranger fuck the hell out of him. I completely understand it now, but back then it was all very new to me and I was a little slow on the uptake. I learned later that this caused serious misunderstanding all the way around.

At dinner that night and for most of the evening, Red sort of took position of Tim…insisting on sitting next to him, and constantly touching him in some way. Tim was practically silent the whole night…basically speaking only when spoken to, which was another major clue to Tim’s submissiveness and need for me to take control of him which I had missed at the time.

At about 3:00 AM, I awake to the feel of the bed rocking. I open my eyes to see Tim staring at me with a look on his face that was a cross between absolute horror and total bliss. I quickly realize that Red is fucking Tim from behind, but that did not explain the look on Tim’s face. Clearly something was not quite right.

Fully awake now, the rocking of the bed got stronger as Red began sprinting for the finish. Tim grunted and winced as Red purposefully bottomed out in Tim’s ass with each stroke. Then Red suddenly held his cock deep in Tim’s bowels and lets out a loud and prolonged groan. Tim was again staring at me, looking like he was about to cry or something. Then…strangely…he said to me, “I am sorry Sir!” At that point, I knew! Red was Fucking Tim bareback. I instantly reached under Tim and felt Red’s bare dick as he slid out of Tim’s ass. I also felt a trail of Red’s cum spill out into the palm of my hand.

Tim sprang from the bed to the bathroom where he proceeded to douche himself several times.

I was pissed at Red for taking Tim’s bareback cherry.

Strangely enough, and much to Tim’s dismay, I would not touch him sexually that whole weekend. Red, however, continued to fuck Tim like a cheap whore all weekend long. I learned later that that really fucked with Tim’s head. He went away from the weekend thinking that I brought him there only to be a cum-dump for my friend…which he was over and over again. He did it because that is what he thought I wanted, but evidently being a whore made him too dirty for me to fuck …which is all that he (Tim) really wanted.

In contrast, I was thinking something quite different. Although I really did not fully understand it like I do now, deep down I DID know why Tim let Red fuck him raw and breed him. Like I said, I was pissed At Red…not Tim…because Red figured it all out before I did…Red knew that Tim was there to please me…that Tim would do just about anything to please me…including letting a guy whom he barely knew fill his butt with cum. Red, clearly exploited the situation to his advantage.

I was confused… I was pissed… but I was also very turned on! Some of the fucking that Tim endured that weekend was down right brutal. After the first couple of fucks, Red did not even bother with lube…there was enough cum in Tim’s hole that Red could get balls deep with just a little spit.

Red has unusual stamina as a rule, but that weekend I am pretty sure he had medical help (he is an MD) to stay rock hard and cum nearly every time he fucked Tim. Me…I just sat in a chair and watching and jacking off. Tim would make a point of staring at me every time Red assaulted his ass with his fat Red cock. His stares went from confusion, to anger to simple resignation. I also learned later that Tim actually enjoyed the initial fucking from Red…even the first bareback…until it was clear that I would have nothing to do with him sexually. At that point, Tim hated each time Red reached for him.

After that weekend, I did not hear from Tim for nearly a year. When I did hear from him again it was an email exchange:

Tim: “Sir”

Me: “Hello Tim, how are you?”

Tim: “Fine Sir, but I need your help to understand something”

Me: “Proceed”

Tim: “Why did you give me to him, and why did you punish me by ignoring me all weekend?”

Me: “I did not give you to him…I mean, I know that is what it seems like…especially to you…but that was never my intent”

Tim: “Then why did you not even touch me after he fucked me?”

Me: “I could give you a bunch of bullshit excuses, but I wont disrespect you like that…the truth is…I don’t know! That weekend was nothing like I expected and I was caught off guard a bit. I will also tell you that I was a little pissed that I was not the first to breed you…and before you get all worked up…I know that was my fault. I know why you let Red fuck you bare and breed your ass. I know that everything you did that weekend was to prove your self to me”

Tim: “Thank you Sir…you have no idea how good it feels to hear you say that…how much it helps me to understand and accept what happened that weekend”

I won’t bore you the full email conversation, but will tell you that after that weekend, Tim went back to Safe Only Sex.

We have stayed in touch sporadically. Always saying that we should make plans to hookup again, but never have until….

End Part 1


Immanuel said...

Glad you are back. Miss your brutally honest writing. I don't understand the dom thing totally but it definitely gets my dick hard. Hope to relaunch Confessions of a Downlow Brother soon. Take care. Immanuelouso

Beach Bum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beach Bum said...

Good to see you back!

BikeGuy said...

FINALLY! ...and so well done.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Great to see you back!!!

Anonymous said...

a dom blk bull like you let me know early on that he could turn me into a submissive bitch by his manhandling. now i've been fucked raw and bred like a nasty latin slut on the DL and if you wanted next time you came to la,ca to ride me bareback, i would run to meet you

Rob said...

Missed you.... kept checking back..wondered if something happened. Glad nothing did.

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